By That Aussie Gurl

Description: What would happen if the NCIS: LA OSP team discovered a footy belonging to the game of Aussie Rules? One-shot.

Author's Notes: First fan fiction, so please review and tell me what you think! This idea came to me when I was home from school one day with an injured foot and couldn't go anywhere and was bored out of my brain! Hopefully enjoy!

It was just another average day for the NCIS: Los Angeles OSP team, filling out paperwork and being completely bored out of their brain. Suddenly, Hetty Lange appeared from nowhere, as she seems to always be to do without the team noticing.

"Agents. I would like to remind you not to leave your personal things around the place. This is an office and NOT a fraternity lounge!" Hetty said to the agents before placing an oval ball on Deeks desk before leaving.

"What's this?" Asked Deeks, picking up the unfamiliar looking ball from his desk after Hetty had left the bull pen.

"I don't know." Replied Callen looking as confused as everyone else.

"Maybe we should Google it?" Kensi suggested, as she started typing on her laptop. Everyone gathered around her desk she shared with Callen waiting for the results of her search.

"It is a… footy?" read Deeks, "What the heck is a 'footy'?"

"It says here that it is used in a game known as 'AFL' or 'Aussie Rules'. It is an Australian game. Apparently it is pretty big over there." Said Sam as he read from the laptop screen.

"It says here that you play by having 18 players from each team on the field with other players on the bench that get subbed on and off. You either kick or handball the ball to your team mates and try to get into your '50' which is 50 metres away from your goals. You try to get the ball between the two taller white posts for a goal which is six points or if you get it in between a shorter post and a tall post or hit the post it is one point." read Kensi.

"Sounds... confusing… but beats paperwork any day, wanna give it a shot?" Deeks asked his fellow team mates and partner.

"G and I onto Deeks and Kensi. Let's give this game a shot." Sam told his friends as they raced outside to try out the new game they had just heard of.

A couple hours later they came back into OSP, tired and exhausted after attempting to play the new game. They came to the bull pen to find Hetty looking for her missing team that was meant to be doing paperwork.

"Where have you been, Agents and Detective?" Hetty questioned her now guilty looking team.

"We were learning a new game known as 'AFL'" Callen said confidently to the pint-sized operations manager.

"Hmmm… Australian Football League. Interesting game, If I say so myself. Rather rough and you sports people think we are rough in our games – you should see their professional players play!" Hetty said as she turned, leaving a stunned group of Agents and Detective behind her.

"Oh, and no more playing games until I have ALL your paperwork on my desk." Hetty said over her shoulder.

The team got back to work, eager to finish so they could YouTube these profession footy players Hetty had been talking about. They had never been so surprised at how aggressive a game could get!

Thanks for reading! Please tell me honestly what you think, but please keep in my mind that was my first ever fanfic! I was just experimenting before I put longer stories up!(:

- That Aussie Gurl