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Chapter-1:Sinister eyes

Sarutobi Hizuren the God of shinobi and the third Hokage of the leaf was in his office fighting his arch nemesis that has been plaguing him since his long life as a Kage... paper work .He could swear it out loud that it was laughing at his face if people wouldn't think the old man gone senile.

"Damn it! These monsters are making me regret my choice of ever becoming a ninja!"


"GAAAAh!" Sarutobi screamed scared out of his mind before jumping over his desk with his Kage robes thrown aside, ready in his battle gear.

"Old man! How ar... why are you dressed like a monkey? Is there a costume party? And you didn't even invite me!" Naruto said sounding hurt.

Sarutobi turned to the source of his near heart attack only to realise it was his 12 year old surrogate grandson looking at him looking at him with door kicked open behind him. Then he realized what he said.

'Monkey ...' Promptly his sweat dropped at the reference with his summons. He quickly recomposed himself and replied "Ahem! No Naruto...I was not having a costume party. What are doing here anyway, shouldn't you be at the Academy right now?"

Naruto just scratched his head embraced "Well I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"

Sarutobi raised a eyebrow "A favor you say..."

'He hasn't come to me for help since he entered the Academy; I wonder what this is about.' Straightening himself he walked back to his desk and sat down taking comfort in his chair and took a poof from his pipe.


"Ah! You know the graduation exam is in the next three months and I was wondering if you could help me train." replied Naruto replied looking down.

'Hmmm...so that's why he so worked up. This is going to be his third time entering the exam.' thought Sarutobi.

"Don't worry Naruto, I am sure you will graduate this time." Sarutobi encouraged trying to comfort him in a grandfatherly tone.

"But old man, if you help me train I am sure I will pass this stupid test in a blink." Naruto argued making the Hokage sigh.

"I'm sorry Naruto but being the Hokage I am busy running the village as it is. Why you don't ask any of the academy instructors I am sure they will help you." Suggested Sarutobi but he was surprised when Naruto's mood suddenly fell.

"But grandpa, I can tell they don't really... like me except Iruka-sensei and he's busy and I don't know anyone else that will help me."

Sarutobi could hear the strain in his voice when saying 'they didn't like him' making lower his head ashamed.

'If only I could have done more...'

"Hokage-sama!" The secretary called popping her head inside the door.

"Jonin Kurenai Yuhi is here to see you." She informed but not before taking a moment to glare at Naruto.

'Hmmm... it seem I may have found a way to help you Naruto.' Sarutobi thought as he nodded for the secretary to give permission to let her in.

The door was opened and in walked a woman that has been part of every man's wet dream in Konoha. She had long wavy silk like black hair and wine like red eyes, her makeup consisting of red lipstick and purple eye shadow. Her outfit being the most noticeable and unique, a red mesh armor blouse with only the right sleeve visible, a broad material resembling bandages with a rose throne pattern on the middle covering up to her upper thighs .She was the famed genjutsu mistress of Konoha otherwise known as the Ice Queen of Konoha.

"Sorry, if I am intruding lord Hokage. I have just came to report that I have escorted Hinata safely back to the Hyuga compound." Said Kurenai on noticing another presence in the room thinking she may have interrupted their discussion.

"It's nothing to worry about Kurenai-san. I was just having a chat with Naruto-kun here..." at hearing the name she turned to boy who was still gaping like a fish at her.

'So this is the Kyuubi brat hmm...' Naruto who just came out of his stupor up on noticing she was looking at him said the first thing that came to his mind.


They both awkwardly made eye contact both realizing what he said blushed at the same time and looked away from each other.

"My my I didn't know you were in to older women Naruto-kun." Sarutobi spoke giggling perversely at the situation making Naruto turned a deep shade of red.

"N-n-n-o-no I-I- d-di-n't m-m-e-an it! Well I did! I mean she is pretty! But I...I" Kurenai was getting more and more flustered with embarrassment as Naruto's explanation went on. While she was used to cat calls like these she never in her wild dreams expected them to come from a twelve year old!

