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"dddd"-Attacks, Large/Fusion Characters

Chapter 4: The True Enemy is...Inside!

(Tokyo City Osen, Day)

Grim was relaxing in the Men's side of the Osen. Enjoying the peace and quite.

"This is the life." Grim said to himself as he let himself sink lower into the warm water.

After his first visit to the Osen it became Grim's favorite place to be and relax. Of course, after he showed up and kept coming back it scared off a large number of male players that used to visit the Osen, on the hopes of either peeking on the women or gaining entry to the mix bathing room.

But, being able to use the mix bathig room required to have your mind scanned by none other that the Osen's owner, Tsubaki and if she detected any kind of perversion in your mind...well lets just say the guys who got caught needed some therapy afterwards.

*Beep Beep Beep*

Grim was broke from his thoughts and relaxation when he heard his PDA going off. "Well, that was nice while it lasted." Grim complained as he took the hot towel off his face.

Doppelman rose from the ground and went to Grim's belongings and brought him his PDA.

When Doppelman brought Grim his PDA he saw it was a message for him to come to the Admin HQ for a job.

"Figures." Grim complained. He then turned to Doopelman to signal for him to bring him his towel so he could get out. "Let's hope this is an easy job."

(Admin HQ)

Grim had just arrived at the Admin HQ. He entered the the main building to see an Admin Guard waiting for him.

"Mister Grim?" the guard asked.

Grim nodded his head 'yes'.

"Then follow me." the guard told Grim as he began walking.

Grim just rolled his eyes. 'You think that after all the jobs I've done for them they would trust me to walk around here without an escort.' he thought.

It was a justified thought he had been hired by the Admin a few times to take out entries in the 'Bingo Book'.

After following the guard for about a minute the guard stopped in front of a door. "The Captian well explain everything to you." he said and left.

Grim entered the room to see it was an office and sitting at the desk was the one Admin Guard Captian that Grim did not want to deal with.

"Great, I should have known you were the one to hire me, Sabrina." Grim commented dryly.

Sabrina, who was watching him gave him a smirk. She had long shoulder length black hair and purple eyes and wearing the Admin uniform.

"Don't be like that Grim." Sabrina said as she stood up ad walked over to him. "I've been looking forward to our next meeting."

Grim didn't say anything to her.

"Oh, are you still mad at me?" she asked as she traced her finger agianst his chest.

All of the sudden she gave a slight jump in suprise. "Well, someone seems happy to see me." she commented.

It was at this point that Doppelman rose up from the ground, with a one of his hands groping her rear.

"To be honest Sabrina he would do that to anything that had two legs, breasts, and he found attractive, so it not something real speacial." Grim commented.

Sabrina just gave him a playful pout. "Ah, so you are still mad at me." she said.

Grim still didn't reply, but it was true. After word spread of Grim defeating to high rank 'Bingo Book' entries the Admin called him to ask about the two cases.

Unfortanetly, Sabrina was the one who sent the group after Zaraki and it made her look bad so to try and make herself feel better she challenged him to a fight that Grim foolishly accepted.

"I don't know why you are mad you did beat me after all and to save you from any more fan problems nobody outside the Admin, but you knows." Sabrina said as she made her way back to her seat and sat down.

"Did you call me here for a trip down memory lane or an actual job?" Grim asked in an annoyed voice.

"Straight to the point, eh?" she asked. "Fine."

Sabrina turned the terminal that was on her desk to face Grim.

"We've been having some problems with 'Mad Man Marco'." Sabrina explained.

Grim looked at the photo on the terminal. Marco was a C rank entry wanted for high destruction to areas. Marco had light spikey orange hair and brown eyes.

"Judging by the look on your face your curious as to why he has a third eye?" Sabrina asked.

"Yeah, he's the first I've ever seen having an extra body part." Grim answered.

"It's related to the one power that we know he has 'Hollow Spiritual Energy'." Sabrina explained to him with a serious expression. "Which is allowing him to use 'Cero' blasts."

"Like Arrancar?" Grim asked in suprise. Sabrina gave him a nod 'yes'. "Explains why he was able to cause major destruction to areas, but shouldn't you have been able to take him out by now?"

