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Quote: "Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained." by Marie Curie.

The portal closed in front of Kushina, Yuri, and the others. What followed after that was a long uncomfortable silence. Even when there was nothing else to look at, everyone stared at the spot where the portal appeared, perhaps hoping or praying that Naruto would readily return victorious.

"I don't like this. We should be helping Naruto-nii. We shouldn't be hiding like a bunch of cowards. It's… it's not fair to leave everything to him," Yuri commented.

Kushina inhaled, the icy cold filling and stinging her nostrils. She couldn't have agreed more with Yuri. Given that Naruto was back there, it would be easy for Kushina to transport them all back to the Elemental Nations, but… she really didn't want to make her son's battle difficult. She knew not what he meant when he said the others weren't prepared to die.

Perhaps he meant they weren't ready to submit to the will of Death? She thought about it and while it was true that the shinobi world had made numerous, if unethical, strides in delaying death, it should be obvious that no one wanted to die. It was only natural to protect one's own sense of self-preservation.

"I know. I don't like it either," Kushina replied, clenching her fists. Even across dimensions, the Uzumaki Matriarch sensed the growing might of her son's power. He was over there. He was fighting. He was all alone.

"Naruto, even after so many years, still you're alone. Have I really changed nothing?" Kushina thought. Not to mention, there was this feeling of dread surfacing within her. Despite her son's unfathomably powerful showing to the masses, the leader of Hinoken hadn't forgotten that spill of blood from her son's mouth. She also hadn't forgotten what he said before regarding that bath.

Could he really keep that power up in the time it took to defeat Jashin while it damaged his soul?

"So… what the hell do we do now?" Tayuya asked, breaking the delicate silence that had been permeating through the air. She was fucking cold and her damned sandals were digging into the snow! If no one was gonna do anything, then she'd like to go back inside before she caught a damn cold!

Not sure what else to do, Kushina turned around and was ready to dismiss everyone to their own business. She opened her mouth, yet she could have sworn she heard Yura's voice almost like a whisper in the wind.


How strange Kushina must have looked when she looked up into the sky. All she saw was wind, ice, and falling snow. "Yura?" She called within her thoughts.

There were no other words. All that greeted the redhead was the gentle sound of the realm's frozen ambiance.

"Kushina, are you alright?" Mikoto asked worriedly. She'd never seen her best friend so distracted. It just wasn't like her.

The redhead looked down and saw the Gokage and the rest of the masses looking at her. "Erm… yeah, you guys can go back. I'll stay here and wait for Naruto to return," Kushina answered.

Even with her reply, it was clear that no one was particularly convinced. "In the cold?" Sasuke asked.

"I won't freeze to death, Sasuke," she chuckled. Yet, that chuckle sounded very much unsure of the current matters surrounding her and the others.

A touch on her shoulder, Kushina turned her head and noticed Yuri looking at her. "I'll stay with you," the Sanbi Jinchuuriki said resolutely. She made sure that Kushina knew that any refusal wouldn't be tolerated. As one of Naruto's lovers, she wouldn't find herself slacking either.

Already knowing where this was going, Kushina didn't bother retorting. Instead, the others noticed Tsunade turn around. "Have the medics on standby. Win or lose, the brat's more than likely gonna need some medical attention!" she ordered.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama!" Sakura exclaimed. The former member of Team Seven turned around and started using orders to the rest of the medic ninja. With haste, they agreed and dashed back to the hospital, hoping to prepare any and all materials that they could should Naruto come back worse than when he left.

Pretty soon, there was no one left in the fields save for Kushina, Hinoken, the Uzumaki Clan, Rin, Konan, and the few members of the Uchiha Clan. When Kushina saw them, she sighed.

"I'm not gonna force you guys to stay out here," she said.

Kakashi smiled. "Perhaps not, but you could say that your stubbornness has rubbed off on the rest of us. When Naruto comes back, we'll have to be here to welcome him, especially after all he's done for us," he remarked.

