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Elena's Revenge


Who says the original hybrid can't be killed? Oh, I knew it would be difficult, everyone said so. Bonnie, Stefan, Damon, Katherine, and Elijah all had stated at one time or another that it was impossible and most of them had tried at least once to kill Klaus without any success. But perhaps they just didn't have the same motivation I did.

He compelled my biological mother, the vampire Isobel, to expose herself to sunlight while all I could do was helplessly watch in horror as she was consumed by the sickening internal fire. We had never been close and I had only known I was adopted and of her existence for a few months. But I was just starting to realize, as we stood out in the cemetery, that she really did care for me in her own way and we might someday find a way to have some sort of a relationship when Klaus' actions ripped away any possibility of that future.

Then he turned my aunt Jenna into a vampire and killed her before my eyes as part of some stupid ritual to make an already invincible creature even more powerful. And ever since my adoptive parents had been killed in a car accident two years earlier, Jenna had been the closest thing to a parent in my life. Like everyone else we had had our ups and downs, but, I think more ups than downs. And after I had been drawn into the world of vampires, werewolves, and witches, I had tried so hard to protect her and allow her to have a normal life. But as time has gone by, I sometimes wonder if it had been the right decision. Perhaps if I had been honest with her from the beginning, she would have been better prepared and might not have fallen to Klaus' subterfuge. But whether I should have told her or not, I wasn't responsible for killing her - that was all his doing.

And ultimately, Klaus' actions led to the death of my biological father, John, too. For if Klaus hadn't killed me, John wouldn't have sacrificed his life to power a magical spell to bring me back. Unlike my mother, Isobel, I had known John my entire life, although I had thought he was just my uncle until the revelation of my adoption. While we had seen each other countless times down through the years, we had never been close. And since his attempt to kill Stefan and Damon, my attitude towards him had shifted from an almost neutral distaste to an active hatred. I think if I had had more time I might have eventually reconciled with Isobel, but I'm not sure about John. So I was probably more surprised than anyone when he willingly sacrificed his life to save mine.

And in some ways I'm not even sure his sacrifice was necessary. I had Damon's blood in my system when Klaus killed me, so I wouldn't have stayed dead, but merely come back as a vampire instead of as a human. When Damon had forced his blood on me, I had been so angry with him for taking away my choices - for Klaus had promised if I sacrificed myself willingly, he would spare my family and friends. But when Klaus reneged on his promise and killed Jenna, I found myself almost glad for what Damon had done. For I think something . . . broke . . . inside of me with Jenna's death following so soon after Isobel's.

But perhaps the absolute hardest, last straw for me was how Klaus managed to steal Stefan from me. My family, my whole life was in ruins and the only thing that could have taken away some of the pain and hurt was Stefan, my Stefan. I understood why Stefan had gone to Klaus and had been willing to agree to any terms to save Damon, but the price Klaus asked for a mere dribble of his blood was much too much. Stefan was lost to me and I had no idea when, or even if I would ever see him again.

I had never been a vengeful person, but suddenly I needed to exact a horrible revenge on Klaus. It might take decades or centuries to accomplish and so if the ritual ended up with me being a vampire, it would have at least given me the time I might need.

So I was utterly and profoundly shocked when I came back to life human rather than vampire. But in the end, perhaps it was being human that gave me the drive to keep going. I mean, Klaus had destroyed Katherine's whole family, too, but she had only broken and run and spent five hundred years hiding from him rather than revenging her family. So while vampires are physically stronger and have the sometimes convenient option of turning off their emotions, perhaps the transformation removes some necessary bit of drive towards vengeance only a human can sustain. Or perhaps in the immortal words of Damon Salvatore, it simply wasn't the old meek, mild Elena who was resurrected from death but a new changed über-Elena.

For even as Klaus was draining my life's blood as part of the ritual to release the werewolf side of himself; I was already plotting how to finish him. Oh, he might not be able to die, but if I cut him into little pieces with my Dad's trusty old chainsaw and then encased each piece in a separate block of concrete and scattered them to the four corners of the globe, he would be as good as dead.

Of course, killing him by myself with a simple chainsaw was a childish fantasy. I knew if I was to succeed it would take a multilayered plan to attack him from many sides at once. And I would need powerful allies from outside of his world of vampires, werewolves, and witches. So in the end I wasn't able to destroy him with my own hands, but seeing him trapped in the Cretaceous Period at the center of a large, ravenous pack of velociraptors and then finally watching as he was dismembered and eaten by a pair of T-Rexes was almost as satisfying. But I get ahead of myself . . .