"That's just it." Sabrina said. "He's been camping in a specific area for the past few days and he knows exactly where players spawn when they enter, and becuase of this he's been blasting guards with madness beams from a good distance away." she explained.

"If that's the case how do you expect me to get him?" Grim asked.

Sabrina adopted another smirk on her face. "You see we've watching over the area for anyone who goes into the area and we've noticed that he doesn't seem to care for players unless that get to close to him." she explained.

"So you basically want me to go to the area and just look around until I find him?" Grim asked.

"Yes that's pretty much it." Sabrina answered.

Grim just let out a sigh. "Alright, where's he at?" he asked.

"He's been hiding out in the 'Death City' area." Sabrina answered.

'Explains why he was able to pick off the guards so easily, the entry spot for Death City is right infrot of the DWMA building and almost every rooftop can see that spot.' Grim thought. "Alright, I'll be back for my pay later." he told Sabrina as he began leaving.

"I know you will you are known for complteting jobs in record time and I know for a fact that you have more than enough power to take him out." Sabrina commented.

Grim didn't stop to reply as he kept walking out.

(Tokyo City Login Station)

Grim had just arrived at the Login Station as was about to travel to Death City when all of the sudden.


Grim looked to his side to see Bianca running towards him waving.

"Where are you going?" Bianca asked when she finally got to him.

Grim explained how he was hired by the Admin, Marco, and going to Death City.

"So your going to Death City to beat Marco?" Bianca asked to make sure she undestood what Grim was saying.

"Yeah, that's what I was hired for." Grim answered.

"Can I come with you?" Bianca asked.

"What? Why?" Grim asked in shock.

"Well, I've never been to Death City and I want to tag along." Bianca answered with a smile.

"No way! Not happening!" Grim said in a stern voice.

This time it was Bianca's turn to be shocked. "Why not?" she asked.

"For one good reason." Grim said as he held up a finger. "You are the only 'true' and best friend I have in FFW and I'm not going to take you with me when the chances are you might get killed." he explained

"I can take care of myself and you know it!" Bianca shouted at Grim.

"That's not the point!" Grim yelled back.

Doppelman rose from the ground and began performing a lot of gestures.

"Doppelman I've already said she isn't coming and you should know exactly why I'm saying this!" Grim shouted at Doppelman.

"See! He knows I can be of help, so are you going to let me come or am I going to have to follow you there?" Bianca asked as she crossed her arms across her chest, with Doppelman copying her actions with a nod.

Grim was lookig between the two, before he let out a defeated sigh. "Alright, since I'm clearly out numbered." Grim answered.

"Yay!" Bianca shouted as she high-fived Doppelman.

"But, Listen." Grim said in a serious voice stopping Bianca's celebration. "You are to stay with me at all times. Clear?"

"Crystal." Bianca answered with a mock salute.

"Alright, let's go." Grim said as Doppelman returned to being Grim's shadow.

(Death City; In Front of the DWMA building)

Grim and Bianca had just spawned into the area and immediately Bianca was taken away by the scene.

"Wow! It looks way bigger than I imagined!" Bianca said in awe.

Grim didn't respond as he was scanning the roofs that he could see. After a bit he knelt down and stuck a hand into his shadow and pulled out an Eye Scope.

"Wait, what did you just do?" Bianca asked in suprise.

"When Doppelman is just my normal shadow it acts a a gateway to a pocket dimmension that lets me store items inside." Grim answered as he put the Eye Scope over his right eye.

"How do your items keep from being destroyed when Doppelman is fighting?" Bianca asked Grim as she wached him scan over the roofs agian.

Grim pressed a button on his eye scope and the lens went from a clear glass one to a red one. "Like I said when Doppelman is a normal shadow he's a gateway to a pocket dimmension when, he is alive that gateway is closed meaning that none of the attacks that hit Doppelman affect that dimmension or the items inside." Grim explained as he re-scanned the roofs.

"That's amazing." Bianca commented.

"Yeah." Grim said. "Damn it." he complained as he took the eye scope off and let it fall into his shadow.

"What's wrong?" Bianca asked in concern

"I can't find Marco." Grim answered. "Looks like we have to just walk around and hope we find him."

"Then let's start at Stien's house. I've always wanted to aee it." Bianca said.

