Title: Digimon: Past behold

Alternate title: Balance Trilogy:Part 1

Category: Digimon

Author: Phoenix Keeper Avalon

Language: English

Rating: Rated: T

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship


Chapters: 1, Words: 1,764

Summary: We all have our secrets; our fears, and many people have the worst of pasts. What about Takato and how will this affect the battle to come?

Parings: Hints Rukato, Hints Henry/Jeri

Chapter 1

Tokyo Shinjuku Park: April 13th Friday

A strong gust of wind ruffled his already messy, long, light brown hair. He inhaled the sweet smelling air deeply; a small and almost unnoticeable smile twisted his lips. Spring…

It came every year but it never ceases to amaze the boy. It was not the name or what happens the mesmerized him, it was how different it happened each year. How the Sakura trees were bare one day but coated in blossoms the next. You never knew when it would happen but you could be almost positive it would.

"Hey! Takato see ya Monday!" called a dark haired boy behind Takato.

"See ya Chummly!" yelled the brown haired boy next to the dark haired before the two left Takato.

"Bye…" said Takato taking another breath.

As Takato kept walking, his mind wandered His parents… His friends; Kazu, Kenta, Jeri, Henry, Ryo, Rika…

I haven't seen Rika in a while… hey, grant it, I haven't Henry and Roy ether. It had been one and a half years since the last time they had all been together, one and a half years since D-Reaper, one and a half years since… they had seen their partners. Guilmon…

After the incident it was like no one cared. Like 'if this person didn't have a place in my life before Digimon then they won't after'. I should have tried harder…

Takato had been trying to keep in contact with the team for quite some time. At first it was easy but then family, school and life made it harder; especially now that everyone (but Suzie, Mako and Ai) was in high school. Takato would see Henry in-between periods but the never exchanged so much a word (despite Takato's persistence) of convocation. What happened? Takato remembered his last attempted at talking to the Digimon Queen…


It didn't take long for Takato to get to Rika's house, he kind of memorised the location during the D-Reaper incident, but the only problem in this visit, was getting in. He knew for a fact that Rika wouldn't let him in, especially since today was her birthday.

Every time he came on her birthday or Christmas or any other day she would slam the door in his face before he could so much as utter a syllable. Never stop him though. For as long as Takato had known her he knew that she would never truly get use to the fact that someone actually cared about her besides family.

Many had questioned why he ever bothered to try. Well in Takato's mind, Rika was a girl that was digging an abyss, of a hole, with no way out and very soon no one to help her. Her situation reminded him of someone he once knew and cared about who came very close to losing himself. Takato didn't want anyone to go through that.

So he was, outside the Nonaka residents, planning how to give a girl who wants' nothing to do with him, a birthday present. Smart Takato… smart.

At the same time looking out for Rika, who could come out or down the street any second, Takato looked around the area for anyone. After a good five minutes of assessing the situation, Takato ran across the road stopping at the side gate. Thankfully it was unlocked.

Takato always loved Rika's garden, especially the Sakura tree that shaded her room from the sun. Making a bee line to said tree he couldn't help but be nervous and you really couldn't blame when he checked every nook and cranny around the door just to be safe, before slipping in with ease.

Despite the fact he had 'never' been invited into her room, it didn't take the intellect of Einstein to know that this was the right room. On the floor was a bamboo makeshift bed, the walls had a small array of pictures, many of which had Rika's ever faithful partner somewhere in the frame, but what really gave it way was the assortment of Digimon cards scattered a top the table, sitting on top her deck case, glinting slightly at the slightest shift of light, was Rika's D-Power looking as new as the day he had first saw it.

Takato was somewhat amazed. Every time he looked at his own D-Power, he'd either burst into tears or his mind would bombard him with painful memories, it got so bad that he put his D-Power in a small wooden chest and left it under his bed. Every time he had to look for a loose sock and caught sight of it, his heart would give a painful thump. It just reminded him of Guilmon… but what about Rika? Didn't it remind her of Renamon? Or was she really as cold as she seemed? No. After all she and Renamon had been through she wouldn't just look back at this as nothing. Besides Rika is tough, just because Takato had trouble with this doesn't mean she does.

