What If?

Tatum Riley pulled several beers out of the fridge, loading up her arms with the bottles, she didn't notice the door swing shut quietly, she did however hear the rakes and gas can fall over behind her, making her jump and spin around, pressing her back to the fridge defensively. Seeing the cat run out through the cat-flap, she sighed, calming down, she kicked the refrigerator door shut before walking towards the house door, shifting the bottles so she could hold them with one arm, she twisted the knob futilely, swearing when it wouldn't open, her head snapped to look out at the garage when the lights went out.

Pushing down her uneasiness, she started banging on the door roughly in an attempt to be heard over the party, "Hey, shitheads! Hello?!" She called out, getting no response, she swore again, muttering under her breath, she looked around for a way to get out, her eyes fell on the garage door, pressing the button to open it and put the light back on, she walked over, pausing when it stopped mid-way, she bent to duck under it only for it to close again. Confused, she turned around to see someone in a Ghostface costume standing on the steps, staring at her.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Tatum stared back at him cautiously, "Is that you, Randy?" She asked, watching as he slowly shook his head, she got a sense of foreboding deep in her stomach, pushing it aside, she scoffed, rolling her eyes, "Cute. What movie's this from? I spit on your garage?" She mocked, walking towards the costume clad figure, her uneasiness rising as she did, "Lose the outfit. If Sidney sees it, she'll flip." She told him, hoping the thought of Sidney being upset with him would cause Randy to take off the mask and end the prank… if it was even Randy. Pushing the unsettling thought away, Tatum tried to get to the door only for him to block her, shaking his head; that wasn't like Randy at all, he wouldn't have been able to go this long without lecturing her about horror movie rules and not acting like a cliché dumb blonde; tensing at the thought of this person not being Randy, she decided to keep playing along, "Oh, you want to play psycho killer?" He nodded, "Can I be the helpless victim?" Again he nodded, staring down at her, down at her, he had the height advantage and the weight advantage but she had leverage and beer bottles and maybe she could grab one of the rakes?

"Okay, let's see. No, please don't kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I want to be in the sequel." She said mockingly, trying to go by him to get to the door only to have him block her again, she tried to side-step him but he moved with her, once again blocking her, she pushed against his chest, definitely male, there was no indication of breasts, "Cut, Casper, that's a wrap." He grabbed her arm harshly, making her drop the beers on the ground and start struggling, and pulled out a knife, slicing her forearm before letting her go. Clutching her bleeding arm, she stumbled backward, falling into a lawn-chair. Tatum shot back onto her feet, adrenaline pumping through her veins, and ran over to the refrigerator, flinging open the freezer door so it would hit him in the face, sending him to the ground. She quickly ran over to the door, bloody hand to slippery to twist the doorknob so she went to press the button to open the car entrance but her attacker had picked himself up and was running at her, knife coated in her blood raised.

Running back down the stairs, she picked up an unbroken beer bottle and hurled it at his stomach before grabbing a big shard of the broken glass and throwing it at his masked face. When she went to pick up another one, he charged at her, causing her to duck and he tripped over her, flipping onto his back and hitting the wooden stairs with a breathless grunt. Standing up, Tatum went to kick her attacker in the face but he shot out a hand and grabbed her ankle, flipping her onto her back, her head slamming into the concrete floor as she hit the ground. He straddled her, wrapping a hand around her neck as he raised the hand holding the knife up in the air, bringing it down, he plunged the knife into her stomach. Standing up, he grabbed her by her bloody honey-blonde hair and dragged the unconscious girl out of the garage.

Tatum struggled against the ropes tying her up, whimpering as they rubbed painfully against her bloody stomach, she tried to get her hands free behind her, mumbling swears around her gag as Billy roughly dragged her and Neil Prescott out of the closet.

"Daddy! Tatum!" Sidney called, slightly hysterical at the sight of her father and best friend tied up, she lunged towards them but was grabbed by Billy before she could reach them.

"Stu, untie your bitch of a girlfriend." Billy ordered and Stu did as he was told like the obedient little puppy he is. Tatum rolled her eyes as the boy bent down to untie her, wondering what she had ever seen in him, surely she had better taste then that?

