~Chapter One: Her Butler, Talented~


She had that dream again, meeting him and forming a contract from nearly ten years ago. The brunette may have been eight back then, but she still has the memory fresh in her mind, as if it were yesterday. Ever since then, he hasn't left her sight, except for sleeping, sometimes changing, and bathing. When puberty came through, it became harder for him to change from her nightgown to her regular clothing, along with bathing. Jane would either have to scold him or moves his hands and cover herself. Sebastian Michaelis, the name Jane have given him, didn't mind, but since he takes care of his lady, he has to respect her orders.

Sebastian would make sure the food that is cooked or stored up is safe. He would even make sure no one disturbs the young woman in the study. Does it make her think that he's like an overprotective father? Not even close; he's her butler. Simple as that.

"My lady, it's time for you to wake up." Jane heard his voice from her sleep as if he started to enter in her dream. Before she opened her eyes, today recalled her for something special: her birthday. She finally turned into an adult. The brunette opened her eyes, and it turned out to be a cloudy, yet peaceful winter morning, with snow falling so quietly.

"So beautiful..." she muttered quietly at the view while Sebastian poured hot tea into the pot on a tray.

"For breakfast, we have Monterey Jack cheese grits with a scone and mint salad. How long do you want it to be done?" her butler asked, filling up a cup of tea for his lady.

"Around thirty minutes," Jane replied. She took a sip of her warm tea, carefully savoring the taste.

"Good, ma'am," he agreed. His face turned to the young woman's, and his face curled a smile. "Your age increases once again. You are blossoming into such a beautiful rose, that seeks a winter's day despite the weather." He got on his knees and started to unbutton her laced nightgown from her back, adorn in black. He stopped because Jane grabbed his hands.

"I can take care of changing into clothes, Sebastian," she told him with burning heat at her cheeks. Her bust size being a "C" can be embarrassing for Jane, but it's her mother's genes she had to blame for.

"You worry too much," he told her calmly, which was a relief for the brunette. He stared at her eyes, standing up. He left her nightgown alone, since it's Jane's job, and motioned his hand to her left eye, covered by her bangs, and revealed her eye, which is not the color violet, but a contract mark she made for the past ten years. He closed his eyes and turned around, leaving her room.

"Get ready, and I'll have your breakfast done whenever you come in the dining room."

"Thank you, Sebastian," Jane said. Her butler closed the door, leaving Jane some privacy to change clothes. Before doing so, she looked at her window, at the sky.

Mother, Father, I'm finally eighteen. It's been rough without you, but if it wasn't for him, then I wouldn't have made it this far. Jane carefully found a purple long sleeved laced dress, along with black stockings that would match the color. She put on matching high heel pumps, adding the darkened outfit. She then found the Worthington necklace, that every wife or daughter would wear to pass on the generation. Putting it on, she went to her bathroom, getting ready to brush her hair. As soon as she finished, she went back to her nightstand, putting a black eye patch on to cover her contracted eye.

It's already been ten years. How long will we find the ones responsible for the death of my parents? Jane thought, heading to the dining room. She has Sebastian on her sight, setting her breakfast on the dining table.

"Haven't I forgot to tell you that it's also Valentine's Day?" he asked his lady. Jane sighed, not really wanting to talk about a holiday that expresses love. The thought of romance sickened the brunette, rolling her eyes slightly as a result.

"That would be correct. Why bother, though? I don't really care for that pathetic holiday," Jane replied calmly. Her butler pulled her chair, letting the brunette sit down to eat her breakfast.

"My lady! Happy birthday!" Jane's maid Mey-Rin said, giving her a box with something inside. She decided not to open it yet, due to having a busy schedule. "Just something for you so you don't have to wear that boring nightgown." Jane blinked in response. Mey-Rin was like an older sister to her, so this was so not expecting.

"Thank you," Jane said smiling.

"Lady Jane!" Her other servants ran up to their lady. The two men, Baldroy and Finnian, gave her boxes, stuff hiding in there as well. Jane took them and handed them to the demon butler.

"Thank you. Sebastian, please put these in my study," the brunette said, handing the boxes toward his direction. The butler slightly bowed and pledge to her.

"As you wish."

"Oh, and here's a Valentine's Day present!" Finnian said, giving Jane a red rose. She took it, looking surprised in the process.