"Relax you two I was just teasing." said Sarutobi trying to ease the tension after that he turned to Kurenai and asked.

"Kurenai if may be so bold can I ask you do me a favor?"

"Of course! Lord Hokage. I am at your service." Kurenai bowed as sigh of respect to the village leader while Naruto looked on with interest.

"You see Naruto-kun asked me to help him train for the graduation exam but I'm busy with paper work. I was wondering if you can train or may be giving him some tips at least."

Kurenai thought about this on one hand she could refuse since it was not a mission but then she remembered a certain Hyuga's crush on him.

'Mhmm, why not it will give me some practice for training the Genin teams.'

Kurenai looked at her possible student, Naruto who was standing on the balls of his feet barely containing his excitement and made her decision.

"I don't mind Hokage-sama."

"Yes! Since now I got super sexy sensei I will pass for sure!" exclaimed Naruto paying little mind to what he said out loud.

Kurenai face again heated up, this time from both embarrassment and anger 'I just hope for his sake that he's not a pervert!'

Sarutobi chuckled observing the duo ''Since that's taken care why don't you go introduce each other!"

Naruto beamed "You are the best grandpa! Just you wait I'll be taking that hat from you no time!''

Kurenai calmly walked over to Naruto and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder ''With your leave Hokage-sama."

The both disappeared by using a shushin to one of the training grounds. As they left Sarutobi looked at the fourth's picture and sighed.

)))))) Training Ground (((((((

''So what are we going to do Kurenai-sensei! Are you going to teach me your super cool ultimate jutsu? Huh? Huh? Huh?''

Kurenai chuckled at the boy's enthusiasm ''Well Naruto why don't we spar first so that I know what to teach you.'' said Kurenai as slid in to a fighting stance.

''Heh! You asked for it, so be ready to fall under the might of the GREAT UZUMAKI NARUTO!'' Naruto exclaimed as he charged forward making Kurenai sigh mentally at his words.


))) 10 min later (((

Kurenai stood over a beaten Naruto and signed in exasperation ''I can't believe it. Even for an academy student, how could you be so terrible?''

Naruto whose was on the ground sat up and pouted puffing his cheeks, added with his whisker marks which made him look like a cute sulking fox.

"Hey, I wasn't that bad?" Kurenai had stop herself from letting her womanly instincts to take over and rush up to him squealing CUTE!

''Well whatever you but we will meet here after the academy is over tomorrow and we will start your training alright.'' Naruto nodded making Kurenai smile at him.

''Bye Naruto.'' Waving her hand once in a good bye gesture she disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Naruto stared at the spot where she was previously for a few more seconds with his bangs covering his eyes. The corner of his lips slowly lifting upwards to form a smirk.

))) Academy Next Day (((

It was the end of another boring day at the academy for Naruto. The soon to be ninja was right now leaning against the wall waiting at the academy entrance for his new sensei.

''Did I keep you waiting long?" Came a voice from behind making Naruto turn around and grin.

''Nope! You are right on time."Naruto grin only made Kurenai smile at his enthusiasm.

''So what awesome move are you going to teach me! Wait! Wait! Wait! You're going to teach me that ...what was its name shunshine..shhoeshun.. Something aren't you!''

''It is called Shushin Naruto and no. You are a long way from learning that." Kurenai explained stiffening a giggle.

"YOU'RE MEAN!" Naruto's pout only made her giggle more.

''Now now Naruto first I have return someone home before beginning your training." Kurenai said looking around.

'Now where could she be...' Right then she caught someone peeping from the tree from he corner of her eye.

"You can come out now Hinata."

"EEEEP!" Naruto turned to the source and saw the girl with the weird eyes from his class. Hinata who has doing her daily hobby of 'staking' her Naruto-kun came from behind the tree poking her fingers in a very Hinata'ish fashion. She shyly made her way to them her face becoming red with each step because she was getting close to 'her' Naruto-kun.

''H-h-ello K -Kurenai-sensei." Hinata spluttered out a greeting. Kurenai only gave gentle smile at the shy girl.

