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Quote: Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved," by William Jennings Bryan.

One would think that Naruto, who'd been in the presence of a god before, would have a greater resolve and resistance to the pressure falling down upon him. Unfortunately, they couldn't be any more wrong. The putrid stench of blood stung his nostrils. Yet, he couldn't stop trembling. Beads of sweat fell down his face as the full glory of the God of Slaughter bore down upon him. The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki was used to hateful looks. He'd dealt with them nearly all of his left, but this was a look much different than any other he'd known.

Annoyance mixed with amusement. Even trying to stand to his feet and offer some kind of defiance seemed destined to fail. Yet, Jashin stared at him as if he weren't anything more than an afterthought, an existence leagues beneath him and all of those who shared his title. He stared at Naruto… like the Uzumaki patriarch was a simple insect, one trying to stand firm without much belief.

Jashin smirked. "I'm told you're the type who never knows when to keep his mouth shut. It seems I've done the impossible, haven't I?" The man asked, a cruel smirk coming on his face.

The Kyuubi scowled. For once in the Bijuu's life, he too felt fear. His sharp teeth gnashed against each other. It was no use. Naruto was too stunned to move, overcome by the god's immense power. Not even the Nine-Tailed Fox had felt such a thing when he was in the presence of the Sage of Six Paths. This power, this aura, this was the pinnacle that humanity and even those beyond were not meant to reach. This… was a god.

The Kyuubi then looked around the room. Moryo and the Kindred were stunned into silence. Both of them, feared in their own right among mortals, couldn't do anything but stare in disbelief. Then, there was the brat's summons. Their expressions told a thousand words. However, their bodies were enough. They were all trembling, too stunned to even move.

The white furball slowly inhaled. He then exhaled. "Naruto, what will you do now? Show me!" the Kyuubi said, thinking to himself as he continued to silently watch.

Naruto's mind was racing a mile a minute. So many questions with so few answers were pushing through the forefront of his mind. However, all of those were quickly blown away when he turned his head. He saw Guren's spirit writhing and twisting in agony. Her blackened form bent over unnaturally. Her pain formed his anger.

Next, he looked at Komachi. She was no different screaming with thousands of others. Naruto gritted his teeth and glared back at Jashin. The ground beneath his feet shocked with a mighty tremble. Naruto's hair quickly turned into its silver color. His eyes burned with fury and a white robe, resembling that of the Shinigami wrapped around his body. He stood to his feet.

"What did you do?!" Naruto asked, his voice shaking with the might of the Shinigami. However, Jashin didn't seem worried. In fact, he continued smiling.

"That isn't something that you're worthy to know. While your might is impressive, it's lower than I thought it might be. Then again, I suppose I'm weaker as well. It seems my followers weren't as successful as I thought they might be. Nevertheless, more than half is easily more than a world like yours deserves. That said, you should be proud. Soon, the whole world will be kneeling before the might of Jashin. Just look at your family members. They're already committed to me," the God of Slaughter said.

Naruto quickly started channeling the Kyuubi's chakra through his body. His body quickly became feral. As the Kyuubi's power had been changed from chakra to honshou, Naruto's cloak exploded. The Shinigami mask immediately appeared on his face and his sword glowed with enough might to pierce the clouds. Those spirits that stuffed the atmosphere briefly stopped their wailing, reverent to the power of the Shinigami and his summoner.

"I don't know how you got here, but you're going back!"

Finally, Naruto sucked in his legs and charged at Jashin. The ground splintered as he charged toward the god. Jashin continued to smile as Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs. The white glow of his sword blew away the despair in the air. He swung his sword down and crashed it into Jashin's body.

If anyone was alive, they would have gasped as a fierce wind blew the dust, blood, dirt, and debris from Otogakure away. A pillar of white light explode into the air, breaking the black spikes that protruded out into a thousand pieces. The symbol of the Shinigami appeared high in the air until the light dissipated.

When the light finally vanished, Naruto stood in front of Jashin. The god frowned at him while the blond's sword stopped on the man's neck, not strong enough to split his head from his shoulders. "He withstood that?!" Yahiko asked in utter disbelief. Jashin didn't even block the blow. He allowed Naruto's blade to collide with his neck. Forget drawing blood, it didn't even draw a scar.

"The power of a god. A true god," Lamb said, clenching her bow as her fur shook along with her body.

Meanwhile, Naruto could only watch as Jashin grabbed the blade. He then removed it from his neck. "How disappointing," he said.

Naruto scowled and tried to pull at his blade, but he found himself unable to match the strength of the God of Slaughter. Pull and pull though he might try, he never succeeded in removing his blade away from Jashin's grasp. When he stared into the god's eyes, all he saw was a bored expression.

"I expected more from the mortal who my brother found interest in. You're making this much easier than I expected. Well, if that's all you're capable of, then just sit back and let me enjoy my reign. Away from my sight, you eyesore," the God of Slaughter said before he put a hand on Naruto's chest.


"Keep it up, Gaara! You're diverting it away from the village!" Temari shouted as she and those of Sunagakure watched the might of their Kazekage. Gaara's shirt was stained with sweat as he lifted a wall of sand over the village, driving out the blood that suddenly crashed into the village. It was thick and it mixed with the sand, making it even heavier than before.

Suna had been having a relatively peaceful night before all chaos seemed to erupt. Kankuro warned Gaara about the large Jashinist symbol in the air. The Kazekage quickly closed off the village. The past few weeks had been rough. He'd been dealing with a sequence of strange murders occurring all over the village until this happened.

The night quickly grew worse when the sea of blood started flowing through the Village Hidden in the Sand. Though it pained Gaara, he remembered screams like these. He remembered them from the victims he'd killed when he'd been a killer. However, he never thought he'd hear so many of them at the same time.

When he ran out of the village, he saw pools of blood with the decaying remains of Suna's villagers. Then came that massive explosion in the distance that pierced the clouds. An explosion and earthquake came next, blowing tidal waves of sand over the village. Houses crashed into one another and Gaara burned through his chakra just trying to save anyone he could. Now, he was trying to gather up all the blood that threatened to overtake the village and divert it somewhere else, all while commanding various shinobi and most reporting to him news that was none too good.

Kankuro swiftly landed next to Gaara. "We've evacuated who we could, but the spikes won't stop spawning. They've already overrun the eastern quadrant of the village. Casualties are in the thousands!" He said while Temari scowled.

"How did this even happen? It's as if the entire world's gone to shit in the span of a few seconds!" Temari exclaimed. Unfortunately, Kankuro had no idea. He'd like that question answered himself.

"We will figure it out later. For now, let me focus. Once I've taken this out of the village, we'll start examining the circumstances surrounding what happened. And be sure to not let the blood touch you," Gaara responded. Temari and Kankuro glanced at him for a moment before they quickly saluted.

