A city with technology so advanced, it seemed to be from the future. A city that seemed to be completely built out of metallic material such as chrome. The metallic streets seemed to be built like racetrack, and the metallic buildings just screamed "Future". It was like you took a step into the next century or two.

Somewhere within this city, a blue-white light flashed, leaving a group of multi-colored cartoony animal-things in it's place.

Mary blinks her eyes several times before shaking her head to clear herself of the strange feeling, like her center of gravity was completely off. She was confused as she looks around. "Um… can any one please tell me what's going on?"

"Where the heck are we?" Volcanix asked.

"This place is so beautiful! Is this the future?" Lovable complimented and asked.

Eclipse just narrowed his eyes in annoyance, half of which because he was held tightly by that valentine colored hedgehog girl. That same girl that made him feel weird. After slipping out of her grasp without her noticing, he turned to leave with the green Emerald and get away from these "imbeciles", but he realized something. Feeling air in his hand, he looked at his gloved palm and his eyes widened. Where was the emerald? He immediately searched himself and saw nothing but his hover skates. He scanned the unconscious forms of the blue hedgehog and yellow fox, but saw no sign of the green Chaos Emerald. Eclipse growled in frustration. "Grrr! Imbeciles! The emerald must have got lost in that space-time warp those two IMBECILES caused! That… 'Chaos Control…'" Why did that sound familiar? He shook his head. "I don't have time for this!" And he skated away.

It was at that moment that Energy and Sparky finally awoke. "Ugh…" The spiky navy-blue teen rubbed his forehead. "Boy am I dizzy…"

Sparky shook his head to get rid of the dizziness and the tired/weak feeling.

"Are you okay… 'Sparky'?" The yellow cat asked the yellow fox. Once Sparky's head was clear enough, he thought of something. So he focused and tried to "connect" to Mary's mind.

'Yeah… I'm ok.' The fox responded through telepathy. Mary was surprised at hearing her friend's voice in her head, but she shook it off. She's seen weird stuff today, so this was nothing.

'Just to make sure, you are Mary Summers, right?'

"Yeah." Mary responded. "And you're Shawn Fowl, right?"

'Yeah, but just call me Sparky. So… what do you think of the name "Star"?'

"'Star'?" The cat blinked. "I LOVE IT! It's perfect!"

'I thought it'd be…' Sparky responded, remembering the yellow stars on her dress, gloves and boots when he saw her in Grand Metropolis. 'So, Star… can you do something for me?'

"Yeah, sure. What is it?"

'Can you please let me go?'

Star just stared in confusion before looking down, realizing that he arms were wrapped tightly around the fox, holding him close to her like a Teddy Bear. Under the white fur, her face was slightly red. "Oh! Uh…" She immediately released him. "Sorry!"

When Sparky was free from her grasp, he turned to the rest of their 'group' to make sure everyone was here. He saw an angry looking Volcanix, a dazed lovesick Energy as he enjoyed being close to Lovable, who was still "hugging" him whether she realized it or not as she was lost in her own world, singing quietly to herself, and then… wait… where was 'Eclipse'? 'He must have ran off while I was still 'out of it'.'

Sparky walked up to Energy and ripped him out of Lovable's grasp, while simultaneously shocking him back to his senses.

"So, Sparky." Volcanix spoke to the fox. "Any idea where we are?"

Sparky held his 'chin' as he thought. He looked around for any sign. Something that had this place's name on it. His electric blue eyes came across a large "TV"-like screen that said "Metal City, Future City."

'We seem to be in a place called "Future City." Or more specifically, "Metal City". Both names seem to be very accurate.'

Energy whistled. "This place is more futuristic than the last zone!"

"Zone?" Volcanix questioned. "Why'd you call it a "Zone?"

Energy shrugged. "It just popped into my head."

Volcanix rolled his eyes.

Sparky turned to Star. 'By the way, do you have any special powers?'

Star snapped her fingers, and a flame of solar energy appeared over her index finger and thumb. "I have fire powers!"