'It's halfway across the city, but his house is known for having a lot of healing items inside. So if Marco hasn't already got them for the day they could come in handy.' Grim thought.

"Alright, let's get going." Grim said.

Grim and Bianca then took off for Stein's house.

(Outside Stein's house; a few hours later)

Grim and Bianca just rounded a corner just in time to see a guy jump from a roof infront of Stein's house.

The guy was wearing a red short sleeved jacket, a pair of baggy blue jeans, and black shoes.

"Hey! What's the big idea?" Bianca shouted

The guy turned around to face the two and Grim instantly went into his fighting stance.

"Marco!" Grim shouted.

"What? That's Marco?" Bianca asked as she got into a fightig stance as well.

Grim faced her with a large sweat drop on the back of his head. "You seriously couldn't tell by the eye in the middle of his forhead?" Grim asked in a disbalief tone.

Bianca turned back to look at Marco and a large arrow was pointing to the eye on his forehead. "He does have a third eye!" Bianca shouted in shock.

Both Grim and Marco facefualted at the reaction.

"I already told you that!" Grim shouted at a chibi Bianca, who had her tongue sticking out and rubbing the back of her head.

"So, if you two aren't Admin guards I take it you're bounty huntes hired by them. Correct?" Marco asked drawing Grim and Bianca's attention.

"Your half correct." Grim answered.

"I knew I should have took you two out the moment I saw you guys spawn." Marco complained. "Oh, well I intend to correct that mistake."

All of the sudden red energy began gathering around Marco's third eye.

Grim knowing what was about to happen warned Bianca. "Move!" he shouted as he jumped out of the way.

Bianca didn't waste anytime as she to did the same.

No sooner had the two jumped out of the way did a Cero blast fly to where the two were orginally standing taking out the building behind them.

Grim didn't give Marco any time to prepare another blast as he charged at him with Saw Foot activated.

The next few minutes conseted of Grim trying to grind Marco to pieces, however Marco was able to dodge.

'He isn't moving at high speeds.' Grim thought as he continued attacking Marco. 'So how is he managing to avoid my attacks?'

Unfortanetly, for Grim, Bianca had enough of sitting on the side lines. She quickly sprouted her wings and flew towards the two. "Move Grim!" she shouted.

Grim quickly looked over his shoulder to see Bianca flying towards him, so he quickly jumped to the side.

Marco however, wasn't able to jump out of the way and had Bianca heading towards him without a chance of dodging.

Until, Marco just bent back till his back was touching the ground. Causing Bianca to fly over him harmlessly.

"What the...?" Bianca started to ask. But, Marco performed a backflip off the ground and kicked her in the head.

Marco landed back on the ground facing Grim. "That was a close one." he said with a smirk. "But, I think I'm going to have to wrap this up."

"I couldn't agree more." Grim said as he readied his leg.

"Saw Foot Third Gear: Tide of Atrcious Killing!"

A shock wave then went striaght towards Marco and due to its angel he couldn't flex out of the way or dodge.


A large dust cloud now stood where Marco was standing when the attack connected.

"That was easier than expected." Grim commented as he deactivated his Saw Foot.

"You think so, don't you."

Grim's eyes widened as he watched the dust clear to reveal what looked like a coccoon.

When it opened up it revealed that it was actualy a pair of larged webbed hand-shaped wings coming from Marco's back, but that wasn't all. His skin became dark grey with a black four-point star-mark between his eyes and across the bridge of his nose, the sclera of his two normal eyes were now black, and the irides now yellow, his lips were also blue, and his hair was down to his waist.

"Let's try this agian. Shall we?" Marco said as he held up one his hands revealing now claw like nails.

Marco then began charging another Cero. But, something drew his attention away from Grim.

"I'm not down yet!"

Marco turned his head to see Bianca flying down towards him.

"Bianca! Get out of there!" Grim yelled at her.

But, it was too late. Due to her getting to close to Marco, he fired off his Cero before it was fully charged. The unexpected turn of events suprised Bianca and made it wear she couldn't avoid the blast.


A large black cloud of smoke was where Bianca and the beam connected.

"Bianca!" Grim shouted.

Bianca's body then started falling out of the smoke towards the ground. Grim ran straight towards her and caught her before she could hit the ground.