"Oh? Thanks, Finnian," she replied, smelling the sweet rose. A light blush went to her face. She doesn't have feelings for the gardener, but he's the sweetest person Jane has ever met, any lady would be lucky to receive a pretty flower from a person so kind like him.

"My lady," Sebastian spoke up.

"Yes, Sebastian?" Jane asked, giving the rose to her butler, putting it on top of Mey-Rin's box.

"The name of Krieg, I believe that's his last name, will be here by dinner time. He will be discussing clothing designs with you when he arrives. Or I can call him and tell him that we have to reschedule?" The brunette shook her head in disagreement.

"Don't be silly. Just because it's my birthday, that doesn't mean it should be about me. I still have to work," Jane told him. He smiled and bowed slightly.

"Yes, my lady. I shall take these to your office, and I hope you will enjoy your breakfast. For you three, get to work; we cannot have laziness in this house," Sebastian told the three servants, glaring. They automatically took off running like cats in the rain. "For Tanaka," Sebastian looked at the man, who seemed smaller than from the past, "Well, you just do what you do." Jane chuckled from her butler's sentence and started to eat her scone.

The butler headed to his lady's office, which is just a few seconds away. Nostalgia greeted him when he entered her office. It was originally taken over by a close friend of her parents for a couple of years while Jane was recovering from her parents' death. When she became educated enough, she took over when she turned ten. Those years came by fast she and worked amazingly since Queen Victoria owns a dress designed by her.

Heading out of her office, he encountered Jane. The look on his face made Jane wonder what's going on.

"Is everything all right, Sebastian?" Jane asked.

"It's splendid, ma'am. I put your gifts in your office just like you said. How was your breakfast?" The young woman flashed a small smile at her butler.

"It was delicious, and good work on the gifts. Now set the dinner preparations for our guest."

"Yes, my lady."


The china is decorated in silver shine, while the tablecloth is wrinkle free and pure white. My lady's red roses shall not be bruised, but leave a blossoming appearance instead. And finally, the finest ingredients the Worthington household possess is a first class dinner set to perfection, Sebastian thought to himself, organizing a decorated bouquet of flowers.

"This will be enough. It shall represent a Worthington welcome." Sebastian put down the bouquet to a safe place and headed to the kitchen.

He removed his tailcoat, getting ready to work on the meal. Just before he did, a bell ring, the one below the room named "Study." Sebastian sighed, and looked at his pocket watch, which appeared to be 15:30.

"So much work to do and she calls me now," he said to himself. He put on his tailcoat and started to head to the study. He opened the door and looked at his lady, who just finished a new design.

"What did you call me for, my mistress?"

"I'm starving. I would like a parfait as an appetizer," she said. Her craving for sweets has gotten up, due to her menstrual cycle being a couple of days away. Despite her irritable expression, Sebastian responded,

"My lady, I understand your order, but since our guest from Germany is coming here, it'd be best not to ruin your appetite." Though he has a point, he will never understand what it's like to be a woman, especially for Jane's age. She gritted her teeth in disappointment, but she doesn't want to get mad at him.

"Fine. Off you go," she said. Sebastian frowned at the woman.

"Everything okay?" he asked. Jane sighed and looked away from the demon, head resting on her work chair.

"It's fine. I can wait for dinner. Cravings will go away just as long as you don't think about it." Sebastian frowned at Jane, but nodded and encountered the three servants, along with Tanaka. He was waiting to see them because something happened that wasn't supposed to.

"Now, then, you three. How did the kitchen, garden, and china fall out of your hands?" the butler asked calmly. Tanaka chuckled taking a sip of his drink, just being himself.

"The chicken looked like it would take a long time to cook, so I used my flamethrower," Baldroy said honestly, putting his hand on his puffy hair.

"I thought it would be faster if I used the weed killer!" Finnian replied fearfully.

"I was getting the china set, but then the cabinet fell on it and ruined everything!" Mey-Rin exclaimed with guilt. Sebastian glared at them for a bit, but then he started to think.

Our guest will arrive at around six. It will take a lot of time to replace the china, and redecorate the courtyard. What should I do?

"We're so sorry, Sebastian!" Mey-Rin and Finnian apologized, while Baldroy scratched his head and looked away.