Chapter 1

Part 1

"Come on, Elena, snap out of it," said Bonnie, as she, Caroline, and I walked down the front steps of Mystic High. "It's been two weeks. Moping around isn't going to bring Stefan back. And Jenna wouldn't want you to spend the rest of your life mourning her. You've done nothing but go straight home from school and sit in your room; it's time to get out. Let's head out to the Grill and get something to eat. I think Matt will be working. Maybe seeing and talking to him will cheer you up."

I didn't think seeing Matt was going to do anything to cheer me up. Only finding a lead to where Stefan and Klaus had gone and developing a plan for getting Stefan away from Klaus was going to cheer me up. And I wasn't yet ready to explain to Bonnie, my absolute best friend in the world, that I wasn't going home to stare blankly at the wall. No, I was spending hour after hour, evening after evening, searching the internet to find some solution to the situation with Stefan and Klaus.

But at Bonnie's remark, I forced my thoughts briefly to Matt. It seemed like a lifetime ago when he and I had dated. We had sort of broken up at the death of my parents, my adoptive parents, who I had thought had been my real parents until well after their deaths. Well, to be honest, they were still the ones who I thought of as my real parents.

I had said I needed some time apart and how I needed to focus my attention on Jeremy, who was taking the death of our parents even harder than me. Matt had respected my wishes and given me the space I needed. I truly think in my heart I had already moved on from Matt before Stefan even came into the picture, but I don't think Matt saw things that way. It took him a long, long time to accept I was with Stefan and for him to move on and hook up with Caroline.

As we moved towards the school's parking lot, I looked over at my other best friend and took in the expression on the tall blonde's face. She didn't look any happier at the thought of talking to Matt at the moment than me. Learning about the existence of werewolves and vampires had freaked out staid, conservative Matt. And finding out Caroline was a vampire had nearly torn their relatively new, fragile relationship apart. I knew she had been giving him some time and space to adjust and I didn't think she was excited about dealing with the whole situation today.

But glancing back at Bonnie, I understood her feelings; she had to do something to break the status quo and get us out of the rut into which we had fallen.

"It's Friday," I began. "We don't have to be back for school until Monday. How about instead of going to the Grill, we do a girls' weekend at the lake house instead? Let's just get in the car and go. We can call to let people know where we will be. And we can stop somewhere along the way to pick up food and supplies."

I saw Bonnie's eyes light up at the suggestion. Then turning in Caroline's direction, I saw her give a vigorous nod in agreement.

"I think a couple of days away from Mystic Falls is a wonderful idea," stated Caroline. "Since my Mother and I had our little heart-to-heart about my being a V and all, she has been way too touchy-feely to show that she is okay with things. A couple of days away from her would be great."

"Great," I echoed, as we reached the spot where Stefan's little red Porsche was parked. "Pile in and let's go."

"I call shotgun," exclaimed Bonnie, as she scurried around to the passenger side door.

"You're driving Stefan's car?" remarked Caroline while eying its tiny, tiny backseat.

I shrugged. "Damon said it wasn't good for it to just sit in the garage for weeks or months." At the word months a catch formed in my throat, but I forced myself to continue. "And after everything you've been through in the last few months, being squished sideways into the back seat for a couple of hours shouldn't be that big of a deal."

Caroline stared at me with her big blue eyes and for just an instant I was glad I was wearing my special necklace filled with vervain. But then the moment passed and Caroline pulled open the driver side door, tilted the seat forward, tossed her book bag in ahead of her, and crawled into the back seat with more grace than I thought was possible while wearing an extremely short, tight skirt. But then she was a vampire and when they weren't trying to pass for human they could move with a grace and elegance no human could possibly achieve.

I reached down into the foot well and popped the lever which would open the front trunk. For a moment I felt a small trill of panic as I hadn't checked it for contents before leaving the Salvatore estate and I knew it had, on numerous occasions, contained things that shouldn't be seen in a busy school parking lot. But as the hood lifted up, I was relieved to find it didn't contain anything but the usual automotive accessories like a spare, a jack, and a small toolbox. Quickly, I tossed Bonnie's and my book bags in and then slammed the lid.

