By Mathieu Leader

Dr Who is owned by the BBC and not by me

The Doctor said sadly "Amy Amy, I thought a trip to New York would bring you and Rory closer together and it did in a way but not like this. Deaths of companions I can cope with but not this, this is truly a fate worse than death. I guess I'm technically an orphan with my in-laws gone."

The Doctor saw a flock of pigeons congregate on the two stone statues that stood before him that of the Girl Who Waited and her husband the brave but foolhardy Centurion.

"River, I have not said this in a long time but I'm really sorry," the Doctor sobbed loudly blowing into a red silk handkerchief

"It's ok Mr. Smith moments like these are necessary in life especially a long one such as yours things need to be brought to a standstill so things can be put in perspective." Cooed River sympathetically

"River I don't know who I am anymore!" the Doctor shouted enraged with grief

"Well you know what you must. You yourself must answer the unanswered question and that is who are you?" pleaded River

"But Dr. Song, I cannot reveal who I am if I where to it might breakaway the Time Lock causing the Last Great Time War to cease to have happened. I cannot go through another wartime again loosing everyone." The Doctor said darkly

"That is a risk you will be willing to take and why would the revelation of your name cause the Time War to cease to have been created in the first place?" River questioned the Doctor looking rather puzzled

"River, River, I have never told anyone this before but in my last life I was told I was going to die at the End of Time itself. The TARDIS, Time Travel, and my race and I are linked together because River in the Dark Times when the universe itself was an infant… I went by a very different name I was Alpha I helped Omega and Rassillion stop the Great Old Ones. What I'm trying to say is Mrs. Song is that I'm not just the last of my kind but the first of the Time Lords..." the Doctor spoke grimly

Author Notes:

This is my first piece of Doctor Who Fanfiction that I've done in a long time I hope you like it.

For all you who are not familiar with the old series there was plans in Sylvester McCoy's last series as the Doctor in his 7th form to be the Other the mysterious elusive third founder of the Time Lords if I was in Stephen Moffat's shoes the whole Question Arc and tie it the two series together old & new.