"Calm down. We still have time—" And then something hit him. He walked up to Tanaka and took his drink. "We still have time to save today. Just follow what I have in store."

A few moments passed, and the kitchen was back to its original state. Sebastian looked at Baldroy, who cut the chicken into pieces.

"How's it going?" he asked the cook.

"It's going well." Baldroy showed the sliced chicken to Sebastian. "Is this how you want it?"

"Excellent. Now all that's left is—"

"Sebastian!" Mey-Rin yelled, getting his attention. "I found it!" She giggled along the way, and then tripped herself, leaving the boxes falling at random places. Sebastian luckily caught all of them, but in a circus act way. Mey-Rin found a way to be stopped, only to land her head on Sebastian's chest. She looked up at him, her eyes wide in surprise.

"Honestly, Mey-Rin. Please don't run in the house; you'll get injured," he replied, looking at the woman who bumped into him. She blushed so hard as if she had a dirty image in her mind.

"Y-yes sir!" the red head said. "My glasses are cracked, so I apologize, sir!" Sebastian took his time to get the boxes of china in a stack, it being carried by his left hand.

"All right. Since our guest will be here in five minutes, I'll take care of the rest. You all did well, but do very well in dinner."

"He said it twice," Baldroy said.

"This must be serious," Finnian added. Mey-Rin swooned, her head being in the clouds because of Sebastian. The four of them, including Tanaka, headed outside, welcoming the arriving guest who arrived from a carriage. He was impressed with the courtyard, and how it was designed.

"Welcome sir," the three servants said, bowing in respect.

"Well, this is extraordinary!" Mr. Krieg said with a positive attitude.

"I'm glad you like it," Sebastian replied. "This is a Japanese inspired garden, planned by my lady to welcome your stay."

"That's what makes it more impressive, sir. So where is Ms. Worthington? I have information to tell her about the designing business."

"She is in the guest room waiting. I shall take you to her." Sebastian walked in the manor with Mr. Krieg following. The three servants sighed a relief, along with Tanaka chuckling as usual.

"Looks like we pass," Baldroy stated.

"Indeed," Mey-Rin said.

"Now all we got to do is do well in dinner," Finnian replied.


"So, Lady Worthington, how are the designs going?" Mr. Krieg asked Jane. The brunette laid her back towards the chair, sipping her tea.

"It's going well actually. Her majesty actually bought a design I made myself. Afterward, she eventually offered to take me in as her adopted granddaughter, but I don't want to end my father's business. I guess you can say that I'm more likely Queen Victoria's Mockingjay. It doesn't exist, but in legend, it's referred to as the one who will defend what's important until the end." Mr. Krieg took the response seriously but frowned.

"I take such pity on you. Being on your own for ten years must've been—" Before he could continue on, the door opened, and Sebastian entered.

"Dinner is ready. I hope you find your dinner delectable."

"Ah, that's good. Shall we go on, Lady Worthington?" the blond man asked, standing up. Jane stood up along with him, smiling a bit.

"Very well. We can talk about the clothing design later."

"Very good, my lady," Mr. Krieg said. When Jane began walking, Mr. Krieg changed his expression into something vile. Sebastian glared at him, thinking he has something on his sleeve that might involve something bad happening to her, but he continued on instructing them to dinner.

The three went outside to the courtyard, where the dinner table was placed, probably to make it a scenery for the event.

"Tonight's course includes Chinese chicken with sweet and sour sauce, courtesy of a friend of my lady's, served by Baldroy," Sebastian told the two people. Jane smiled, approving her butler's choice of dinner. The plates served to the two people, waiting for what's in store.

"This sauce... It looks really thick and tasty," Mr. Krieg said.

"Your eyes see right, sir," Sebastian replied. "This recipe is a delicacy from China. Now, your wine shall be served." He looked at Mey-Rin, waiting for her to give the man wine. "Mey-Rin."

"Yes sir?" she replied.

"Get moving and pour the man a glass of wine," he whispered. Mey-Rin was screaming on the inside, blushing from hearing the butler's hushed voice.

"Hey, Finnian," Baldroy whispered, hiding in the bushes with him and Tanaka.

"Yeah?" Finnian replied.