"Let's go we are already late." Kurenai stated and started walking towards the Hyuga compound.

"Kurenai-sensei, are you also going to train her too." Naruto asked looking at Hinata who trying everything she can to become one with her coat.

"No Naruto. Even though I wouldn't mind I don't think her father will agree to her training outside their clan compound." Kurenai informed.

'It will do wonders to her confidence if she did train with you though.'

"Well that's too bad we could have made some super cool combo's!" Naruto exclaimed looking at Hinata who was looking like a ripe tomato.

As we all know Naruto being an orphan, he didn't know a thing about personal space. So it was natural for him to go over and inspect Hinata on seeing her turn red.

"Hey Hinata your face is all red are you sick or something." Placing a hand on her forehead he drew his face near to her's up to the point that their noses were almost touching and that was the final straw as Hinata's steps began to turn unsteady and her feet started to sway and her head started to feel a little oozy and ... she fainted.

"AHHHHH! Kurenai-sensei..." Naruto yelled trying to wake up Hinata by ...slapping her in the face, rather hardly.

Kurenai who was watching the whole scene unfold could only sigh and shake her head in amusement.

After dropping the unconscious girl and as Naruto put with 'the weird eyes' at their clan compound. The duo of unofficial teacher and student made their way to the training ground.

"Alright Naruto from our spar yesterday I can say you have high stamina but to be blunt your form and control sucks."

Naruto dropped his head with a dark cloud looming over it on hearing her "...so that's why I am going to train you in improving your Taijutsu and chakra control!" Kurenai said trying to cheer him up which did the trick as he exclaimed that he wasn't going to disappoint her.

)))))))) Three Months Later (((((((((((

Nearly Three months had passed since Kurenai started Naruto's training and she could honestly say she was proud of her unofficial student. He was not a genius by any means but he made up for it with his hard work and showed great potential.

Naruto's Taijutsu and control was now adequate for a Genin, so he shouldn't have much problem for those departments in the exams which will be conducted by the end of this week and she was sure he would pass without a problem except the Clone Technique and she was planning on talking to the Hokage for making some arrangement for him, since he was a special case.

As Kurenai was mulling over this, Naruto just finished his final laps around the training ground and was making his way to her. Her train of thought was cut short at hearing him calling her name.

"What is it Naruto?" Kurenai asked softly seeing as he was acting somewhat shy and hesitant which was not normally the way he behaved.

"Umm you...s..see I..."

"Don't be afraid to talk to me Naruto, you can tell me anything you want alright." Kurenai encouraged on seeing him hesitate. Not one to need further encouragement Naruto regained some of his confidence and spoke.

"Well I was wondering...if you would like to comewithmetoeatramen!" He blustered out rapidly not making any sense to Kurenai.

Kurenai took a moment to understand the sentence and when she did her face turned crimson and yelled which was complete opposite her calm and collected personality.

"NARUTO! YOU CAN'T ASK YOUR SENSEI TO GO ON A DATE WITH YOU!" Naruto seeing that he may be on the receiving end of feminine fury quickly explained.

"N-No Kurenai-sensei it's not what you think! I just wanted to thank you for training me by treating you to ramen."

''Oh!'' Kurenai didn't know why but she felt rather disappointed at his reason.

She wouldn't admit it out loud but she had become rather fond of the blond demon container and it didn't help that he was irresistibly cute sometimes 'If only he was bit older...' Kurenai caught herself before she went too far in her thinking. 'OH MY GOD! WHAT AM I THINKING! If Anko hears a whiff about this then I wouldn't hear the end of it...'

"Kurenai-sensei are you okay you kind a spaced out." Naruto asked concerned holding a hand out as if to check on her.

"S-S-Sorry about that..." Kurenai spluttered taking a step back failing to keep her composure.

''So are you coming?''

''A-Ah! Yes! Let's go ...''Naruto didn't wait for her to complete her sentence as she was dragged across the street by a giddy Naruto.

Naruto and Kurenai made their way to his ramen stand within minutes surprising her with how fast she was dragged her here, moving the flaps they went in to take seat.

