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"dddd"-Attacks, Large Characters

Chapter 1: How It All Began- Part 1

At the Slashed Throat, the top location for bounty hunters around the server of FFW, it was midday and not alot of people were in at this point.


Well, the most notable was a man around 19 years old, average height for his age, pale skin, skinny build, with white hair wrapped in a topknot at the end, white goatee, and light red eyes. He was wearing an open Akatsuki cloak, white sleeveless collar shirt, blue pants, black boots, and three bags (one strapped to the right side hip, another on his left and the final on the back of his waist). Who was asleep at the bar.

The bartender having had enough of the loud snoring decided to wake the man up.

"Damn it, Grim! Wake Up!" the bartender yelled.

The man known as Grim, or Mister Grim as his actual name was, jumped awake.

"I didn't do it! I swear!" Grim shouted. He then looked around and realized where he was and let out a nervous chuckle.

"Grim," the bartender said getting his attention. "how many time have I told you not to sleep in the bar?" the bartender asked.

Grim let out a yawn, showing his sharp pointed teeth, and propped his head in his hand on the bar. "I lost count after the 163 time." Grim answered.

The bartender just let out a sigh and shook his head. "I honestly don't know how your one of FFW's top hunters, when your just as lazy a Shikamaru from Naruto." the bartender said.

Grim just let out a light chuckle. "In all honesty, I became a Bounty Hunter by a total accident." Grim told the bartender.

The bartender raised an eyebrow towards Grim. "Really?" he asked "How did you manage that?"

Grim just let out a sigh. "Well, it's a long story, but if you want I can tell you." he answered.

"Hey, the bar doesn't get busy till a few hours from now and I'm done setting up, so I got some time to kill." the bartender explained as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

"Alright." Grim said. "It all started..."


(Tokyo City Mall, App. Store)

Grim was walking out of the App. Store after buying the 'Bingo Book' app.

"It's a good thing I bought this." Grim said. "I've only been in FFW for a few weeks and this well let me avoid any high ranking dangerous players."

Grim then let out a sigh. "But, the app. completely wiped me out of munny." he complained.


Grim turned around to see an exact duplicate of himself, except this one was a blackish-purple and his eyes were just pure white circles, staring at him.

Most people would probably be shocked to see this, but Grim...

"So, did you manage to get any jobs, Doppelman?" Grim asked.

The now named 'Doppelman' just tilted it's head and moved it's arms around in a random manner.

"They didn't have many high paying, easy jobs, you say." Grim said, some how being able to understand the being before him.

Doppelman just shook it's head 'no'.

Grim let out a sigh and scratched the back of his head. "Well, I guess we're going to have to try and find some things to sell." he said. Grim was about to start walking away, until Doppelman grabbed his shoulder.

"Huh? What is it?" Grim asked.

Doppleman waved it's arms around and stomped one of it's feet.

"Oh, so they did have one job?" Grim asked.

Doppelman shook it's head 'yes' and showed him the Job Info. Page.

Grim to the page and looked it over.

"So, they want us to investigate 'The Village Hidden in the Leaves for some monster that is rumored to have been appearing their, huh?" Grim said as he read the job info.

Grim then looked at the part that gives the name of the player that posted the job up, but was suprised.

"Anonymous?" Grim questioned. "Most be some Admin guy or something that doesn't want to do it himself and doesn't want to get caught slacking off." Grim guessed.

"Alright, we've got a job so let's get it over with." Grim said to Doppelman.

"Heheheheheheh." Doppelman laughed and then quickly sank to the ground and turned into Grim's shadow.

(Village Hidden in the Leaves, Atop the Hokage Monument)

A lone figure was staring out ouver the Village.

"Mistress, another one has taken the bait." said a male voice behind the figure.

"Good." the mystery female said. "Now, we wait."

(Main Gate, Hidden Leaf Village)

Grim had just arrived at the Hidden Leaf Village.

"Now, where to begin looking." Grim said. After thinking for a bit he finally made up his mind. "I guess I'll just go up to the Hokage Tower and look around."

And with that Grim took off for the Hokage Tower.

Grim was making great time towards the Tower.

"At this rate I can be done with this mission in no time." Grim said as he ran towards the Tower.

All of the sudden two figures landed in front of him.

Uh...Can I help you two?" Grim asked.

"Our Mistress wishes to meet you." said one of the men. He was tall, short blonde hair, and green eyes.