"What!?" Volcanix shouted. "I'm the one with the Fire powers! How can you have my power!" The hot-blooded echidna empowered his fists with flame and molten rock to emphasize his point.

"Hey! Just because you have fire doesn't me I can't?!" Star shouted back, angrily.

'Guys, calm down.' Sparky "said" to keep his friends from causing a flame war. 'There's an easy explanation for why the both of you have similar powers.' Sparky turned to Volcanix. 'Dude. You're called "Volcanix" for a reason. You have the elements of a volcano, meaning your powers are based around the Earth. The Earth (or whatever this planet is) has a hot, fiery core. So since you have Earth-based powers, you can use fiery magma based powers.' He turned towards Star. 'You, Star, are connected to the Sun, as your name and colors would imply. And we all know the sun is basically a big giant ball of fire and gas in space so I don't think I need to elaborate on that.' Sparky looked at Volcanix. 'So do you understand that she isn't technically stealing your power?'

Volcanix just got angrier. "I was hoping that in this world, I was born when the Sun fell in a Volcano!"

Sparky just gave him a weird look. 'Uh… that doesn't make any sense at all. The Sun can't fall into a Volcano since the Sun is much larger then the planet, unless you mean a solar flare or something falling in a volcano that's activating. But even then, I'm sure that in this world you would have been born naturally.'

Volcanix just looked away muttering angrily to himself. Star reached behind her back. "By the way…" she pulled out a rectangular yellow gem. "I found this in that other city."

Energy's eyes brightened. "Cool! You got a Sol Emerald!" Energy pulled out his blue Chaos Emerald from behind his back. "Now your officially part of our group!"

Sparky eyed the yellow gem in the cat's hand curiously. 'Can I see that for a second?'

"Sure." She handed him the emerald, Sparky held it in his left hand.

Sparky pulled his yellow Chaos Emerald out of his pocket, holding it in his right hand. With the Chaos Emerald, Sparky could sense that there was an infinite amount of chaotic energies contained in it. Sparky could also feel the Chaos Emerald's energy, and if he tapped into it, he knew it empower him in the form of electricity. With the Sol Emerald, Sparky could sense an infinite amount of power similar to the Chaos Emerald, but it was a little different… instead of just chaos, he sensed that the Sol Emerald contained a slightly different power, sol(ar) power, as in the Sun, Sol. Yet he could feel that if he tried to tap into it's power, he would gain a shield of electromagnetic energy. Sparky focused his mind on the Sol Emerald to see if he could get any more useful information. The gem glowed yellow and the electric blue eyes of the fox widened as images flashed before his eyes.

An underwater laboratory

A flame that burned with hope

A research project based around this flame

A young princess with red hair

An explosion, a freak accident

A fire that burned with disastrous flames

A black smoke of darkness with a mind for destruction

A City of Water

A Sun Festival

The flames of disaster again, burning through the city

An evil, destructive creature rises out of the flames and unleashes a menacing roar

A silver hedgehog standing in the flames with gold bracelets and white gloves with cyan green marks of psychic energy and "hair" that resembled a certain type of leaf and Gold eyes filled with a naïve outlook on life yet shined with a dream of an absolution

A lilac cat with a purple dress and white pants, cursed with the power of the flames with gold eyes that blazed of a lonely past, but burned with a fire of newfound friendship

A super-dimensional life form made of the fire of the sun existing within all timelines

Three golden figures, one in the past, one in the present, and one in the future, attacking the sun god

A world with vast oceans and several islands

A young adventurous raccoon girl in a green top and shoes and black pants steering a large ship over the vast seas, blessed with power of the aquatic element that contained marine life

A golden supersonic hedgehog empowered by a Chaos and a pink burning blaze of a cat empowered by Sol, both fighting against egg-shaped mad doctors

Sparky sharply inhaled as the images ended. He grasped his head in pain as his brain suddenly began to hurt, painfully. Those images looked very familiar, but he couldn't figure out where. He decided to just give the emerald back to Star.