"YOU SONS OF BITCHES!" Tatum screamed once the gag was out of her mouth, lunging at Billy, she was sadly grabbed by Stu before she could beat him to a bloody pulp like she so longed to do. Stu shoved her towards Sidney, making her stumble forward, she steadied herself on the counter, pressing a hand against her stomach to slow the bleeding down as she threw her wonderful boyfriend a dirty look.

"Tatum, calm down." Sidney told her friend, grabbing her elbow to stop the feisty blonde from lunging at them again

"Don't you 'calm down' me! First you sleep with the psycho and then you give the psycho the gun and now look where we are! He better have been fan-frickin-tastic or else we're gonna have a serious problem!" Tatum lectured her in a slightly softer tone then she had used with the psychos they were dating, "You know, now that I said it, how was he?"

"We have deadly weapons pointed at us by our psychotic boyfriends who want to kill us and you want to know how Billy was in bed?" Sidney asked incredulously, staring at Tatum with wide eyes as she wondered if everybody she was associated with was crazy.

"What? With the way he's been panting after it like a dog in heat, it's a fair question. Besides we're probably going to die anyways, you might as well tell me." Tatum pointed out, shrugging nonchalantly as the boys watched the girls like a tennis game.

"... He was fine." Sidney said shortly, crossing her arms huffily, obviously not wanting to talk about it

"Fine?! Fine?! I was stabbed, knocked out, tied up and shoved in a closet with someone who's not even hot, no offense, and we're probably gonna be killed for fine!" Tatum yelled, hazel-brown eyes widened in fury as she waved her good arm around wildly

"WILL YOU LITTLE BITCHES SHUT THE FUCK UP?!" Billy shouted explosively, waving the knife at the girls dangerously as he glowered at the smirking honey-blonde, obviously not liking the observation that he was just 'fine' in bed.

"Why don't you try removing the stick from your ass, psycho boy?" Tatum drawled insultingly, smirking as he glared at her furiously, quirking an eyebrow up, "No? Okay, you can just keep it inserted then." Snarling at the infuriating blonde, Billy stormed over to Stu and they started taking turns stabbing each other, making Sidney and Tatum look away in disgust.

Holding his side, Stu paused in stabbing Billy, turning to the girls, he pointed the bloody knife at them, "You see Tate, it's nothing personal, every one has to die, you see, except for me and Billy. We get to carry on, to the sequel. Cause let's face it, baby! These days, you gotta have a sequel!" The bloodied teen exclaimed giddily, spitting slightly in his excitement, before going back to stabbing Billy, leaving Tatum to shake her head, once again wondering what the fuck she had seen in him.

"Okay, that's enough, Billy!" Stu said breathlessly, holding his hands in a T shape, the universal sign for timeout, "I'm feeling a little woozy here…" He trailed off, groaning and clutching his side in pain as he leant against the island, blood dripping down onto the floor.

"Okay, you get the gun and I'll untie pops." Billy said, nodding, growing impatient when the light haired teen didn't move, "Now!"

"Okay." Stu responded quietly, turning around and staggering to the counter to retrieve the gun, only to freeze when he saw there was nothing there, "Houston…we have a problem here."

Billy froze in front of Neil, slowly turning to face Stu, "What?" He questioned with a manic glint in his dark eyes as he glared a the nervous teen.

"The gun, man, I left it right here." Stu muttered, blinking slowly as his eyelids started growing heavy

Billy walked up to Stu, inspecting the counter, "Where the hell is it?"

Then a gun click sounds behind them, "Right here asshole." The girls looked behind Billy and Stu and saw… Gale Weathers, a bloodied version that looked horrible. Man, where's a camera when you need one?

"I thought you said she was dead." Billy said, turning to Stu

Stu looked at Gale "She looked dead, she still does."

"He's not lying about that." Tatum agreed, snorting

Gale sneered at them and rolled her eyes at the insulting blonde, "I got an ending for you! The reporter left for dead in the news van… comes to stumbles on you two dipshits! Finds the gun, foils your plan, and saves the day!"

"Oh come on of all the people that could have saved us it had to be you. Not that I'm not glad that we're gonna by saved but… you!? The bitchy twit reporter!" Tatum complained

Gale rolled her eyes at Tatum again and said "Yes which means you should start treating me with more respect."

