It was not a good day in the No Zone. The Zone Cops are having a war with the mysterious "Dr. Nega", and worse, there was previously a riot, causing most of the prisoners in the Zone Jail to escape, including Scourge the Hedgehog from "Moebius", a Zone parallel to the "Prime Zone", along with the Distructix, a group of Mobians from the 'Prime Zone'.

And presently, a new problem was arising.

"No, No, No!" A voice screamed in stress. The owner of this voice was a Zone Cop. More specifically, Zonic the Zone Cop. He was currently in his office monitoring all the different versions of Sonic, when something horrible has happened in a Zone very close to the "Alpha" Zone; which was a zone connected to a Non-mobius zone codenamed S.E.G.A. [A/N: What that stands for, I'm not sure yet.]

Apparently, the Eggman of that zone has apparently erased the Sonic from that Zone, along with ALL of his friends. This was a very big problem, because not only will that Zone's Eggman completely take over, and not only will that Zone lose stability, but, according to Zilver the Time Cop, that Zone's Eggman plans to team up with villains from worlds that aren't in the Zone Cops control! That will cause even more problems!

"Why does this have to happen NOW?"

Another Zone Cop came into Zonic's office to see the problem. "Officer Zonic, what's the problem?"

"Officer Zails, We've got a horrible problem!"

As the suited Hedgehog explained to the suited twin-tailed fox the problem, The fox was horrified.

"I don't know what to do, Zails! What are we supposed to do!"

"Hmmm…" The Zone Cop was thinking of a solution. "I think I got it! But… you may not like this…"

"What is it! Tell me what you got."

"Um… we're going to need to come in contact with the Forbidden Zone."

"What? You don't mean…"


"But, we're not allowed to contact that Zone at ALL!"

"I know but… we're going to have to if we want to save this universe AND Stop that Eggman from causing even more universal stress."

"Ok, I understand. So… what exactly is your plan?" "Well, my main plan is to try to reincarnate the heroes of that world by finding the right people in the Forbidden Zone, but that will take to long, so I have a faster, backup plan that we could do to hold up the stability of the world while we perform the main plan. My back-up plan is make some new heroes, by finding a group of people that are A) young, B) Heroic, and C) 'Fans'."

"Good thinking, Zails. Before we do this, I need you to get Zamy, Zhadow, Znuckles, Zector, Zilver, and Zlaze. We're going to need their assistance."

"Affirmative." The younger Zone Cop saluted before departing.

"I hope this works." Zonic said to himself. "Heroes, whoever you are, good luck."

'Ow…. My head'. A young 14-year-old figure known as Dan Cruezer thought. 'Did I fall out of bed or something?' As he opened his eyes, he saw the night sky through the many tropical trees. "What? Outside?" He said in confusion. "Why am I outside?" He stood up from the ground and leaned against a tree. "…and why do I feel shorter? …and funny?" He could feel lots and lots of energy built up inside him. He rubbed his furry forehead with his gloved ha- wait a minute…

"My forehead isn't furry! And I don't wear White Gloves! What's going on?"

He looked around for anything that he could see his reflection in. Spotting a stream, he ran towards the stream and looked at himself, only to see something that looked NOTHING like him.

His reflection was a 3' 3 dark navy-blue Hedgehog-like creature. His eye(s) looked like one giant eyeball with 2 Sky-blue pupils. His whole body was covered in navy blue fur, save his muzzle and inner ears, which were dark brown. He had a not-so-long shiny black nose. His head-quills were styled into 3 rows of 3 very sharp and very long spikes. The middle-vertical row of spikes were sprouting at a higher point then the other spikes, making it look like he had 4 spikes when viewed from a profile or a ¾ angle. He had a upside-down-triangular patch of white fur that went around his neck and atop his 2 back-spikes that were located on his upper back, a short tail could be found on his lower-lower back. His hands were covered with white gloves, the cuffs of the gloves were hidden under a pair of 2 rings, the upper ring being made of blue crystal, the lower being gold. His shoes were Light Blue with a white rectangular patch where the laces would be, a Glowing blue ring could be found at the outer heels, attached to a white strap.

