Magical Ninja: The Beginning

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Chapter 3: The Meeting of a New Family and Life

Harry's POV

Harry slowly followed the large talking rat whose name was Splinter while using a stick given to him by Splinter as a clutch to walk as his leg was still very sore and hard to walk with.

Harry felt worried at first about this strange animal that could walk and talk like a regular person but Harry couldn't help trusting him with his eyes being so calm and kind towards him which Harry felt was convincing enough to trust and follow the Rat creature.

They had reached a small abandoned street and dark alley which made Harry worried as he did not like the looks of it, he was even more surprised and scared when Splinter took the cover off of a sewer manhole which Harry covered his nose as he faintly smelt the stench of it wafting out of the hole.

Harry was snapped from his thoughts on the smell when Splinter spoke "I know that this may seem strange and not very pleasant but you need to come with me down here if you wish for me to tell you more of why I am this way."

Harry felt himself struggle mentally at whether he should agree with Splinter or just try and leave this place and find somewhere to go and sleep by himself but he saw the concerned and trusting eyes of Splinter and made his decision as tried to ignore the stench and reeking of the Sewer.

He nodded as Splinter spoke "I will have to carry you as I believe you would be unable to climb down the ladder leading to the sewer tunnels but I will need to hold your bag and I promise that I will not drop it or tear it as I can see that you hold it dear to you."

Harry nodded slowly as he was still cautious of this but pushed through his nervous feelings as he walked up to Splinter and gently handed the bag to him which he then fixed to fit him (by changing the straps of the bags to fit his bodies size).

Harry then slowly grabbed and held on to Splinter but tensed slightly as Splinter wrapped one of his arms around him and began climbing down.

Splinter's POV

He was very surprised at how light and skinny that the young boy Harry felt, he was very angry at how this child must have been treated but did not let it show on his face as he did not want to frighten the child.

He slowly climbed his way down the ladder but made sure to keep the young one secure in his hold, he reached the bottom of the ladder and gently let himself down to the side path of the sewer.

He slowly let go of the child as he spoke "Follow me but keep quiet" the child nodded to him and followed as he led the way to his burrow that he had made and dug out some years ago.

He heard the sleeping noises of his sons as he lead the child to the small corner of the burrow and let him sit on an old mismatched three person couch that he had found and repaired from odd and abandoned furniture pieces off of the streets.

He spoke as the child sat down "I will explain my story tomorrow as I have no doubt that you are tired and require rest so please sleep on this couch" the child tried to argue that he was not tired but the rubbing of the eyes and yawning gave it away as he gently placed and set the child into the couch to sleep as he took a nearby spare blanket and covered the child in it and tucking him in while placing his walking stick nearby for the child to use and the bag of the child next to the couch.

Harry's POV

He felt a warm sensation as he was tucked into the couch by Splinter which was much comfier than his old cupboard of a room back in Britain, he felt a little happy that he was being treated so kind by the strange rat person whom he decided was not mean or bad at all as he felt himself go to sleep snuggling into the couch for once feeling happy in all of his life at finally meeting someone who was kind to him.

The next day – Harry's POV

He felt himself being woken up as he sluggishly got up and out of the couch...wait couch, he quickly checked himself and saw that he was not back at the hotel or in his cupboard at all.

He was in some unknown place until his mind caught up with him as he remembered the events of the past night, his uncle abandoning him, being taken in by a strange talking human sized rat named Splinter and lastly being tucked in by said rat.

He calmed down as he saw and heard noises of others in the unknown cavern like area, curious about them he followed the noise but grabbed the walking stick that he used to help him move around as his leg was still very sore but not as much as before.

He came upon a startling but amazing sight as he saw Splinter talking and teaching 4 young looking child sized turtles who each wore different coloured bandanas and had wooden weapons in their hands and they all seemed to be using them in their strange lesson.

They each had different weapons that seemed to strangely suit each turtle, The Blue bandana wearing turtle with regular green skin had two long straight wooden swords that reminded Harry of Japanese Swords he had once saw in a book on Japan that he had looked at in the Library in Surrey.