"Well, I hope you don't mind if I go back to the compound and grab some blankets. I like watching the snow as much as the next girl, but this stuff's a mess on my hair!" Fuka complained, waving the others goodbye.

"And I'll make sure the fucking princess doesn't trip over herself carrying the stuff!" Tayuya quickly asserted, making herself scarce while the others laughed.

Kushina looked at the others, each of them laughing to themselves in the open ice-filled plains while they took their seats in the snow. Though the weather was cold, it didn't take long for Fuka and Tayuya to arrive with blankets and materials for a hot fire. Risa, Konan, and Yuna made the fire pits while Kakashi and Sasuke crafted stone huts for them all.

"If only the other Doton users could do that. It might solve our home problem," Yuri said, leaning back against the wall.

"It wouldn't be efficient. Even though Doton is strong against Suiton, it would take too much chakra to keep reinforcing these structures. Even these would only last us a few hours, especially since this snow drains chakra. Sasuke and I are just lucky, we're doing this for a small number of people. Thanks to the training, we recover the chakra faster than this would take to deplete it," Kakashi answered, rubbing his hands over the fire.

Tayuya snorted. "And you're sure we couldn't fucking wait for him inside our house?!" she inquired.

"Sure, you can go back. I'll just be sure to tell everyone else that my daughter couldn't take a little cold. Didn't know you'd be the type to wimp out," Risa teased, earning her a harsh glare from her daughter. Tayuya swore she was gonna shove a stuck of her mother's dry cunt one of these days.

Kushina continued to grin, enjoying fire amongst the bickering of her family and friends.


The mother of Uzumaki Naruto shivered as she was almost certain she'd heard Yura's voice once again as barely a whisper over the cold wind. She stared out from the stone hut while flurries started to grow fiercer.

Was she losing her mind?

…Prepare for what?


Back on the battlefield, Naruto stood apart from Jashin. The blond cast a harsh, yet unyielding glare at his adversary. Meanwhile, Jashin scowled while he placed his hand over the sword wound on his chest. Every so often, his eyes would briefly glance at the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki's sword. How many eons had it been since any of his siblings had made him see his own blood?

Jashin hissed in pain. The wound kept burning despite his natural divine regenerative properties. It felt like the worst pain he'd ever experienced, even worse than when Tsukuyomi threw him into the sun.

"You say you'll make me relive those 100 days, Uzumaki Naruto? It seems you and the rest of your mortal ilk haven't yet learned the harsh lesson I've been trying to teach you. Well, don't worry. My mother had great patience instructing me, and how dare I do less than she did? I will reeducate you with the horror that made you flee before, the horror that made you hide away in that little pocket dimension, and the horror of your ow- NGHGHGH!" Jashin was abruptly stopped when he felt the back of his head grabbed.

A hard grit of his teeth, Naruto slammed the God of Slaughter's face into the bloodied dirt of the earth. The ground splintered, rupturing itself into pieces as pillars of divine light pierced through the surface.

Lightning rained through the sky and thunder drummed loud enough to shake the ground, all combining itself as Naruto raised his fist and slammed it into Jashin's back. Valleys crumbled and distant mountains testifying to the might of mankind's achievements cracked like broken glass.

Jashin grunted, the force of Naruto's blow reverberating through every core of Jashin's divine body. Naruto then lifted his head up again and slammed it back down. Over and over, he did this. He then raised his hand into the air while Pakura, Gari, and Suiren wove their hands around the white sphere forming in their summoner's palm. Smaller orbs of fire with golden centers and water orbs danced around the larger balls.

"Rasengan: Shakuton: Wakusei Rasenbaku Suigan (Spiralling Sphere: Skorch Release: Planetary Spiralling Exploding Water Sphere)!" Naruto hollered as he slammed the large balls into the ground on top of Jashin.

Never had Jashin imagined such pain as Naruto dug the both of them into a ravenous hole, pushing apart dust, dirt, and ground. Through furious grinding, the rasengan released a torrent of scorch and steam, each part filled with water exploding through the air.