'The Sol Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds are connected like the north and south sides of a magnet. They can either attract or repel the other. Both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds can turn thoughts into power, and when all 7 of either set are collected, a miracle will happen.'

"Whoa" was all Star could say.

"Sweet". Energy said.

"How do you even know that?" Volcanix asked.

'I… I don't know… But now that I think about it… there are lots of holes in my memory…'

"Sparky, you can barely remember anything anyway."

'I know I forget things a lot, but I feel that there's something I should be able to remember, but for some reason… it's like there's something preventing me from accessing certain memories… But these emeralds may be the key to regaining the missing memories.' Sparky's eyes widened as he realized something. 'These emeralds may also be the key to going back home! If we can manage to get all 14 emeralds, seven Chaos and seven Sol, then there's a strong possibility that they will somehow be able to transport us back to the 'Real' world…' For some reason, the fox didn't really feel as excited as he should at the idea of going back home.

"What's your problem? You don't want to go back home?" Volcanix asked.

'I don't know… I feel like… This world looks very familiar, like I've seen it before. …I feel like I've always wanted to come here…'

"Dude…" Energy began, "I know how you feel. My memory is a little off, but I feel like I've always wanted to come to this world. Like I've always wanted to come here and just run freely. …and never look back."

What Energy just said brought made Sparky remember a quote he read somewhere. "I'll never look back. I've got no regrets. 'Cause time doesn't wait for me. I choose to go my own way.'" Sparky couldn't remember where he got that quote, but it made him realize a part of why he liked being here. 'In this world, I feel free. Like there's nothing holding me back, and there's nothing restraining me and keeping me in one place. I'm free to run wherever I want, go wherever I want to go, do whatever I want, and just keep on running far, far away. I feel like I'm a force of nature, like lightning in the sky, free to strike wherever and flash whenever.' Back home, Shawn had to always listen to whatever his grandparents, or parents, told him to do. He always had to follow their rules, he always had to come straight home from school, he had to always stay on the block whenever he went outside with his friends. He was chaos that was constantly under a lot of control.

"Dude, you read my mind! That's exactly how I feel!" Energy exclaimed. "But don't we have to go home at some point? Wouldn't our parents be worried about us?"

"I hate my mom!" Volcanix yelled. "She could die for all I care. I don't ever want to see her ugly face ever again!" The echidna turned toward Sparky. "But your mom might be worried about me…My wife is probably crying her eyes out right now."

Sparky just face palmed. 'Dude. For the last time, your not married to my mom! …but my grandparents…' Sparky was very close to his grandparents. He was raised by and lived with them, rather then his actual parents, who weren't ever married. His sister was raised by and usually lived with their Mom.

"I miss my dad." Star said quietly to herself.

"I love my parents!" Lovable exclaimed, but her attention was drawn to something else. She spotted a store called "Accelovice Extreme Gear". "Oooh… what's that?"

Volcanix was confused. "Extreme Gear? What the heck is that?"

'Hmmm…' Sparky thought. 'Accelovice? As in… Acceleration? "Acceleration" and "Extreme". …Gear?' Sparky looked around, seeing a large floating screen displaying advertisements. At the moment, it seemed to be displaying some sort of skateboard. A very futuristic looking one. 'I'm guessing it's a store that sells stuff like skateboards and bikes and stuff. Seeing as this city is very high tech, I'm assuming they might have stuff like Hover boards.'

Energy and Star both looked up after hearing 'Skateboard'. "Skateboards?" Energy asked. "Awesome, let's go in!"

The five of them walked into the store, seeing all sorts of weird and futuristic skateboard-like hover boards on the walls. There were also bikes, skates, and some odd looking 'gear'. The store was split up into 3 sections, labeled "SPEED", "FLY" and "POWER", with special boards and skates in the SPEED section, special gear shaped like the Greek letter "Psi" called "Air Ride" and windsurf board-like gear called "Yachts" in the FLY section, and Bikes and Wheels in the POWER section. Although there boards in every section.