The Red bandana wearing turtle with darker green skin had two 3 pronged weapons that looked to be used as hand weapons, the middle spike of the weapons was much longer than the other two side-prongs.

The Orange bandana wearing turtle with dark blue-green skin had two short sticks in each hand but each of the sticks had been both connected together separately by a rope that held them together (A/N: I know that this may seem confusing but I am trying to describe Nunchuck's without making them sound like a completely different weapon).

The Purple bandana wearing Turtle with Yellow-Green like skin had a long wooden stick that reminded Harry of a Pole used for signs. They each appeared to be learning how to fight or use them as Splinter directed them each on what to do with them as he seemed to mime moves of them as if he was actually using them.

Harry felt and saw it all fascinating but was startled by Splinter speaking out loud "I know that you are awake and watching us so please come out of your hiding place" Harry slowly creeped out of hiding as he approached them all cautiously

The turtles looked at him with curiosity and in different ways as the Blue Bandana wearing one looked mostly calm, the Red Bandana wearing one looked tense and defensive, the Orange and Purple ones though looked very curious but seemed to smile at him.

Splinter spoke out to Harry explaining "I have already told my sons about what had happened to you and that you needed a place to stay and they have all agreed to help and live with you."

He looked at the Red bandana wearing Turtle at this which the turtle seemed to control himself and calm down a bit and look less tense or angry.

Splinter spoke to each of the turtles and Harry "Please my Son's, say hello and speak your names to the child?" The Orange bandana wearing turtle slowly walked up to him and smiled slightly saying "Hey, I'm Michelangelo or Mickey as my Brothers call me".

This seemed to make the others introduce themselves as the Purple wearing bandana Turtle spoke next as he approached Harry "Hello my name is Donatello but you can call me Don or Donnie," The Red bandana wearing turtle went next as he stiffly said "I'm Raphael or Raph as my Bro's call me."

The Blue bandana wearing turtle went last as he calmly spoke but with caution "I am Leonardo or Leo for short" Harry tried his best to not be nervous as he spoke his reply "I'm Harry, Harry Potter but you can all call me Harry if you want."

Splinter's POV

He smiled as he remembered how his son's reacted to Harry's situation as he had explained it to them earlier on.

Earlier on

He awoke early as he did his morning meditations and stretches when he remembered what had happened the previous night of finding the child named Harry, he thought of how to break the news to his son's as he knew that Raphael would be very cautious and wary of the child as would Leonardo.

He left his small room and headed to his son's area of rest where they each were asleep, he gently and not so gently awoke them each from their slumber as he knew that Michelangelo was a heavy and deep sleeper and it did take quite some time to awaken him but the rest each awoke and helped him awaken Michelangelo with Donatello amusingly poking the turtles back with his Bo Staff that he had beside his bed-mat.

This seemed to work as Michelangelo slowly awoke while batting the Bo Staff away as it poked him to get up, after they were all awake he sent them to the small bathroom that he had made up from diverted or old pipes, abandoned scraps of metal and bathroom utilities with help from his son's.

The pipes each came from different parts of the sewer, an old water pipe that still ran clean water through it with the pipe separated into two pipes for hot and cold water by having a few candles underneath one of the pipes for hot water making the water heat up as it went past the heated parts of the pipe which was very clever as Donatello had came up with that idea after he worked with them to make the small bathroom, he had been able to store the hot water in a old boiler that he had salvaged from the dump so that they could use it for a bath or shower through an attached pump that Donatello had made with him so that the shower would work and the hot water could be placed in the bath.

He had also made a small amount of cleansing materials from different books on how to make soaps and other items like it by using plants and flowers that grew in Central Park and other left over items from recycle bags.

Once his son's were clean and ready to do their morning training he sat down with them before they began the training as he explained what had happened last night and waited for their reactions as Michelangelo seemed to be the most enthusiastic out of them all as did Donatello was similar in reaction but both Leonardo and Raphael reacted as he had expected, with complaints and distrust of which I tried to explain to them how the child may react and feel if threatened as he did not want any more harm to befall the child than the child already had probably received from their guardians.

