Crashing the Lemonade stand

Summary: When Yuugi sets up a lemonade stand in front of the Game Shop he never expected to have this many customers. But what happens when a child gets pushed into his stand, breaking it. Who is this child and what is wrong with him? And what's this? Duel Monsters are talking?

Small explanation for the story: Yuugi is eleven when he first meets Harry, who is seven. He solved the Millennium puzzle at fifteen, which gives him four more years before he finishes it. By that time Harry is forced to go to Hogwarts and Duel Monsters is first introduced in Japan.
I'll refrain from typing differently when they speak Japanese or English, but you'll know when the other is speaking a different language.
I usually don't like changing the names of the original characters, but I found it appropriate for this story to change Harry' name into Haruto. I'm using the original Japanese character names.

Warnings: brain damage Harry, Yaoi and language for later chapters, parings undecided apart from Yugi/Yami.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything apart from everything I do own, which isn't a lot :P

Haruto: From Japanese (haru) "sun, sunlight", (haru) "distant" or (haru)"clear up" combined with (to), which refers to the constellation Ursa Major, or (to) "soar, fly".

Tripping over my own two feet

If it hadn't been the summer holiday's Vernon Dursley would have probably left his family in England. The business deal which took him to Japan for a month left him with little choice though. Especially now that the boy had been left with them. If he had been normal, Vernon would have left his son and nephew in his wife's care, giving him enough time to do the business deal with the Japanese. This could be a great opportunity for him after all.

Seven years it had been since Petunia's nephew was left on their doorstep without so much as a by-your-leave. All they got was a letter, explaining only that Petunia's sister and her husband were dead and that the boy was to stay with them. Petunia had told him that she wanted the boy to stay. Someone would have already seen him and they couldn't send him away now. They would deal with him abnormality when the time came. In the mean time he could sleep in the cupboard and earn his living with them.

As soon as the boy could walk and talk, it was clear that something was off about the boy. When assigned a job to do, he would start but it would take him a long time. The boy would often stop and stare out into space for sometimes as long as five till even ten minutes. Not even shaking or slapping would get the boy out of his day-dream. He would continue the moment he snapped out of it, but it already earned him a few burns when he would day-dream while he was cooking.

Petunia would often loose her patience with him and take over. If the boy showed too many injuries people would start asking awkward questions after all. And the day-dreaming was not even the worst of it. The boy did strange things. A permanent light had to be installed in his cupboard because the boy would not stop his screaming and banging when left in the dark. They stopped taking him anywhere apart from school, because every time a person' shadow would come near him he would scream and move out of the way.

Petunia had argued with him when he had suggested to take the boy out of school. The neighbourhood children had already seen the boy in his first year of school, but it was obvious the boy could not learn or do anything in school. So Vernon had wanted to pull him out. But his wife was right; the boy was already drawing too much attention to himself. So with a lot of persuasion and favours, Vernon was able to keep the boy in the back of the class by the window where he wouldn't be a nuisance.

The constant shivering and mumbling was not doing the boy any good either. All together this had earned him multiple names, all of which he seemed too ignore or did not understand. Vernon often wondered if this was the reason why those people had left him with them. If they had known he was damaged, because that was clearly the case, he would have sent the boy back. But they had no way of contacting those people anyway. And they couldn't dump him anywhere or the neighbours would talk. The boy would turn eight soon and Vernon often wondered what they would do when those freaks would come for him.

Flip side was they got money out of the government because the boy was staying with them. They could probably get even more money if they tested the boy for whatever damage he had, but that would mean he needed him own room. They wouldn't be able to let him earn his living anymore and Dudley's second bedroom would need to be sacrificed. This had to be a last resort though, because giving the boy his own room was like admitting he was part of their family. Something he would never be.

Vernon glanced behind him and he sneered at the raven haired child who was hurrying alongside him. The gaze, this time extremely bright, was stuck on the ground he was walking, moving around every human shadow sent his way. He was skilfully dodging, jumping and quickening his pace to keep up with his uncle. He didn't seem to be aware of his surroundings and Vernon wondered if the boy was even aware that he was in a different country.

The beefy businessman forced his way through the busy streets of Tokyo and he forced himself to remain calm as he watched a group of teenagers with strange outfits and haircuts talk animatedly on the street. He couldn't stand these people with their strange habits. The only thing he liked about Japan was that it seemed a lot cheaper then being in England, the girls were showing a lot more flesh and if all went well it could offer him a once in a lifetime opportunity. Something which would finally get rid of the boy for good.