"Whoa…" Was all that he could manage to say. "I look some sort of cartoon character. …or a video game character? Something about blue hedgehogs seems oddly familiar. Speaking of Blue Hedgehogs…" His stomach growled hungrily. "…I could go for a Chili Dog right about now… Why do I like those again? I think they were the favorite food of… of… What's that video game character called? Mr. Needle mouse? Nah, that's not it…"

He eventually stopped trying to figure it out and focused on more important things. "Where am I, anyway? Some sort of jungle?"

He walked down the dirt path, searching for a way out. He eventually came across a ladder leading up to a ledge. He climbed up the ladder and saw a mine cart on some rails leading into a tunnel.

"Hmm… I wonder where this goes."

He climbed into the cart and it immediately rolled into the tunnel, coming out the other end.

"Aw…over already?" He whined, immaturely. He climbed out of the cart and looked at his surroundings. He could see a lake, a plateau with an orange workshop, a few caves, and a railroad suspended on wooden boards, with a stairway leading up to the railway, where a train would most likely come.

"You know…" He said to no one, "That orange workshop looks oddly familiar…"

He eventually forgot about the workshop and looked at the train 'station'. [A/N: Is that called a Train Station?]

"Maybe a train could take me to a city, but how would I know if it's going to come or not?" He thought this over for a while before coming up with a brilliant idea. He cupped his hands around his mouth like a mega phone and shouted up the heavens, "WHEN WILL THE TRAIN COME AND TAKE ME TO CIVILIZATION?"

"The train headed to Station Square will be arriving soon." A female voice said over an intercom.

"THANK YOU!" Dan Shouted up to the heavens in gratitude, before running up to the train station and boarding the train that just arrived.


The navy blue hedgehog walked out of the S.S. Train Station. "Wow, what an amazing looking city!"

To his right was a beach, in front of the station was an amusement park known as "Twinkle Park", and to his left was the rest of the city. He saw a tall building close by twinkle park, it looked like some sort of police or government building.

"I wonder what that place is…" He mused. "Ah, who cares! Let's see the rest of the city!"

He ran down the street, going deeper into the city.

As he was looking at all the different stores and buildings, he noticed police cars speeding down the street and crowded around the Casinopolis casino. "Huh? what's going on?"

"This is the Police! Come out with your hands up!" One of the police shouted.

A dark figure exited the casino holding a purple glowing object, he immediately dashed away from the police. The figure seemed to 'skate' into the tall building from before.

"Oh no! He's gone into the Speed Highway, And he's got the Chaos Emerald!" The cop stated. He pulled out a walkie-talkie and spoke into it. "Send out the Cop-Speedsters, I repeat, Send out the Cop Speedsters."

"It's a good thing we bought those things from Dr. Eggman!" Another police laughed.

The blue hedgehog was confused. Speed Highway? Chaos Emerald? Cop Speedster? Dr. Eggman? Those names were giving him a migraine! But there was only one thing on his mind!

"I've got to get that guy!"

He ran towards the building, only to find it locked. The only way to get in was by I.D. pass.

"Darn! Where am I supposed to get a card for this thing!"

"Need help?" Some said. Dan looked up and saw a brown haired man with blue eyes.

"Yeah, I need to get up there and find that guy who stole that thing!"

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out an Pass. "Here, use this." He said while passing the card to the Hedgehog. "My uncle's part of the S-team, so he owns this highway. My names Chris Thorndyke."

"Thanks, Chris!" Dan replied before dashing into the building and into an elevator.

Chris stared at the hedgehog as he left. "He reminds of…"

As Dan came out of the elevator, he saw the Highway in front of him leading out of the building and going down into an incline.

He ran onto the highway when he noticed a helicopter flying by.

With a smirked, he jumped of the highway and grabbed onto the helicopter.