In the mean time, Gaara finally lifted all of the sand, soaked in blood, out of the village. He dumped it down. The impact was so heavy the ground shook beneath everyone's feet. Finally, exhausted, Gaara dropped to a knee. He grabbed his forehead, clutching it due to the strain he felt while still trying to keep a roof of sand over his, Kankuro, and Temari's head. Even with the blood still pushed out of the village, more continued to drop for the scarlet clouds in the sky.

"Gaara, are you alright?" Temari asked, quickly running over to help her brother. The Kazekage held up a hand to stop her. He slowly shook his head.

"Forget about me. We have more work to do. Gather all of the elite jonin and the council members. We need to…" Gaara stopped when the Suna siblings picked up on the sound of something whistling through the air.

The group of three gasped when they saw a humanoid figure crash into the center of the village, right through the Kazekage Mansion. The Village Hidden in the Sand thundered. The roads of sand and dirt were broken in two. The deep grove left by the impact forced a myriad of buildings to fall through, crumbling to the ground.

"What the hell was that?" Kankuro asked while Temari helped Gaara up.

"G-Go survey. I'll be there in a moment," Gaara ordered. The puppet master nodded and quickly left, making sure to stay out of the rain of blood. Meanwhile, Temari allowed Gaara the time to rest before he regained enough strength to slowly sail them over to the destruction of the south quadrant of the village.

A pile of smoke and dust laid in front of them. Hundreds of shinobi gathered under select rooftops, their weapons drawn. Gaara slowly landed himself down to the crater where the impact had ended. As the smoke and dust cleared, the former Jinchuuriki of the Ichibi widened his eyes when he saw Naruto Uzumaki buried there, his Hinoken clothes torn to shreds and a busted body wrought with blows.

"It's him," Temari said, remembering the young man who saved her little brother's life. He was the one who created such a great change in Gaara in the first place. He also looked battered, beaten, and bruised. What could do that to someone like him?


Kushina sighed as she leaned up against a wayward stone amid the carnage of nothingness that lay in front of her eyes. The skies continued to rain down blood, matching the color of her hair. She wiped most of it off her face, but it just kept falling. The smell was rancid. She'd just barely managed to avoid getting crushed by hundreds of trees falling on top of her from the violent explosion that seemed to rock every corner of the elemental nations. She'd actually lost her balance and fell once just from all the shaking.

When she opened her eyes, the sky seemed like a depiction of hell itself. She received a diluted view of the wailing spirits and the black amalgamations of demons and monsters devouring them all one after the other. Yet, Kushina couldn't do anything to stop it. Something had been disrupting her powers to the realm of the dead. However, just over the ridge would be Otogakure. She hoped her son, her soon-to-be husband was there, but she also worried if he was. Judging by the radius of the explosion and the pulsations of dark aura through the sky, that was where all of this seemed to be originating from.

As Kushina slowly entered into the land, she felt the ground tremble beneath her feet. Like a swell of intense rage, her skin quivered. The Red Death had been through numerous battles and fought with all kinds of legendary figures. However, this was the first time she'd been completely afraid of what she might find. There was a dark presence in Oto and it made her want to run away. She'd wish to take her family as far away as she could, but… where could they run?

Trying to calm her nerves, Kushina shook her head before she noticed the ground beneath her feet split apart. Shocked, she jumped back and watched a black spire-like tower explode out of the ground. It rose higher than any structure she'd seen before. As it continued to sail for the clouds, the redhead saw the hundreds of deformed bodies etched into it like burnt molding.

The ground continued to shake more. The matriarch of the Uzumaki clan fell to her knees, gritting her teeth and watching countless more spires rise out of the ground. "Deidara, go find out what's going on! See if you can find my son!" Kushina commanded.

Deidara slowly flew out of her blade. "You really like working me hard, don't you? Hn!" he replied before he flew off. Meanwhile, Kushina slowly tried to concentrate. She connected her senses to Deidara's. Through his eyes, she saw what he saw and the sight horrified her greatly. One by one, Kushina watched men and women from Oto scream as they were dissolved in an ocean of blood. From that blood, more and more spires were erected. Their foreboding presence weakened the hope of all who saw them.

However, that wasn't the only thing that made Kushina still. She saw Oto shinobi fighting. All of them, in the hundreds, battled one man. Well, battled might have been the wrong word. They were being slaughtered one after the other. All types of jutsu, with every type of element, were used, but the man simply stared at them all bored and irritated by their interference. Then, in a speed greater than even Kushina could follow, thirty kunoichi were dropped dead. Sixty male shinobi were ripped apart, upper torso from lower torso. Many would call shinobi monsters, murderers, ruthless killing machines, and soulless beasts. Yet, even these hardened veterans were reduced to sniveling children, scared for their lives.

Looking at the scene in the village, or what was left of it, Kushina recognized this as the part of the map where the Jashinist cult was. Yet, Deidara couldn't spot Naruto no matter how hard he looked. More and more Kushina got worried, using her natural sensor abilities as an Uzumaki to find her son, but to no avail.

Finally, the battle between the powerful man and Oto was finished. Not a single shinobi of Oto remained in the quiet desolation of the village. Only the lone man stayed there, the blood rising up to his stomach. He continued to bathe in it, relishing in it like it was his own royal washing tub.

"So, you are that brat's spouse? Hmmm, a bit weaker than him, but it'll do. Come to me, woman. Struggle beneath me," the man said, turning his eyes to Deidara.

"What the fuck? He sees me?!" Deidara asked while Kushina narrowed her eyes.

"Come back," she said and the former Iwa shinobi was all too happy to obey. He swiftly flew away and flew back into Kushina's sword. She stood to her feet and slowly breathed out. Instantly, the ground beneath her feet exploded and she crashed into the ground in front of Jashin. The ocean of blood was blown away by her power. Her red hair quickly turned silver. Her violet eyes became silverish-white as well. As her son instructed, she attached Sasori's soul to her own.

"I'll only say it once. Where's my son?" Kushina asked, her voice filled with the Shinigami's power as Jashin grinned.

"It's been a long time since someone spoke to me with such direct disrespect. I find it rather refreshing. Why don't you make me talk? Perhaps you'll be more entertaining than he was," Jashin taunted.

Upon seeing all of this slaughter, Kushina quickly started to connect her thoughts and her memories. Now that she got a proper look at the man, she remembered seeing his face once. It was a face she'd wish to forget. However, she couldn't speak the words of her thoughts into existence. She was too scared to. She grabbed her sword and her hands shook. She didn't know what fate befell her son, but… she was not going to let it stand, scared or not!

"Then I'll just beat the damn answers out of you!" Kushina said before her power exploded. The ocean of blood was swiftly upheaved into the air as Sasori appeared behind her. Strips of Honshou came out of Kushina's fingertips. One by one, she pulled over a hundred powerful spirits out of the realm of the dead. Kushina, with Sasori's power rolling through her body, maneuvered them all while she grabbed her sword.