I climbed in behind the wheel and then spent a moment searching for the ignition. I hadn't driven it often yet and was looking for a spot for the key to the right of the steering wheel like on any more normal car. But after only a little fumbling I had the car started and its small engine purred quietly to life. Finding reverse was always a bitch, but I managed to back out of the parking spot without stalling it. Then riding the clutch in a way I knew would make Stefan frown, I followed the slow moving stream of cars until we were out on the street. Reaching the end of the block, instead of going straight towards home or turning left for the Grill, I turned right and headed towards the main road.

The first time I had driven the old Porsche with Stefan sitting almost anxiously in the passenger seat, I had learned it was all about style not performance. Jenna's Mini could run circles around it. And the convoluted cables leading from the shifter to the transmission responded best to a slow deft touch rather than to a fast bang, bang, bang shifting style like the Mini. So as we headed towards the main road I grabbed my sunglasses from where I had hung them over the rearview mirror and tried to imagine myself as some Hollywood starlet from the '50s or '60s on her way to her secret weekend hideaway in the mountains around Big Bear.

At least Stefan wasn't fanatical about keeping his car stock and had replaced the original radio with something contemporary. I had synced my iPhone to its Bluetooth before leaving for school. Now I fished my phone from my pocket and handed it to Bonnie suggesting she pick some tunes. We had just reached the edge of town when she had finished selecting her playlist. The stereo started blasting and we all sang along at the top of our lungs; the burst of frenetic singing starting to ease the tensions of the last few weeks and months.

Part 2

We stopped in the small town of Moscow, about twenty minutes from the lake house, for dinner and to pick up some supplies. We weren't in any hurry and it was almost dark when we got back onto the road.

The next ten miles were still on the easy main highway. Then we would have to switch to a smaller country road for five miles before the final mile on the old gravel road. I hadn't been out there since before all the spring rains, so I hoped the gravel road would be passable with the low-slung Porsche. For just a moment, I wished I had swapped cars with Alaric before leaving, as his big Tahoe could get through without question. But if it came to it, we would just leave the car at the end of the lane and hoof it. It was only a mile and none of us were that out of shape.

But I needn't have worried about the old gravel lane; we never made it that far. We were barely three miles out of Moscow and I was tooling along at a sedate sixty miles an hour, really I was, when something massive suddenly appeared in the road barely seventy feet in front of us. I had no idea what it was at the time. It barely registered as some giant spinning golden crystalline structure lit by an inner glow before I slammed the clutch and the brake pedals to the floor. The Porsche's brakes, while powerful for such a small car, were as arcane as the rest of its systems and would never be mistaken for their modern anti-lock counterparts. Nor were the lap belts nearly as effective as modern shoulder harnesses. I, at least, had the steering wheel to hold onto while we slammed into an almost uncontrolled skid. Bonnie wasn't as fortunate. Her body was thrown forward and her head lightly connected with the hard unpadded dash. At least I hoped it was lightly as I fought to control the car. I knew we didn't have a chance in hell of stopping before we struck the obstacle suddenly filling the whole width of the road.

We were still traveling at twenty miles an hour when we struck it or should have struck it. I had braced myself against the steering wheel and had resigned myself to being impaled on one of the countless sharp hard-looking spines protruding from its core when we impacted. However there was no impact. The object, whatever it was, wasn't solid at all but some kind of hologram like you see in the movies. It looked perfectly solid and real, but the Porsche passed through it without the slightest shudder, or at least without any shudder beyond what we were already experiencing due to the locked brakes.

But while the car passed through without any reaction, it wasn't the same for me. No, for a second that seemed to stretch almost to infinity, it felt like I was floating outside time and space. The car, the steering wheel, Bonnie, simply everything around me was gone and I was floating in a bright white mist. I had time to just start contemplating how this was such a bizarre, unexpected way to lose my life after all the dangers I had survived in my dealings with vampires and werewolves when abruptly we were through the structure and out the other side.

However in the instant we passed through the rotating crystalline structure everything had changed. We were no longer on the road; the road was nowhere in sight. We were skidding across a sloping grassy meadow. And it was suddenly broad daylight rather than dark. And the trees surrounding the glade looked almost alien and not at all like the pine trees that I knew lined the road all the way out to the lake house. I had no idea where we were but it was nowhere near where we had just been.