On the other side of the house Takato could hear something at the front door. Rika and her grandma were back.

Panicking Takato rushed to Rika's bed, place the present on her pillow then ran quietly out the door. He knew he wouldn't get out without them seeing him, so he practically jumped out of his skin when he could hear Rika's voice getting closer.

So many things raced through his head, how was he going to get out of this, what was Rika going to do when she caught him, would he need stiches and did he remember to write his will.

"…no, tell her that I won't do it." He hear Rika's voice very clearly now.

"But Rika, this would mean so much to her…"

"So was the last hundred." Rika snapped back. The sound of her footsteps getting closer snapped Takato out of his trance, and he looked around for somewhere to hide. The tree perfect he thought scrambling up it, out of sight just as Rika turned the corner.

She slipped into her room closing the door. Second later she came out again his present in hand. Peering through the leaves, Takato held his breath, hoping she won't look up the tree. After a long (terrifying) minute she stopped looking and sat on the porch looking at the present inquisitively as tho wondering why 'Gogglehead' would ever give her a birthday present.

After she was done her inspection, Rika slowly lifted the box's lid, shock clearly visible on her face when she saw what was inside. Inside was a silver bracelet that had the kanji for kitsune (fox) dangling of it. Simple but very expensive, thankful Takato had a cousin that worked at the store so he got it for free.

Smiling when she clipped it on, Takato climbed quietly further up the Sakura and jumped off onto the roof.

Flashback end

Takato sighed before turning to the hill above. Atop it was an old stone smoking hut, which was nicknamed by the Tamers as 'Guilmon's Hideout' and that is where Takato would go every afternoon since the Digimon left; hoping, that somehow, that if he were to look in that the giant hole at the back of the hideout would hold that Gate to the Digital World. Takato would often find himself thinking back to when he used to spend hours and hours just siting onto of the hut with his partner, just watching the red, orange, gold and pink array of colours just sink below the tops of the not so distant buildings. Memory's like that made the 'unofficial leader of the tamers' wonder if the whole incident was just a pleasant dream, but before he could believe his own nonsense, the scar's he had earned reminded him of how real it was.

Even though I thought that I would never be the same, the world soon went back to normal… and after a while so did I… life became exactly what it was before I met Guilmon.

Kazu still made bad jokes and Miss Nami still gave too much homework. Sometimes, well, all the time, I go by our old hangouts just to see if he's there, don't know why I bother, cause he never is… most times I'm ok but there's this one thing that bugs me… a promise I made to a friend… a promise I don't think I can keep…

Takato remembered writing this a while back, he always found himself doing that… when he had lost someone important… the first time he had done that was when he was six, for two people who had died the year before. He did this to get things off his chest, similar to why he draws.

The young hero signed at his thoughts and turned to go home. Stoping him was a sound he hadn't heard in a long time, laughing. Not just laughing but a kind of chime like a small bell. This was the sound of The DigiGnomes. The brunet turned round but saw nothing, yet on impulse he had to be sure. Without a moments hast, he raced up the stairs to his partner's hideout, slowing down at its gate. The place looked no different than the last time he had been here, but the feel off it was completely different like someone had turned the heater on, on a hot day. Squinting as he stepped forward, he knew the exact conclusion to his memo, as what was in Guilmon's hole came into view.

Actually… scratch that… I think I'm gonna keep that promise after all. Takato couldn't help but smile, as he took a tender step forward. There it was the very thing that he always came back to the hideout for. The digital portal.

Takato turned to leave; he had to find the others as soon as possible.

He stopped. Something was wrong. The portal was not what was wrong. No it was the air. It was like it had dropped several degrees, far lower than the normal spring afternoon temperature, ever just after winter. But not just that, it was displaced; like a piece of open space in closed space, so to speak.

"Well aren't we mistrusting." rang a feminist voice in the air, "don't worry 'Hazard' you will like this feeling. When you are one of us…" and with those words the unconscious world took Takato it its depths.

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