The lands shook and what remained of nature trembled. From out of the hole, deafening explosions ran through the air like meteors falling from the sky. Those demons summoned by Jashin weren't too sure what they should be doing as they blown aware by the sheer force of the sudden waves of destruction coming upon them. Some could only scream as the explosion overcame them and others were probably lucky when the earth swallowed them in its great maw.

Even while the explosions continued, Naruto flew into the air and slammed his hands together. He couldn't rest. He wasn't offered that luxury. There was no way Jashin wouldn't keep up with this pace that Naruto had set. Before the blond would dare allow that, he'd get in as much damage as he could. Even more than that, he'd not forgotten the tears Yura shed when she fell asleep in his arms, nor had he forgotten Yuri's anguish at her own failures. He'd most certainly not forgotten the way his mother handled matters in his absence. He'd not forgotten any of them!

"HA!" He roared, gathering up his Honshou while Kurama synced with him. The ground shook and rumbled as if it would tear apart while the full might of the Kyuubi no Yoko appeared upon the Elemental Nations after years of imprisonment. Shrouded in divine light and white fire, the fox opened his mouth. Blood, water, and Honshou focused themselves at the center of his maw.

On the other side, the earth quaked when Mōryō's thousands of heads appeared. Each head screeched out into the open before the dragon turned its attention back toward its target. On top of a few of Mōryō's heads stood at least seven Naruto clones. Behind each of them stood Tobirama, Pakura, Dan, Yahiko, Kimimaro, Suiren, and Gari. On top of another, the Kindred stood while Madara focused his chakra and covered Mōryō and Kurama with the full strength of the Susanoo armor.

Mōryō opened his mouth, mixtures of every element of the nations coming together while the Naruto clones summoned pure white rasenshurikens in their hands. Yet, if one looked closely, they'd have seen at the center lay the core abilities of Pakura, Dan, Yahiko, Kimimaro, Suiren, Gari, and Tobirama. Even Kagura, herself, added to their might by taking command of the power of even the stars themselves, adding to their sparkling wonder while Lamb summoned an arrow and Wolf pulled back the string of Lamb's bow.

Naruto slammed his hands on the ground.

"Shisenpō: Shin Shinigami Fukoku: Yōsomai Chōodama Bijū Rasen Hametsu (Death Sage Mode: True God of Death Edict: Every Element Ultra-Big Ball Tailed-Beast Spiraling Ruination)!" Naruto hollered.

Following his command, Mōryō, Kurama, and those standing upon them roared in unison, firing their techniques into the bottomless hole Naruto had left the God of Slaughter in. Every technique collided with each other.

Perhaps it was for the best that no man or woman would have bore witness to such destruction, for even in the name of saving the world it would have traumatized many who laid their eyes upon such cataclysmic beauty. From the lands of what might be perceived to be Suna to the furthest reaches of the dried oceans of Kiri, the explosion from Naruto tore through the ground. The shaking was so fierce, so violent, so chaotic that even those beyond the very planet itself would have spectacular eruptions threatening to take the very planet itself.

Scorched earth turned into an ocean of molten lava and magma. Hot pockets of steam blew into the air while the dark clouds above parted. Devastating tornadoes blew through the arid wasteland that the Elemental Nations had become.

As the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki looked on, he was convinced Jashin had done something to the Earth as there ought to be no way the planet might survive under such might. Still, at least that confirmed the blond's suspicions of the god's might. Even as the light took everything with it in an orchestra of noise that would deaden the ears of mortal, Naruto still hadn't felt Jashin's power diminish.

Taking his sword, Naruto pointed it into the air. Over the continuing blasts and drums of violence, a large door appeared. When the doors opened, Naruto formed another handsign. Blood slipped from the side of his mouth and dark purple flames shot down like fire and brimstone. The flames mixed with the dancing lights, fusing light and dark together.

Swiftly, Kurama and the others fell back into Naruto's body while the blond continued to stare on. "As expected, this won't be enough. You aren't alone, brat. Not this time. Remember that," Kurama advised.

