Hay ya'll! Ah'm Rogue! Ah lahke to talk lahke Forrest Gump! Ah lahke to be moody and deep and ah'm in love with a stupid ass Cajun who has serious daddy issues! Blah blah blah fahne!

Okay, full disclosure, this is not Rogue. This is Kitty.

I decided to come check out how Rogue was doing with her "revenge blog", only to find that she's left you all hanging! What a sin… she really sucks at revenge blogs. She should definitely stick to throwing things at people and being a jerk. And rocking her hot ass jeans like a boss.

And just in case anyone out there remembers how to use "the Googles", this is not technically "my blog". This is Rogue's blog, I'm just stealing it. *Cough*Logan*Cough*

So, momma's back. I'm kicking Rogue out of the driver's seat and commandeering this vehicle. Because holy crap Rogue. Get your shit together.

Anyways, you can find my new blog entitled "The Beautiful Mind of Katherine Pryde: Volume Two".

I was trying to think of famous sequels I could rip off and use instead of "Volume Two" but the best I could come up with was "The Beautiful Mind of Katherine Pryde: Spider-Man 2".

I didn't go with that one because I just know everyone will message me asking if I know Spider-Man, and if Spider-Man will be making an appearance.

I do not, and he won't.

As I was saying, buckle up ya'll, because Tinkerbelle is back in charge.

I should totally start calling people ya'll. I bet I could pull it off.