Energy smiled. "Sweeeeeeeeeeet!" He was immediately drawn to a board in the SPEED section, with colors that matched his color-scheme perfectly. It was built for great speed and power, as well as grinding. He could tell this gear was perfect for him, like it was built for him. "Dude! I totally call this one! It's calling me…" He said crazily as he stared at the Gear. "I'm calling you 'Energy Wave!'"

Sparky wandered through the FLY section, looking for a gear that fit him. His electric eyes scanned through all the gear that was hung on the wall, eventually landing on a yellow board with black and red-orange accents hung up high on the wall. Sparky levitated up to the gear to get a closer look. Apparently, this was a special board that could switch between "Board" and "Air Ride", and was perfect for flight and speed. 'This looks pretty cool! I'm definitely getting this one. I'll call you… "Electric Spark".'

Volcanix looked at all the gear in the POWER section. He walked around, looking up at all the gear hung up on the wall, before he finally found what he was looking for. He saw a board that was red with black, orange and yellow accents. Upon closer inspection, he found that this board could switch to a bike form. This board didn't exactly have the speed or acceleration he hoped for, but what it lacked in speed, it excelled in Power and could gain great altitude with powerful jumps. "How the heck is a board gonna turn into a bike?" Volcanix asked, angry and confused. He just shook his head. "I'll just call you "Volcanic Eruption"."

Lovable cheerfully eyed all the boards she saw. It was hard to pick, she just loved them all! But the one that stood out to her was a pink board with red and light blue accents in the FLY section. This board can switch to a "Yacht" form, and had great speed and flying power. Lovable looked lovingly at the gear, now what to call it? "Hmmm… ooh! I know! I'll call you "Angel's Love"!"

Finally, Star was looking for a gear in the SPEED section. The one that caught her eye was an orange board with yellow and green accents. This board was just a board and didn't transform into a different type of gear, but had great Speed and acceleration. "This is perfect! I'll call you "Star Fire!"

"It's a good thing we're in another universe!" Energy said to Star, "Or you'd be sued by DC Comics and Cartoon Network!" The cat just rolled her eyes.

The five of them walked up to the check-out area, seeing a small blue robot flying in the air behind the counter.

"Hey…" Volcanix began, "You look like those Chao I saw in that Chao Garden!"

"I'm Omochao, I'll tell you anything you need to know!" The flying robot spoke. "Extreme Gear runs on air, and you can refill them by using the stations around the track or collecting certain item capsules on the track! Extreme Gear comes in Speed, Fly or Power and you can upgrade certain gear by using "Gear Change" to use their unique abilities! Speed-type gear can grind on rails, Fly-type gear can fly through Air Dash rings, Power-type gear can let you smash through obstacles! You can kick the ground to accelerate faster! Drifting around corners takes up more air! You can also gain more air by riding on someone's turbulence! You can-"

"SHUT UP!" Volcanix yelled, he couldn't handle that thing talking anymore less he jumps over the counter and destroy that thing! "Just tell us how much these things cost!"

"That'll be 10,000 rings!"

"WHAT!? Ten Thousand?!"

"That's over Nine Thousand!" Energy added, making a reference to something he couldn't remember, and also completely unaware of where that reference is really from.

Star reached behind her back, "Here." She pulled out a credit card from nowhere. "I have this." She handed the card to Omochao.

After using the card to pay for the gear, Omochao handed the card back to Star. "Thanks for shopping at Accelovice! Come again soon!"

They left the shop and walked along the metal road with their gear under their arms. "I can't wait to test this thing out!" Energy said excitedly.

'Considering the fact that you have a ripstik back home and that you're very skilled with riding it, You'd probably master the Extreme Gear on your first try.'

"When you tried to ride the ripstik, you failed so many times, I bet you'd fall off the Extreme Gear as soon as you get on it!" Volcanix told the fox.

'Hey, I almost got it eventually! And I think I'd do pretty well on these things.'

