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Deuce POV

We finally arrived at the restaurant where the special dinner was being held. I was in awe and amazed with the atmosphere. When we got out of the limo Ty held my hand gently like how I remembered he once did. When we stepped pass security, the CEO of the record company happily greeted us and told us to take our seat.

"Nice to see you Ty"

"Likewise, sir" Ty answered back.

"That is some wholesome date you got there. Aren't you a lucky bastard. If I had a fine bitch on my hip like that boy it would a very wonderful thing."

"Um, excuse me", I said with interruption. "Ty can I talk to you over there"

"Not now babe" hissed Ty with annoyance.

"But this is important!"

"How important" he continued to hiss which got more scarier every time he did it.

"Very" I explained.

So he let out a chuckle and excuse himself to talk to me on the other side of the restaurant.

"What the fuck is it" he whispered with venom.

"I don't like being referred as a bitch from your boss."

"Well your my bitch and thats how it's gonna be, ho"

"I'm not gonna be disrespected by your boss, I'm out here!"

As I was trying to leave, I felt a tight soft firm hand grabbed me and swung me back as I saw Ty's unhappy angry eyes.

"You think I'm playing with yo bitch ass." he said as his grip got tighter. "Don't ruin this moment for me. You're gonna be pleasant and present. And when we get home, you're gonna regret what you was about to do. Now bring your ass on."

As I was being pulled back to the crowd he demanded me to look happy. But it's hard for me to be a happy perky person if I don't feel it. So the night was descent, Ty received his reward and an opportunity to have his on television show. After the ceremony, Ty introduced me to his follow peers and teammates. I put on my best smile but I felt uncomfortable conversating with them because all they did was stare. But like I thought those friends of Ty was up to no good.


While my crew was chillin' and talkin' and stuff my homie Pokem expressed how fine Deuce looked tonight. I was cool with it but Deuce wanted to trip and shit. When Pokem exchange the compliment, Deuce lost his damn mind and slapped him. After that bullshit me and Deuce was up out of there. I was so damn mad at Deuce I don't see why he did that shit. Once we arrived at the apartment, I pushed him inside and locked the door. Once I calmed myself I started to form a sentence.

"What the hell is wrong with you man"

"Did you heard what he said"

"Yeah, I heard. He said 'damn Ty yo bitch so fine I could cum on his face.'"

"Exactly" yelled Deuce.

"Excuse me did you just yell … at me! Oh hell naw, I'm sick of your bullshit Deuce!"

I started to chase him into the bedroom that we planned to share. Being foolish Deuce, he forgot that I ran track in high school so I caught up to him, picked him up and carried him into the living room and laid him across my lap spanking him harder and harder. When this was going on, Deuce was going through the emotions. He first was crying, the whining, and the whining turned to moaning. While spanking I'd yell at him making sure he learned his lesson. After spanking him I felt very horny and wanted to get some pleasure. So I peeled his pants off his body and laid my dick on his ass. When I laid my dick upon his ass. I decided to have some pleasure while still giving Deuce his punishment. Deuce yelled and scream not sure if it was for pleasure or pain but I didn't care. I flop my dick in an up and down motion, which made my dick so hard. With it being hard It made it easier for me to spank Deuce harder and faster.

"Did you learn your lesson bitch" as I was spanking Deuce with my hard dick.

"Ty stop please I'm sorry I won't embarrass you again and I'll do as you say"

"You mean it"

As Deuce wail his yes, I shove my 10 inch up his ass and dug in deep. As I dug in deep Deuce let out wails and hisses.

"Ty, stop I can't do this"

"Shut up, bitch"

After throbbing and plunging through Deuce's lovely ass I was about to cum so I decided to snatch my dick out and cummed all over Deuce's face. It felt so good to release and after I put my dick in his mouth I deeply deep throated him till I was satisfied.

"Ty, do you love me or am I just some booty call to you"

"Baby, You know I love you. I love very much"

"Then why do you treat like this"

"Hey why are you asking me these quest-"

"Cause, I'm sick of your bull shit" yelled Deuce. "You know what? I've should have done this since the beginning. I'm calling the police'

"No you're not" I said as I slapped him to the ground "If you do this to me. I'll make sure that they believe me before that believe you remember bitch. I'm charismatic! Whatcha gonna do now!