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Karin and Yuzu helped with the decorations at the baby shower. Ichigo picked up the cake at the bakery. Most of the guest arrived on time. It was mostly friends and family anyway. Tatsuki was a little late.

Orihime greeted her best friend with a hug.

"I'm sorry that I got here late. I hope you don't mind that I bought a friend with me." She answered.

"Oh no. I don't mind at all." Inoue said with a slightly worried face.

Angel walked inside a few seconds later.

"Orihime, this is Lu." Arisawa was a bit nervous at the time.

She looked familiar to her. The redhead remembered the picture she saw at Bara's house a while ago.

"Did Ichigo tell me and Bara about her a few months ago?" She didn't want to tell Tatsuki right now. It was not the right time for that.

"Orihime what's taking so long? Are you okay?" Ichigo yelled headed towards the doorway. He stopped when his girlfriend came in sight.

"Ichigo, I'm alright. Tatsuki-Chan just arrived with her new friend."

"I see. What the hell are you doing here?" He replied.

"Damn it, Ichigo. Can you at least show a little respect to my friend." Tatsuki was irritated by his rudeness.

"Shut up. I don't care about your little girlfriend." Ichigo snapped.

"Whatever. Orihime where do I put the present?"

"In the living room close to the coffee table." Inoue responded.

The raven haired lady walked away. But, decided to back tracked a little towards Ichigo. "By the way she isn't my girlfriend."

"I'm so sorry Lu and Tatsuki-Chan." The soon to be mom apologized for her boyfriend's behavior.

"Don't worry about it. We're fine." Angel said. She followed the brunette to the other room.

"Okay." Orihime replied.

"Orihime." Ichigo called out to her. She turned around to face him.

"Huh?" She responded.

"That's the girl that changed her name. She's Bara's ex girlfriend." He stated plainly.

"I know. I just don't want to talk about it now. Let's get back to the party." With that they walked back into the living room.

"Is there anything wrong?" Yuzu asked in a slightly worried tone.

"Oh no. Everything's fine." The red haired lady replied.

The party was off to a great start. Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. Gladly no fights broke out. The calm music must've put everyone in a good mood.

"When will the food be ready?" Renji asked patiently.

"It should be ready by now. Anyone can go make a plate." Karin explained.

"No wonder why everyone went in the kitchen. We just arrived a few minutes ago." He was surprised to see Rukia walk out the kitchen with a plate and drink.

"Idiot what's taking you so long?" Rukia asked headed to her seat.

"I had to go back to the car to get the gift."

Orihime started opening up the presents once everyone finished their meal. The couple was pleased with the gifts they received especially the twin stroller. They know that would be very useful in the near future.

"I knew I should've bought a date." Renji said irritably. He was sick and tired of Rukia's nagging.

"Bringing a date to a baby shower's pathetic, Renji." Rukia retorted.


"Will you two shut the hell up." Ichigo half yelled.

"And, who the hell are you? Can't tell us what we can or can't do." The red haired man replied. Tatsuki threatened the two idiots to shut them up.

"Orihime. You should open this now." He handed the present over to her.

"Another gift. Ichigo you shouldn't have." The beauty gave him a gentle smile before opening the gift. It was two outfits for the babies. One was pink and the other blue with their names stitched on them. Everybody awed when they saw it. Inoue cried. "Thank you, Ichigo. These outfits are cute." He wrapped his arms around her shoulder and kissed her gently on the lips. Tatsuki rolled her eyes at the couple. It was still hard to see them together but she didn't want to cut them out of her life either.

Everyone had a great time at the party. Tatsuki and Uryu even spoke to each other. Most of the guest left with some leftovers. The couple was warned out. They finally finished cleaning up the place. Of course Kurosaki did most of the work. He didn't want her to do too much. Orihime needed to take things easily since she was heavily pregnant.




The red haired beauty wobbled to the bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror. She put her hair in a high bun so she won't get her hair wet in the shower. Inoue removed her clothing and observed her form in the mirror once again. She placed both hands on her stomach. It was so big that she could barley see her feet.

"Are you okay in here?" Her boyfriend asked with concern.

She didn't need to turn around to see him. The lady could already see his reflection. "Ichigo?"

"You look beautiful." He kissed her bare shoulder tenderly.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Ichigo took of all his clothes as well. He turned on the water for the shower. "Ichi what are you doing?" She called him that whenever she was confused or embarrassed.

"Taking a shower with you. I don't know why you're blushing. It's not like we haven't took a shower together before. Plus I need to keep an eye on you."

He bathed her in the shower. He knew she had a hard time bathing in certain areas. Orihime's face was so red. She really appreciated what he was trying to do. It actually turned her on especially with him completely naked in the shower dripping wet. She got impatient and kissed him passionately on the lips. He dropped the towel and placed his arms around her waist. She moaned inwardly. His lips traveled down to her neck to her breast. She could feel his erection on her leg. Orihime was disappointed when he stopped. She stared at him in confusion.

Ichigo stepped out of the shower. "We can't have sex in the shower while you're pregnant. Suddenly her water broke. It took a moment for them to realize it. The lady groaned in frustration.

"Ichigo my-"

"Your water broke."





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