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Chapter: 13

)) A Maiden's Feeling's and A Demon's Turmoil ((

Team 8 notices that their Sensei Kurenai seemed upset lately, before they leave in the early afternoon to train in their clan techniques for the rest of the day. Mean while Ino tries to wake up Shikamaru as he had requested of her before and ends up screeching in his ear. Shikamaru and Asuma talk after Shikamaru finds their sensei spaced out. Shikamaru vaguely mentions that if he likes a certain someone than he should talk to that certain someone before the situation turns more troublesome.

Kurenai meets Anko at the usual Dango and Anko makes Kurenai buy her lunch which caused Kurenai to almost empty her wallet. Anko then mentions how Kakashi had not returned from his mission yet and makes a joke how he may kicked the bucket making Kurenai chastise on her sense of humour which in turn made Anko comment that Kurenai was acting all grumpy these days.

Mean while a banged up Zabuza finally wakes up in the hospital with Haku beside him. While hugging the life out Zabuza in relief completely forgetting about his injuries and pain filled grunts, both become aware of the new arrival as Mei announces her presence. Haku begins sputter and tries to fix her appearance since she hadn't slept looking after Zabuza.

Mei waves her off and vaguely mentions that she wanted to talk to Haku alone. Haku considering it an honour agrees instantaneously. Zabuza however observes a pattern in Mei's behaviour and words she uses making him feel a sense of déjà vu. Thinking hard on it Zabuza recalls the time he criticised Mei that she couldn't become the Mizukage because she is a woman which ultimately lead to something… terrifying. He tries to warn Haku but freezes when Mei says they will have a talk too when he recovers. A very long talk.

By the evening Team 7 returns to Konoha and Kakashi tells they should go get some rest while he reported the Hokage about the mission while hiding the fact that the Hokage might be angry at how he screwed up the mission.

Waking home Naruto asks if they wanted to eat anything together before going home. Sakura respectfully declines saying that her parents might be worried since they arrived late from the mission and she also had promised that she would come straight home after arriving. Naruto turns to Sasuke who lets out his usual grunt in a reply.

In the mindscape Kyuubi pulls out a huge dictionary that had the letter 'Hn' on it's cover and interprets Sasuke's grunt to be his wish to go home early to rest. Naruto who say's that out loud receives a nod of approval from Sasuke. Sakura looks on mortified at how a simple one of her Sasuke-kun's grunts meant so much and wonders if she should learn their meaning from Naruto so Sasuke finally goes on date with her.

Naruto and Sasuke part with Sakura, as they began to go home Sasuke notices that everyone was staring or sending glances at their way. Sasuke shrugs it off as being his clan status though he fails to notice how Naruto's smile grew with step they took forward.

Kurenai drags a sober Anko to her home after Anko stuffed herself with Sake. While Kurenai began to reprimand her friend for drinking too much, Anko suddenly pushes Kurenai back on the couch and kisses her.

A completely stunned Kurenai fails to give any sort of response. As Anko tries to deepen the kiss, a flash of Naruto giving her cocky smirk appears in Kurenai's mind. Kurenai immediately begins to struggle and pushes Anko off her to the floor. Anko whole body begins to shake as begs Kurenai to be with her just for tonight.

Kurenai not knowing what to do begins to back off and hits a table making a picture frame fall to floor. Kurenai's is shocked at seeing whose in the photo.

The words 'I'm sorry' escape her lips before she could think of anything else and Kurenai shushin's away not seeing how tears began trail down Anko's cheeks.

Naruto lays on his bed looking up at the ceiling as he reflects on what happened in wave and how he needed to get even stronger. While musing he goes over what he told Tsunami to do, first of which being is to buy his apartment complex.

Along those lines he thinks on why he didn't kill Tsunami like he intended to, Kyuubi who was having her own thoughts suddenly serious asks Naruto if he has feelings for any of the woman he was close too.

Naruto had trouble on what to say for a second, but ultimately replies that he doesn't trust anyone and that he did not doubt that the others would betray him if given a chance.

"In the end they are nothing more than tools for me." Naruto says more to himself than to the Kyuubi. But Kyuubi cuts off their mental link before he could say more.

…. To Be Continued.