The mother of Uzumaki blasted towards Jashin, the ground blowing up behind her. Kushina charged toward Jashin. She unfurled her sword and threw away the sheath. Her sword raised above her head, she swung at him. Slashing down, Kushina watched Jashin grab her blade with one hand. A pillar of white fire erupted from beneath them and broke the clouds, releasing ripples of light through the sky.

Kushina snarled silently impressed with the God of Slaughter's strength. No one in the world had effectively stopped her blade so easily before, especially not when she was fueled with the power of the God of Death.

"Indeed. Not quite as strong as my brother's pet, but fairly close," Jashin said before Kushina took one hand off the handle. She moved three of her fingers and Sasori moved with her. Thirty spirits charged at the god. He eyed them for a moment before he turned back to Kushina. The smirk on her face confused him before the light of the spirit exploded in front of his eyes.

Jashin squinted his eyes for a moment until the light faded. However, once the harsh light of over thirty spirits faded, he noticed Kushina was gone, her sword still in his hand. Yet, his head instantly whipped to the side when the redhead buried her fist in his face. Oddly surprised, the God of Slaughter stepped back, the blow throwing him off.

Meanwhile, Kushina cursed in agony. "How tough is this guy?"she thought. She'd just broken three of her fingers in that punch just now. That would have been enough to kill anyone.

"Not bad. Not bad at all," Jashin said before Kushina doubled over in utter pain when he returned the favor. Jashin buried his fist in her gut and Kushina crashed into the ground. She tried to recover as best she could, but she slammed into a large pile of debris that was Oto's fallen houses.

Kushina felt delirious. Her gaze was hazy and her ears were ringing. "Kushina-san, are you alright?" Chiriku asked, but Kushina wasn't even sure she heard him. She was too focused on spitting out a glob of blood from her mouth. She clutched her stomach, trying to stand. A piece of wood slipped off her back as she got to her feet before she fell back to her knees.

"O-One punch? As expected of a god," she thought to herself as she wiped her mouth. Her gaze hardened.

"Kushina-sama, I don't believe we can beat him. We should leave!" Asuma suggested while Kushina smiled.

"Sorry, Asuma. I don't think we're allowed the honor of running this time," Kushina said before she took out two kunai from her pouch.

Meanwhile, Jashin continued to wait where he stood. Well, the blow wasn't really much stronger than what Uzumaki Naruto gave him, but he'd been impressed by the woman's ingenuity. As a dark god, he had a very strong reaction against the light. Then again, they'd never know that. Still, a light like those of dead mortals was more a mere annoyance than anything.

"Katon: Dai Haisekishō (Fire Release: Grand Ash Pile Burning)!"

"Futon: Daitoppa (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)!"

Jashin looked up and he noticed a thick, black cloud of ash being savagely blown toward him. However, he quickly frowned when he saw the Honshou, the Power of Life, which powered the gods explode from where he'd blown Kushina away. Then came a sea of orange flames wide enough to make the god of slaughter raise an eyebrow.

"Do you take me for a fool, woman?" Jashin asked before he swung his arm. A blustering wind expelled from his swung and crashed into the ground shattering flames. As the fires began to disperse, the god noticed three chains grab the blade that he'd dropped on the ground. The chains pulled up the sword and dragged it into the fire.

"Uzu no Fukushū: Raimei no Kyoda (Whirlpool Revenge: Furious Thunder Swirls)!" Kushina called out as a burst of lightning erupted from the still remaining fire. Jashin then stood amazed when he watched the flames dance into the air. They then coated themselves around Kushina's sword. The blade blazed with fire and lightning. Her eyes glared at him as her silver hair flapped in the wind of her own power.

Jashin eyed the ground and even he had to be impressed when he saw stones, one after the other slowly floating in the air. A rich aura of golden waves slowly pulsed from beneath her feet. "Hmmm, she might be even better than the brat. To think she'd conjure 'Divine Ground' for herself. Perhaps not everyone on this rock is as worthless as I thought," Jashin said to himself while Kushina held the blade of fire and lightning in her palm.

The female Uzumaki quickly vanished in a burst of speed and appeared behind the God of Slaughter. With a vicious swing, she aimed for his head. Still amused, the god lowered it down. Kushina frowned when she watched her blade slice through where he would have been standing. However, Jashin's grin widened when Kushina's blade ripped through the ground with such ferocity that it split the earth into a deep ravine. A wall of fire exploded from its deep trenches.

Jashin quickly jumped back as Kushina swung at him again. One by one, deep groves and blade marks were burned into the ground around them. Walls of great fire so hot their insides were white, poured around the two of them. "You don't truly believe you're worthy to face me, do you?" Jashin asked.

Kushina ignored his question and slammed her hands on the ground. "Fūinjutsu: Rokufūin Sekiretsu (Sealing Technique: Six Seal World Fissure)!" Kushina shouted.

Jashin quickly heard the ground's angry roar. When he looked up, he saw six massive whirlpool seals etched into Oto's land quickly light up. The ground beneath his feet parted and six large, white arms sprouted from the seals. Interested, Jashin allowed one of them to grab him. He found himself impressed with the arm's strength before three others joined in. Black seals like ink sailed up the arms and Jashin found himself illuminated in green flames. Surprisingly, he found them mildly annoying. The flames were trying to sap away his power and strengthen the power of the arms that held him. Given that the woman with red hair was using a diluted form of his own, he could feel his strength being drained away.

A crackle of lightning forced his eyes up and he saw Kushina high in the air. Her blade of fire and lightning sounded like a chorus of screaming lions. "Uzu no Fukushū: Dai Raimei no Rasenyyoda (Whirlpool Revenge: Grand Furious Spiralling Thunder Swirls)!" Kushina slammed her blade into the neck of Jashin. The three arms holding Jashin exploded and the two crashed into the ground. The Matriarch of the Uzumaki clan, with all her strength, ripped her sword through Jashin's jugular. The blade of the Kushina glowed with the power of souls, tearing through rock and stone in a single line from the center of the village to its very edges. A valley of souls wailed from the abyss of her blade, their very bodies forming a wall large enough to reach clouds. One by one, millions of angry souls not yet taken by the amalgamations of cursed beings in the spirit realm, swarmed Jashin.

Kushina then stood up and jumped out of the hole she'd lodged them both into. Slamming her hands together, the rest of the three arms from the seal converged together and drove into the hole. What followed next was a large rumble of green fire.

Slowly, the leader of Hinoken fell to one knee, a torrent of sweat falling down the side of her face. The flames from her sword slowly died down. Her legs trembled, but she managed to stand up on her feet.

"If you're going to face me. At least do it in person."

Before Kushina could turn around, she popped into smoke as Jashin appeared behind her. Behind the clone which had been taken out, Jashin stood. In his hand was a long, black piece of one of the spires around the Village Hidden in the Sound. He could feel the malice of a hundred tortured and slaughtered souls within it.