"Is it me, or is Mey-Rin feeling loopy?" Mey-Rin walked to Mr. Krieg's side of the table, feeling dizzy.

"Don't look at me like that!" she said to herself, thinking of Sebastian's image. "Sebastian's watching me!" She lost her mind and pour the wine, only for it to be on the tablecloth. Everyone, except Mr. Krieg, who is distracted by the sweet and sour chicken, was in shock for what she's done.

"Mey-Rin, stop!" Finnian whispered. "You don't know what you're doing!" The wine stain grew bigger, only for it to be near Mr. Krieg's lap. Before it could get there, Sebastian slid the tablecloth with high speed, being careful at the same time as well. Once the cloth was removed from the table, it barely made Jane's drink move.

"Well, that was delicious," Mr. Krieg said. Baldroy and Finnian hurried to Mey-Rin and dragged her into the manor. "Hey, what happened to the cloth?"

"There was some dirt. The cloth was removed so it wouldn't be a sight. I hope you understand," Jane replied taking a sip of her wine afterward.

"Excuse my apologies, sir. Please continue your meal, for your humble pleasure." The blond laughed heartily as a response.

"Once again, Lady Worthington, you've impressed me with your multi-talented butler." The brunette smiled when he mentioned Sebastian.

"Don't mind him. He's just one of my best servants. I have to thank him for being with me for ten years." Sebastian looked pleased for what Jane said.

"My lady is correct on that. You see, I am simply one hell of a butler." Jane looked at him, and closed her eye, turning her head back to where it was.

"Excuse me, my lady. I am going to make a phone call, but then I will come back in the room and we will continue discussing the designs," Mr. Krieg stood up and waited for Jane's permission.

"Yes, sir," Jane replied. Mr. Krieg hurried into the Worthington mansion, trying to find a telephone. Once he did in the guest room, he made a call.

"Are you there? Okay, good. I sold my business, and now I shall squeeze some extra cash out of this bitch. I'll be there by tomorrow." He hung up and waited until Jane went into the room. Sebastian followed her, smiling at the two.

"I'll make preparations for dessert. I hope you are patient." He bowed and left the room. When he closed the door, Jane sat down on her chair and looked into the German's green eyes.

"So, for the designing, I think that woman should have—"

"Sie sind so dumm." Jane couldn't interpret what he said since she isn't fluent in German. She replied,

"Excuse—" the blond invaded her personal space by jumping on her, making the chair fall along with them. Due to the difference of his weight and her's, Jane couldn't escape, even if she tried. "What the hell?! What are you doing?!" Jane screamed.

"You are nothing but trash! You English women are such drags who act like dead-end bitches! I'm so glad I sold the company!" His hands went to her shoulders, her dress ripping in the center. Her corset was revealed and she tried to cover and defend herself.

"Get the hell off of me, you pervert!"

"Oh, you want me to make your life hell? You made this easier! Then when you can't walk, I'm going to take all of your money!" This was not what Jane wanted. The bastard on top of her wants to steal her money, and he sold his company?

"Sebastian," Jane said while the older man successfully removed her corset, making Jane cover her breasts quickly. She removed her eye patch, showing her contract symbol. "Take care of him!"

"I don't think your—" He was interrupted by her butler, by a simple tap on the shoulder. He turned around, and his expression changed.

"My, my. I knew that we couldn't trust you in your visit." Sebastian's eyes were not red, but in demon form instead. He removed his tailcoat and gave it to Jane to cover her chest with. His hand met Mr. Krieg's throat and began to choke him.

"Please! Let me go!" the German man begged, struggling for air. Sebastian chuckled at his pleading.

"Oh no. I'm sure if I do that, then you would go and rape my mistress." Mr. Krieg grunted and yelled, hoping to resist the grip.

"I will do anything if you just spare me!"

"I apologize, good sir. I shall follow my lady's orders. Because you see, I will be with her until the very end." Her butler dropped the man, who seemed to be unconscious.

"What should I do with him, my lady?" Sebastian asked, his eyes returning to normal. Jane gripped the tailcoat she used to cover her torso and stood up, looking at the view of what happened. Her dress and corset lay there ripped and scattered beside the knocked out German.

"Dispose of him. That bastard thought selling his company would do good and then he tries to steal my money..." Jane clenched her teeth. "...Such a criminal he was being!" She felt the rage inside her, but it ended with her butler putting his hand on her shoulder, making her gasp.