"Billy, Stu one of you just kill me now." Tatum said dramatically

"Tatum!" Sidney reprehends

"What happens when you don't?" Billy said stepping towards her. Gale tried to pull the trigger but it didn't work and Sidney and I dragged her dad into a spare closet, grabbed the phone and the voice changer and hide in the closet in the hall, shutting the door behind us and sat down. But it felt like we were sitting on something so we pulled it out from under us and it turned out to be the two costumes those goons were wearing. Sidney and I smirked at each other and put the costume on and then Sidney picked up the phone and called the police… check! Now to get payback on those assholes. I grabbed the phone from Sid and dialed Stu's number and after a few rings someone picked

"Are you alone in the house?" I asked into the voice changer and Sid and I snickered

"Bitches! You bitches! Where the hell are you?" It was Billy, this was gonna be fun!

"Not so fast, where going to play a little game and it's called: Guess who just called the police on your sorry mother*cking ass?"

"Find her, you dipshit! Get up!" We heard Billy yelling, obviously at Stu.

"I can't! You cut me too deep! I think I'm dying here, man!" We heard Stu whimper into the phone and I grinned as I spoke in my normal voice "Oh Stu, Stu, Stu… what's your motive? Billy's got one. The police are on their way. What are you gonna tell them?"

"Peer pressure. I'm far too sensitive—"

"I'll rip you up, bitches! Just like your mother and brother!" Billy screamed into the phone

"You'll have to find us first, you pansy -ass mama's boy!" We said together. Ooh that probably pissed him off big time. We silently laughed as we heard him trashing everything, trying to find us.

"Did you really call the police?" We heard Stu say over the phone

"You bet your sorry ass, we did." I said and heard Stu cry into the phone "My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me!"

We laughed- Oh, that's why I dated him! He made me laugh! - As I hung up and we grabbed an umbrella. We grabbed the masks and slipped them on. We stood up ready to attack. I tensed up when the closet door opened; we ready the umbrellas and rammed them into Billy, I got him in the stomach and Sid got him in the shoulder. We ripped our masks off and looked down at Billy's body, disgusted, when I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped, turning around to see Randy.

"Sorry! Sorry!" Randy said raising his hands

"Oh my god! Randy, I thought you were dead!" Sidney said

"I probably should be! I never thought I'd be so happy to be a virgin!" I grinned as I hugged him, catching him off guard. Randy hesitated but then gratefully hugged me back. I let go when he winced and smiled at him before apologizing Randy just shrugged and waved it off

"I hate the final scene in horror movies. It just keeps going on and on and it gets so boring and stupid." He said and right after he said that Billy jumped up and grabbed Sidney pushing Randy to the floor knocking him out.

"Sidney, Randy!" I exclaimed but as I was about to go help Sidney, Stu came charging at me bringing us into the living room as he landed on top of me and I flipped him so I was on top and got off him and tried to run to get a weapon but he tackled me again and gets on top of me again

"I always had a thing for ya Tate!" He said and I bite his hand, smashed a vase on his head, pushed him off me and stood up.

"We're over, bitch." I told him smashing the TV on his head as I heard a gunshot. "Sidney, Randy!" I yelled in panic as I ran back into the other room to see Gale with a gun in her hand and Billy on the floor with a bullet wound.

"I'm still not treating you with respect." I said "But thank you." And she nodded and Sidney came over and grabbed the gun and we all went over to Billy's body when Randy came up startling us again.

"Randy you got to stop doing that." I told him and he just smiled at me.

"Be careful. This is the moment when you think the killers dead, but then he springs back to life with one last scare." Randy warned and Billy's eyes popped open and he groaned and Sidney shot him in the head.

"Not in my movie." Sid said

Mr. Prescott came crashing through the door.

"Dad." Sid called "Hey guys, can you help me?" and Randy and I went over and helped her unduct tape him

[The end of the movie]

I saw Dewey getting put in an ambulance along with Randy in another one as I got stitched up "I wanna close up." I heard Gale say to her camera man and I shook my head a smile on my face same old bitchy twit reporter but she can't be that bad I mean she did save Sidney's life. Same old but different.