Naruto didn't bother responding as he merged his soul with Pakura and Madara. He tried not to show any strain, yet it was clear to them all that his merger with Pakura still wasn't perfect. Of them all, it was still the worst. He knew it, she knew it, and Madara knew it. Yet, now wasn't the time to hassle anyone. It was the hand they were dealt.

Naruto's eyes hardened when his technique was immediately blown away as a hurricane of anger, wrath, and evil upturned the ravine-like crater he'd created. Even with the experience of Pakura and Madara enhancing his own, Naruto doubled over in pain when Jashin appeared in front of him, piercing his stomach with his spear. The God of Slaughter was soaked in his own blood, his upper torso laden with numerous cursed marks of the Shinigami. His eyes drew blood and his divine clothing had been torn asunder. In fact, the only thing that protected the god's modesty were his pants.

"Naruto-sama!" Suiren exclaimed while the others looked on in shock.

"He's still fast even after all that we threw at him," Dan replied, clenching his fists.

Tobirama silently looked on as did Kagura and the others. Yet, none was more attentive than the Otsutsuki Main Branch princess. She watched as Naruto gritted his teeth and grabbed the black spear.

With powerful force, Jashin pushed Naruto back. Though the blond's feet dug into the ground, they offered no helpful resistance while the God of Slaughter bore his full wrath upon the Summoner of the Shinigami.

"HOW DARE YOU! I shall never grant you safe release into my brother's arms for as long as my mother shall will it, Uzumaki Naruto! I SHALL MAKE YOU SUFFER AN ETERNITY'S HELL!" Jashin challenged, nay issued out while black lightning caught the sea of lava, spreading its vile curse as far as the eye could see.

Naruto gritted his teeth, the pain flourishing through his body. The corrupting properties of Jashin's spear started spreading through the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki's core. Hell, even his vision started to fade as Jashin thrust him right into a mountain. The body of rock and stone rumbled when they bore through it. From one end to the other, Jashin pushed Naruto through at least five or six collapsing mountain ranges before Kurama shouted.

"Brat, get your damn act together! Of all the times to let your guard down, this isn't it! Give this bastard hell! If you don't beat him, everything you've worked hard to built will be gone! Everything dammit!"

Jashin slammed Naruto as the blond snorted. "I don't n-need you to tell me twice, Kurama!" Naruto fired back. With his hand, he grabbed Jashin's face. Boasting great strength, he shoved the god off, making him skid across the ground. The force pulled the spear out of the Uzumaki Patriarch's body, nearly bringing him to his knees momentarily.

Nevertheless, Jashin offered Naruto no reprieve. The Summoner of the Shinigami was forced to his feet, defending against the various thrusts from the God of Slaughter. Every dodged spear from Jashin was a hole blasted into the very skin of the earth itself. Despite the pain, Naruto weaved his head and his body. His palm smacked the spear away, each touch of its cursed body seeping dark emotions into his body.

With a snarl, Jashin dashed forward and bashed his body fully against Naruto's, perhaps using his weight to keep his slipper target still. Acting quickly, Naruto, with Madara, Tobirama, and Kurama supplying him with strength, withstood the body with his own body. God and mortal glared into each other's eyes. Unfortunately, Jashin quickly noticed that Naruto's eyes, once as blue as the oceans themselves, turned in a nigh pale, pupil-less color.

Holding up his hand, Naruto forced Jashin away, a blast of invisible pressure sending him flying. The god sailed through the air while Naruto panted. The wound in his stomach swiftly began healing, drying up the blood and gash from the blow.

Holding up a handsign, Naruto called his word back to him. The sword flew through the air and back into his hands. Swinging its gleaming might through the air, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki stilled as Jashin instantly appeared behind him, cursed spear in hand ready to sever his head from his shoulders.