"It took you 9'001 tries before you got it."

Energy laughed at that. "It's over 9'000!"

'No it didn't! Your exaggerating!' Before their conversation could continue, Sparky rubbed his head. 'Woah…I think I sensed something…'

Energy shook. "Yeah, I feel a strange energy." Energy and Sparky stopped in front of a large TV screen showing various advertisements in front of metal handlebars that stood over the edge of the path, preventing most pedestrians from falling down to the lower metallic streets. 'I think it's coming from around here…'

The sound of shattered glass echoed throughout the city.

"What's that over there?" Volcanix asked, pointing to a building in the distance. Energy and Sparky snapped there heads in the direction he was pointing, seeing three figures flying out of the glass walls of a tall building. There silhouettes looked very familiar: they looked vaguely like a hawk, swallow and albatross. The three of them also looked like they were riding hover boards…

The energy that Energy felt and Sparky sensed was coming from them! Sparky sensed something else too. He took the Chaos Emerald out of his pocket and saw that it was blinking. 'A Chaos Emerald! They have a Chaos Emerald!'

The three figures fell to the metal road far below and rode off, being chased by several police (hover-)cars.

"Sweet! A chance to use my Extreme Gear!" Energy exclaimed as he jumped over the bars and spun down to the lower road.

Sparky and Volcanix looked at each other and nodded before following the navy blue crazy guy. Lovable and Star followed soon after. They landed on the metal track below and entered what would be the start of a racetrack. There was a ceiling with green lights above them. Up ahead, the rest of the road was blocked by electricity and they could hear a countdown.

"All right! Let's do this!" Energy said.

3... The five of them walked backwards a few feet.

2... They began to jog forward, quickly accelerating into running

1... The five of them were running near-full speed, with Energy and Sparky in front, towards the electrical barrier.


They immediately jumped on their boards and rode out into the track. Energy and Sparky kicked the ground to boost forward with greater speed.

Energy smirked as he swiftly rode past police cars with ease, he could see the three figures up ahead. Now that he got a closer look, they looked like they were made of silver metal with glowing lights. Energy felt a large amount of electrical energy coming up behind him. He turned around, seeing Sparky. "Sparky, do those guys look kind of familiar to you?"

Sparky looked at the three figures. The "hawk, swallow and albatross" were sleek, silver metallic beings. The "hawk" was about the same height as Energy, with a… Mohawk… (ha!) and parts of "his" body was glowing green, such as his eyes, "goggles" on his for-head, wrists, chest (resembling chest hair in a 'V' shape), a flame-like design on his "boots" and arms, and the bottom of his "Extreme Gear". The "Swallow" was taller, with a feminine build, with purple glowing eyes, "sunglasses", wrists, a flame design on the bottom of her legs (resembling pants), the tips of what looked like long hair, and the bottom of her board. The "Albatross" was the largest of the trio, and most likely the strongest. "He" had gold glowing eyes, "goggles", necklace, wrists, what looked like straps on shoes, and the bottom of his board. Sparky held his head in pain as images of a group of birds riding extreme gear and an evil looking red echidna in gold armor commanding a group of metallic beings flashed through his mind, along with the words "Babylon" and "Prelates".

'Yeah… they do look kind of familiar…'

"Well, whoever they are…They aren't getting away with that Chaos Emerald!"

As the Hedgehog and Fox got closer to the thieves, the metallic birds looked at them with their glowing eyes.




Their boards glowed bright, and they blasted off with amazing speed. Energy looked at Sparky and smirked. "Come on, Sparx! Try and keep up!" Energy's legs glowed with bright blue energy as the hedgehog charged up his gear. Energy lifted up his right leg. "Here we…" He kicked the ground, "GO!" and he blasted off towards the metal birds, leaving a blue trail of energy. Sparky narrowed his eyes, 'Oh, so that's how we're gonna play it…' Sparky focused his mind on the yellow extreme gear under his sneakers. Immediately, Sparky's brain seemed to "connect" to the board's technology, and he knew exactly how It worked. 'What the…I didn't know I could do that! Well…let's see what else I can do with this thing…!' Electricity cackled around Sparky's feet and entered the gear, charging it up and modifying it's technology. Sparky held back a smirk as he kicked the ground and chased after the hedgehog in an aura of electricity.

