Chapter 10

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Pacing up and back, Callen was getting frustrated. They had gotten to the hospital in record time thanks to Sam's driving and Eric's help with the green lights. Kensi hadn't woken up the entire trip but Callen knew they were slowly losing her. He frequently checked her pulse but it was slowly becoming weaker. He could tell that she had punctured a lung with her breathing sounding the way it did. Carrying her into the hospital, she was quickly placed on a gurney and whisked into surgery. That didn't surprise him, with her looking the way she did, he knew that she had internal bleeding and many other injuries. A doctor had told them that she was taken in for emergency surgery. She had quite a few broken ribs, internal bleeding, a punctured lung and that was just the beginning. Callen was frustrated because she had been in surgery for over five hours. With no news. Sam had told Callen that no news was good news but it didn't make Callen feel any better. He felt guilty for leaving her without any back up when he knew the chances of her cover already been blown were extremely high and with Deeks missing, he knew it was messing with her too, putting her off her game.

"This is stupid!" Callen said, still pacing.

"G. Relax! No news is good news. I'm sure she is fine! Just sit, you're wearing a hole in the floor!" Sam said, trying to lighten the heavy mood that hung over both their heads. Hetty, Nell and Eric had come and gone with strict instructions to call once they heard any news on Kensi. Hetty had been using all her contacts to try to get in contact with Deeks with no avail.

"Kensi Blye?" A doctor said walking into the waiting room.

"Yes." Callen and Sam said at the same time, walking over to the doctor.

"How is she doctor?" Callen asked impatiently.

"She is in recovery as we speak," Callen and Sam signed a breath of relief, knowing she was going to be okay. "But there were some major bumps we had to get over during the surgery. We lost her three times but managed to get her back. She had massive internal bleeding from major organs but we have managed to have stopped the bleeding, a punctured lung, five broken ribs, 3 fractured ribs, major bruising and swelling on the entire body and a concussion. There was fear of bleeding on the brain as well but luckily scans and tests have shown that to not be the case. She is still under the anaesthesia but should wake up from that shortly. If the pain gets too intense we will put her in a coma for a short while but hopefully that does not become the case."

"Can we see her?" Callen asked eagerly. He needed confirmation with his own two eyes to know she was okay.

"Yes, you may. The nurse will show you to her room." The doctor replied as he pointed out a nurse.

"Thank-you doctor." Sam said as Callen and himself walked towards the waiting nurse.

"Gentlemen." The doctor said, turning and getting Sam and Callen's attention once again, "be warned, she looks a lot worse than what she actually is. She is on a breathing machine that helps her breath but once she wakes up we will take her off it and put her on oxygen which is will hopefully be on for only a couple of days."

"Thanks." Callen said, nodding in appreciation of the doctor before turning, once again, to the nurse who would show him to Kensi's room.

"This is her room." The nurse said, pointing to a closed door.

"Thanks" Sam said as Callen quietly opened the door.

Walking in, the shock was clear on both Sam and Callen's face as they saw their friend, their sister, lying on the hospital bed connected to more tubes than could be counted, but they were both grateful because she was alive.

Dragging chairs over the side of the bed, Sam and Callen sat in silence as they watched and waited for Kensi Marie Blye to wake up. Taking shifts to make sure someone was always with her, it was an agonising 24 hours before she woke up. The doctor said because of the drugs still in her system for her being drugged and her body in such a state it took longer for her to wake up.

Callen was sitting by her side when she did wake up. It had just gone 24 hours and he was getting worried. Suddenly, he saw her head move in his direction and her eyes started to open.

"Kens?" Callen asked gently.

Kensi opened her eyes fully in realisation of the voice. She tried to answer him but couldn't due to something down her throat.

"Don't try to talk. I'll get a nurse to get it removed." Callen said gently as he stood up to get a nurse. As he started to stand, he felt a hand grab his hand, turning he realised that it was Kensi's hand. Shaking her head gently, he realised that she didn't want him to leave her.

"It's okay. I won't leave you. I'll just press the call button instead." Callen said gently, with worry plastered on his face as he pressed the call button. The worry and fear he could see in her eyes was not something you see in her eyes. That's when he realised why she wanted Deeks back, why she was distracted, why she wasn't being herself. She was afraid of being left alone again, afraid of Deeks being another name to her collection of names that have left her. Her father, Jack, Dom. They had left her and THAT was the reason for all her strange behaviour and longings.

"Yes?" A nurse asked walking into Kensi's room, pulling Callen out of his thoughts.

"She has just woken up." Callen responded turning around to face the nurse without moving his hand that was still being tightly gripped by Kensi.

"Good afternoon, Kensi!" The nurse said brightly, "We'll see about getting that tube removed!"

The entire time the tube was removed Kensi didn't let go of Callen's hand, she held it tighter as if he was going to leave her. Once she was put on oxygen and the nurse had left, Kensi's grip on Callen's hand became a little looser but not much.

"Kens? You okay?" Callen asked gently.

"Yeah.. I'm okay." She replied, her voice still felt scratchy from the tube.

Squeezing her hand, Callen continued to talk, "Are you sure? You know you can talk to me about anything, you know that right?"

"Yeah, I know.." Kensi's eyes started to well up,


"It's just… I have never felt so vulnerable before. I mean, I had no partner and my cover was blown and I had no back up. I was… alone… again.." Before she could continue, the tears that had been threatening to overflow and she had been trying ever so hard to hold back could not be held back any further as they started running down her face.

"It's okay, Kens. We're not going to leave you." Callen said, trying to calm his favourite agent down.

Callen just sat there for a couple of minutes comforting Kensi, not saying anything, and just letting her get everything out.

"Sorry. It's stupid, I know." Kensi said, a couple minutes later after all the tears had stopped, feeling ashamed and weak of breaking down in front of him like she had.

"Hey, that's okay. And it's not stupid! Don't feel ashamed, it's perfectly normal." Callen said, smiling at her, "Just try to get some rest, okay?"

Kensi nodded her head as she closed her eyes in an attempt to get some sleep.

Just as Kensi fell asleep, Callen heard a quite knocking on the door.

"There's a man at the front desk, claims to know Kensi. Thought you might like to identify him first?" The nurse asked.

"Yeah, sure. Thanks! I'll be there in a minute" Callen replied, signalling to Kensi.

"No problem." The nurse replied before walking out of the room.

As Callen was trying to subtly pull his hand from Kensi's grip, he heard someone yelling as the yelling came closer and the footsteps came louder.

"Sir! You can't go in there! Sir!"

As the footsteps stopped in front of Kensi's door, Callen quickly pulled out his gun and aimed it at the door as the intruder abruptly opened the door.

"Freeze! NCIS!" Callen yelled as the intruder walked through the door.


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