Meanwhile, Kushina had been trying to fix her broken hand. She'd painfully popped a few bones back into place. It seemed that her clone hadn't lasted long enough. Well, perhaps that was as good as she was going to get for now. "What's the plan now? Nothing we've done seems to faze the bastard. Hn!" Deidara said while Chiriku slowly nodded.

"Has your time still not reset, Kushina-sama?" the former Fire Temple monk asked, prompting the redhead to shake her head. That'd be nice if she did. Unfortunately, luck didn't seem to be on her side.

"All of you. I'm about to do something crazy," Kushina as she sat in a meditative pose. She sharply inhaled, breathing in the spiritual energy around the earth. She then exhaled slowly. She inhaled and exhaled.



Deidara, Sasori, Chiriku, and Asuma, all four of them merged their souls with Kushina's. Her Hinoken clothes swiftly burned away. In their place, the robes of the Shinigami wrapped around her body. A pillar of Honshou slowly started to form around her body. "Sochi, as your mother, how can I give up?" Kushina asked as the Shinigami's mask formed over her face. Her eyes hardened. Dark purple veins pulsed beneath her skin and her white cloak flapped beneath the wind.

The Red Death's Honshou exploded. Jashin raised an eyebrow when a pillar of light containing the aura of his brother pushed away the bloody clouds. Kushina walked from behind a piece of debris and grabbed her sword. Jashin watched her walk over to him, each step crushing the ground beneath her feet.

"Before I kick your ass, I have one question. Why are you here?" Kushina asked, the voices of Chiriku, Asuma, Deidara, and Sasori moving through her body.

"Those are questions only someone equal to me is privileged to say, mortal. I'm not my brother, I don't sate the curiosity of everyone who comes to me for an answer. However, I will say… you better make yourselves comfortable because you shall all serve me now."

Jashin's grin widened while Kushina stepped forward, the ground splitting away from each step. "Then, let's see if all things are possible for a god," Kushina said before she vanished in a blur of speed. The Red Death appeared behind the God of Slaughter. With her sword overhead, she swung down and Jashin turned around. Kushina watched the black spear of wailing souls collide with her blade.


"Am I expected to believe that Konoha had nothing to do with this? It seems strange that so many of your people would be found in the Land of Stone, Hatake Kakashi. As a shinobi, perhaps you are worthy of respect in our profession, but you can understand why I would be upset. A great multitude of my people lays in blood and ruins. Then, you were spotted trying to leave in a hurry. I'd say your actions speak for themselves," Onoki said as Kakashi, Sasuke, Yugao, Mikoto, and the others found themselves facing over at least a hundred angry Iwa shinobi.

Kakashi pulled up his mask, hoping to give himself time to think. Everything seemed to be going to hell ever since the destruction of Iwa began. The members of Hinoken had been trying to find out what happened before they sensed Kushina's great power from afar. Having also been so close to Naruto, they too had been influenced by the cold realm of the dead. They all also felt the dreaded, yet mysterious power that was rising against her. In fact, it seemed to drown her own.

"Tsuchikage-sama, Konoha cannot afford another war with Iwagakure and we don't see one. We can't say for certain what happened to your village, but we have an idea and it can only be confirmed if we head to the Southeast," Kakashi said before an Iwa jonin snarled.

"They're probably trying to escape back to their forces to report on how weakened we are. Tsuchikage-sama, we should capture them! It would be foolish to let them escape!" the jonin exclaimed and his words were quickly carried through the rest of Onoki's forces.

Sasuke scowled and slowly unsheathed his sword, ready for combat before Mikoto put a hand on his shoulder. "Calm down, Sasuke. We don't have time to be fighting Iwa. Kushina's power is rising up and down from far away. Whatever's going on, we have to get out of here," she said while her son scowled. Meanwhile, Yugao had herself in front of Yura, Suigetsu, Karin, Juugo, and Konan.

"But what do we do? They don't seem intent on letting us leave," she said.

As if to answer her question, everyone gasped, turning around to see two pillars of light and dark piercing through the red clouds. They each revealed the brilliance of the moon and stars. The ground erupted with such viciousness that the Iwa shinobi were forced away while the rest of Hinoken and Yura's team jumped back. A torrent of trees flew their way and Sasuke moved his sword, cutting each of them away while ease while Konan formed a wall of dense paper to block each blow.

"What the fuck's even going on?" Suigetsu asked as Karin quickly saw the ground beneath their feet begin to break apart as a fissure tore two sides apart.

Acting quickly, she jumped up. "Move, you idiot!" she shouted as she pushed him out of the way. Surprised, he fell back, and a hotbed of steam pushed out of the pocket from the ground. Yura quickly channeled some chakra into a seal and slammed it on the floor. The seal tried to keep the ground from growing more unstable, but Yura then saw a black aura surround the seal. Within a second it was wiped out as the anger of the earth continued to surge.

Once things settled for a second, Kakashi shook his head while Sasuke helped up Mikoto. Onoki checked on his forces and, despite a few scrapes, everyone seemed fine. However, the Tsuchikage quickly wondered if this was Konoha's doing. Despite his dislike of the village, they didn't seem capable of something like this. Then, he felt his old bones trembling. Time and again, his bones shook… like there was the sound of something crashing against something else. It sent booming shocks through the air and into his body.

"Gramps, what was that?" Kurotsuchi asked while Onoki assessed his men. They all looked to him for guidance and instruction, wisdom and strength, faith and direction. The Tsuchikage glanced back at the group from Konoha. The land seemed torn asunder, a shadow of its former glory. Off in the distance, even Onoki felt the rumbling of blows as the two mysterious pillars crashed against each other.

At the same time, Kakashi quickly summoned Pakkun. "Give this to Tsunade-sama, and hurry. Tell her to head to these coordinates," he said. Without a word, the ninken grabbed the scroll and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Once he was gone, the Son of the White Fang stood up. He looked at the others and frowned.

"We're moving. We can't afford to stay here," he said.

"What if they follow us?" Yugao asked.

Kakashi turned to her. "Then they'd better keep up," he returned before he took a soldier pill and dashed off. Sasuke and Mikoto ran after him. Yugao urged Yura and the others to follow her. The young redhead cast her gaze on the rest of her friends.

"Let's go!" She ordered. They agreed and followed after her.

Immediately, the Iwa shinobi noticed their retreating targets. "It was a trap! They're escaping! Tsuchikage-sama!" someone alerted. However, Onoki had been watching them the entire time. The way they were running wasn't in the direction of Konoha. It was toward those two pillars far in the distance.

"Follow them. They seem to know what's going on, but be ready to capture them at a moment's notice!" he ordered. The Iwa shinobi looked at him with great uncertainty before they steeled themselves. Each of them saluted him and began following the Hinoken Team.

Kurotsuchi came up to her grandfather. "Are you sure about this? It could be a trap," she warned before Onoki turned to her.