Once, Grim had her he checked for a pulse to see if she was still alive. Luckly, she was, she had some pretty bad wounds, but they weren't life threatning.

"She's lucky you know." Marco said drawing Grim's attention to him. "If I had charged that Cero up any more she may not be alive right now. But, she was still an idiot for even doing what she did."

Grim didn't respond right away. He gently layed Bianca down on the ground and turned to face Marco with a look that would make eve the devil take a step back. But, Marco was unaffected. "You made two big mistakes Marco." Grim said in a serious, angry voice. "The first was insulting my friend. The second, was hurting them!"

What nobody noticed was a pair of eyes watching the fight.

"So, you are going to use that technique, aren't you Grim."

The person was none other than Sabrina. She had followed Grim here in case he used the technique in question.

She could still remember when he first used it.


Sabrina and Grim were facing each other in the trainning area for the Admin Guards.

A shine of light indicated that the barrier was put up to protect the watchers from any stray attacks.

"You know you're not going to be able beat me so, why did you accept this challenge?" Sabrina asked.

Grim just rubbed the back of his head and let out a sigh. "If I didn't then chances are it would piss you off and dealing with pissed off people is to much trouble." Grim explained.

"Well, this fight is going to be more 'trouble' than you could want." Sabrina said as she got ready to fight.

"Either way I was going to have to do something that was too much trouble." Grim said as he slipped into his fighting stance.

The sound of a bell was the signal for them to begin.

Grim wanting to end this 'friendly' fight decided to charge in for close combat. He didn't want to use his explosives and end up killing her.

Sabrina didn't even try to do anything as she stood there with a smirk on her face.

Right when Grim was in front of her about to attack she brought her hands up.

"Vector Plate!"

All of the sudden of a large black arrow pointing the the way Grim came from appeared below him and sent him flying back.

When Grim he then ground and straightened himself out he faced Sabrina. 'Medusa's Magic? Why on earth did she have to have that power!' Grim thought.

Grim's thoughts were cut short when Sabrina stepped on the earlier Vector Plate and was sent towards him. But, Grim was un-able to move out of the way.

"Vector Plate!"

Another Vector Plate appeared below Grim sending him towards Sabrina.

Sabrina the delivered a spinning kick to Grim's head sending him flying to the side.

"You see, Grim." Sabrina said as she faced Grim when she landed. "The chances of you beating me are none to non-exsisting."

Grim stood up facing her. "You never kow I might suprise you." he replied.

"We'll see." Sabrina replied.

The next few minutes consisted of Sabrina using Vector Plates to send Grim flying around and herself in order to deliver stronger attacks.

The last hit was a puch to the gut that sent Grim flying...agian.

"As much fun as this is, I think it's time to finish it." Sabrina told Grim.

Grim slowly straightened himself up and gave a smirk towards Sabrina. "I have to agree with that."

Before Sabrina could question what he was getting at, Doppelman rose up from the ground and charged at her.

Sabrina however, was not impressed. "This is your best plan? Please." she said.

"Vector Plate!"

Doppelman was sent flying to the left, but what Sabrina didn't suspect to see was Grim charging right behind Doppelman, ready to attack.

"Got you!" Grim shouted.

Of course, Grim made the fatal mistake of underestimating Sabrina.

"Vector Arrow!"

A wave of arrow like spears hit Grim all over, not bad enough to kill him but it did stop him dead in his tracks.

"Vector Plate!"

Sabrina then sent him back the way he came where he layed on the ground.

"It looks like I was right in the end." Sabrina commented.

"Vector Blade!"

Sabrina the summoned a Vector arrow that acted as a melee weapon. She then stepped on the Vector Plate and went flying towards Grim with the intent on finishing him off.

Luckely, Doppelman manged to stop Sabrina's attack before it could attack.

"I'll give you point for persistance." Sabrina commented as Doppelman helped Grim stand. "But, your shadow can't do all the fighting for you."

'She's right, Doppelman maybe strong but he has higher limits than me.' Grim thought. "Guess it's over." he said to himself.

Doppelman over hearing this bega making gestures.

"You do you expect me to do?" Grim asked Doppelman. "If you have an idea then I'm up for it."