Turning around, the ground between Jashin and Naruto split in two. Divine power severed the lands of broken lands of Lightning Country when sword and spear collided. Over and over, the two traded blows and strikes. Through the open air, clashes of divine steel light fire to the ground. The flames dance around them, imbued with the power of the stars and other celestial bodies.

Naruto dodged a spear thrust and Jashin parried a slash from Naruto's sword.

"Have you even a shred of knowledge about who you're dealing with, boy?! I warn you to not annoy me! You would rue the day you dared t… NGH!" Jashin ceased the words he was going to say next, his eyes widening in both anger and shock as pain surged through his body. He looked at his opponent, a smirk rising on Naruto's face.

Jashin then looked to his left. There he saw a Naruto clone.

He looked to his right. There was another Naruto clone.

Both clones forced their blades through Jashin's sides. The steel pierced through his back while Naruto's smirk fell. "It's not fun, is it? Fighting when there's actually a chance you might lose. Knowing you, I bet you're used to battling people who're too scared to try their best against you. For a god like you, it's no wonder barely anyone prays to you. No wonder your followers gotta hide in the dark like cowards," Naruto taunted.

Strangely enough, Jashin became so angry that he couldn't even let the full weight of the emotion show on his face. He then smirked. "Very well, Uzumaki Naruto. I grant you the right to see forty percent of a god's true might. Pray that you do not regret it," Jashin snickered as Naruto frowned when his clones were immediately impaled by thousands of spears through their bodies. The clones vanish in puffs of smoke while a tower of fragmented stars fall down upon Jashin.

The corrupted ground turned as black as the god of slaughter's dark heart. Cursing, Naruto floated in the air as Jashin's power flooded the entirety of the earth. The pillar of dark stars surrounded his body and Naruto quickly noticed his robe deteriorating.

"Damn, even I'm shivering and I don't even feel cold. Just what is this guy?" Yahiko inquired.

"I fear we're about to find out," Suiren responded, working together with the others and forcing more of their power through Naruto's body hoping to keep his cloak standing. They hoped for anything to ease his burden lest his cloak fall and his mortal body come into contact with so much vile energy.

Madara and Tobirama narrowed their eyes as the pillar ceased. Jashin stood before Naruto, clad in armor befitting that of a god of slaughter. His spear was decorated in black and red designs while its body was clothed with dark stars.

Jashin chuckled. "Pray to my brother that you can keep up, Uzumaki Naruto. You beter hope he answers you," Jashin said, raised his spear into the air. The Heavens opened.

"BRAT MOVE!" Kurama hollered as Naruto looked up. A pillar of stars came upon him ferociously, crashing into the ground from one side and blowing through the air. For a moment, Jashin wondered if he shouldn't have strengthened the earth to his liking. Surely, the despair of seeing his home world destroyed would be a sweet treat to Jashin from Naruto.

Meanwhile, Naruto landed somewhere far away. Even from where he floated, he noticed the pillar of dark stars in the distance. He then looked at his sword, it had cracked from the briefest blow with the pillar in his haste to get away. Had it not been for Kagura, perhaps that damage would have been greater than he was willing to deal with.

"Now who dares run like a coward? Then again, I suppose you shinobi are used to running when things aren't favorable for you. Am I right"

As soon as Naruto turned around, Jashin was right in front of them. Spear clashed with sword again. Summoner and god traded blows this way and that. Each thrust from The God of Slaughter's weapon, exploded blasted of celestial bodies from it. Meanwhile, every swing of Naruto's blade made the souls of the dead sing. Like exploding stars or flashes of wonderful fireworks, the two counter each other over and over.

Unfortunately, Naruto and the others noticed this wasn't a viable strategy at the moment as Naruto's blade continued to take more and more damage. It wouldn't be long before it shattered into pieces, taking who knew now long to reform. Of course, what might not be known was that the same was true of Jashin's spear. Only he was aware of it, and the very thought pissed him off.

Even with this much strength, how could his weapon be on the verge of breaking at all? Where the hell was he getting all this power from?