The car finally slid to a stop after traveling another forty feet and missing a giant tree by mere inches. I sagged forward against the steering wheel for a minute before remembering Bonnie and her collision with the dash.

"Bonnie, are you okay?" I asked, as she slowly straightened up while rubbing at her forehead.

"I think so, what happened?" she asked in a slightly dazed tone.

"Look at me," I said in almost a commanding voice. "I need to check your eyes."

She turned in my direction and I could see an ugly knot already forming in the center of her forehead. At least her pupils appeared to be the same size, which seemed to be a good sign based on all the TV shows I had seen down through the years.

"Are you okay?" I asked again in a calmer tone.

She nodded with only a small wince before we were interrupted by a call from the back seat.

"Hey, why aren't you worried about me? I'm the one who wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was thrown around."

"Well, Caroline," I began with a trace of humor before my eyes were drawn to the impossible scene outside the car. "You are the vampire. Being tossed around a little shouldn't hurt you."

"Where are we?" asked Bonnie finally getting beyond the shock of the accident and turning to gaze out of her window.

"I have no idea," I replied while switching off the idling engine and opening the door. "And we aren't going to figure it out just sitting here."

I climbed out of the car and it was suddenly like being hit in the face with an extremely hot, damp towel. We sometimes got humid weather in the summer in Mystic Falls, but nothing like this. When I had been twelve and Jeremy eleven, our family had gone to Hawaii on vacation. Stepping off the plane into the hot tropical air had been just like this. The humidity had to be at least ninety-eight percent. Instantly, I could feel my tee shirt starting to stick to my skin.

Bonnie had just climbed out of her side of the car and Caroline was still struggling to get the front seat tilted forward when the first tremor reached us. Caroline had one leg out of the car when the second tremor reached us and I saw a large flutter in the trees on the far side of the glade directly beyond the shimmering gold structure we had somehow passed through. Caroline was just straightening up when what had to be a giant T-Rex stepped out into the clearing, its passage knocking down several small trees.

I'm not sure which of us screamed the loudest before we all clapped hands over our mouths when the mammoth creature's head swung in our direction. Instantly, it came charging towards us.

We stood frozen in place by the incongruity of the situation, even the impossibly fast vampire. I'm not sure if we would have even reacted before the massive dinosaur reached us, but it never did. The gold spinning structure was directly in its path and when it tried to charge straight through it the T-Rex simply vanished and the structure continued to spin looking completely unperturbed.

We just stared wildly around as it sank in that the crystalline device had to be some kind of portal through time. And we were trapped back in the time of dinosaurs. I was wondering if we passed through it a second time, if it would take us back home. Of course, the giant dinosaur might be waiting on the other side, which wasn't an appealing idea.

Then the question of a second passage through the structure became moot, as it slowly began to fade away. In less than ten seconds, certainly in less time than any of us except Caroline could have cross the intervening distance, it was gone.

Our route home had just disappeared.

Then the tremors began again from what had to be another giant dinosaur.

We were so screwed.

End of Chapter 1

Author's Note: I've only seen one other cross-over story for Vampire Diaries and Primeval. And it was both short and more focused on the romance side. To me, vampires and dinosaurs just beg for some big action sequences. If you like that sort of thing, too, I think you will enjoy this story, as I'm not constrained by a TV show's budget, but just whatever I can imagine and get down on paper. Also, if you have read any of my other stories, you will know I like to write time-travel stories and I think this story will have some unexpected twists and turns that will weave the plotlines of the two shows together in a fun way.

As you can tell from the first chapter, the Vampire Diaries portion of the story starts right at the end of season two. The Primeval part of the story starts right at the beginning of season four. This point in both shows struck me as an interesting point to smash them together. I also like this spot because if you don't follow either show, but have a streaming Netflix account, the first two seasons of Vampire Diaries and the first four seasons of Primeval are available there to catch up. Although you really don't need to be familiar with either show to enjoy this story, as I will provide all the background you will need to understand what is going on. But I do try to provide little Easter Eggs for people who actively follow them.

I already have quite a few chapters of this story written, so I am going to try to post new chapters on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Hopefully, I will get the rest of the story finished before I run out of chapters, but at a minimum I should be good until at least somewhere out in July. Hopefully, this will fill a little bit of the long drought until we get new episodes of Vampire Diaries in September.

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