Title: Digimon: Past behold

Alternate title: Balance Trilogy:Part 1

Category: Digimon

Author: Phoenix Keeper Avalon

Language: English

Rating: Rated: T

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship


Chapters: 2, Words: 1,599

Summary: We all have our secrets; our fears, and many people have the worst of pasts. What about Takato and how will this affect the battle to come?

Parings: Hints Rukato, Hints Henry/Jeri

Chapter 2

Tokyo, West Shinjuku, Matsuki Bakery: April 14th Saturday

The smell of bread woke Takato from his deep sleep, but Takato being Takato wouldn't give up sleep too easily, so he buried himself deeper into the covers. Then the memories of yesterday afternoon flooded into his conscious mind threatening to give him a headache. Was that all a dream or something else? Well only one way to find out. Takato scrambled out of bed and got changed.

Rushing down the stairs Takato almost tripped over his dog, Yami, which ended in Takato rolling the rest of the way down. Yami stood over his face with a bowl in his mouth, his tail wagging rapidly.

Takato chuckled; after the Digimon incident, his mother finally agreed to let him have a dog, as long as Takato looked after it of course.

"No boy," Yami gave a whine at his words, "first you have to go for a walk, ok," Yami seemed fine with that; the black dog trotted over to the hook were the leash was kept.

Tokyo Shinjuku Park: April 14th Saturday

Soon after breakfast Takato and Yami headed to the park. Funny how normal everyone is acting when almost two years ago a giant pig was destroying most of this side of the city, mused Takato as the park came into sight. Yami getting excited dragged Takato the rest of the way to Guilmon's hideout.

Once at the top, nervousness took over Takato. What if what happened yesterday happened again? What if it was actually a dream? Mustering up his courage, Takato peered in, his heart wrenched at what he saw.

No portal.

Takato could've cried. It had been a long time since Takato had been so crushed.

After what felt like an hour, Takato turned around wandering around the park, Yami at his heels; every so often the puppy would give a whine that matched his masters' mood perfectly. When Takato's legs began to ache, he found an empty bench to rest at, Yami mimicked his master; eyes glued to the ground. A shadow stood over Takato, blocking the spring sun.

"I didn't know you had a dog," said the familiar shadow Takato looked up there standing over him was Henry Wong and his little sister Suzie.

"Got him three months ago," replied Takato sadly, watching Suzie pet the K9, who looked like he was in bliss.

Henry frowned siting down beside his friend "What's got you?"

"Takato?" asked Suzie in an innocent voice.


"Can I go and play with him?" (she stopped pronouncing everything with a 'W')

"Go ahead…" and without another word said Suzie and Yami raced of leaving the two boys alone. Takato waited silently for Henry to say something, knowing him long enough to know he would.

Finally Henry turned to the Gogglehead, "So, exactly what's bothering you?"

Takato hesitated; what good would it do, to tell him that he thought the digital portal had reappeared. "… Have you ever thought… thought that you had found something that you lost, but finding out that it was something else… or just you imagination?"

"Plenty of times…"

"Well that what I'm so bummed about." After that the two friends watch Suzie and Yami, talking about the most random things. When Henry and Suzie left Takato somehow felt better.

The last time Takato and Henry had talked like that was at the local Digimon card game tournament.


Standing at the entrance Takato and Henry got that feeling. You know. The feeling you get when you're about to jump out of a plain or tree. Yep, that feeling. The two were starting to think that signing Takato up for a tournament was a bad idea. But never the less, Takato and Henry, his 'coach', walked to the registration desk.

At first Takato played against several players and had won all his matches, thanks to this his confidence was rising pretty quickly. By the finals Takato thought he had this tournament in the bag…that was until he met his last opponent. Raiden Akita, the Digimon Prince.

He would have been king if it weren't for Ryo. Takato and Henry knew that this was going to be tough.

"Takato this will be the hardest match, are you sure you're up to it?" asked Henry pulling Takato aside. All the Gogglehead did was smile and place his hand on Henry's shoulder.

And so the match began. At first it seemed casual until Raiden had got his GrapLeomon to Digivolve to SaberLeomon. Raiden then used a modify card, raising its A-attack (Nail Crusher) to 670. Takato was in a tight spot when Raiden attacked leaving Takato with just MetalGreymon left.

Sure Takato could Digivolve him to WarGreymon, if he had a Digivice card; the problem was that he had one left in his deck. He had to draw it now or this would be the end of the match.

Ah man, just my luck. Takato thought as he started to draw. Yes . He had drawn a modify card known as Gabumon's Sacrifice and a Digivolving card.