Sugoroku Mutou' chest swelled with pride as his grandson solved another complicated puzzle. Expectant blue, almost violet, eyes stared up at him and he ruffled the boy' red hairs, making them a little messier then they already were. The eleven year old giggled and swiped his blond bangs away from his eyes. "You did well my boy," Sugoroku said, fingering the intricate design of the completed 'Labour of Hercules' puzzle. "And as a reward -"

"Not yet Jii-chan," the small boy said with a sigh and a disappointed look in his eye as he stared at the completed puzzle before him. "I don't want anything as a reward until I finish the puzzle you gave me four years ago. You know the one you brought back from Egypt."

Sugoroku chuckled. "The golden puzzle is far more advanced then any of the puzzles we sell in our shop or the ones you already solved. That is because there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. It has never been solved. But I believe in you, Yuugi. You will solve it when you are ready." His grandson still looked doubtful and Sugoroku sighed. "Let's get you something to drink, ne?"

Yuugi placed the completed puzzle back in its box. "Can I have some iced tea, Jii-chan?"

"Of course Yuugi," Sugoroku said and he pored some for his grandson and himself. He placed the glass of iced tea in front of Yuugi and kept his own glass in his hand. With the other hand he ruffled through his grandson' hair. "Now, I need to get back to the shop. Why don't you try to find something else to do? I'm sure you finished all your homework already."

Yuugi nodded. He had finished all his summer homework already and he didn't start his summer coarse for another week. "I think I still have a project from school. I might start on that today."

Sugoroku chuckled softly at the excited expression his grandson showed and he walked back towards the shop which was in front of the house he owned. He often wondered if Yuugi was happy. The child always seemed to be alone ever since his parents died. Yuugi never had many friends in school, and the ones who he did became friends with seemed to always move away or changed schools. Now the boy was alone again as he tried to finish primary school. Yuugi didn't seem to mind though as the boy worked cheerfully through all the puzzles of his shop and his schoolwork.

Sugoroku tried his best to entertain his grandson and support the boy in all his decisions. It seems Yuugi had already made up his mind about the future as he often declared that he would help in the Kame Game Shop forever. At times Sugoroku wished his grandson focused himself on other things though. The marks the boy came home with, especially in maths and physics, made him wonder if the boy could have a brighter future then just to run a game shop. The boy was only eleven and he was already showing so much promise. Sugoroku sighed and turned his attention to the boxes that needed unpacking for today.

It suddenly seemed busier then it had been in ages. Usually during the summer holidays all the Kame Game Shop attracted were kids. Now even a few adults had showed up. Whole families were in the small shop at one moment and when Sugoroku finally became overwhelmed by all his customers and decided to ask Yuugi for help, a little boy came up to him with a large grin. "Thank you for the drink, Ojii-san."

Sugoroku blinked in surprise but smiled at the little boy. "You're welcome." The little boy was quickly joined by his parents who complemented him on his shop. "I never knew you still sold these games," the woman said cheerfully as she placed an old version of 'Samurai'* on the counter together with a magnetic Shogi** set and some small puzzles. "If your grandson hadn't offered our boy a drink, I don't think we would have ever found out."

Surprise washed over Sugoroku again. Yuugi had offered the little boy a drink? But why and how? "We specialise in old and forgotten games," he said, supressing his curiosity until he finished serving his customers. "We have new ones of course and the more difficult brainteasers which my grandson enjoys very much. In the past we sold rare cards for trading card games and we always keep an eye out for the newest trading card games."

The man nodded and handed him the money. "We will certainly return every once in a while then." As soon as they walked out the door, Sugoroku peeked outside. A makeshift stand was placed next to the shop, made out of a few old wooden crates. Yuugi was standing behind it with a few jars of what looked like lemonade. Children of all ages and even a few adults were standing around the stand, each with a plastic cup in hand asking for more. Yuugi had the biggest smile on his face and was talking animatedly to his apparent customers.

Questions filled his mind as Sugoroku watched his grandson interact with the people on the street. He wondered what had made Yuugi make the lemonade stand and hand it out drinks to people on the street. True it was a hot day today and his grandson had chosen the perfect spot, in the shadow of the store. It also seemed to be the cause of all his extra customers, so Sugoroku wasn't complaining. Yuugi suddenly turned, spotted his grandfather and smiled. The older man waved and smiled before re-entering his shop.

