Chapter 11

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"Freeze! NCIS!" Callen yelled as the intruder walked through the door.

"Callen?" The intruder asked with his hands in the air as he slowly walked the door.

"Deeks?" Callen asked in surprise as he lowered his weapon.

"Yeah… um... Hetty managed to get in contact with me today. The Op finished yesterday and I… I had to get over here… umm... Yeah..." Deeks answered nervously, trying to look over Callen's shoulder to where his partner lied.

Deeks stepped forward as Callen moved back to his seat next to Kensi.

"Oh... My… Gosh." Deeks answered in absolute shock, "How… how did this happen?"

"Her cover got blown in an undercover op and she was beaten but the man responsible is at the boat shed as we speak, so don't worry."

"This is all my fault."

"No it's not, Deeks. If it is anyone's fault, it is mine. I left her there with no backup."

Deeks and Callen sat in silence for who knows how long, just watching Kensi sleep and thinking.

Suddenly, Kensi started to stir.

"Hey, good afternoon!" Callen said, squeezing Kensi's hand, "guess who's here to see you?"

"Hey Fern! Miss me so much you had to hurt yourself to get my attention?" Deeks asked, messing around with her.

"You wish! I was in here trying to avoid you, turns out hospital security sucks!" Kensi retorted.

"How you feeling?" Deeks asked, turning serious.

"Fine, except for this thing stuck up my nose." Kensi said, wrinkling her nose as she tried to take it off.

"Hey. I don't think so." Callen said, grabbing both of Kensi's hands and pulling them down by her side.

"I think so." Kensi retorted, still struggling with Callen's grip. Noticing, Deeks grabbed his chair and pulled it around to the other side of the bed before grabbing one of Kensi's hands.

"Great, two body guards." Kensi muttered under her breath as the two men held one hand each by her side in a tight grip.

Before either of the guys could respond to Kensi's not so subtle muttering, Sam, Hetty, Eric and Nell walked through the door.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty! How are you feeling?" Sam asked, standing next to where Callen was seated, still holding onto Kensi's hand.

"Was good, then I got two body guards." Kensi responded, signalling with her head to Deeks and Callen.

Sam looked at Callen with his brows raised, as he saw the tight grip the two men had on the young agent's hands.

"She tried to take the oxygen off." Callen explained.

"It was annoying me!" Kensi said coming to her own defence. She also didn't admit that it made her feel weak in front of the others even though without the oxygen she knew she wouldn't be able to breath due to her punctured lung but she would rather struggle to breathe then look weak, like she did now.

"Tut tut" Sam answered, jokingly, shaking his head at the defensive agent before he changed subject, "Hey Deeks. Well back!"

"Thanks." Deeks answered, half-hearted, with worry, guilt and fear clearly plastered on his face.

"What's wrong, Deeks?" Kensi asked, squeezing his hand.

Deeks turned to face her, squeezing her hand back and giving her his famous half grin replied; "Nothing Fern. Just thinking in my own little world."

Too tired to see through his weak lie, Kensi just nodded in agreement as she changed the subject, "Where are we on the case?"

"Chloe was picked up and brought to the boat shed. She admitted to selling drugs. Luke admitted to killing Blake. The two men with him were killed at his house by Sam and yours truly. Case closed." Callen said, knowing full well that this was Kensi's weak attempt to keep the attention off herself.

"Oh… Okay." Kensi answered, suddenly looking very tired.

"Mr Callen, Mr Hanna. Can I please see you outside?" Hetty asks the two agents, signalling to the door.

"Sure." Sam says as he walks towards the door, waiting for his partner.

"I'll be back. No taking the oxygen off, for me. Okay?" Callen says with a smirk before squeezing her hand and letting go.

"Okay, just for you." Kensi replied with a small smile.

"Eric and I have to get back to OSP. But we will visit later, okay?" Nell said, giving her a small smile before Eric and herself followed Callen out of the room.

Once everyone was out of the room, Deeks squeezed Kensi's hand to get her attention.

"What's wrong Deeks?" Kensi said, trying to make herself look more awake, which was extremely difficult with the pain killers she was on.

"Kens, I'm really sorry for leaving you and leaving you without a partner. I'm… I'm so sorry." Deeks said, gently but nervously.

"It's okay," Kensi replied, giving him a small smile, "You're back and that's all that matters now."

Kensi was relieved. She would never tell anyone but just seeing Deeks, knowing he was back made her feel so much better. She didn't feel forgotten, alone, vulnerable. She felt safe and secure knowing someone had her back.

"Get some rest, okay? Callen, Sam and I won't leave you." Deeks said, giving her hand a squeeze.

"Okay," Kensi murmured as fatigue and the drugs took over, "Deeks?"

"Yeah, princess?"

"Thanks" Kensi managed to get out before she was overcome with sleep.

"Anytime." Deeks whispered to the now sleeping Kensi. Carefully taking his hand out of Kensi's grip he stood up and walked to the corridor to find Sam and Callen waiting outside of Kensi's door.

"How is she?" Callen asked.

"Sleeping. What did Hetty want?" Deeks asked.

"Just to tell us that one of us three has to be here at all times until it is certain no one will be coming after Kensi and that reports are due on her desk ASAP. Not that that applies to you." Callen said with a smirk.

"Yeah, got out of that one." Deeks said, with a half-smile, "Hey Callen." Deeks asked.


"How… um. How did Kensi survive not being killed?" Deeks asked curiously.

"She was playing dead…"

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