Magical Ninja: The Beginning

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Chapter 1: Finding of a Child

It was late at night in New York City, the moon shone over the rooftops of the buildings and the stars twinkled in the dark night sky of the five boroughs.

It was in this city that a shadowed figure was stealthily creeping around the darkened streets searching and scrounging for things to use and maybe eat. The moonlight briefly shone over this figure and showed a shocking sight which most people would turn in fear and scream at seeing.

It was a large human sized rat about 5 feet and 10 inches with dark grey hair/fur and a long pink tail wearing a long worn-out brown robe tied around by a long cloth making them look like a monk's clothes.

The rat's name was Splinter or Master Splinter as he was named by those who know him; Splinter was looking for anything to eat for his sons and himself which was difficult as most of the things he could find where either too filthy or rotten to be eaten and he did not wish for his sons to be ill from eating such things.

Splinter had found some things that were edible or not too disgusting to eat but he wanted to look more as he always cared for his son's health and food was a very important part of that, he was searching another alley of a street when he heard a sound of someone shouting very loudly, a screech of a car driving away following a crash nearby and a cry of pain which sounded like a child to him.

Panicking Splinter quickly listened with his sense of excellent hearing, an advantage of being a rat with slightly large ears, and heard the sound of a whimper along with pained moans of the child, which seemed to be in the direction near where he was at the moment.

Splinter rushed as quietly and stealthily as he could as he did not want to be seen by other humans who would/could have heard or had woken up from the noise a few moments ago, he arrived at the area where the child was supposed to be.

He began looking around for the young one as the child had apparently tried to get up and walk away which he could see from the small tracks of stumbling feet on the ground and street, but the child seemed to have stopped or had fallen back down as he saw a small shape slightly hidden in the shadows of the trash cans but he could see the child as he had very good vision as he had trained himself to see in the dark.

Splinter walked slowly up to the child and bent down slightly as he saw that it was a little boy who looked no more than 3 years old from what he could remember of his time with his old master and going with him in his pocket to the outside world and watching young children playing in local parks and the streets.

He noticed that the child had a pained expression on his face which when he looked at the child's body he noticed slight bruises on the arms and neck of the child which slightly angered him at the harming of such a small and innocent little boy but then he noticed that the boy's left leg appeared even more bruised and sore looking which he hoped it was not broken.

He looked at the boy's features again as he noticed that the boy had dark nearly black brown hair, pale skin and seemed to be wearing glasses that were slightly large for his face and when he saw the clothes he wore he noticed that they were much larger than the child's apparent size and build which was skinnier and smaller than he had first thought.

Splinter contemplated, as he turned away from the boy, on what to do as he could just find a local or nearby hospital and leave the boy there to be treated but he knew that would cause problems as he could guess that the shouting from earlier was the boy's parent or guardian abandoning him and he would not wish more harm on the boy if he was back with the supposedly harmful people who raised the boy.

He was snapped from his musings when he heard a gasp as he turned quickly in alarm to see the child's eyes were opened and his mouth slightly hanging in shock as Splinter noticed that the moon had shown its light into the alley and made him more visible than he was before.

He noticed that the boy's eyes were a shade of green, like the green of emerald's, the boy seemed frightened of him yet did not scream or try to run away which Splinter was a little curious about as he would have expected the boy to try to get away from him.

The boy spoke "what are you, who are you?" Splinter knew that the boy was not meaning to insult him by asking him what he was as the child did look nervous and still scared of him which Splinter sighed at as he could answer the boy who he felt strangely wanting to help this poor boy.

He spoke to the boy "I am Splinter, I am a Rat" the boy looked confused so he elaborated "I would tell you more but you would have to come with me and not be afraid of what you may see or hear, but promise me that you will not tell anyone else unless I wish you to do so."

The boy looked to be thinking on what to say until he answered "Ok I will go with you and listen to your story" Splinter smiled as he could now see that the boy was getting curious and wanted to learn what he would tell him which meant that the boy would not be a problem as if he did tell anyone by mistake then they may think it a silly child's tale.

He spoke to the boy kindly and asked "Come with me then..." he paused before moving as he asked "...Oh and what is your name young one?" the boy smiled slightly and his eyes seemed to brighten a bit as he said "My name is Harry, Harry Potter."

That is the beginning of my latest fic and the next one will be very soon afterwards as it will be about how Harry had gotten to New York and why he was abandoned (you can probably guess yourselves why) and the next one will show Harry meeting the others.

For those who want to know about when this is at the moment it is 1995 as in my other fic I had made Harry born in 1990 instead of 1980 which will fit into the story better and run smoother, for help in understanding the events of the series that is happening at the moment please look at the timeline for the 2003 series of Ninja Turtles on the Wiki page of it.