"Hey! Old man your favorite customer is here." A man in his middle forty's came from the back and greeted him.

"Oh! Naruto, it's good to see you..." Noticing he wasn't alone he turned to his other costumer "...and you miss..."

"My name is Kurenai Yuhi. I'm Naruto's sen..."

"KURENAI YUHI! AS IN THE ICE QUEEN OF KONOHA!" He turned to Naruto crying anime tears rapidly running down his face.

"Naruto my boy not even a ninja and you bagged not only a smoking hot woman but also one of the hardest catches I'm so proud..."

While this was going on Ayame who was in the back came, only to see a crimson faced Naruto with her dad giving him a head lock and a beautiful woman with twitching eyes while light blush was adoring her cheeks. Quickly understanding what was going on and that her dad was embarrassing 'her' Naruto in front of his friend, she somehow summoned a frying pan into her hand out of nowhere.

"DAD! STOP MESSING WITH NARUTO!" Ayame yelled hitting him on top of the head with the frying pan.

Clang! Thud!

"Thanks Ayame-chan! You're a life saver!" Naruto signed giving a great full look.

''Its fine Naruto-kun, so what's the order?"

"I'll have a miso to begin and..."

"I'll have seafood ramen" Kurenai ordered going over the menu.

She didn't see the brief nod Naruto sent towards Ayame. Writing down the order Ayame went to prepare them.

"So Naruto do you come here often?"

"Yes! This place sells the best ramen in the whole world." Naruto boasted and then went on to explain how ramen is the food made for gods while the order arrived.

After finishing her ramen Kurenai had to admit it was one of best dishes she ever had even though she was not that much of cook herself.

"I have to admit Naruto this is the best ramen I ever had." Kurenai said only to sweat drop seeing the mountain of bowls beside him while she only managed to eat one bowl.

"Well I'm glad. I was beginning to think Naruto-kun is the only one who likes our ramen." Ayame said cheerfully.

"I wouldn't mind eating here more often." Kurenai said as she went on to pay the bill but Tenchi stopped before she could.

''No! It's on the house Naruto rarely brings any one here" Kurenai smiled at father and daughter duo already thinking of her next visit.

Saying their goodbye's Kurenai and Naruto made their way out of the ramen stand to the streets.

"Why are you coming with me Naruto?" Kurenai asked a moment later on seeing him continue to walk silently beside her.

"Well grandpa always told me it's polite to walk a lady home?" Naruto gave a foxy grin making her giggle at his reference to the Hokage.

"Well remind me to thank him lat..." Kurenai trailed off as her head began to spin, she brought her hand to her temple to steady the dizziness.

'W-What...happ...in..g...' Were her last thoughts before she fell forward into a warm embrace and lost her conscious.

"Mhmm..." Kurenai groggily woke up as her blurry eyes began to regain focus.

The first thing she noticed was that she was not in her room she tried to move her body then realized that she can't move even an inch and that she was tightly bound to a chair.

"So you finally woke up. I was beginning to think that I went a little over board."

Kurenai turned only to see a shadowy figure sitting in front of still unable to focus on her surrounding she asked out loud.


"I'm hurt Kurenai. Did you already forget about me?" said the figure coming into light.

Kurenai sighed in relief, finally able to see her 'captor' "Naruto if this one of your pranks then it's not funny and you are definitely are going to be in a world of trouble."

Naruto just smirked "Well then I just have to make you very obedient then Kurenai."

Noticing he didn't call her sensei for the first time, a little panic started to settle in her gut and she looked to his face to assure herself that this was only a joke.

"Naruto what are you talking abo...''

And what Kurenai saw made her breath to get caught in her lungs. In front of her was the same grinning Naruto with his casual cheerful expression on his face but...it was his eyes that terrified her so much that she forgot the need to breathe, his eyes that were once as the bright as the sun were now cold showing nothing but a terrible mixture of hatred, malice and bitterness.

Those were the most sinister eyes Kurenai had ever seen...

...To be continued.


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