Doppelman adopted a thinking pose for a bit until he came up with an idea.

"So you have one?" Grim asked. Doppelman nodded his head 'yes'. "Then, let's try it."

Before Grim or Sabrina could re-act Doppelman became a vapor and was absorbed into Grim's body.

The next few quite seconds seemed like an eternity. Until, Grim dropped to his knees screaming in pain.

Sabrina or the watchers didn't know what was happening or what to do.

Grim's hair began to grow until it was down to his waist and his fingers twitched and spasmed as they grew into claws.

He's screams continued for a few more seconds until they stopped. He stood up with his head hanging down, where nobody could see his face.

Before Sabria could move to see if he was ok. Grim snapped his head up delivering a shock to all watching.

He's face was now dark, blood red with two soulless white voids for eyes and a large glowing mouth. Grim opened up his mouth to reveal a long tongue.

Grim then released what could be compared to the roar of a wilded animal. He disappeared in a burst of speed and clawed Sabrina's side open.

Sabrina then used her Vector Plates to create distance between her and Grim, but Grim's new speed increase allowed him to keep up and suprise her.

After a few seconds Sabrina was sent flying across the areana. She layed there bleeding, but not enough to be life threatning.

Of course, Grim was fast approaching ready to finish her off. But, right when Grim's claws were going to puncture Sabrina's heart he stopped.

"N...N...No..." Grim struggled to say in a hollowed voice. "I...wo...won't...do...it!"

Grim then brought his hand to his head and began screaming in pain agian. The transformation the began reversing, leaving a normal Grim who passed out.

(Flashback End...)

(Back to Grim and Marco's Fight)

Doppelman rose from the ground and looked towards Grim.

"Let's go." Grim told him in a serious voice.

Doppelman then became vapor and was absorbed into Grim.

Grim dropped to his knees as he began to transform.

Marco was completely caught off guard by the turn of events. 'What the hell!' he thought.

When the transformation finished Grim stood up and faced Marco with a snarl on his now monsterous face.

Marco re-acting out of fear began charging up a Cero to fire. But, Grim quickly dissappeared and grabbed his face and threw him through the wall near Stien's House.

Marco burst from the rubble and took to the air. 'No way he could reach me up here.' Marco thought.

How wrong he was, Grim bent his legs preparing to jump and when he did he left spider-web like cacks in the ground.

Marco was so suprised by this that he didn't even move out of Grim's way as he came towards him. Grim delivered a knee to Marco's gut which knocked the wind out of him and would of sent him flying if Grim haden't held him in place. Grim then cupped his hands together and slammed them into Marco's back, sending him hurling back into the ground below.


A large crater was now where Marco connected with the ground.

Marco slowly crawled out of the crater, only to turn his head to look behind him when he heard Grim land, creating more cracks in the ground in the process.

'Damn, what do I do?' Marco thought. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw Bianca. 'That could wok.'

Marco then took off towards Bianca, but something connecting with his face sent him flying back.

Marco rose from the ground, a hand clutching his broke ad bleeding nose.

Grim stood between Marco and Bianca the snarl on his face became more pronounced. "You!" Grim yelled out in a hollowed voice which caused Marco to shiver with fear "Not only did you hurt my friend, but you planned on using her as a shield! That is your final mistake!"

Marco was sweating bullets at the amount of Killer Intent that Grim was puttig out. 'Wait what the hell is that!' Marco screamed in his head.

Behind Grim on his left was a figure with a large white robe, long shaggy white hair, purple skin, a pair of large red horns sticking out of its head, and a dagger in it's mouth.(The Shinigami from Naruto) On his right was a figure with a large black jagged robe, a skull mask, and a large black claw with the word 'DEATH' written in white.(Lord Death; 800 Year ago appearance from Soul Eater)

"Wo are you!" Marco screamed out in fear.

Grim just looked at him for a second before he answered. "Grim."

He then raised his leg and activated Saw Foot. But, the shining white blades where replaced with dark black blades and the grinding replaced with demonic laughter.

"Death Gear: Black Abyss!"

Grim let lose his attack that created a shockwave, but this one took the shape of a large black skull with an open mouth.

Marco managed to actualy do something out of his fear induced state as he tried to fly away, but to no avial as the skull 'swallowed' him up.