"If Konoha was capable of doing that to Iwa, then there'd be no need for them to trap us," he said when he looked at her. The young jonin look at her grandfather before she swiftly started to move as well. The Tsuchikage watched her go before he stared at the ruins of his village. He offered a silent prayer for the souls that were lost. He then floated into the air and flew off.


Tsunade cursed as she jumped from tree to tree, Jiraiya, several Anbu, and a host of jonin and chunin behind her. Tonight seemed to be the worst night of her life. The Jashinist symbol appeared over the village and the Hokage immediately issued a state of emergency. Thankfully, nothing seemed to happen with it, thus allowing the civilian population to be escorted out. However, that wasn't the only problem.

No, now Konoha laid in ruins. Natural disaster after natural disaster struck the village. Buildings that once paid homage to the Hokage were razed to the ground, killing at least a handful of her men.

Naturally, Jiraiya had long since gone ahead of her, worried about the prophecy from the Elder Toad. The blonde Kage couldn't deny it. She honestly thought Naruto might somehow be at the center of all of this. She didn't want to think that he'd be the cause of all this, but… what else was she supposed to say? She could only have faith in him as he had in her when she got there.

The Godaime had actually been back in the village, assessing the damage done when Pakkun came to her. Not even a second passed and Tsunade stared in awe as two pillars of light crashed through the sky. After that, there came another rumbling of the earth, one that felt like the end of the world itself. The vibrant trees which made up the Village Hidden in the Leaves were blown away. When Tsunade wiped the dust from her face, she saw the thunder roll across the skies, tornadoes tore a path of death and destruction wherever they went.

"The world's literally gone to hell."

That was what she thought before she read Kakashi's message. When she read it, her knuckles tightened over the scroll. She quickly assembled all the available forces that she could. All those of major clans and authorized jonin and chunin followed after her.

That led to now, Tsunade running as fast as she could, burning whatever chakra she could as the others followed after her. "Lady Tsunade, why are we heading to the Land of Sound? We're leaving Konoha undefended!" a jonin exclaimed as Tsunade's eyes narrowed.

Undefended? They were already undefended. The great walls of the village had already been brought to their knees. Besides, she'd left a handful of Anbu and Chunin to try and keep the village safe.

"We're going to investigate those pillars. They might be the cause of all of this!" she said while Inoichi landed next to her.

"Do we need such a powerful force to do that?" he asked before she crushed the scroll from Kakashi in her hands. Supposedly, they felt Kushina in that direction and she was fighting someone absurdly powerful. Tsunade became aware of what the former sensei of Team Seven meant the closer she ran through the Land of Fire. Her skin felt like a thousand ants were crawling all over it. She shivered and she heard the screams of some of her men.

When she turned around she saw that a few of her forces had been knocked out. At that point, near the edge of Fire Country, Tsunade set up a medical unit. She placed some qualified medics in these tents to look after them.

"Just what the hell is happening?" Tsunade asked no one in particular. Unfortunately, they couldn't stop for long. So, she urged those of her countrymen to stand firm, to steel their guard for whatever they might see, and… to be prepared to die.

With themselves rested, they continued heading in the direction of Hinoken's coordinates.


Kushina crashed to the ground before she quickly got back up. Her silver hair unkempt, she seethed and grabbed her blade. She charged back at Jashin. Her sword clashed against his black spear. Every swing, every parried blow, every missed thrust became a battle scar on the back of the earth. Her eyes burned with fierce flames of white Honshou. Her body bled from the scars she'd received. And the worst part was that the only thing she got out of Jashin… was amusement.

Kushina swung and swung and swung. The clashes left and right between the Red Death and the God of Slaughter boomed through the wasteland that was once Otogakure. A swipe of her sword and Jashin ducked his head. He thrust out his spear and Kushina dodged away from it. Just the force from the strike pierced the ground between her legs. The redhead continued to cycle between Asuma, Chiriku, Deidara, and Sasori. With Asuma attached to her the most, she inhaled a blew a torrent of black ash at the Jashin.

While she blew it, Kushina picked up a pile of dirt and molded it into clay with Deidara's help. She threw the clay into the cloud of ash and one of the seals on her blade quickly lit up. "Uzu no Fukushū: Nenshō Shio (Whirlpool Revenge: Burning Tide)!" She roared as she grabbed the hilt of her blade and swung it into the ash. Immediately, her sword gleamed with the white, hot flames of Honshou. The fire covered the ash, erupting and exploding the clay within it.

Jashin stared up in amusement as a largely white, flaming dragon charged toward him, its body exploding in all manner of bright colors. With a swing of his lance with divine strength, the dragon was blocked and sent crashing off into the distance behind him. The ground exploded when a tower of Honshou rose through the air, breaking apart the bloodied clouds in the air.

As for Jashin, he felt his hand tremble if only slightly. His eyes narrowed before he turned back to his playmate. Instead, he found her gone. Fortunately, it wasn't hard to figure out from the burning anger behind him. Raising his black lance, the ground splintered beneath his feet when he clashed with Kushina. He turned and saw her eyes trained on him before he noticed two forms of her to his right and left. The left one threw a multitude of white marble-shaped bombs while the right slammed her hands together. An Uzumaki seal quickly appeared in front of her mouth. She blew a torrent of orange flames into it, shattering it to pieces. From the seal released a mix of black and white flames.

"Naive!" he said, ready to jump away and avoid the two blows colliding for him. However, as soon as he moved, he saw that his legs were held together by chains. Kushina quickly disappeared from behind him as the two attacks collided with the God of Slaughter.

Kushina landed on the ground, panting as her clones landed next to her. Each of them disappeared in a cloud of smoke as her ears rocked from the eruption of the ground in front of her. Her white hair blew in the torrents of dust and wind. She dropped to her knees, feeling her heart about to beat out of her damn chest.

"Kushina-sama, various chakra signatures are heading for this location at a fast rate. However, their numbers are growing smaller the closer they travel," Chiriku said as Kushina struggled to stand to her feet.

"Not surprised. I doubt many get to even see a god, much less face it. Shit!" She cursed to herself. Despite how tired she was, the malice in the air still hadn't lessened. In fact, it seemed to be getting stronger.

"It seems you're reaching your limit, mortal. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. What you handle is meant for gods and gods alone!" Jashin said before Kushina screamed as her shoulder was pierced by the black spear. Immediately, her body was racked with pain as the anguish of millions of souls flooded into her all at once. Struggling to not lose herself in their tormented wailing, she turned her head and glared as Jashin stood behind her. Aside from a bit of annoyance, nary a scar left itself on his divine body.

Kushina scowled before she noticed her power slowly leaving her. Her body shivered when she quickly heard Asuma, Chiriku, Sasori, and Deidara scream out to the top of their lungs. Never had she heard them in such agony, such distress, and such hopeless despair. However, nothing was more chilling than hearing their voices get further and further away until… they were gone.

