What If?

Randy's Pov

'Beep, beep, beep'

I groaned and opened my eyes to see Dewey sitting in a chair and tried to sit up and wince in pain as I felt the stab wounds I gave myself.

"Hey, you woke up; you've been out for a while." Dewey told me and I nodded

"God, I can't believe it happened all over again just when I thought it was in the past. Oh god Tatum she's… she's dead. No, she can't be, right?" I asked him

"She's in ICU but she should be alright." He said with a hopeful smile

"She's alive? She's alive! Thank god! And… Sidney?" I asked carefully

"She's in ICU and she should be alright too." He told me

"She's alive to? That's great! Wow we really are lucky." I said with a fake smile

"Yeah, tell me about it okay well I'm gonna let you get some sleep." He said getting up and walking to the door

"Wait! What room is Tatum in? I'd like to go see her once I'm allowed out of bed." I told him with a smile

"140 and don't push yourself because if you get hurt knowing Tatum she'll probably blame me." He said and we laughed before I let out a fake yawn and put my head down on the pillow and closed my eyes, muttering a goodnight and Dewey quietly left the room. When I was sure it was safe I opened my eyes and got out of bed and sneaked out of my room and down the halls to Tatum's room and, making sure there was no one around, I quietly crept into the room.

"You moron! I give you one simple job and you screwed it up! God, you complained about how I'm stealing your mentality so I let you do the killing and you f*ck it up!" She screamed at me and got up

"Now I have to go and fix your screw up." She said angrily and stomped out of the room, slamming the door

"It's a lot harder to think of how hot she is when I'm worried that she's gonna chop my balls off." I said to myself before following her

[Tatum's Pov]

We walked into Sidney's room and stand on both sides of her bed and she wakes up, looks to her left and, seeing me, smiles before looking to her right where she sees Randy and looks back to see me smirking. I take out a syringe full of air and start twirling it in my hand, walking to the front of her bed.

"Why? I thought we were best friends, when did you start wanting to kill me?" Sidney asked

"Oh well let's see it started when Randy almost died again all I could think about was that you were going to pay and then Dewey almost dies again, I'm knocked out, kidnapped and stabbed AGAIN! Are noticing a pattern here Sidney?! It's always Randy, Dewey, Gale, Me, it's never you even though there trying to kill you how is that fair?! But what really did it was…"


"Is she dead?" Gale asked me

"I don't know they always seem to come back." I told her and right after I said that Stu jumped up and me and Gale turned around and shot him repeatedly, a little bit of blood hit my cheek and it trailed down, my tongue darted out and licked it and my eyes closed, savoring the taste.

[End Flashback]

"You tasted blood?" Sidney asked shocked and I nodded, smirking

"Now what next?" I asked tapping my chin

"How about when we decided to do all of this?" Randy suggested

"Good idea. You see what happened was…"


For now everything was great I didn't know what was gonna happen in a few years or even in a week but I was okay with that cause right now nothing mattered.

(A week later)

We had just got done watching Basic Instinct and was asking each other questions when they started getting deeper… and darker

"Do you think it's fair that everyone besides Sidney always ends up getting hurt or killed even though she's the one their trying to kill?" I asked looking at him attentively

"Honestly? No I don't think it's fair." He answered

"Do you ever think of doing something… horror movie like?" He asked me and I tilted my head confused

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Do you ever think of… being the killer? Do you ever think of how and if you could get away with it?" He asked

"Yeah I do." I answered and then I asked if he wanted to know a secret and he nodded

"Sometimes I think of being Ghostface and if I could finally kill Sidney and get away with it." I told him looking at his face expecting disgust but instead I got interest and that was the start of everything.

[End Flashback]

"Oh god, you two have been thinking about it for that long?" She said astonished

"Not just thinking, you see we had been planning and planning and putting it off and then… we did." I told her "We found out that Jenna Marshall went to school with us, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up… so we didn't." I explained

"But Jenna and Tyson…" Sidney trailed off

"Were framed. We weren't going to use Tyson but then he got on my nerves when he kept flirting with Tatum so I decided… why not?" Randy explained

"Why'd you kill my dad?" She asked angrily

"Well ya see he was asking a lot of questions about what happened in L.A so I called Randy."


"Randy, Mr. Prescott knows." I told him as I crossed the street

"What do you want me to do about it?" He asked

"I want you to take care of it and let's make sure Sidney sees maybe it will convince her to get the hell out of town before she gives Jill that extra push." I said as I knocked on the door at Jill's house

"Okay bye Tate, love ya." He said

"Bye Randy, love ya." I said hanging up the phone as Sidney opened the door

[End Flashback]

"Why did you kill Jill?" She asked and I sighed and rolled my eyes before explaining



Sidney told Jill and I to get under the bed and she goes out the terrace we saw the killer shoes and stopped breathing and only started breathing again when he went out the terrace

"Why didn't you look shocked or concerned when Mr. Prescott went through the window?" Jill asked quietly

"What do you mean? Of course I was concerned and shocked!" I said trying to convince her

"And why did the killer go after me instead of you?" She asked and gasped as she figured it out and she turned to me, looking at me in fear "You and Mr. Meeks are the killers." She breathed and I sighed

"You just couldn't leave it alone could you?" I asked before grabbing her head and slamming it into the floor repeatedly and when she finally died I dragged her into the closet.

[End Flashback]

"Why didn't you kill Gale?" She asked and I rolled my eyes and sighed

"You sure have a lot of questions don't you? But if you must know, I don't want to cause Dewey more pain then you have and I've come to like the bitchy twit and besides if I wanted her dead she would have been dead a long time ago and plus I'm gonna need a new best friend." I told her as I walk to her and take her IV and put the syringe in it

"Now take your last breath of air." I said as I press down on the syringe and she gasps before she dies and, after putting the syringe away, we walk to the door where Randy holds out her arm

"Shall we, beautiful?" Randy asks with a smirk on his face

"We shall, handsome." I said taking his arm and we walk out of the room just as the sun starts to rise. I wonder what would've happened if I had died in that garage all those years ago, would everything have stayed the same just minus me or would everything be different? Well ask yourself… What If?

The End