Energy rode his gear past the "albatross" and "swallow" and came up beside the "hawk". "Something tells me that you're the leader." The "hawk" just looked at him. "So…" Energy started, "Are you going to give me back the emerald?" The "hawk" summoned green energy in the shape of a "Bashosen" fan and swiped at Energy.

"Woah!" Energy ducked. "Hey, Watch the spikes! Too can play at that game!" Energy charged a blue ball of energy in his hands and shot it at the 'hawk', knocking 'him' backwards. The hedgehog smiled triumphantly and looked back. Instead of seeing the metal hawk crashing into the ground like he hoped, he instead saw the 'hawk' riding towards him with two green glowing "fans" in both hands spread out behind 'him'.

"JTT!" The "Hawk" slashed at the blue maniac with both fans, knocking the rings out of him and knocking him off his board.

"Ugh!" Energy and his board hit the ground tumbling. "Ngh…that was actually kind of painless…huh?" The hedgehog saw a bunch of gold rings spread around him. Energy stood up and picked them up, re-absorbing them. "So that's why I didn't get hurt…" Energy saw a group of rings floating in a straight line on the track. He walked up to them and absorbed them immediately, feeling their energy build up inside of him. He jumped as he saw a yellow lightning bolt shoot past him, flying down the track. A few moments later, blurs of red, yellow/orange, and pink shot down the track as well. The hedgehog laughed to himself… "They think they're fast…" Energy picked up his board, leaned forward on his right leg and his arm in front of him, feeling the ring's energies mixing with his own, before launching off down the track, encased in a bright blue aura as he ran, passing Volcanix, Lovable and Star instantly.

The yellow lightning bolt that was Sparky the Fox on extreme gear focused on the green, purple, and gold glowing metallic birds up ahead, he was getting closer and closer! Just a few more seconds…

"Sup bro!"

Sparky was snapped out of his thoughts by his friend's voice. He looked to the side, seeing Energy running next to him… backwards. The fox blinked several times, several questions through his head. Yet the only thing he managed to ask was 'Where did you come from?'

"Back there." Energy replied, pointing forwards (or 'backwards' from Sparky's perspective). "That hawk hit me with an energy fan or something…I gotta pay him back for that!" Energy turned around so he was now running forward. "Later!" And the hedgehog was gone.

Energy felt a gust of wind blow past him. It's the bluish wind! The blue-tinted wind blew down track, creating a path of turbulence leading straight to the birds.

"Sweet!" Energy threw his board forward and jumped onto it, riding the turbulence, performing several tricks as he was launched into the air several times.

In a few seconds, he was nearing the hawk, swallow and albatross. In a few more seconds, Sparky was next to him. In a few more seconds, the rest of their group caught up as well.

"Wow you guys are slow!" Energy exclaimed.

'Yeah, where were you guys anyway?' Sparky asked.

"Hey! We ain't slow!" Volcanix argued.

"You guys are just too fast!" Lovable complimented.

"Very Fast!" Star added.

"Well, since we're all here… are you ready to take these guys down?" Energy asked his friends. Everyone nodded. "Good! Then let's go!"

Energy kicked the ground to accelerate, along with the rest of his friends. Volcanix and Star both rode by the large albatross. A ball of solar fire appeared in Star's hand, while a ball of volcanic fire formed around Volcanix' fist. On cue, they both attacked the storm of an albatross and knocked 'him' down.

Sparky and Lovable rode next to the 'swallow' with purple lights. 'Do you think you can do this, sis?' Sparky asked with electricity cackling around his hand.

In the pink hedgehog's hands, a bow-and-arrows appeared in a flash of pink light. The bow was pink and the arrows had heart-shaped tips. "Of course, bro!"