The one thing that suprised Grim was he was wearing an Admin uniform.

"Sorry, but I have something I'm busy with right now." Grim said as he tried to get away from the two.

The two seemed off, their eyes were empty and the Admin one had no emotion in his voice what so ever.

"That was not a request." the other man said, as he drew his katana. He was a bit shorter than the Admin guy, black hair, blue eyes, and dressed in samurai armor.

The two said nothing else as they quickly charged towards Grim.

Grim quickly jumped out of the way of the two and pulled out two clay sculptures from teh bag on the back off his waist. He then threw them at the two, made a hand sign, the next thing that happened was the two birds then came to life and flew towards the two attackers.

The samuria quickly jumped in front of the Admin officer and sliced the sculptures in half.

The pieces fell to the ground and the attackers were about to advance on Grim.

Grim just had a smirk on his face and made a single-hand tiger/ram sign and said on word. "Katsu."

The pieces of the birds then exploded engulfing the two opponents in the blast.

Grim wasted no time and pulled out another bird sculpture and then brought it to life, except this time it was about the size of Grim. Grim then jumped on the bird and flew off towards the Hokage Tower.

(Atop the Hokage Monument)

"Mistress, Gādo and Senshi have been defeated." said a male voice.

"What!" the mystery woman shouted. "They were the strongest two that I had working for me. How were they so easily defeated?"

"I am not sure." answered the male.

The mystery woman just let out a sigh. "Fine, then I'll have to do this myself." she said as she then grew wings out of her back and flew towards the Hokage Tower.

(On the Hokage Tower)

Grim had just arrived on top of the Hokage Tower.

"I know I should be worried about what those two were talking about, but I need some munny so...I'm just going to have to hope for the best." he said.

Grim then reached into one of his pockets and pulled out an eye scope(Like Diedara's from Naruto) and placed it on his right eye. "Now, where oh where can that monster be." Grim said as he scanned the area for the monster.

"You do know that is a fool's errand." said a female voice behind Grim.

Grim quickly turned around to see a woman. She was around five feet, had long green hair, orange eyes, she had a very well developed body, she was wearing white gi with red string decorating it and had a necklace similair to the one Tsunade gve Naruto, except the color was purple instead of green.

"And you are?" Grim asked.

"I am Bianca a.k.a 'Bombshell Bianca' and you my dear are going to be joining me." the now named Bianca told Grim.

Grim raised an eyebrow at the woman. "Join you for what?" he asked.

Bianca just gave him a sweet all knowing smile. "Well, you see I've been gathering players to help take this area over and have my own personal domain within FFW." she answered.

Grim then began putting the pieces together. Why the two from earlier attacked him, why she said this was a 'fool's errand', and why he didn't see a single trace of a monster in the area.

"So, that job on the Bulletin Board...?" Grim questioned.

"Yes," Bianca answered already knowing where he was going with this. "I put it up tp bring in more players to help me."

"And what makes you think I will?" Grim asked Bianca.

Bianca just looked at him for a minute. Then she got a smile on her face. "And why wouldn't you?" she asked him.

Grim just raised an eyebrow at her question.

Bianca then began walking towards him, putting a noticable amount of sway in her step. "I mean you beat my two strongest men, and one of them was an Admin guard, in a matter of minutes. If you could do that then think about what we could do together?" she said to him as she ended up standing in front of him.

Grim stared into Bianca's eyes and answered. "I appreaciate the offer, but it seems like a lot of work and I hate having to do a lot of work."

Bianca just stuck out her bottem lip. "Pity." she said. "Looks like we have to do this the hard way."

Before Grim could react Bianca slammed a fist into his gut and sent him flying off the Hokage Tower and through a building below.

(Street, below Hokage Tower)

Grim managed to climb his way out of the debris of the building he went through.

"Damn, I should have known better than to let her get close." he complained.


Grim looked up to see Bianca coming towrds him, fist first. He quickly jumped out of the way, but the shock wave from her impact sent him flying even further back.

"Damn it!" Grim said as he stood back up and looked at the giant crater that Bianca made. "She must have Tsunade's strength."

"Your correct." Bianca said as she stepped out of the crater.

'Shit! Fighting her at close range is not the best idea then.' Grim thought.

Bianca then charged at him fist ready for another strike.

Grim quickly reached into the bag on the back of his waist and pulled out six spider sculptures. He threw them at Bianca and brought them to life.

The spiders waisted no time as they started making their way towards her.