Not five minutes later he heard a loud crash from outside. Dropping his boxes Sugoroku rushed outside again, thinking the stand may have collapsed or something and that his grandson might be hurt. The crowd which had been gathered around only moments before seemed to have thinned out a little. The lemonade stand had completely collapsed, but Yuugi didn't seem to be hurt though he was showing disappointment and worry. As Sugoroku moved closer he saw a young boy lying between the now scattered wooden crates. The boy wasn't making a sound apart from his heavy breathing, but Sugoroku could see tears running down his cheeks. He heard Yuugi talking to the boy with soft words trying to calm him down. A man standing to the side was apparently talking to the emergency services.

Sugoroku knelt down beside his grandson. The boy looked no more then six years old and under the old clothes he looked very thin. His green eyes were bright with tears and if Sugoroku wasn't mistaken he could see some blood trickling through those messy black locks. "What happened Yuugi?" he asked, placing a hand on his grandson' shoulder. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Jii-chan," Yuugi said turning his face to acknowledge his presents, but he kept his eyes on the boy who was still lying between the wooden crates. "But I think something is wrong with him. I don't know what happened but suddenly he was falling against my lemonade stand. I jump out of the way in time or he would have fallen on top of me together with the crates. When I started asking him if he was alright, he started crying but he won't speak. It doesn't look like he's from around here."

"Calm down Yuugi," Sugoroku said giving the shoulder of his grandson a comforting squeeze. "It's going to be alright. Now let's see if we can find anything wrong with him and if anyone knows him. Maybe he would like some lemonade as well from you, if you still have some left."

Yuugi nodded and started searching for a clean cup. Sugoroku inquired about the boy, but the people who were still standing around had never seen him before so they couldn't tell him anything. When Sugoroku turned back to check on the boy and his grandson, he was slightly shocked at the terrified expression the boy had. Yuugi was trying to hand him a cup of lemonade, but the boy who had finally moved was looking around like a deer caught in headlights.

"A doctor is on his way," the man who had been on the phone said.

"Thank you for calling them," Sugoroku said with a grateful smile, but the man waved it off. He excused himself and left, just like the others. Soon only Yuugi and he were left with the boy who had crashed into the stand. Sugoroku knelt down beside the boy, trying to see where the blood was coming from. Thankfully they were still in the shadow of the Game Shop so they at least didn't have to worry about him getting to warm.

"What's your name?" he asked softly and the boy' startled eyes turned to him. The boy was shaking, panic clearly taking its toll on the body and mind. "If you tell us your name, we will be able to help you get home."

A fresh batch of silent tears rolled down the boy cheeks and Yuugi sat down in front of him again, still trying to hand him the cup of lemonade. "It's alright," Yuugi said softly with a small smile. "If you drink this you'll feel better. The doctor will be here soon."

The raven haired child was looking at the cup with terrified eyes and Sugoroku wondered if he was afraid to drink it. "It's just lemonade," he said calmly and he took the cup from Yuugi's hand and with a wink took a sip from the drink. This seemed to relax the boy slightly even though his eyes grew slightly larger. Yuugi presented a new cup of lemonade to the boy and this time he did accept the drink. "Thank you sir," the green eyed boy spoke, his voice soft and venerable and Sugoroku finally understood why the child never responded to any of their questions.

"Jii-chan?" Yuugi asked in confusion not recognizing the language.

Sugoroku smiled. "Why Yuugi, I believe our young friend speaks English." He chuckled softly as Yuugi goggled at the raven haired child. The doctor arrived before he could reply and Sugoroku quickly explained what had happened. "Hello child," he said calmly as he crouched down next to the green eyed boy, placing his doctors' bag next to him. "My name is Doctor Yamamoto and I am here to help you. Can you tell me your name?" The man spoke English with a heavy accent and for a moment Sugoroku feared that the child hadn't understood the man, before he shook his head. "Can you tell me how old you are?" The boy raised seven shaky fingers and the doctor nodded with an encouraging smile.

The child flinched when Yamamoto pointed towards the head wound. "Does that hurt child?" The child shook his head again, his eyes widening in fear. The doctor frowned and he turned to Sugoroku. "Can you tell me anything else about the child? How did he end up here for instance?"

The older man shook his head. "No one saw anything apparently. I only found out he was foreign because he thanked my grandson in English when he offered him lemonade."