The yellow fox was beginning to think his sister was really a female cupid or something in disguise, but he discarded that thought. The purple waves that were the swallow was immediately hit by a lightning bolt and a heart-tipped arrow.

The 'hawk' looked back, seeing his teammates were lying on the track, offline. 'He' could also see an electric yellow fox, fiery red echidna, cotton candy pink hedgehog, and a sunny yellow cat, but no sign of the navy blue hedgehog. Prelate-J scanned the area with his robotic vision, before looking up, seeing the bottom of the hedgehog's board, riding the blue winds before diving down with the wind into the 'hawk', knocking 'him' onto the ground.

Energy hopped off his board and watched the hawk, swallow and albatross on the ground. "So are we done here?"

Sparky closely inspected the three. Somehow, something told him they weren't done yet. He could just tell that their health meters would only be half empty. Just to be sure, Sparky touched his head and focused his mind on them.




Sparky noticed their eyes light up again, but they remained on the ground. Instead, they scanned the five of their opponents.






















Sparky was confused by scanning of Energy and Volcanix, but he decided not to think about it at the moment. But he understood the "Orders". The 'Hawk' and 'Swallow' rose up and rode off into the sky, evacuating the city. The 'Albatross' rose, but instead of following 'his' teammates, 'he' pounded 'his' fists together and faced the five of them.

'We're definitely not done yet…'

"So the game's still on?" Energy asked.

Volcanix growled. "I'm getting tired of this, I'm finishing this right here!" But before he could get charge up his fist, Sparky put his hand up to signal 'wait'. The fox stared into space before his eyes widened.

'Guys! Cover your ears now!'

They all followed the silent fox's orders in confusion, but their questions were answered when a loud "Boom" sounded like thunder, and the teal-colored sound waves and music notes were visible as they hit the metallic albatross, destroying 'him' completely.


All that was left of their opponent was a ball of goldish-yellow light.

'What the shock?' Sparky asked to no one in particular.

"What the juice was that?" Energy asked.

"Me." A voice said. Energy and co. turned to the right, seeing a teal lion with black headphones with an antenna on the right phone and microphone coming from the left phone to the side of his furry muzzle, black fingerless gloves, and black converses with white at the toe, straps, soles and socks. His mane was woven into dreadlocks, and his eyes were goldish-brown. And on his chest, was the image of a music note. "'Sup."

'That's John.' Sparky told Energy.

"John Lorenzo? Your cousin?" How could you tell?"

'Well, I don't know. It COULDN'T have been the voice, the way he talks, his headphones or his dreads…' Sparky thought sarcastically. 'Plus, I just have a way of knowing somehow..'

John Lorenzo was Shawn and Christina's cousin. He was very athletic and strong, and was on their schools football team. He was also into music, and was an excellent dancer and DJ.

"Oh. Do you think all of our friends are gonna be here?"

'Nah, I'm sure it's just our main group.'

"So we only have 2 more friends to find?"

'Just one. I'm pretty sure we already came across one of them already…' Sparky thought in deep… thought.

Energy just gave his friend a confused look. "What?"

"So are you done talking to yourself?" 'John' asked the blue hedgehog.

"I'm not talking to myself, I'm talking to him." Energy corrected, pointing at Sparky.

"Uh, he ain't talking back. He's not saying a word."

"Oh, I hear his voice in my head. We have a psychic connection."

John just gave Energy a weird look. "Man, I think you have you have to get your head checked…"

Energy laughed. "That's the same thing this guy says." He pointed at Volcanix. "And my mom, my teachers, my family, my skateboard, my-"

'Your skateboard?' Sparky asked him.

"Yeah, it's always complaining about me not "thinking" or something…"

Sparky just stared at the hedgehog before shaking his head, not bothering to question it.

John stared at Energy, blinking several times. "Man… I never thought I'd ever see someone crazier then Dan…" John's eyes lit up as he realized something. "Wait a minute…"

"I'm crazier then myself?" Energy asked, confused. He then turned to Sparky with a triumphant smirk on his face. "Ha! I told you it was possible! Where's my 5 Dollars?!"