Gabumon's Sacrifice only works if Gabumon had been destroyed the previous turn and his Attack power went to any card Takato chose. It just so happened to be a Gabumon that had been destroyed previous.

Takato without a second thought, Digivolved MetalGreymon to WarGreymon and used the modify card, now with 1080 A-attack (Gaia Force) WarGreymon attacked SaberLeomon.

"Not so fast, I use the modify card, 'Rector Field', this card lets me switch the attack power of any Digimon on the field. Guess who I chose." Raiden grinned.

Victor: Raiden Akita.

Loser: Takato Matsuki

"Bad luck don't you think," Henry chirped, trying to cheer Takato up. The two tamers were heading to Henry's place for some well-deserved rest.

Takato signed, "Maybe I just wasn't cut out to be in a tournament."

"Hey, don't you put yourself down anyone would have done the same thing. It was impossible to beat that combo."

Takato scowled at the genius "You're not helping."

"Sorry…" the rest of the trip was in silence; well it should have been…

"Well look what we got here, Charlie." A voice in the closes ally called out. Soon the two boys were surrounded by three guys, and they didn't look friendly.

"Yep," grunted one of the three.

"A duo of trespassers" finished another, as the men circled the boys.

"This is our turf, ya see…"

Braver than he felt, Takato said "We don't won't trouble".

"Well guess what… ya found it!" the men then reached to grab Henry. Takato acting on instinct he stomped on the man's foot and pushed Henry to run, the men right behind them.

The boys kept running, every time they thought they had lost the men they somehow caught right back up to them before Takato and Henry could take a breather. Soon they boys had hit a dead end.

"Nowhere to run boys," called one of the men, "nowhere to hide."

Takato hated to admit it, but they were right. How the hell were they going to get out of this one?

Henry, suddenly, gave Takato a quick jab in the side then pointed to the wall. He started doing some hand movements; problem was Takato had no clue what he was trying to say.

While he was trying to figure out what he was trying to say, he failed to notice that the fattest of the three men was advancing rather quickly towards them. Just as he saw the man coming, Henry kicked a trash can out in front of him tripping the fat guy and also coursing the rest to be brought down with him.

"Takato, get on my shoulders," Takato turned to see Henry kneeling down to give the goggle head a lift. Without a second thought the leader of the Digimon tamers climbed onto his best friend's shoulders, scrambling up to the top of the wall.

It was that moment the three goons had made it back to their feet. And they looked pissed.

"Henry, grab my hand!" cried Takato, leaning dangerously low holding his hand out.

"Takato, there is no time, run for it." he called back, pressing himself against the wall.

Takato couldn't help but yell at the blue haired boy.

"Yeah right! I'm not going anywhere, Henry!" the glare he sent Henry could have scared D-Reaper back to the digital world, "Now! Grab! My! Hand!"

One of the men threw a punch at Henry, only to meet brick.

He cursed.

"Get back brat!"

Takato still onto of the wall gave the three a wink, before jumping down safely to the other side joining his friend.

"Ciao! Hope we never meet again!"

The two ex-tamers laughter echoed the night.

Flashback end

Smiling, after leaving the playground, Takato walked under the Sakura trees, Yami leading Takato forward. Takato took note of Yami's behaviour and realised that the black dog was actually agitated; scared of something. Guard up, the goggle-head stopped looking around. No one was around but that was what was making the two so uneasy.


At the sound of the twig Yami sent a deep growl, which would scare even a Greymon, to the left of Takato. The spot was shrouded in shadows, so dark you probably couldn't see your own toes, but it didn't take night vision to see that there was something standing there. The air shifted to what it felt like yesterday; fear quickly coursed through Takato, that and confusion. Takato could now see the figure's shape and it was one he knew very well.


Whoa! What the heck is Renamon doing back? Was the digital portal really there? Find out in the next Digimon: Past Behold!

Me: I be your wondering why I changed the character thing to Guilmon instead of Rika and changed it to Friendship/Hurt/Comfort instead of Romance /Adventure, Right?

L.P.: I'm not.

Me: I wasn't asking for your opinion! Anyway the thing is while I was writing this chapter I realised I made a mistake. Rika will only appear in flashbacks and for one chapter at the end, so it would make no sense to have her there.

L.P: don't worry she'll appear more in the sequel!

Me: shut it I wasn't done talking! I changed it to Friendship/Hurt/Comfort because there really won't be much action in this, so it was what I had to do for it.

L.P.: either way sis you (for once) made the right chose.

Me: thanks… I guess… anyway—R&R!