Yamamoto nodded and sighed softly as he took some bandages out of his bag. "You are bleeding child," the doctor said calmly looking into the green eyes of the boy before him. "I can bandage it now and then we'll take you to the hospital to get it treated." But when he tried to approach the boy he quickly shuffled out of the way. Yamamoto frowned and showed the scared child the bandages. "We need to cover the wound so it doesn't get infected," the doctor said patiently. "Do you understand?"

The raven haired child nodded, still refusing to speak to the doctor, and tugged at his shirt. Before anyone could stop him, the child took off his large shirt and placed it against the head wound. He winced slightly and blinked a few tears from his green eyes. Sugoroku fought down a gasp when the shirt came off, revealing just how painfully thin the boy really was. Angry red markings were standing out on the pale skin, making his chest look like it had been used as a cutting board. Yuugi gasped and Sugoroku pulled his grandson towards him. Doctor Yamamoto quickly recovered from his own shock and nodded with a sigh. "Very well, will you ride with me in the car to get to the hospital?"

The child nodded and stood up shakily, nearly tripping over his own feet. Yamamoto gestured for him to follow but when the doctor stepped into the sunlight with his bag the boy let out a soft whimper. Sugoroku frowned as he watched the child stare fearfully at the shadow of the doctor. The doctor hadn't noticed this and reached out a hand towards the child. "Come child so we can take you to the hospital."

The child screamed in fear as the shadow of the man grew backing away until he stood behind Yuugi. "What's wrong with him, Jii-chan?" Yuugi asked turning to his grandfather. "Why does he look so scared suddenly?"

Sugoroku shook his head, unable to answer his grandson's questions. Doctor Yamamoto stepped back into the shadow of the Game Shop. The sudden change in the boy was remarkable. He relaxed noticeably and sighed softly, stepping away from Yuugi so he was in full view again. With his back in clear view, Sugoroku noticed that the child' back looked far worse then his chest. More angry red lines littered his back and there even seemed to be words carved into it.

He caught the doctor' eye and it seems that Yamamoto had seen it as well. Now to figure out what was wrong with the boy… "Will you not come with me to the car?" Yamamoto asked crouching down on one knee so he was at the same height as the child, placing his bag on the ground next to him again. "You agreed to come to the hospital did you not?"

The boy quickly nodded his head, but when the doctor stood and walked back into the sunlight again the raven haired child let out a small gasp. He moved back to stand behind Yuugi almost as if he was trying to hide himself behind the equally small boy. Yuugi turned around at the child and offered him a comforting smile. "You don't have to be scared," the red head said softly. "Yamamoto-sensei is trying to help you just like we are. Don't you want that looked at?" He gestured towards the head wound and the green eyed child bowed his head slightly. He seemed to understand the older boy perfectly.

"The shadows are whispering," the child muttered speaking for the first time. His voice sounded broken and rough, like it hadn't been used or just for screaming and crying. There was a light and innocence in there as well, which surprised Sugoroku. "You can hear them when the light shines, but now they are silent. They-" But suddenly the boy stopped speaking. His eyes glazed over and his eyelids dropped a little. His shoulders sagged, his mouth still half opened but in a relaxed state and it looked like his knees would buckle at any moment.

The doctor quickly moved to sit in front of the boy, opening his bag for the second time to bring out a small flashlight. Yamamoto flashed it quickly past the child's eyes getting no response at all, not even a surprised blink. Only a dilation of the pupils when the light flashed over them. "Child?" he said forcefully. "Wake up child."

"Jii-chan, what is happening to him?" Yuugi whispered tugging at his grandfather's overall.

Sugoroku shook his head, unable to answer his grandson's question. Doctor Yamamoto continued to examine the child until he sighed. He turned to the two witnesses. "I don't know exactly what is happening to him but he might be easier to transport to the hospital now. Would you like to stay informed on everything concerning him?"

Yuugi quickly nodded and Sugoroku could see that his grandson had already become quite concerned with the green eyed child. "We would like that very much Yamamoto-sensei, thank you." Doctor Yamamoto nodded at the two, picked up the child with ease and quickly disappeared around the corner. A short silence fell between grandfather and grandson.

"Do you think he'll be alright Jii-chan?"

The question hung in the air for a few minutes before Sugoroku sighed and smiled reassuringly at Yuugi. "We have to trust in the doctor. He will find the child's parents or caretakers and he promised to keep us informed about everything." He placed a hand on his grandson's small shoulder. "Let's get everything cleared up and then you can tell me everything about all this."

Yuugi smiled and started picking up the crates.

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*Samurai is a strategy game

**Shogi is Japanese chess

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