The fox reached into his pocket and handed the hedgehog five rings instead. 'I can't believe you remember that bet…'

"Wait…Back up." John said. "If he's Dan, then you guys are Shawn, Greg, Christina and Mary!"

"Why you gotta say my name second?!" Volcanix argued.

"Yeah, you're Greg alright."

"Yeah, but here, we're called Energy, Sparky, Volcanix, Lovable and Star. So, what can you do?" Energy asked the lion.

"I have power over sound." John replied. "Watch this!" His fist glowed teal as he punched the ground, causing large cracks to appear and a powerful shockwave of sound waves to echo across the city with a sonic boom.

Volcanix' hands were covering his… "ears", trying to block out the sound. "Argh! Don't do that!"

"Hmmm…" Energy said, "Power over Sound…"

'Sonokinesis' Sparky corrected.

"I know! I'll call you Sonic!" After hearing that name, everyone began clutching their heads in pain as they got a horrible headache. The wind was also blowing harder as well for some reason. "Okay, never mind… Let's call you… "Boom"."

"Sounds cool!" 'Boom' exclaimed. He turned around, looking at the goldish ball of light that used to be the metallic albatross. His eyes also caught on to something lying on the floor. A silver jewel. Boom picked it up, examining the brilliant cut shape. "What's this?"

"Sweet!" Energy cheered. "Boom got a Chaos Emerald! Now all you need is an extreme gear and your officially part of the team!"

"Are you talking about this?" Boom asked as he showed them a teal board with black accents. Sparky's eyes scanned the gear.

'So you're a Power-type (which was kind of obvious). That specific board can also turn into a wheel-type gear.'

"What the…?" Boom muttered in amazement. He looked at the fox in amazement, "Did you just speak in my mind? And how did you know that?"

'Well, I could explain to you exactly how I'm able to communicate telepathically due to my electrical abilities… but let's just say I'm psychic. And about me knowing that stuff about your board…I'm not too sure, but I think I might have developed some sort of technopathy.'

"…what's "Technopathy"?"

'It's basically having a psychic connection with technology and stuff.'

"First you get lightning powers, now technology powers?!" Volcanix asked, angrily. "What are you, a robot?!"

'What? No! I'm a living, breathing, flesh and blood hum- err… Fox.'

"So, Boom, now that you have your new name, your emerald, and extreme gear, are you ready to join us in our grand adventure?" Energy asked.

"Grand Adventure? To where?" Boom asked in response.

"Well we do have to find the last member of our group, find the rest of the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds, find those shiny birds and find a way back home… but we're also traveling around this world!"

"That sounds pretty cool! Count me in!"

"Yay!" Lovable cheered in excitement.

"Usually the chaos emeralds transport us to different places around this time, but since their not doing that now… what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Energy said as began running down the track, with Sparky following.

"Hey!" Star shouted as she tried to catch up to them. "Wait for us!"

Lovable giggled as she ran after the cat. Boom just looked at Volcanix and shrugged before running after them. Volcanix sighed. "Why do we have to run so much?" He complained before dashing ahead.

Energy looked back and began to run backwards, watching how fast each of his friends were. Sparky was almost right next to him, Star was just behind him, Lovable was behind her, Boom was in front of star and behind Sparky and Volcanix was trailing behind. "Come on, guys!" Energy called out, running forwards now. "You can do better then that!" Energy's feet glowed blue as he accelerated down the streets. Sparky accelerated like a lightning bolt immediately with his feet lifting off the ground, a large boom echoed as Boom blasted forward, Lovable's wings appeared as she began flying forward, flames appeared at Star's feet as she rocketed forward, and Volcanix just got annoyed as he burst forward with fiery lava around him, burning past Star and Lovable and an inch in front of Boom.

The 6 rainbow colored animals mounted their extreme gear and began to ride out of the futuristic city and into the next.