Hey! Some asked for secquel and here it is. For now I have 2 chapters and I don't really know when I'll write the other ones. But with your help I believe it would be fine. (Because you will review, right?) So here it is.

Mercenary's Heart


Grey eyes

There was mist everywhere. Thick, colourless mist swirling around her preventing her from seeing anything. No sound, no movement, no feeling. It was deadly silent, like on a battlefield after a huge fight. It was her first association. But later other thoughts crossed her foggy mind. Why silence should be associated only with death? Why not with a serene forest or something like that? Yes, a forest, with trees and green, calming leaves.

But even there it would be some sort of moving, animals perhaps or wind stirring the branches. Here it was only emptiness, terrifying emptiness. In other circumstances Marianne would shudder but this strange place seemed to have a peculiar impact on her. She couldn't feel her limbs. It was as she was floating in space. It wasn't that bad though, even pleasant after everything she endured during past few months. Here she didn't have to pretend, tire herself with being strong.

And she was happy. Strangely happy as if she was waiting for someone, someone really dear to her. She felt giddy and if she wasn't already floating her knees would surely buckle under her weight. Somehow she knew it would be someone to hold her up.

Suddenly something changed and it wasn't so empty anymore. She whirled around but no one was there. Only mist. And then strange, grey eyes appeared before her.

Marianne opened her eyes and sat on her bed quickly gasping for air. Her heart was beating loudly, her blood pumping quicker than usual. Swearing, she run her fingers through her messy hair and got up from her bed stumbling to the only window in her humble apartment. She leaned against the frame. Cool surface of the glass woke her up efficiently. She looked out of the window and saw only dark, night sky above Paris. Sun was about to rise in a few hours. It was early and the whole city was sleeping. For a moment she thought about all these people, safe in their homes with loved ones, not alone like her. And for a second she wished for someone to love for herself. A man, next to whom she could wake and into who's eyes she could gaze, to who's to his heartbeat she could listen as they lay in bed.

"What the hell?" she muttered quietly remembering suddenly where she was. What was she thinking about? A man? Sleeping next to him? Never in her life had she wished for something like that. It was just silly. What happened to her?

That dream! It was its entire fault! Before it her life was simple, without reveries about eyes and men! It haunted her for weeks now, not every night, but once or twice in a week. Every time it was the same. Stillness, mist and then those eyes. Sad, grey and more beautiful than she could comprehend. And utterly familiar. How was it possible? Unfortunately she didn't know. She didn't also have a clue where had she seen them. But that was something in them that moved her heart like never before. She didn't know what it was and why it had so big effect on her but it was there.

Slowly she backed away and fell on the bed. Sleepless nights took a toll on her, she was exhausted and it made her mind foggy. But even then she knew that it was within her grasp, that she could uncover this mystery. Only a moment, a few minutes and she will have it.

Two hours later first sunrises above French capital city found her sleeping soundly in her bed. She didn't last that long to understand. The identity of the eyes' owner remained a mystery for a time being.