A/N: This is the sequel to True Intentions. It took me awhile to think of how I want this story to go. I hope I didn't make too many mistakes.

This is a slight AU because no one has any spiritual powers. Plus I suck bad at writing fight scenes. I'm still inexperienced in writing fiction. Though I've attended college level English courses.

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The couple found out the sex of their babies as soon as possible. A boy and a girl. Neither of them had named their babies yet.

Ichigo was still very angry with Tatsuki. Not really because she happened to be in love with his girlfriend for years now. But, because he doesn't know what else she's capable of. He saw her expression when Inoue hugged her that day. Her eyes were closed for a few seconds. It also looked like Arisawa smelled her hair.

Once he approached Orihime she was already gone. Ichigo knew something was wrong deep down. But, he never expected his girl to keep something so big from him. To be honest he was a little upset with her too. The orange haired guy was certain that she was only tried to protect her from him and vice versa.

Five months have passed since then. Rukia Insisted on throwing Inoue a baby shower this weekend at her and Renji's apartment. But, Ichigo and Orihime decided to have it at their apartment instead. Of course Kuchiki helped out.

"I can't wait until Saturday." The red haired lady beamed to her boyfriend.

He gave her a slight smile as he laid across the bed on his back. "I know that. You keep repeating the same thing over and over." Ichigo laughed.

Orihime flopped onto the bed beside him. She turned over on her side to face him. "Have you thought of any names for our babies?" She asked curiously.

"Not really. It's hard to think of good names. What about Aki or Hisashi ?" He stated

"Maybe Hana or Ichirou?"

"Not sure about those names. Katsu, Sayuri or Ryo."

"Those are really nice names. Sayuri is a very nice name. What about Takao?" She answered.

"Then it's settled. Takao and Sayuri Kurosaki.

"I changed my mind. Ume as our daughter's name." Orihime announced with a smile.

"That is better. We finally have names for our children."

The redhead nodded in agreement. But, there was something else she wanted to address. Inoue still hung out with Tatsuki. Orihime hoped he would forgive her sooner or later. No one can control who they fall in love with. Besides she didn't want to see her behind his back anymore.

"Ichigo, I was wondering if you can let Tatsuki-Chan come to the baby shower?" She stated nervously. He sent her and irritated glare before he spoke.

"No, I'm not letting her come anywhere near you. I know you miss hanging out with her but, it's not going to happen." Ichigo was angry at the thought of her. He looked his sweet girlfriend in the eyes. Then his face soften when Orihime pouted. "That's not going to work on me. My decision is final." The brown eyed guy hoped she'd drop the subject already.

"No! It's not fair to her. Besides me and Kuchiki-San are friends again. It's only fair to let her attend as well. Tatsuki-Chan is still my best friend." Now Orihime became angry with him. Her face showed anger.

Ichigo really tried to take it seriously. To be honest her face isn't the least bit scary. He wanted to smile. Kurosaki thought Orihime looked cute mad. He pretended to look threatened. "Okay. Please don't be mad at me."

Her gray eyes were now filled with guilt. She never wanted to be mean. "Maybe I was too harsh." Orihime thought to herself.

"I'm sorry Hime. I was just joking with you. You looked too cute, I couldn't resist." He gave her a warm smile.

"That's not funny at all." Orihime replied with her arms crossed over her chest with a irritated look on her face.

Ichigo wrapped his arms around her waist. He pulled her closer and kissed her cheek. "Fine. She can come. Just don't expect me to be all rainbows and sunshine. As much as the orange haired man hated to admit it. He knew he had no choice but let his childhood friend attend the party. He scowled in defeat.

Orihime gave him the most passionate kiss on the lips. He pulled her closer to deepen the kiss. The couple stopped after a few moments to catch their breath.

Ichigo's eyes was now filled with lust. He kept his eyes on his girlfriend. "Keep kissing me like that and I won't be able to stop." He said with passion.




Tatsuki was glad to still keep in touch with Orihime for the past five months. She knew her best friend wouldn't abandon her. Tatsuki and Uryu broke up around that time. But, they still talked on occasions. Arisawa felt horrible whenever they accidentally ran into each other.

On the other hand, she became friends with Lu, Teri. They talked almost everyday about their problems. But, Tatsuki didn't want to date anyone at the moment. She needed more time to heal.

"Hey, Tatsuki! Can you hear me?" Teri asked a bit annoyed.

"Yes? What do you want?" She seemed a bit detached at the moment.

"You're thinking about her again, huh?" Lu exclaimed with a smirk. She waited for her new friend to answer.

She blushed at her reply.

"Don't be so uptight. It's normal to fantasize about hot women. I'm surprised you haven't kissed her yet."

Tatsuki stood up from her seat next to Lu. "SHUT THE HELL UP." Arisawa yelled angrily.

Teri stayed in her seat unfazed. She gotten used to her sudden outburst. Especially when it was about a certain girl.

"Whatever. Get over yourself already. If you're not ready to move on, I understand." The brunette answered with an uninterested look on her face.

"Good to know." She realized her over dramatic reaction wouldn't get her anywhere with Teri. Tatsuki flopped back down on the couch.

"I have one thing to ask. How do you deal with . . . you know? When you are feeling . . ." Lu tried her best not to offend her. She gestured her hands in a way Arisawa understood.

"Don't be ridiculous. I would never. . . do anything like that." The lady tried her best to sound disgusted.

"No wonder. Like I said before months ago. You need a way to release all that tension."

"But . . ."

"Not with me moron. Do it yourself. When you're all alone_"

"Are you sure that it'll work. I would feel guilty. How will I be able to look her in the eyes."

"Then keep it to yourself. You don't have to tell anyone. Once you start it's hard to stop. Believe me I know." She gave her a knowing look.

"Maybe I'll try it later. Tatsuki blushed heavily at the comment.

"Good girl. I'll leave so you can have some alone time." On that note she left with a mischievous smirk.

"Shut up!" Arisawa slammed the door.

"She is so easy to tease."




Bara kept in touch with most of her friends, even Thomas. Everything seemed awkward whenever they were around each other. She didn't want their friendship to end. Ochita felt bad about the whole situation.

But, there were other things that occupied her mind. Angel seemed to have moved on. She doesn't bug her anymore. "I miss Angel. Even though I see her every now and then with Arisawa." She said with some bitterness.

Everything was out in the open now. Bara's aware of Orihime's double pregnancy and her living arrangement with Kurosaki. She also found out Tatsuki had feelings for her best friend and broke up with Uryu.

"I hope she doesn't start dating Angel anytime soon."

Nothing seemed to go right for the blonde at the moment. "I shouldn't complain too much. I still have friends and no one seems to hate me."

Bara then turned off the light before she got in her bed.




A/N: I know the ending sucked. The chapter seemed to miss something so I gave everyone a glimpse of Bara's POV. But, I thought if I've written more than it would be dragged out too long. Plus I don't like making chapters too long for anyone to read.

On a side note. To be honest, after I read other fan fics I felt discouraged. I'm not the best writer. Compared to others I suck. But, I did promise some readers that I'll make a sequel.

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Lu, Teri is Angel's alias name from when she faked her death. From now on whoever doesn't know about her real name in the story will be written that way in that character's POV.

The meanings of the babies names

Takao (Respectful hero/male)

Ume (Plum blossom)