This seemed to calm them both down and agree to be peaceful with the child as he hoped that it went okay, he then told his son's to get their training weapons and begin their normal routine of learning with their weapons.


He watched as Michelangelo spoke to the child and asked if they wanted to play with them which the child seemed hesitant about but agreed with a nod as they began with a game of tag and other small games making him smile as it felt right finding this child but he knew that if the child wished to live with them then he would need to train the child in the art of Ninjutsu/Ninjitsu.

1 Year Later – Harry's POV

Harry slowly awoke from his slumber as he thought as usual about the change that had happened in the past year, He had enjoyed living with Master Splinter as he was called regularly by the Turtles of whom he now felt were like best friends and brothers to him after playing and living with them for the past year along with Master Splinter acting as a father figure to him.

He followed his brothers to the bathroom as he waited his turn, he also thought on how each of his brothers had gotten used to him living with them and training with them as he was also taught by Master Splinter in the style and art of Ninjutsu/Ninjitsu which was called either depending on the persons preference in saying it.

Michelangelo or Mickey as he was nicknamed was the first person to connect with him through playing little games and reading comic books which helped Harry learn how to play and be a regular kid...well a kid living with four anthropomorphic Ninja Turtles and a Rat as a family.

Donatello or Don as he liked to call him was the second person to connect with him through studying and learning more subjects as he lived with them, Don had also helped teach him a lot as was the turtle seemed to have the knowledge and intelligence of a young adult making him seem like a genius.

Leonardo was the third to connect with him through training and exercising the different Kata's and moves of Ninjutsu/Ninjutsu when he could not get a move right or was having problems with the forms.

Raphael was the last one to get used to and like him as the hot-headed turtle was slightly mean and rude to him at first but had made up with him when Harry had gotten lost after wandering off from his brothers when journeying through the sewers with them, thus making Raphael panic and try and find him showing that he did care it was just that he did not express it often or not know how to show it properly.

Harry was also the only one allowed to go up to the surface but had to be sure to not be seen or gone too long of which his brothers did complain about this little fact that he could go and they could not but he had bribed them with some items and gifts that he got for them from the surface and streets of New York like some books, food and other small items that they all needed.

The money to get all of this was strangely all from Master Splinter who said that he had kept and scrounged up all of the money that he could gather and find off of the streets or from condemned buildings that still had some items of value like old wallets and things like that.

Harry would have helped with some of his money but it was sadly all British pounds and coins that he had saved from the Dursley's and he did not want to risk exchanging it at anywhere that he could do so, which would likely involve the law and a chance that he may never see or be with his brothers and Master Splinter if he was taken in by Child Services and probably be sent back to the Dursley's of which he completely dreaded and feared happening as they would probably try and kill him the next time that they saw him.

Harry was still pretty much a beginner in Ninjitsu/Ninjutsu but he was eager to learn and he had already been given a main weapon to train by Master Splinter, two Tonfa's which reminded Harry of a Police Officers Nightstick and was apparently the ancestor of the modern weapon that the Police used.

Harry wanted to have either metal made ones or at least have them with blades at the end for more defence against sharp weapons, but Master Splinter had disagreed and told him that he would not be learning how to use sharp or Metal objects of that kind until he was much older and able to use them responsibly.

Harry did think it unfair but he knew not to disobey Master Splinter as he was the one who found and helped Harry learn more about Family, Happiness and giving Harry a place to call home.

Harry didn't want that or anything to change at all as he was happy and safe with his Brothers and Master Splinter and training to be a Ninja.

That is it for this chapter and thank you all for your votes, I may do some more chapters on Harry growing up and things before he either has any contact with the Magical World as I want to show how this Harry will be different from his regular book version and how much trouble he will cause a certain delusional and manipulative old man and said man's plans for his 'Greater Good'.