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~Epilogue: His Bride, Undisclosed Desire~


Jane never felt so alive. Now reborn as a demoness, she smiled and looked at the view of her courtyard from the back of her room. Being a demoness isn't different from formerly being a human, but Jane will live forever with Sebastian at her side. The moonlight shined bright on her pale skin, which is unlikely since she's isn't fully dressed. Being only in her black corset and ivory panties, she was distracted by the captivating sky. As much as she wanted to breathe in the summer air, she found herself in someone's arms.

Unlike her, he was fully clothed. Jane inhaled the sweet scent of her husband and clutched onto his arms that wrapped around her stomach. "Are you going to wear something that tight to sleep?" he asked huskily. The sound of his voice made her heart race, and boy did it so.

"Of course not," Jane replied, turning herself around to where her arms lay on Sebastian's chest. "I was going to change in my nightwear, but two things interrupted me doing so; the scenery..." Her hand went to the nape of his neck, and she carefully placed his head so that their foreheads would touch. "...and you, love."

The raven haired demon smirked before pulling the demoness into a breathtaking kiss. Jane smiled into the kiss before taking a fistful of his black locks into her hand, and pressing her chest against his. Sebastian picked Jane up and had her legs wrapped around his waist, while slowly placing her against her bedroom wall.

The brunette placed her hands at the back of his neck, giving him slow scratches. One hand stood there, while the other went sliding from his cheek to the side of his neck to his shoulder.

The demon put her down and trailed his lips down to her jawline then several parts around her delicate neck. Jane let out a soft moan but gasped after she felt something poking her. She felt it on her thigh, and there was no way it being Sebastian's fingers.

"S-Sebastian... I-I..." Jane stuttered nervously. The blacked haired demon stopped kissing and looked into her violet eyes.

"Yes, my lady?" he whispered huskily. "I'm here." The brunette noticed how tight his pants are, and she can't help but blush.

"Now that we have the time..." Jane trailed, feeling embarrassed even to continue speaking.

"Do you...?" Sebastian paused, not wanting to embarrass his lady- or wife. Jane blushed, nodded, and her eyes changed to a demon's. Sebastian's red eyes stayed the same, and he fervently kissed Jane on the lips. Jane opened her mouth so that his tongue can travel to her teeth and tongue.

His skillful tongue massaged hers deeply, earning her a muffled moan. To Sebastian, her moaning sounded perfect. His hand went to her thigh, and while the grip was soft, he placed it around his waist.

Jane can feel her love's groin touching her crotch repeatedly with every kiss. She can feel herself throb, and it was too much. The brunette clumsily removed his tailcoat, and it stopped them from their used to be an endless kiss. A string of saliva connected their mouths, their stares filled with lust.

The moment Sebastian gave Jane a chaste kiss, making the line disappear, that was when he picked up Jane again and laid her down on her queen sized bed. The demon gazed at her figure, which included her face flushed, her hair slightly messy due to the demon's hands caressing it, her breasts just waiting for their turn, and last but not least, her soaking wet panties telling Sebastian to remove them immediately.

Sebastian planted a rough kiss on Jane's swollen lips again, and his gloved hands were messing with the strings at the back of her corset. The brunette's hands went to his chest, hoping to remove his gray vest. Surprisingly, she caught all the buttons before her love managed to remove the strings from her corset. He removed his tie and placed it on her nightstand. The crow demon remains in his white cuffed shirt, along with his trousers and gloves. He kicked off his shoes and socks so that he can crawl on top of Jane, her torso fully exposed.

Her face burned with crimson, doing her best to cover her breasts. Sebastian frowned, and finally said,

"Don't hide yourself, mistress," he said so sweetly. As much as she wanted him to make love to her, her lips quivered in fear. Jane knows that he'll be gentle, but at the same time, she's unsure.