Naruto and Jashin clashed again. This time, however, the latter noticed Gari appeared out of the former's body. "Bakuton: Bakushō (Explosion Release: Exploding Palm)!" the former Iwagakure ninja roared, putting his hand right on Jashin's face.

A thundering explosion that shook the air with enough force to make even Deidara proud covered the sky in a sea of red and orange. The explosion, while hardly hurting the God of Slaughter, was more than enough to push him back. Hell, even the light had stunned his eyes for a mere moment.

That was a moment that was all Naruto needed as he charged through the smoke. Sharing his soul with Kurama, Madara, Kagura, and Tobirama, the blond appeared in front of Jashin. Rolling his fist back, he slammed it into the side of the god's face. The God of Slaughter's head whipped to the side, even his very body trembling.

Naruto then fired another punch. Getting a hold of himself, Jashin raised his spear to try and block the strike. Yet, his world was shattered along with his spear when the Kyuubi Jichuuriki's fist met it. His fist broke through the celestial spear and buried itself deep into Jashin's gut.

"NGH!" Jashin groaned.

Naruto then vehemently followed through with another punch. One after the other, he threw them out without ceasing. Try as Jashin might, he had yet to recover from the shock of his weapon being destroyed. Blood poured from his mouth when Naruto's fist sailed across his face. He then followed with another hit to the chest. Jashin's chest burned, the powers of gold and violet fire settling into his core and rupturing his insides.

Once more, Naruto assaulted the god, sending him flying. Before he could get far though, a chakra arm grabbed a hold of Jashin. Throwing him through the air, Naruto hollered at the top of his lungs, them burning like the fury within the depths of his own soul. He crashed Jashin back into the corrupted ground, ruthlessly dragging him through the ground, tearing apart earth and dark matter.

Gari even placed his hand on top of Naruto's. What followed was a series of chaining explosions following the full length of the beastly chakra arm until it reached the fallen god, crushing and ruining anything that stayed close to it. Explosions from Gari went wide, further than any elemental village had been built before. Like angry veins ready to burst from so much pressure, magma shots launched and spiraled into the air.

Of course, Naruto wouldn't settle with that. Using his other arm, a chakra arm flew into the air. Opening its palm, Suiren, Kimimaro, and Pakura fly around it. Weaving their hands quickly, the air became assaulted with the screeching sounds of the Rasenshuriken. Within its center burned the dark might of violet fire.

Gritting his teeth, Naruto used the chakra arm to fling the screeching jutsu toward his adversary. His summons and the others watched. The jutsu spiraled through the air toward its target before Naruto felt pressure forcing itself against the other arm that held Jashin. Shocked, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki could only watch when a burst of divine power freed Jashin from his grasp.

Then, the earth and the firmament of the air explode. A large, black sphere of fire collided with Naruto's rasenshuriken, both vigorously grinding against each other. Jashin grinned widely while Naruto clenched his arm, forcing the chakra to push as hard as it could against the orb that Jashin had created.

Jashin pushed back just as fiercely. His heels dug into the ground, splitting its skin into thousands of rock-like craters. "I'll admit, I like this little… 'jutsu' of yours, Uzumaki Naruto. While rather crude, indeed it gets to job done. Feel honored that I'll allow your mortal technique to be wielded by the hands of a true god!" Jashin roared, taunting the blond summoner right in his face as lightning struck the dark sea that coated the very length of the earth.

"Then see if you can't take this also!" Naruto fired back. Holding up a handsign, Suiren and Kimimaro flew out of him. The former grabbed her sword and the latter swallowed one of the beads given him from Naruto's necklace.

Upon swallowing it, Kimimaro was granted his body back if only for a limited time. Suiren and Kimimaro grabbed the hand of the other and swirled themselves through the air.

"Suiton: Taijū Suiryūha (Water Release: Multiple Water Dragon Teeth)!" Suiren shouted.

"Shikotsumyaku: Mugen no Hone Yuigon (Dead Bone Pulse: The Endless Bone Testament)!" Kimimaro exclaimed right after her.