The helicopter flew over another part of the highway where gold rails were suspended over it. He let go off the helicopter and landed on the rail and started grinding.

"Wow, I didn't know I could grind!" He chuckled.

He hopped over to the rail next to him before the one he was previously on ended.

He grinded on the rail as it swerved over and ended by a building, where Dan started running across the windows while dodging bombs and accidentally shattering the windows. "Uh…oops."

He ran off the building onto the solid concrete as he ran on a highway that seemed to be connected to the building.

"Well that's odd…"

He sprinted down the highway as it seemed to end, causing the hedgehog to fall down to another highway that led into a giant yellow scoop that brought Dan up to a higher sky road. The highway led him to a golden ramp which he jumped off of.

The ramp compelled him to perform tricks as he flew up inside of a building.

As he landed inside of the building, he saw some golden rings, about the size of his wrist, floating above the floor. For some reason, he could feel the energy that radiated from the rings.


He walked up to the rings and grabbed onto them. As he touched them, they seemed to disappear, their energy became absorbed into the Hedgehog and building up the energy that he could already feel inside him, the rings on his shoes and gloves, along with eyes glowed a bright blue.

He wondered what this meant, and he brought out his hand. He willed for some of the energy to be released from his hand, and a bright blue Energy Ball formed. He closed his hand and it disappeared.


He figured out what was happening. He could control, absorb, and change Energy! He could absorb it, release it, and change it into any form he wants!

He took a few steps back, and ran forward. He formed a blue energy shield in front of him, which shattered a glass wall that was in front of him.

He jumped into a an opening in a wall in front of him, as he jumped over a gap in the floor, that led to a lower level. He stomped down and turned around to walk forward. He saw a single step in front of him. He walked onto the step and saw a long gap stretching towards another step. Floating over the gap was a series of rings.

He closed his eyes and sensed the energy of the rings. He willed the rings energy to pull him to them, which allowed him to dash over the gap at light speed; a Light speed Dash.

He ended up flying into a giant yellow scoop, which brought him to a lower floor.

"Wait a minute…" He said to himself. "This place is called Speed Highway, right? And isn't there a form of energy called Kinetic Energy? Which is a form of energy that exists in moving objects! And I can manipulate energy, which should allow me to…"

He took off running, his whole body began glowing as he turned the energy in him into kinetic energy, which sped him up to sonic speeds as he hopped over a trip on the floor and slid under a giant buzz saw. He turned to the left and ran out the building, atop a glass bridge that led to another building.

He ran down the hallway he ran into towards the exit as he jumped onto a platform. Floating in front of him was a small robot with spinning blades.

"This'll be easy"

He jumped up in the air and, calling upon his new hedgehog instincts, curled into a Spin ball. He Spin Jumped onto the Spinner and landed on another platform. He jumped to another, slightly higher, platform and jumped onto some balloons, which propelled him on top another buildings.

A red spring sent him into the air, where he light dashed across a trail of rings and landed on a helicopter landing, where he jumped off a yellow trick ramp, using the tricks he made to propel him to a helicopter that was flying.

"This city is going 'Up and Down and All Around'!" He said as he grabbed onto the helicopter.

He let go as the helicopter flew way high above a copter landing. He managed to land on a platform floating almost a mile above the landing. He saw a few floating spinners suspended in the air.

He spin jumped in the air towards the robots and willed the robots energy to pull him towards them as he curled into a ball. 'I'm calling that a Homing Attack', He thought.

The impact sent him into rainbow hoop-like ring which had the same effect as the gold ramps. He performed tricks as he landed on another highway that led into a building.

As he landed he noticed some monkey robots wearing black visors piloting small cop car-like hovering mobiles.

"Those must be the Cop-Speedsters! …And they're coming after me!"

He used a Homing Attack on them as he ran into the building.

He ended up crashing through a glass wall, where he began running down the side of the skyscraper.

"Going Down!"

He sped down the building as a dozen cop-speedsters began flying after him.

