Chapter 2

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"Watcha got Eric?" asked Kensi, relieved at the new case. It could have not come at a better time and the conversation was going places even she, herself had not dared to go yet.

Eric looked up to see Kensi, Callen and Sam enter OSP. "LAPD got a call around 0200 hours last night from a couple walking their baby around the town, near the towns clubs. Claims to have heard gunshots coming from behind a new club called; Tempt. I pulled security tapes and found this." Eric told the team.

Eric plays footage from behind the club showing four men in the alley way. Three of them were wearing black clothing with hoods to cover their face, and being a dark alley didn't help the teams vision either as they watched on the big screen. They watched as the three men approached the fourth man, obvious he wasn't a part of the group. They started talking about something, but couldn't make out what with no audio. Then suddenly the leader of the three men pulled out his gun and started to shoot the man. The three men then quickly exited the dark alley way on foot.

The team was silent before Sam broke the silence.

"Why did LAPD hand this case over to us?" he questioned.

"Because the man found dead was Lieutenant John Blake." Reasoned Hetty, the operations manager that had already been in OSP when the call came through.

"Can you read what they are saying, Kens?" asked Callen who was still focused on the frozen image on the big screen.

"I can try, I mean it will hard being so dark and all. Eric? Can you play it back please?" Kensi asked the tech head.

The team watched the image being played back as Kensi attempted to lip read in the dark light.

"Something about the club. Drugs. Yes, drugs. I think the club is being used as a cover for a drug trafficking ring. Hold on. Chloe Burfield. Yes, that's it!" Kensi stated as she turned to her team with an excited look on her face.

"What's it?" Questioned Eric as the rest of the team looked confused at the excited Junior Field Agent.

"Lieutenant Blake was involved in this drug ring but he wanted out. The three men must be the head of the ring because they questioned him. If he wanted out of the ring, they wanted to know why. He just said that he fell in love with a girl and he couldn't keep living like this. The three men wanted to know her name and he refused to give it to them. So they shot him and told him that they know who his girlfriend is. Blake let it out who his girlfriend is asking them how they knew Chloe Burfield was his girlfriend and so they shot him again after getting their answer and walked out of the alley." Kensi told the rest of the team.

"Mr Beale, Miss Jones. Lieutenant Blake's address and find Chloe Burfield. Mr Callen and Mr Hanna, go to the crime scene, Miss Blye. When Mr Beale finds Lieutenant Blake's address, go to his home and find anything and everything you can on this man. I'll be in office briefing the director." Hetty instructed her best team as she walked out of OSP.

"Got it! I found Blake's home address. I've sent it to your phone, Kensi." Nell told Kensi.

"Thanks Nell. Let me know if you find anything, Callen." Kensi told Callen as they walked out of OSP together with Sam to their cars.

As they reached their car Callen leant over to Kensi and whispered into her ear so only she could hear;

"Don't think I have forgotten about this morning's conversation, Kens." Whispered Callen as he got into the passenger seat of Sam's challenger and gave her a smile as Sam reversed out of the parking space and out of the car park.

"Great." Mumbled Kensi as she unlocked her car after watching Sam and Callen leave. She thought she was off the hook.

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