Jashin watched as water and bones flew through the air like fallen hail. Yet, even beyond that, Jashin hardly missed the strange flow of energy distributing itself between every piece of the water and bones. He knew not what made him nervous, but he realized that he'd have to act quickly.

Taking his spear, he swung it into the air. The dark void beneath his feet rose up to cover his body, yet that didn't seem to matter because the god of slaughter found his body forcefully pulled from its position. The rasenshuriken slammed into the earth behind him, burning the outer edges of its might into his back.

Far off, Jashin scowled when he saw Madara with his Rinnegan activated. The god was pulled right into the fullness of Suiren and Kimimaro's technique. He covered his body as he was mercilessly assailed by their attack. When he could afford to open his eyes, he even saw that the attacks were so potent that they could barely pass by his divine defense, piercing and striking his body.

"Keep your pets on a leash, BOY!" Jashin exclaimed, holding out his hand. With but a mere thought, he blasted Suiren and Kimimaro away. Both groaned before they dispelled back into Naruto's sword.

Meanwhile, if Madara was alive, then surely he would have felt a bead of sweat fall down the side of his face when Jashin appeared in front of him. Let the record state that no mortal had ever made Madara tremble. Not even Hashirama had done so. Yet, the mighty figure in front of him made even the clan head of the Uchiha clan tremble, and that very thought angered him severely.

"Perhaps you were not aware of it, but I can slaughter even spirits. Would you like to experience it, mortal?" Jashin asked, Madara noticing his enemy's hands glowing with dark fire even more sinister than even the Amaterasu.

However, before Jashin could touch Madara. He groaned in pain when his head was forcefully whipped to the side from by a knee from Naruto. The god flew through the air and Naruto launched himself after Jashin. With an open palm, he grabbed Jashin's face and slammed him into the ground.

"GUAK!" Naruto coughed when Jashin swiftly countered, grabbing his neck in the process. Effortlessly, he tossed Naruto into the ground himself. In fact, he slammed Naruto further into the crater than the blond had done to him. Jashin then lifted his head again and crashed it back down.

"Do you not understand?! You can't win! No matter how powerful you become, no matter how much you train, no matter how much understanding you gather for yourself, it's all worthless in the face of power that has existed for billions of years. Accept your own worthlessness like the rest of your pitiful…"

"Don't you ever fucking shut up?!" Naruto returned, elbowing and staggering the enemy god back. The blond then backflipped and sucked in his legs. He dashed back into Jashin's personal space. The god was quick to counter the punch that was thrown his way. Hands weaved this way and that, legs were raised and clashed like bounds of thunder in the dark skies.

God and mortal blasted their bear fists into each other's faces. Though Naruto stumbled, he powered on with Kurama's immense power fueling him. He had to work quickly. It wouldn't be long until Jashin took notice. It wouldn't be long before he'd have to resort to the technique that Shin warned him about.

Naruto fought. He fought hard. Though everything seemed to hurt, though Jashin knocked him down, though the pain was intense, still he fought on anyway. When Jashin slammed his fist in Naruto's cheek, he shivered as Naruto powered through and grabbed the god's shoulder. He thrust his knee into Jashin's chest, making him double over. Clenching his hands together, Naruto rammed them down into the Slaughter God's ruined back.

Across outer space, stars descended and struck the home of the Elemental Nations. Jashin caught Naruto's fist and kicked him away. The Uzumaki Patriarch sailed for miles before he landed back on the ground. Before he could look up, Jashin was already behind him. Stabbing his spear into the ground, Naruto was forced to move as thousands upon thousands of larger vile spike towers erupted from the ground.

They were fast, much faster than Naruto was anticipating. One had been so close that it tore a piece of Naruto's robe. It also didn't help that the pointed tips of the towers started firing what looked like black lightning upon him. Each time Naruto dodged, it struck the ground and he noticed it leave a very strange marking. While the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki didn't know what that did, he sure as hell didn't want to find out either.