"Please... Say my name." Ever since he said her name when they were getting married, it was like a rush. The demoness can feel her arms being removed slowly by Sebastian, and it was like she was letting him. Fully exposed to him, the crow demon smiled and noticed how beautiful she was topless. He looked into her eyes and kissed her passionately before doing something else.

"You look so lovely... Jane," he replied huskily. Jane shuddered, watching Sebastian take his gloves off with his teeth. His fingers were cold to the touch, especially when they went to Jane's breasts. She gasped, and it earned a grin from the demon. His tongue flickered at one of Jane's pink nubs, and Jane's eyes shot open, her breath staggered with surprise.

The hands that were gripping his hair moved to his white shirt unbuttoning it. Sebastian helped Jane by removing his lips from her breast and carefully shrugged it off of him, revealing his chiseled torso. Jane felt herself being tossed counterclockwise so that she was on top.

She blushed, but she grabbed the demon's face and kissed him lustfully. She hummed in the kiss while pulling Sebastian's hair, finally earning him a guttural groan. Jane smiled when she broke off the kiss, seeing Sebastian's red eyes glow in the moonlight.

The demoness gave him a peck on the lips, then headed down to his neck. Her teeth bit his skin gently and then moved down to kiss his torso, down to his abs. She swept her hair away from her face and started to unbutton the demon's trousers. She discarded it with her hands, throwing it to her bedroom floor.

Sebastian chuckled, and this time, he's in control. As soon as he placed her under him, Jane's panties were removed in a snap. His lips met hers again, and they lowered to her neck, breasts, stomach, and down to where she'd never thought would never be penetrated until later...

The moment where his tongue met her slit, the brunette gasped in shock. The demon took note and hushed her gently, giving her another passionate kiss before going back down there. His tongue licked the folds of her sex, resulting a moan from the demoness.

His hands held onto Jane's stomach so that she wouldn't jerk her hips up. The pleasure made her heartbeat rise, and she closed her eyes once more. She panted faster when Sebastian's tongue sped up.

When Jane's moans grew louder, she finally came in her demon husband's mouth. Looking down at her with his irises slitted, Sebastian wiped off the liquid from Jane's sex. Her face flushed, lips bruised, and body pleased was all that satisfied Sebastian, but he just started.

He took Jane's hands to help him remove his black silk boxers, and when it flew to the floor next to Jane's already thrown panties, the brunette looked at his naked body for one second and looked away with red painted across her cheeks. This was it: she was going to lose her virginity to the man she loved.

"Sebastian... I-I..."

"Don't worry. It'll fit," he whispered calmly in her ear. As soon as Sebastian placed a sweet kiss on her lips, he spread Jane's legs apart so that he can couple with her.

The demon thrust his hips against the demoness' when-

Jane gasped in pain, her nails digging into Sebastian's back. Tears blurred her vision, and they quickly went away when she noticed Sebastian kissing them away.

"Forgive me, Jane," he said apologetically. Hoping for her forgiveness, he gave her a couple of kisses on her cheeks.

"What are... you doing?" Jane asked, placing her forehead against his. Her pants resulted in her being nervous, but she wanted him to continue. She smiled weakly and said, "Keep going."

Sebastian smiled at his love, giving her one more kiss before thrusting back into her core. Jane whimpered, but she was pleased. For a moment, she can hear her demon grunt lustfully. The more he thrust his hips against hers, the more moans of pleasure released from their mouths.

"Harder," Jane whispered shakily. Sebastian growled in an effort and pushed into her harder. "Sebastian, I'm falling." The latter didn't realize until it was too late, and the two fell to the floor. The demon looked down at Jane and chuckled quietly, kissing her lips once more. With a quick smile, he flipped Jane so that she was on top. His wife parted her lips in curiosity, blinking when Sebastian placed a firm grip on her hips.

"I'd love to see you ride," his voice said in a sensual tone. The brunette blushed and looked away from her lover's gaze. Sebastian squeezed her hips reassuringly, making her violet eyes look back at him. "I'll guide you."