Bianca seeing them and knowing what they cand do decided to take action. She stooped charging and raised her fist behind her head. "Extreme Quack!" she shouted as she slammed her fist into the ground creating another crater and sending the spiders flying away.

Grim decided to use this to his advantage. "Katsu!" he shouted. The spiders then exploded kicking up a lot of dust, hiding Grim from Bianca's view.

Grim then brought out another bird sculpture and used it to make his escape.

Once the dust cleared Bianca noticed that Grim was gone. "Well, it looks like I'm going to step my game up a bit." she said with a smirk, as she grew her wings and began searching for Grim.

(Alleyway near Ichiraku's Ramen Stand)

"I'm in some serious trouble here." Grim said as he nursed his sore body. "But, the one thing that is bugging me is why did she say her name them some sort of allias."

Grim thought about it for a bit then decided to pull out his PDA and look through the 'Bing Book' App. He just had a felling that this was where he was going to get his answers.

Sure enough he was right. Listed in the B-Rank section was a picture of Bianca, with 'Bombshell Bianca' written below it.

"Oh, come on!" Grim whined. "Not only is she in the Bingo Book but, she's in the B-Rank listing." Grim just let out a sigh. "Let's see what is she in here for..."

"Do you want me to tell you?" came a familiar voice above him.

Grim looked up to see Bianca floating above him. He barely manged to dodge Bianca as she flew down and puched a hole in the wall where his head was a few seconds ago.

Bianca removed her hand from the wall and faced Grim. "You see, the Admin doesn't like when you enslave a bunch of players and a fellow Admin Guard." she told him casually.

To say Grim was shocked would be an understatement. "Enslave?" he asked. "How in the world did you enslave other players?"

Bianca just gave him a smirk. "It's easy, watch..." she said as she stared into Grim's eye. "Charm."

Grim didn't move or say anything, his entire body just seemed to lock in place.

Bianca just stood there watching. "Hahahahahah! Now, that I have you know one can stop me from taking this area over!" she exclaimed. "Now, come along we have work to do."

Grim raised on of his legs to begin walking towards her, but all of the sudden chain saw blades appeared on his leg.

"Saw Foot Third Gear: Tide of Atrocious Killing!" Grim shouted as he brought his foot down sending a a large shock wave that tore up most of the ground and a good portion of the buildings near by.

Bianca, who managed to avoid the attack by taking to the air, was suprised. "How are you not under my control!" she shouted at Grim.

Grim looked up at her with a smirk and pointed to his right eye, that still had the eye scope on it. "Because, I bought this eye scope when I first joined FFW and I've worn it almost since then. And like Deidara who trained his eye to see through genjutsus, I did the same thing."

Bianca was confused. "That still doesn't answer how." she said.

"Well," Grim started explain. "when you said 'Charm' I realized that your other power most have been succubus magic like Kurumu's from Rosario + Vampire, and that magic is very similiar to a genjutsu."

Bianca was furious at this point. "Fine! If I can't have you help me then, I'll just kill you instead!" she shouted as she did a dive bomb towards Grim.

Grim reached into his bag and pulled out some dradonfly scultures and tossed those in their and brought those to life. Once, they were alive they started chasing after Bianca.

Bianca was flying all over trying to lose the dragonfly bombs, but with no luck. She then got an idea. 'Let's see him try and bomb me now.' she thought. Bianca then made a b-line for Grim.

Bianca made it a few feet from Grim before one of the dragonfly bombs caught up to her. 'He wouldn't detonate one of those bombs when it's so close to him.'

How wrong she was when Grim formed a familiar hand seal. "Katsu!" he shouted.

The bomb next to Bianca and the ones behind her all detonated, engulfing her in a small fireball.

After the smoke and dust cleared, Bianca was having a hard time standing, she was bleeding and had a large amount of burn marks on her. "That bastard!" she exclaimed. "Oh, well it looks like he took himself out in the end."

"I wouldn't be so sure." came a familiar voice.

Bianca turned around to see Grim standing there perfectly fine.

"How?" Bianca asked in shock. "How are you unharmed!"

"You weren't close enough for the explosion to actually get me." Grim answered.

"But, still!" Bianca shouted. "The shockwave from the explosion should have done something!"

Grim gave her an all knowing smile. "Well, it would have if it wasn't for my original power being 'Shockwave Immunity'." Grim explained.

"Well," Bianca said as she got ready to fight. "I'm not finished yet either."