The next few seconds for Marco were the most painful tha he ever experienced before in his life.

When the attack finally ended Marco's body began falling to the ground, but it never connected as he dissappeared into pixels.

Once, Grim saw Marco was dead he returned to his normal self. Just in time to hear footsteps coming from behind him. He turned around to see Sabrina walking towards him.

"I should have known you would have followed me." Grim said.

Sabrina let out a sigh. "Grim," she said in a serious, yet caring voice. "I know you have a reason to hate that transformation and I well never know why, but I jut want to say I'm never meant to cause it and I'm truely sorry."

Grim didn't reply, he was busy thinking back to what happened after his and Sabrina's fight.


Grim was laying in the medical wing of the Admin HQ.

(Grim's Mind)

Grim was busy looking around, he had no idea where he was but he didn't like it.

The place was surrounded with dead trees and gravestones. But, the most distinguishing feature was whre he was standing. It wasn't ground, but a liquid, to be more specific blood and it was like an ocean of it.

"Where the hell am I?" Grim asked himself.

"Hahahahahah!" the sound of insane laughter drew Grim's attention.

Standing on one of the tombstones was an almost exact copy of Grim, but this ones hair was jet black, his eyes were yellow and slitted. Also, the colors of his cloack were inverted.(The cloudes black and the rest is red)

"Who are you?" Grim questioned.

The man looked at Grim with a raised eyebrow. "Who am I? Who am I!" the guy yelled out. He then jumped of the tombstone and landed in front of Grim. "I'm the man who cares only for the death and destruction of everything to ever exsist, the man who enjoys striking fear into the hearts of hundreds, the man who will bring the desturction to the world! I am Saiko!" the man, now known as Saiko said.

Grim was left speechless.

"Also, to answer your earlier question you're inside you mind, dumbass." Saiko explained.

"Wait if this is my mind, then what the hell are you?" Grim asked.

Saiko just gave Grim a sickening grin. "I'm the representation of all those dark thoughts you've ever had in your life." he explained.

"What!" Grim shouted. "But, how?"

"You see," Saiko began to explain. "When you and Doppelman fused together it gave me enough power to get out of that little place you locked me away in, also gave the new form."

"What do you want?" Grim asked in a serious.

"Oh, nothing much." Saiko said in a carefree tone. "Just to take over your body and destroy and kill everything there is."

"I'd never let that happen!" Grim shouted as he got ready to fight.

Saiko just ignored him. "Can't right now anyway." he said.

"What do you mean?" Grim asked catiously.

"I can only take over your body when you and Doppelman are together. Since without his energy I'm nothing more than a ghost. Unable to touch you or you me." Saiko explained and just to prove his point walked right through Grim.

"So you were the one who made me act like a animal in that figt." grim said.

At this point Saiko began laughing insanely agian. "No, if it was me she would have been dead the moment I came out. That was pure anamalistic instinct."

All of the sudden Grim started to dissappear. "What's happening?" he asked in suprise.

"Looks like your waking up." Saiko answered. "But, don't forget I'll be here waiting to take over! Hahahahaha!"

"Well see about that!" Grim shouted out before he woke up.

(Flashback End...)

(Back to Grim and Sabrina)

Sabrina began walking away from Grim.

"Sabrina, wait!" Grim called out.

Sabrina turned back to face him.

Grim let out a sigh. "I was never mad at you." he explained. "I was mad at myself for what happen. It something I would never do and the memory just eats away at me."

Sabrina nodded her head in understanding. "Grim, you need to let go. The past is the past you need to look towards the future and worry about the present." she explained.

"Yeah, thanks Sabrina." Grim replied.

Sabrina pulled something out of her pocket and tossed it to Grim. "Here, catch." she told him.

Grim caught the item, which turned out to be 'Healing Ointment'. Grim raised an eyebrow at Sabrina.

"It's for you friend when she wakes up." Sabrina explained as she pulled out a return core. "I'll see you later then."

"Yeah, see you." Grim replied as Sabrina returned to Tokyo City. "Looks like I get to take a nice little nap while we wait."

Grim then went and picked Bianca up and went inside Stien's House so they would be safer from any monster in the area.

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