"Asuma? Chiriku? Deidara? Sasori?" Kushina asked, but no one answered. She also noticed the change in her voice. When she looked off to the side, her once-white hair had turned back to its beautiful red color. The wailings of souls quickly got stronger and her head began to hurt. The voice of agony quickly began to well up in her throat. It begged for release and Kushina was desperate to let it out.

Instead, Kushina bit her bottom lip so hard her teeth dug into its skin. She then pulled her body forward, dragging it off the spear until it was finally out. She slumped to the ground in front of Jashin, but she was free from the screams inside the spear.

"You have spirit for one of mortal flesh. Perhaps I see why my brother, Raijin, fornicates with you mortal women so often," Jashin teased while Kushina panted, her heart beating like mad. Her shoulder hurt like hell. Small spots of blood dripped onto the ground as she tried to keep herself from passing out from the pain.

"Are you finished?" Jashin asked, holding the spear on the back of his neck.

Kushina glared at him. She hated his mocking tone and she hated that there was nothing she could do about it. "What did you do to them?" she asked deliriously.

"Does it matter? You didn't seem like you were doing much with them anyway. Now, entertain me further. I figured Jashin's little pet summoner would prove more worthy, but I've found a lot of zeal in you. If you can't, then I'll continue my work and rid this world of every mortal on it," he said while Kushina gritted her teeth.

"Are human lives nothing but a game to you?" she asked as Jashin cracked a smirk.

"Don't be ridiculous. All life is a game to me," he said as the Red Death heard his heartless chuckle.

"Not sure what I expecting from a slaughter god, but I lost my family once. I'm not losing it again!" Kushina said to herself before the pain finally went from intolerable to barely tolerable. That was a good thing at least.

Still, what could Kushina do? She threw literally almost all that she could and it still didn't seem to mean anything. What else could she do?

With blurry eyes, Kushina looked at her sword. A thousand thoughts ranged through her mind. Finally, she shook her head. "Sochi, here's hoping your mother lives up to what you are," Kushina said as she clawed at the dust and dirt.

She struggled to her feet and finally made it up. She looked at her left shoulder. Her arm had gone limp. "Well, that's not making it easier!" she growled before she clutched her blade with her right arm.

Jashin raised an eyebrow. The smirk on his face widened when he noticed a change in the air.


"Shi, I told you to stay back in the village. This is Kumogakure business," Darui said as he and a multitude of other shinobi continued to follow after the Raikage, leading the charge out of the village. The giant explosions and mass of strange energies were felt in the distance by the various sensors and Shi in Kumo. While the latter didn't know one of them, he knew the other. There was no doubt it was Kushina. Her power continued to rise higher than he'd ever felt before. Now, it was nearly dead like a fish out of water.

Shi didn't know what was happening, but he wasn't going to stay in the village if there was anything left of it anyway. "That's not happening, Darui. I sense Kushina out there. She's in trouble!" Shi exclaimed with great severity in his voice. He was already pushing chakra into his feet to get there fast. However, none of them had a hope of even catching up to the Raikage. When he'd learned from Shi and the sensors that the chakra signatures were coming from far away, the Raikage immediately moved to investigate. Mabui had been livid, which wasn't often, and quickly assembled a team of available shinobi to follow after him.

The journey was wrought with the worst natural damage Shi had ever seen. One would think that the apocalypse had just hit the elemental nations. The number of bodies Shi found along the trail was worse than any time of war. Then there were the ominous black towers pierced into the sky like a thousand years of fallen spears.

Shi had learned quickly that those were not to be messed with. A chunin had touched one and his entire body had been cut to pieces before being assimilated into the spear. The Kumo shinobi had been trying to investigate them before the violent explosions started. It was then that Kumo wondered if building a village high in the clouds was a good idea. Over half of its high mountains had collapsed and with them half the village.

Darui stared at his friend and former coworker. He saw the resolve in Shi's eyes. For so long, the blond would have never had anything good to say about Konoha shinobi. Even then, he never spoke about his family all that much. It seemed that even Shi had found something he was willing to protect to the very end. It made the white-haired jonin smile.

The journey seemed so short, yet so long. The booming sounds never stopped. Instead, they seemed to be getting stronger. The force of Kumogakure that was headed in that direction to investigate the disturbances was dwindling. One by one, without any explanation, they began to lose consciousness. Strong and powerful jonin who'd been through the heat of war fell to their knees.

Darui, as the Raikage's right-hand man, cursed. His brash leader was too far ahead for the rest of them to keep up. It also wouldn't be good for the morale of the troops if there wasn't someone to take charge.

Not hoping to fall behind too much, Darui organized a field relief station of sorts. Those medic-nin who were authorized to come along, which were very few since the rest stayed in the village, to take care of unconscious individuals. Unfortunately, the problem was that the closer they all got to Oto, the stronger the pressure became. Kumo shinobi fell down in droves and Darui wondered if this was even a good idea. Of course, he wanted to know what was going on as well, but not at the expense of their men.

"Shi, can you sense anything?" Darui asked as they continued with about half of their force left.

To be honest, Shi wanted to give a good answer, but he couldn't. His neck kept burning. He thought it was just because of the ominous chill in the air, but whatever it was it kept him from focusing perfectly. However, never let anyone say that Shi couldn't give his best regardless.

"Whatever I'm sensing, it's not good. In fact, I've never sensed anything like it before. It makes the hairs on my neck tremble, it makes me want to run away and hide, and it fills me with hopelessness. To be honest, I've had to stab my arm multiple times just to keep myself conscious. Whatever Kushina-san's facing, it's not like anything I've felt before," Shi commented and Darui saw that his friend's words rang true. There was a kunai in his hand, his right shoulder was dripping with blood, the only means of keeping himself from falling down like the rest.

"Could it be a member of the Akatsuki?" he asked.

"If it is, then I hate to say that we've vastly underestimated them, and we have only ourselves to blame," Shi said while Darui wiped the side of his mouth. He looked down at the blood on his fist. He too had been taking drastic measures to make sure he stayed conscious. In the end, all he could think of was…


The further the Kumo team traveled, the more they wondered if their world would ever be the same again. In great mass, the black spikes protruded out of the ground, and trees were blown in each direction. Pillars of light and dark crashed through the clouds, granting them all a look at the stars and the moon for only the briefest of seconds.

"What is this, the end of the world?!" Darui asked as he withdrew his large cleaver blade. With great strength, he slashed one tree and then another. Both fell to the ground with a loud crash as he continued moving.

"It might just be," Shi said, rubbing his neck as he thought about the Jashin symbol that had been in the air above Kumogakure before its destruction. They'd been running for the past hour, eating soldier pills like they were their last meal.

The Raikage was already long gone, his one-track mind consumed too much in anger and questions for anyone to get through to him.

Suddenly, Shi widened his eyes. He then looked over to the west. Darui saw his friend's reaction and his gaze shifted. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"I sense chakra signatures. A lot of them as well. In fact, a few of them feel familiar," he said on his face. However, that smile quickly formed into a confused glare.

