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~Chapter Thirty-Seven: His Bride, Changing~


"My God... You're still here, even after all that I said to you." She inhaled his scent slowly, while the demon nuzzled the side of his face to her hair. He can feel her heart beat more than the sound of her breathing, but it was enough for him.

"I could never leave this place," he replied simply. "You live here, and this is where we started, even though our contract is over..." Jane frowned at the fact, but then, she smiled.

"But our marriage is still with us," the brunette replied, stepping back and cupping his large hand with her small, gentle ones. Sebastian froze, her words caught his tongue, and it refused him to speak. When he caught his breath, he replied,

"Your memories... How did you-?" He should be happy, and he is, but, he's more surprised.

"Hannah gave them back to me," Jane laughed softly, gently kissing Sebastian's hand. "At first, I never thought that we would actually get married, despite you being a demon, but then I realized, I loved you so much, I didn't care. I wanted to be with you forever." The crow demon smiled back at her. His hand went to her chin, and brought her closer until their lips met. It may have been a day since they kissed, but the taste of his lips remained the same, and it made Jane shiver with joy.

She placed her hands on his forearms, moaning thereafter when his tongue went inside her mouth. The brunette's hands went towards his hair and they stayed when Sebastian's hands went to her back. His gloved hands aggressively ripped Jane's dress. He moved the ripped clothing to where it would reveal her corset. The brunette blushed and shook her head at the demon. "Not right now," she said in a sad tone, but her expression remained the same.

She gave him a chaste kiss and sat down on her chair, seeing that her work is done, even though she hasn't instructed Sebastian to do it for her. Her back laid to the chair and Jane closed her eyes for a bit. "Give me a change of clothing," the brunette commanded. Despite not being her butler, Sebastian is and will be serving her until the end; that is his goal, no matter what.

"Of course," he replied, heading out of her office. She was all by herself again, and this time, it felt soothing. Jane's back at home with her loved ones, and she couldn't ask for more. The sun was out, which is rare for England, but it can use some warmth in this summer day. A knock abrupt Jane's silent relaxation, but she didn't seem to mind.

"My lady?" Tanaka's muffled voice asked. "Are you in here?"

"Yes," Jane replied. She wanted to get up to give Tanaka a "I miss you" hug, but after realizing that Sebastian ripped the back of her dress, she sat back down and paid attention to the opening door. Seeing him made her relieved, and she smiled. "Hey, stranger."

"My lady, are you okay?" the older man asked. The brunette nodded, staring at his dark eyes. "That's good to hear, then. We've- Especially him, were worried about you." Jane frowned as soon as he said that. She didn't want anyone to feel bad anymore, because she's here in one piece.

"I know, and I feel awful. If only I have known sooner about Ciel and his antics just so that he would marry me." Jane looked at her desk, unable to think of what else she should say. Hearing footsteps, she looked up to see Sebastian with her favorite dress. The brunette blushed, since Tanaka's in the room. He seemed to notice the demon's appearance.

"I'll leave the two of you alone, then," he replied quickly, but with kindness. With him closing the door, it's just Sebastian and Jane again. She stood up and held onto her dress from falling off of her body. Taking the dress, she stepped away to get some space, and she started to remove herself from her ripped dress. The crow demon observed her body, seeing the paleness of her legs and arms. In the sunlight, it shimmered like glitter, but it quickly went away when the clouds covered the sun.

Jane noticed her husband staring at her changing into her dress, and with that, she looked away in embarrassment. "I can't change with you staring, Sebastian."

Sebastian smirked, "Well, we are married, my lady, so you'll have to get used to changing in front of me." The brunette blushed, and the demon wasn't even finished, "Besides, I've seen you naked in the bath." Jane's face turn a shade darker, finally in her dress.

"Not only am I married to a demon, it seems that he's a pervert as well." Sebastian chuckled, taking the time to pick her up and place her on her desk. His lips went to her ear, while his hands met her waist.

"This pervert will give you one hell of a pleasure," he whispered huskily. Jane sighed from his desire, but how can she say no to him? Jane smiled, nonetheless, and replied to him,

"I just put on this dress, but it seems that you'll have to take it off for me." After that response, Sebastian kissed her lips, then went down to her neck. Jane hummed while caressing the raven haired demon's firm back. Pressing his lips to hers again, the demon butler's hands found her breasts, giving Jane a moan of surprise. A string of saliva appeared when Jane pulled away, and she panted softly. "Can we finish this somewhere else?"

Sebastian smiled darkly and took her hand, leading her out of her office, but when they entered the hallway, the flower demoness stood in their way.

"Lady Jane, please come with me," Hannah said. The brunette looked at her love with a frown, but he smiled at her.

"I can wait, love," he said gently. Giving her a kiss on her cheek, he left the two women for whatever Hannah has in store for Jane.

"What's going on?" Jane asked, later following the demoness. Hannah hadn't spoken a word since then, but when they went into the library, she turned to see Jane, curious and wondering what's going to happen.

"I must do something before it's too late," she said, not answering Jane's question exactly. Jane raised an eyebrow at her, but when Hannah placed her gentle hand to Jane's forehead, she closed her eyes. The brunette watched as the lavender haired woman focus on whatever she's doing, since she can't tell. Jane can't feel what's happening, but Hannah can. Opening her eyes, Hannah looked at Jane, who still looks the same in her vision.

"What did you do?" Jane asked nervously. The lightly tanned demoness smiled at her, but it looked so sad.

"In a few hours, you will become my kind. You shall live forever with your dear one, and wander around the earth stronger and braver. For now..." she paused, smiling at Jane, "...please earn yourself a good sleep once the night comes by." Jane stopped her breathing. Her violet eyes flashed in surprise.

"So I will be harder, better, faster, and stronger, huh?" she asked herself. "But what about you? Will Sebastian know of this, or will one of us tell him?" Hannah remained calm as if it worried her, and said,

"I think it should be a surprise for him. And don't worry about me, all that matters is that Claude shall die and we'll have our peace." With that done with, Hannah left Jane in the library. She's going to be a demoness, but isn't there a price to pay if Hannah did that? Jane placed a heart to her chest, noticing how moderate her heart rate is.

She feels fine, but what's going to happen once she turns into a demoness? How will Sebastian react to finding out she's become one?

"My lady?" his voice echoed in the room. Jane turned around to see him, calm and collected as usual. The brunette frowned, even though she's happy to see him... while staying human.

"Sebastian, I-" Jane said, abruptly stopping herself from speaking. She frowned, worried about what will happen now. "I'm tired; please take me to my room."

"Of course, my lady," he replied, walking up to her and sweeping her off of her feet. Jane feels safe and at home in his arms, but the thought of him finding out is killing her. Once they made it to her bedroom, the demon placed the brunette down on her bed, and later noticed the sad look on her face. "What's wrong?"

"...Do you think we'll make it out alive? Against Claude?" Sebastian took note of what she said and placed her head on his chest, hoping to comfort her.

"As long as I obey your words, then I will make sure that I survive and put an end to him for you. We'll be fine, I promise." Jane smiled with relief, finding her love's gloved hand, entangling her fingers into his.

"In that case, please sleep with me. I want to see you when I wake up." Sebastian smiled as well, laying down on the bed with her and wrapping his arms around her. She felt cold, but maybe his warmth will soothe her in her sleep.

If it's true that demons never dream in their slumber, then Jane hopes that her last dream will be about her and Sebastian...


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