Jane nodded, and with the help from Sebastian, he ground against her, teaching her. His grip on her hips softened, and Jane rotated her hips against Sebastian's, thrusting towards him. The demoness gasped from the pleasure, but she wanted more. She grabbed Sebastian's hands and placed them on her breasts. The demon looked surprised by her need of touch, but he caressed them as Jane pounded into his hips.

After a few minutes of dominating and teasing her love, Sebastian grabbed Jane and pulled her towards him. They laid chest to chest, panting as Jane continued her thrusts. The two moaned in synchronization, panting and kissing each other as Jane felt her sex swell in pleasure. Their lips met once more when they climaxed.

Their screams of satisfaction muffled thanks to their kiss. They pulled apart and Jane slid off of Sebastian, laying her head on his chest. She felt his heart hammered against her ears, while Sebastian felt hers on his abdomen.

"Wow..." Jane sighed, looking down at the demon, smiling weakly. "You gave me one hell of a night to remember." Sebastian smirked at Jane, moving forward and picking the demoness up. He placed her on the mattress, crawling on top of her.

"Oh love, this is only the beginning. It's still night time, is it not?" Jane's eyelids raised up, surprised by what Sebastian said. The latter took her hands and placed them on the bedpost. Sebastian took his tie and cuffed Jane's hands with it. The brunette parted her lips with a breathy gasp, confused on what her husband was planning. Is she being dominated? As if he knew her question from the look in her violet eyes, the demon responded, "This time, I will be the one in control, and you will receive my bidding."

The brunette felt shivers when he whispered those words to her. Jane felt helpless, but she somehow accepted it. As soon as she opened her mouth to speak, Sebastian quickly pressed his lips to hers hard. With a muffled moan, the demon pulled away and said to her, "No words, only noise." Jane nodded, feeling her sex throb from the way he commanded her. His teeth went to her earlobe and he bit down, releasing a gasp from Jane. His hands roamed around her body, from her cheeks down to her breasts and finally stopping at her thighs. His sharp teeth went down to her neck, applying painful, but pleasurable pressure to her soft spot.

The helpless demoness whimpered softly. Her hips pushed against Sebastian's, begging for more of him inside her. He chuckled and lowered his mouth down to her breasts, engulfing one of her nipples with his teeth. A small yelp escaped Jane's lips, surprised from the unexpected treatment from her chest. Her cuffed hands wiggled hoping to be free, but the tightness was secure, making it impossible for Jane's hands to be released. While teasing her sensitive skin, his two fingers made their way down to Jane's opening. A long and desperate moan came out of Jane, stuttering Sebastian's name.

As punishment, Sebastian pinched her clit, making the brunette gasp in shock. His two fingers inside her kept scissoring harder and faster until he felt a splurge of her fluids coating them. He pulled them out and licked them slowly while finally releasing her hands. Jane grabbed her husband's face and kissed him aggressively. She can taste herself, which made her wince a bit, but it was worth it just to finally have her hands free. Before she could pull away, she felt the demon's length inside her again.

He didn't even have to slow down this time, thrusting into her harder and faster. Jane's nails scratched Sebastian's toned back, grinding against him to receive more pleasure. Hitting the spot right, the brunette orgasm and clung onto the demon. He grunted once more, and when he felt Jane come, he did as well. His teeth gritted hard and he collapsed beside her. The two panted slowly, their eyes were lowered from the intense love making. The demon placed his hand to Jane's face, brushing the hair off her eyes.

He smiled at her, placing a chaste kiss on her lips, and wrapped his arms around Jane while covering themselves from the air. She felt safe and warm, but before she would succumb to slumber, she closed her eyes and said to him,

"Thank you Sebastian... for giving me the chance to be with you after all these years. I love you so much..." The demon smiled and closed his eyes as well.

"I love you too, Jane."

When the two lay in each other's arms in their short slumber, the next day will seem like an instant to them. It will be the start of a new life. Until the end of eternity, Jane's reborn soul will stay with the demon she loves.


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