"Could they be enemies?" Darui asked while Shi shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm not sure of their intent, but it seems that they're heading in the same direction that we are. In fact, if it's that direction then…"

"Then it's likely to be the inhabitants of Iwagakure," Mabui said coming up from behind them.

They glanced at her and nodded. "Then we can surmise that it's likely whatever happened to our village also happened to theirs," Darui finished, making Mabui nod as well.

"Shi-san, you said a few of the signatures felt familiar. Do you know who they are?" the assistant to the Raikage asked. If this was something that had to do with the other villages, then she hoped they would approach the situation carefully. With their numbers continuing to dwindle, they might not have the forces for a full-scale war.

"It's… three members of my ridiculous family. Though, I don't know what they're doing in Iwa," Shi replied. He then cursed as he grabbed the back of his neck. He groaned in pain, quickly causing Darui to grow concerned.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Shi gritted his teeth as his face began to sweat. "What's going on? My body feels like it's on fire! T-This feeling… Kushina!" the blond man exclaimed to himself.


Yura quickly popped another soldier pill into her mouth, quickly feeling her chakra rapidly replenish itself. They'd been running for over an hour and she felt her legs begin to burn. Nevertheless, she uttered not a single word of complaint. With their speed, the Hinoken Team, her unit, and the Iwa shinobi behind them left the region of Iwagakure. Upon leaving, they ventured through the northern lands of Kusa and the southern lands of Taki. Everyone became aware, dismayed, and revolted at the grotesque death of men, women, and children found along their pathway. For Yura, there were things she hoped to never see again.

To be honest, Yura was getting a little tired from the fierce running they'd all been doing, but she knew she couldn't afford to slow down. While she was sure that the members of her cousin's team would protect her, as well as everyone else, she wasn't confident that the Iwa shinobi wouldn't take it for a ploy against them. Hell, she'd already burned a considerable amount of chakra running along the uneven ground at the same level as the others. She'd also devoured two soldier pills over the long hour of running that they'd done. At this speed, it'd still take them another two hours to make it to Oto, the source of Kushina's continually rising power.

"Kushina-san…" Yura thought to herself before she stiffened. She immediately turned her head to the right. Her eyes quickly grew wide.

Konan noticed the look on Yuri's sister. "Something wrong?" she asked which got the attention of everyone else.

"What's the matter?" Kakashi asked as Yura swallowed nervously.

"Yuri's that direction. I also sense… her chakra. I've never felt her so angry. I also sense the chakra… of the Sanbi," she said.

A dark chill moved through everyone. Sasuke turned around and looked at Karin. "Karin, can you confirm that?" he asked.

The glasses-wearing redhead eagerly nodded and channeled her chakra, extending her senses over a wide range. Immediately, she too felt the power of the Sanbi to the right. "Yeah, I sense it as well. In fact, it's not as powerful as Kushina-san's but it's rising at an incredibly fast rate," she explained.

This news immediately worried everyone. "Could it be the Akatsuki?" Mikoto asked. A few eyes landed on Konan, but she shook her head. If there was an Akatsuki attack, then she didn't know about it since she'd lost faith in Nagato's mission. Truth be told, Konan was very worried. Yuri was the one who stubbornly changed her for the better.

Kakashi looked at her for a long while before he looked forward. "Sasuke, Mikoto-san, go with Yura and investigate. If for any reason Yuri's gone out of control, then it might take you both to subdue her. When you're able, meet up with the rest of us," he said.

One might think that the two Uchiha would've had a bit of apprehension about the order, but neither said a word. They looked at each other and firmly nodded. "Then we'll be heading off! Good luck to the rest of you!" Mikoto said as she, Sasuke, Yura, Karin, and Konan veered off from the way they were going.

Meanwhile, the Iwa shinobi watched the separation of the Konoha forces. More than a few of them grew disturbed. Onoki was also wondering if this was some kind of trap because a few of his forces the further they ran, the faster they dropped into unconsciousness. Almost all of his men were calling for Konoha's blood, but Onoki held his nerve. He'd seen and done plenty of assassination-type assignments. Onoki had a great sense for poisons, something most wouldn't know about him. He knew that this wasn't Konoha's doing. This was a pressure that he had almost never felt before. The closest this feeling compared to was… when Onoki stood in front of Uchiha Madara. However, that was like comparing being soaked in a bathtub to being drowned in the ocean. Every pore in Onoki's body felt terrified.

"Jiji, are you sure we shouldn't keep them together? They could be gathering more forces to take us down!" Kurotsuchi urged.

"It wouldn't be feasible. If they were to trap us, then the most ideal place would have been the ridge ten miles back. It seemed they have their own concerns, and I have felt their chakra dwindling. It seems they are indeed in some sort of hurry. If we split our forces then that could be something they're counting on. We'll stay our course. Besides, I believe in our strength to handle whatever happens," Onoki said.

Unfortunately, Kurotsuchi didn't share in her grandfather's patriotic enthusiasm. She'd grown constantly angrier when she saw another of their allies drop to the ground. She wanted to reprimand her grandfather, but he was still the Tsuchikage. His word was the law for the village. The remnants were already in disarray and if Kurotsuchi tried to usurp authority, something she'd never do but if she did, then it might unravel the delicate still held with her grandfather as the head.

"Kurotsuchi-san, is this a good idea?" one of kunoichi's fellow shinobi asked. The black-haired girl narrowed her eyes.

"I don't know, but we follow Jiji. It's our duty!" she said, even if she didn't like it.

That was… until everyone stopped. The Iwa shinobi, Kakashi, Yugao, Suigetsu, Karin, Juugo, and even those who split off with Sasuke and Mikoto, stared into the sky. Raised in the air, for nearly all to see as if a testament to her own will, the symbol of the Uzumaki clan etched itself in the dark red sky. The brilliance of Kushina's honshou, its pulsing aura so rich with the power of death moved through the lands of the elemental nations.

What those there didn't know was the Shi and the remnants of Kumo felt and saw the same thing. A beautiful display of color moved through the ground in fabulous waves that mystified the eyes of mortal men.

Even for those in Konoha, Tsunade felt Kushina's growing power. It kept growing further and further that it made the Hokage wonder if she was sensing the same person.

But, what surprised them all was the symbol in the air pushed away the clouds. Once again the world beyond that of the earth and the elemental nations revealed itself in their glorious display. The stars and the heavenly hosts therein scattered across the sky, granting honor to the display of the Shinigami's great power buried within the depths of Kushina's body by way of her son.

Jiraiya trembled in fear. "That might. Kushina… is it that grave? To make you use… that?" he asked. Deep in the annals of the Uzumaki texts that Kushina had once shared with Jiraiya, he'd come across words describing an event like this, something outright banned by the clan.

"The end stance of Uzu no Fukushū!"