"Actually, you are." Grim told her.

Before Bianca could say anything something grabbed a hold of her, or to be a bit more specific her breasts. "Hey!" she shouted in anger and emarrasment. "What's going on!"

She turned her head to see none other than Doppelman holding on to her.

"I have other powers remember." Grim said to her in a sarcastic tone. "And now, it's time to end it." he said as he fromed a hand sign that Bianca knew all to well at this point. "Black Bomber."

The next thing that happened was quite a suprise, all of the sudden Doppelman just went up in a huge explosion taking Bianca along with him.

After the smoke cleared a bunch of blackish-purple spatters all gathered besides Grim and refromed into Doppelman.

Grim didn't say anything, he just walked over towards the crater that Bianca's body was slowing staring to fade. But, before it did he reached down and plucked the necklace off her body. Once, her body completely faded away he turned to Doppelman who haden't moved from his spot.

"You know," Grim said in emotionless tone. "that's the first real player we've killed." he told Doppelman.

Doppelman just shook his head 'yes'.

Grim just looked down at the necklace. "And it would a dishonorable thing not to remember her." he said as he pocketed the necklace. "Let's go."

Doppelman then went back to being Grim's shadow. Grim then pulled out a return core and was sent back to Tokyo City.

(Flashback End)

The bartender was just staring at Grim.

"You know that doesn't exlpain how you became a Bounty Hunter." the bartender told him.

Grim just let out a sigh and looked at him. "I know, but it's only the first half of the story." Grim told him. Grim was about to continue until...

"GRIMMMY-KUN!" shouted a female voice.

Grim's eyes became wide and he jumped over the counter. He then popped his head back up. "I was never here." he said before he ducked back down.

Before the bartender could even ask why, th door to the bar opened to reveal none other than Bianca.

"Excuse me, sir." she said in a polite tone.

"Yes?" the bartender questioned.

"I was looking for Mister Grim have you seen him?" she asked.

"Nope can't say I have." the bartender lied.

"Oh, I see." Bianca said in a sad tone. "Well, iff you do tell him his beloved B.B-chan is looking for him." she said in a cheerful voice and left.

"She's gone now." the bartender told Grim.

Grim then re-appeared from behind the counter breathing a sigh of relief. "Thanks." he told him.

"So, you want to explain 'that'?" questioned the bartender as he motioned towards the door.

"That well..." Grim started to explain. "After I beat her and she served her punishment for her crimes she came looking for me."

The bartender raised an eyebrow at that. "Why?" he questioned.

"Well, you see when Doppelman grabbed a hold of her he ended up groping her breasts and since nobody else has touched her breasts, she has taken it as sign that we're an 'item'." Grim explained.

"You make it seem like a bad thing." the bartender said.

"It is actually." Grim replied. "You see, she isn't like a normal girl, she's kinda like a fan-girl, as she belives I'm so great, but the differences end there."

"How so?" the bartender asked.

"Her succubus magic seems to be affecting her a large amount becuase, she keeps trying to make a harem of powerful females to be with me." Grim explained.

The bartender was quite and just stared at Grim for the longest time until, "Hahahahahahahaha!" He fell in the floor laughing.

"It's not funny!" shouted Grim.

"Come on." the bartender said as he got back in his seat still laughing every now and then. "You expect me to believe your not into that." he questioned.

"I'm no pervert." Grim answered. "Not, only that all it has done is cause me problems. And to make matters worse is Doppelman."

"Huh?" the bartender questioned.

"It seems that Bianca's charm magic had a perminent affect on him." Grim told him.

"What's that?" the bartender asked.

"It seems to have given him more of a personality." Grim explained in a depressed tone. "More accurate he now is, in every since of the word, a pervert."

The bartender fell back in the floor laughing his ass off. "This just keeps getting better and better." he said in between laughs.

"Do you want me to finish my story or not?" asked Grim in an annoyed voice.

"Alright, alright. Go ahead." the bartender said as he re-took his seat.

To Be Continued...

I know it was a short chapter, but this was kind of an introduction/explanation chapter, I plan on making the chapters longer.

Also, the next chapter well be the last flashback chapter into Grim's past, after that it will be him going after newer and tougher players.

Also, this will not be a harem story! I did that as a joke to have some re-accurring humor in my story. I don't even plan on having a pairing in this story in the first place I just thought it would be funny, to have Grim have some kind of fan-girl lover.

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