As he landed on the floor of the inside of a lower building, the cop-speedsters crashed into the floor and destroyed themselves.

"Ha Ha! Dumb Robots!" He laughed as he sped out into a parking garage, drifting along the turning road. He sped into a different path that led out, where a set of springs sent him flying onto the side of a building, where he ran along (and shattered) the windows while dodging more bombs, another spring sent him back onto a highway.

He drifted along the twisting curves of the sky road. He ran onto a set of unstable yellow platforms. He jumped off of them before they could fall, and landed on a wall, he wall jumped up the parallel walls, and light dashed across a trail of rings that made shot him towards a wall, where he ran up the wall into a spring which sent him up and down onto unstable platforms.

With quick timing, he quickly increased his kinetic energy while releasing excess energy behind him and forming an energy shield in front of him to boost forward. He jumped into a an orange dash ring which sent him into a spring that propelled him up onto a short suspended road, jumped onto an unstable platform and jumped into a tunnel, and took a rocket to a highway several feet to the side.

The highway he ran on went up and into a loop-de-loop with a ramp at the end. He jumped off the ramp and into a rainbow ring, perfoming tricks towards a rooftop and landing on a dash-ramp, which sent him into the air where he grabbed onto a rocket that took him far, passing by buildings, before the navy blue hedgehog landed on another highway and boosting off.

He drifted along the twisting and swerving highway that curved left and right and even twisting into twirls before coming to a dead end, where he finally caught up the thief from before.

"Hey, who are you! And why did you steal the jewel from the casino!"

He revealed himself to be a 14-year-old Black Tenrec with Purple streaks. He had Violet Eyes that seemed to be clouded with Darkness, with Purple markings around his glaring eyes. On his chest was a white patch of fur spread out to the sides. He had a purple stripe going up his arms and legs. His 7 main outer spikes were spread backwards, with two spikes on both the sides pointing upwards. In addition, a spike on each side pointing downward, behind his Dark Tan, furry muzzle. He had an Extra quill going over to the front of his face, arched downward like a Crescent Moon. He wore White Gloves with black metal cuffs, and black sneakers, with white at the toe and white laces, Dark purple soles, with two Light Purple glowing orbs, allowing him to hover. He was streaked with Light purple quills shooting out like a mane, going from the back of his head, down his spine. He lacked a tail. "My name is Eclipse." He answered. "What I took was this!" He showed Dan the purple brilliant cut gem. "…a Jewel Containing the ultimate power!"

Dan's eyes widened. The gem seemed very familiar. Dan knew he saw it before, he saw it… in a video game! It's called… it's called a… "That's a… Chaos Emerald!" He shouted in realization.

"Your are correct. The reason for me collecting these aren't any of your concern. But what I will tell you, is that I know what you have done to my family."

Dan was taken back. "What are you talking about? I've never seen you before in my life!"

"Don't play dumb with me. I was shown what you did to my friends and family! And what you did to me…" He replied looking at his hands.

"I don't know what your talking about! You ever said that is lying!"

"I won't fall for your tricks. I have no time for games, farewell!" Eclipse shouted as he disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

As the Tenrec disappeared, Dan noticed something glowing. He looked to his right and saw a dark blue gem as big as his head, floating above the road. "Whoa… where did that come from?"

He walked towards and reached out towards it, the 'Sapphire' disappearing and reappearing in his hand, shrinking down to the size of his fist.

"So this is a Chaos Emerald." He mused. "How do I know it's name, anyway…?"

As he was holding the Chaos Emerald, it started to glow immensely. "Huh? what's happening?" The emerald was shining brighter and brightly. Then suddenly, there was a flash of light, Dan was trying to shield himself from the brightness.

When he opened his eyes, noticed he was in a new location entirely, he was in the streets of a different city. A city that looked strangely like…New York… "Whoa! Eustace…." He spoke to no one in particular. "We're not in Kansas, anymore." Kansas being a metaphor for his original world, Earth, he never even been to Kansas.