Kushina panted as she held her sword with her right hand. Her left had been rendered numb, slathered in the blood that dripped down to the ground. She winced as she stared at her opponent with one of her eyes. The other had been mortally blinded from the thrust of his spear. Her legs shook and she grew angry that Jashin still had that same bored expression on his face, nary a wound inflicted upon him.

"You continue to disappoint. You're much more unsightly from the entertainment from before. Has your stubborn resistance fallen so low that all you can do is hurl your mortal techniques at me? I shall give you credit though, you've used every single one of the elements to try and combat me. It seems I underestimated you," Jashin said before he appeared in front of Kushina.

The redhead snarled before he viciously kicked her in the stomach. Kushina doubled over in pain before he grabbed her head and slammed it to the ground. With a smirk on his face, he looked at her blade. The smirk lessened when he saw her hold the blade firmly between her fingers.

"Submit to me. Submit to your new master!" Jashin said before he picked up her head and slammed it down again. The ground broke apart and the God of Slaughter stared at her blade. Her hand still remained firm.

Annoyed, Jashin picked her up. A steady stream of blood fell from her head. He then dropped her. As she fell, he swung his body. His foot crashed into her face as she crashed into the ground, rolling this way and that before she slid to a stop. He then appeared in front of her.

"You're boring me. I don't appreciate being bored. And, yet you still believe in a chance at victory. I am an existence which even you can't comprehend. You exist to kneel, to bow, and to serve. What dares give you the right to disobey me?" he asked.

Unfortunately, Kushina couldn't hear him. Her ears had been punctured, the high speed of the hits distorting her body. Kushina didn't remember what happened next, but she remembered a lot of pain. When her eyes cleared up, she found herself staring at the sky.

"We came here to be the vessels of the Nine-Tails… But before that, we must find love and fill the vessel with it."

"Naruto… you're going to experience a lot of pain and suffering. Remember who you are! Find a goal… a dream… and don't stop trying until it comes true. There's… there's so much more that I want to say… to teach you… I want to stay with you… I love you."

Kushina closed her eyes and chuckled. "And here I thought containing the Kyuubi would be the highlight of my misery. Now, I'm here facing gods and reminiscing like I'm about to die… again. I wonder how many people get to say that," Kushina said to herself. She closed her eyes once more and sighed.

"Sochi, as your mother, I should be the one guiding you. I should be the one telling you what's wrong with you so that you can fix your problem. Maybe I've lost that right when I fell in love with you as your soon-to-be wife, but… wherever you are let me guide you one more time. Let me be your guiding light," Kushina said before she felt the ominous presence of Jashin heading toward her.

The redhead rolled over and saw the god approaching her. Staggering to her feet, she stared at her sword. Each of the five symbols etched into her blade glowed with the power of wind, earth, fire, water, and lightning, all the elements of the nations. Kushina inhaled and exhaled slowly.

"Yeah. I can't comprehend someone like you. Wish I knew what your mother was thinking when she decided to allow you the honor of godhood. But then again, I'm a mother too. We tend to do stupid things for the sake of our children. And, I'm about to do another stupid thing," she said.

"Oh? And what would that be?" he asked.

Kushina grabbed the handle of her sword. "I'm going to make you never forget the name Uzumaki Kushina!" she said before she turned her blade to herself and stabbed it into her chest, through her heart, and out her back. Terrible pain ran through the former Kyuubi jinchuuriki's body, causing her to drop to her knees.

Jashin stared for a little while before he chuckled. "I have seen many men and women end their lives in my name, woman. What makes this any different from…"

"U-U-Uzu no Fukushū: Gōseiiki (Whirlpool Revenge: Grand Sanctuary)," Kushina said before she pulled out her sword and fell to the ground.

Jashin looked at her body for a while before he snorted. "...Indeed I shall remember your name. I shall remember your name as the spit I cast upon the dirt of this rock for boring me until the end in this matter. What manner of joke is this?" the God of Slaughter asked.

Fortunately, he received his answer when he saw a large seal quickly appear beneath Kushina's body. It glowed with a bright color of brown while another hummed in the distance. Jashin turned his head and he noticed another seal on the ground. This one was blue. He also remembered that spot. That was where he was before he kicked Kushina to here.

Another appeared, then another, and another, each of them glowing in red, white, and yellow respectively. The God of Slaughter narrowed his eyes as he realized that those spots where were he'd been beating the mortal woman senseless. "She wasn't fighting back on purpose? She actually manipulated me to hit her to where she wanted to go?!" The god asked as the ground between his feet splintered.

Lightning struck the ground. Small pebbles started to scatter in the four directions of the earth as Jashin noticed the air around Kushina's body begin to shift. He watched her red hair raise before the rest of her body followed. For once, the God of Slaughter showed a modest amount of surprise when hot pockets of fire exploded from beneath the crust of the earth. Wild tornadoes blew off in the distance and water crashed through the horizon.

Kushina raised her hand and grabbed her blade, screaming into the air with her voice radiating the very essences of power and authority themselves. A grand pulse of Honshou crashed through the air and into Jashin's body. Surprised, the god… took a brief step back. His eyes stared at the ground. A divine aura even stronger than what he felt before from her poured out in droves. With his godly sense, he saw something unbelievable. Spirits, not just from her world, but from worlds far beyond their own started to pour into her body, yet their will was not stronger than hers. She forced them all to heel as her hair changed from red to silver to white. With a grit of her teeth, colors of white and blue slowly growing into an all-consuming royal purple

"Her divine aura… it's evolving?!" Jashin asked before a pillar of light surrounded Kushina's body and flew into the air. The dark red clouds which had been created from the blood of millions used to summon the God of Slaughter were pushed apart, making way for the clearest view of the night sky anyone would ever see in their lifetime.

Kushina stood to her feet and raised her sword into the air. The sword wound in her chest quickly started to heal itself as the ground beneath her feet cracked. Chunks of rock began to levitate around her body. A vast array of beautiful colors cycled through her hair. The symbol of the Shinigami appeared over the Uzumaki seal in the air. A large spear-like blade quickly shattered through the two seals and landed next to Kushina. She picked it up and Jashin immediately stared to see her skin crack. Piece by piece her mortal body as hundreds, no thousands, no millions of spirits fell to their knees in honor of the Queen of their Summoner, the Queen of He Who Summons Death Itself.

The light immediately became so bright that several pills collided with the ground around. Jashin squinted his eyes before he saw a woman, her entire form clothed in a pure white veil as if it was her new skin, jumped out of the crater which she made. Her body as if emanating the stars themselves sparkled with grand holiness bestowed upon her as her right of the Shinigami.

Kushina stood before Jashin, her Honshou rising as she sucked the life out of anything non-sentient that she could find upon the earth. Jashin widened his eyes as the pure white figure stepped toward him. She could feel them. She could feel the thousands of souls merged with her own, subdued by her grand will. "I'll make you remember my name. You'll remember the name of the mortal who stood against you. You'll remember the name of the White-Hot Habanero, Uzumaki Kushina!"

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