"Yes, my lady. That is such foolishness from him." He looked at Jane, his red eyes sparked in worry. "Did he leave any bruises on you?" The brunette peeked at her shoulders and torso. There were handprints, but they weren't strong enough to leave a bruise. Jane shook her head in silence. "What a relief. Now go take a bath and relax. It has been a rough day."

"What about your tailcoat?" Jane asked worriedly.

"Don't worry about that. When you call me, I will know what you're bidding."

"Thank you," Jane said, smiling with relief. "By the way, get my presents in the study, and send them to my bathroom. I now have the time to know and see what the others gave me."

"Understood, my lady," Sebastian said, placing his right hand on his chest, adding a smile. Jane went up to her room, putting her eye patch on her nightstand, along with her necklace. She stripped down from her limited clothing, putting Sebastian's tail coat on her bed, the remaining on the bathroom counter, and waited for the water to fill up, feeling heat touching her skin as soon as she got in. Mist surrounded her, leaving the tub of water covering her body. Her legs didn't really need to be shaved since she shaved last night. She grabbed her pink soap and rubbed all over to cleanse the sweat and dirt of today. Shampoo was next, and she carefully stroke her hair into the product, rinsing it to treat her hair.

"My lady. I have bought your presents up here. Is it alright to come in?" Sebastian asked through the door. Jane slowly got out of the bathtub and dried herself off. She wrapped a towel around her and rubbed her hair with another, brushing her hair afterward.

"You can come in. I just put on a towel." Sebastian put on his tailcoat and opened the door, gasping softly when he saw Jane's nearly naked body. When she was a child, it wasn't difficult to see her body, but now with her womanly figure, he took caution.

"So, do you want me to open them for you, my lady?" he asked, looking away from her figure.

"That would be kind of you, Sebastian," Jane replied, looking at herself in the mirror while brushing her hair. He opened Mey-Rin's, and it was a short, but appropriate nightgown with matching stockings. Sebastian cleared his throat.

"I'm sure you will love having a new sleepwear from Mey-Rin." Jane smiled. She exactly wanted one from her.

"What about the gifts from Baldroy and Finnian?"

"There is perfume from Baldroy, and makeup from Finnian." The brunette giggled softly, thinking that they would be embarrassed to those kinds of things.

"That's so sweet of them," Jane said her fading, realizing something that hurt her heart. From the mirror, the demon noticed her expression.

"What troubles you, ma'am?" Sebastian asked, acknowledging his lady's frown.

"After what happened, will you protect me from any kind of danger?" A gasp escaped his lips softly, meaning he must have thought through this so long, he would have to. Sebastian grabbed a towel and rubbed the wetness of his lady's shoulders, to which she didn't dry off. Then he wrapped the towel around her slightly wet head as if it was a wedding veil.

"I will always protect you, my lady. Don't expect any false." He brought Jane's head to lay on his chest. She closed her eyes, feeling the texture of his clothing, and relax for a bit.

"Thank you," she whispered. Being comforted by her butler's arms felt really nice to her as if she has her knight in shining armor. "I'm okay now. Just wait in my room." Sebastian smiled and followed her command. Jane put on her new nightwear, and continued drying off her hair with her towel, brushing it again afterward.

"So, nothing new tomorrow?" Jane asked, getting on her bed.

"As of now. I actually have a present for you as well. Since you're on a day off tomorrow, I shall give it to you by then. Do you want a Valentine's Day present as well?" The brunette thought about it for a moment. It's the same thing every year, but it's still nice to have recognition from someone who's been with her for so long.

"It's up to you, Sebastian. I guess you can make it a surprise, though I really don't care about the holiday, to be honest," Jane replied, smiling. She closed her eyes, getting ready to sleep on her comfortable bed.

"Good night, my lady, and happy birthday," Sebastian said, blowing out the candles. Jane sleeps peacefully, waiting another day to receive her answers.


A little note on why I put the Mockingjay as Jane's alias for the Queen: even though it's originally from The Hunger Games, I felt that the bird resembles Jane as she rebels those who stand in her way. I thought I make that so because it's an interesting concept for her, just like with Katniss. :)

Updated: 7/28/16