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One day, the Samurai Rangers were training (as usual), "No Em, you're not concentrating!" Kevin snapped at Emily, who was getting up off the ground.

"I-I'm sorry! It's just that I've been thinking that the Nighlock haven't attacked for a long time!" The Yellow Samurai Ranger said with an embarrassed expression as she stood up.

Then Jayden, who'd been sparring with Antonio, came over to where Emily was going up aganst Kevin again, "You're right Em, I wonder what Master Xandred's planning." The Red Samurai Ranger said with a far away look in his eyes.

Then Mia, who'd been sparring with Mike, walked over to the Blue Samurai Ranger, "Kevin, you shouldn't be so hard on Emily!" She scolded him with an unhappy look.

But before Kevin could answer, Ji hurried out of the house, "Jayden, there's a distubance downtown!" He said with a worried look.

Jayden nodded firmly, "Alright, let's check it out!" Then he and the other rangers hurried out the gates and to see what Xandred had cooked up next!

When the rangers, who had already morphed up, reached the spot where the disturbance was, all they saw were just a few cars driving by and a few pedestrians here and there.

"I don't get it! Where's the Nighlock?" Mike asked as he looked around impatiently.

Mia pulled out her spin sword and looked around cautiously, "I don't know, but I've got a strange feeling about this!" Then she took a few careful steps forward.

"Hey! Where's the Gedoushu?" A sharp voice in another language called out questioningly.

That's when the Samurai Rangers quickly spun around and saw...themselves!

"Hey, is this some Nighlock trick? Because I think we're seeing ourselves!" Mike asked his teammates as they stared at what they thought were themselves.

Then the foreign group became aware of the rangers' presence, "Lord, what is this?" The one wearing blue asked his leader.

The one in red just stared at Jayden, and even though no one could see it, the two reds were staring icedly at each other.

"Jayden, what's going on?" Antonio asked his childhood friend with puzzlement in his voice.

Then Jayden demorphed and so did the other red. When the foreign red did this, his team followed his lead and demorphed which clearly revealed that they were Japanese, not only by the way they spoke, but by the way they looked too.

Then the other rangers demorphed too, "So could somebody please tell me what's happening before I lose it!" The Green Samurai Ranger asked with a confused look as he stared at the red-haired guy who had been wearing a suit identical to his own.

The leader of the Japanese group gave Jayden a questioning look, "Jayden? Is that you?" He cautiously asked the other leader in english.

That's when Jayden's eyes widened, "Takeru?" Then a big smile spread across both leader's faces.

"Takeru, do you know this man?" The girl who'd been wearing pink asked with a dumbfounded look.

Hearing this, Takeru almost laughed, "Of course I know him, Mako! He's my, well, he's my long lost cousin!" Then he rushed forward and so did Jayden.

And the two cousins met in the middle and they embraced warmly, "It's been a long time Takeru, and you've finally learned english!" Jayden said as the two then stepped back to get a better look at each other.

Takeru nodded, "Yes, well, Jii has been trying to get me to take up some type of activity for quite some time!" He said with a slightly uncomfortable expression.

Then Emily approached Jayden, "So this is your cousin and his team?" She said with excitement in her eyes, "And they've got suits that look just like our's!"

Both Jayden and Takeru smiled, "Yes Em, and they're samurai just like us except that they defend Japan while we defend the USA, but we both protect the world!" Jayden gently informed her.

At this moment, the girl who'd been wearing yellow approached Emily, "You're the yellow Samurai Ranger, right?" She asked as she tried her best at english.

Emily just smiled at the other girl, "Yeah, I'm Emily! What's your name?" She sweetly asked the other girl.

The other yellow smiled shyly, "I'm Hanaori Kotoha!" She said with a polite bow which Emily didn't quite understand, but didn't say anything about it.

After all the introductions were made, Kevin looked to Jayden with an odd expression, "But what about that Nighlock?" He said as he looked around as if he could spot the monster.

Ryunosuke narrowed his eyes as he looked hard at his fellow blue, "We were visiting the city when we became aware of a Gedoushu too! But when we got here, all we found were you people!" He said with puzzlement as well.

When Chiaki heard this, he rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in an annoyed expression, "That's what I've been saying! Where's the Gedoushu?" He repeated his question.

Mia and Mako, who had been having an interesting conversation, looked to each other; then Mia spoke, "Maybe we should go back to the Shiba House and see if Mentor has found anything about this!"

Jayden looked to Takeru, who nodded, then he answered, "You're probably right! And we need to fill our friends in on our situation here." He answered with understanding.

Then they all went back to the Shiba House to get more information on the Nighlock's whereabouts and to show their new friends around.

Meanwhile, in the Netherworld, Serrator was watching this ongoing development from a gap, "Ha, those pathetic Rangers and Shinkengers have no idea what kind of trouble thier in!" He said with a dark laugh as the first phase of his evil plan was completed.

Well, that's it for the first chapter! Find out more about the alliance between the Power Rangers and Shinkengers and learn more about Serrators dark plan in Chapter 2! So please stay tuned for that!