Note: John Underwood looks like Milo Ventimiglia, And Savannah Kinkirk looks like Alexis Bledel

John Pov:

I Walk into my new school, thinking too myself why the hell did my parents make me move too this small town. I had all kind of friends at Grant high, I was even a god there and now im at this crap of a school Kennedy High. I walked too my locker and I see a group of girls. They were cute but one stood out from the rest with her brown silk hair and blue eyes caught my attention. Now how am I going too confront her hmm. I was too busy im my thoughts that she came over too talk too me.

"Hi you must be new here im Savannah Kinkirk and welcome too Kennedy high" the brown hair girl said her name

" hey I'm John thanks for the welcome so Savannah anything cool you can do here: I asked

"Well John A bunch of us go too the pool hall after school too play pool and listen too live bands would you care too join us. If your not busy?" she asked

" Well I'm sure I can make time for a pretty girl like you" I said and giver her a smirk. My smirks never fail with any girl. She blushed and nodded her head

"Thanks John well better get too class hope too see you around" She smiled and headed too class as I did the same.

Savannah Pov:

I couldn't help myself I spent the entire first period thinking about John, I wasn't even paying attention too what the teacher was saying, and that's not like me. My best friend Samantha saw me staring off into space so she decided too speak up.

" So what was you and the new kid talking about?" She asked

"Oh nothing really just school stuff" I lied

" Yeah right savannah you like him he's a cutie you deserve someone especially after Aaron dumped you" she said. She's right after Aaron cheated on me I havn't been myself lately or shes just trying too get me too date John so she can have Aaron, shes always after my ex boyfriends after all.

"I guess well I asked him too join us at the pool hall after school." I told her

" What did he say?" she asked.

As I was about too say something the teacher interrupt me too do a problem on the board.