After a while, Naruto slammed his hands together. Kagura and Kurama swiftly followed him.

"Shisenpō: Shin Shinigami Fukoku: Sentōri No Meikai (Death Sage Art: True God of Death's Edict: A Thousand Ways of the Underworld)!" Naruto exclaimed, slamming his hands on the ground. The dark sea was violently pushed away from him while the earth, like the maw of a beast split apart, opening its mouth. The spires crumbled apart and fell into the very core of the earth where a large dark door remained. It opened and the souls of the dead screamed, lashing and striking wherever they could.

Wailing madly, the spirits swarmed around The God of Slaughter. Jashin swirled his spear through his hands rapidly, blowing a ferocious storm through the air. Lightning crashed through the sky. Yet, the spirits didn't seem particularly perturbed.

"Don't get cocky, you lower beings!" Jashin exclaimed. A surge of divine power exploded from his body. The spirits screamed, charging toward him until they were blown away by his might.

Jashin then looked up and saw a large tower of golden fire come down upon him. Raising his hands, the flames crashed into his palms. Gritting his teeth, he struggled to keep the tower of flames from consuming him. His arms burned and he noticed small tendrils of the fire seep into his skin, cursing his flesh just like Naruto's technique from a few days ago.

Speaking of the Summoner of the Shinigami, Jashin was forced to lower one of his arms to smack a fired arrow away from the Kindred. Lamb frowned behind her mask before she pulled her bow and fired several more arrows.

Between the hailstorm of arrows, Naruto and Wolf sailed through the air. In one hand was a golden rasengan. In the other was a violet rasengan.

Scowling, Jashin watched the two come upon him. Naruto roared while the God of Slaughter raised his knee. The golden rasengan slammed into his knee while Jashin grabbed Wolf by the throw.

"You're making me very angry, Uzumaki Naruto. I would suggest that you…"

Whatever Jashin was gonna say next died when his head was suddenly pushed upward. Before he could even think, he and Naruto found themselves overtaken by the golden tower of fire. The flames crashed through the door on the ground. Gold flames turned violet, piercing even to the uttermost the outer regions of the heavens.

Far off, Naruto and Wolf landed on the ground. "Bastard tastes awful," Wolf said.

Naruto inhaled and exhaled slowly. While he heard Wolf, he didn't bother responding. Every ounce of his training had to be dedicated to this battle. He knew he'd lose his head if he were distracted.

As the tower of flames died down, Naruto clenched his fists. Even the others within him scowled. They looked at Jashin floating there. He was clearly not amused by this development, especially as pieces of his armor cracked and slipped off his shoulders. Even his spear which he had taken from a spire out of fun had been broken and devastated. It shattered to pieces between the tips of his fingers.

Sensing something wrong, Lamb and Wolf flew back into Naruto's sword while the blond looked on. Jashin looked at his empty palm. The redhead then looked back at his adversary. The world he'd so wonderfully constructed seemed even more chaotic than before. In an uncertain sense, this was actually a world more suited to the God of Slaughter's desires. However, that it came at the cost of his blood and his burned hands was a sin he simply couldn't ignore.

"Hahahaha, I'll concede it to you, Uzumaki Naruto. While I wouldn't hardly call you my equal, you have still surprised me, and angered me considerably. It seems that my servants aren't capable of getting involved. Clearly, that's a fault of your mortal bodies, not something you can help. Then, it seems I will need more. I hope you don't think I was lax in surveying my new world. While I changed it, formed it in my image, I located something rather interesting and I think it'll grant you even greater despair, even if… even if I can't control it perfectly. I think what I've gathered shall suffice…" Jashin said.

"What the hell is he talking about?" Yahiko inquired. The others watched, yet Kurama and Madara were the only ones seemingly anxious. It seemed clear to them that something in the god's mannerisms was very wrong. Then, there was this pressure they were sensing. Hell, even Kagura noticed the energy beginning to swell into the air. It reminded her of one of her clan's god trees, more specifically one of the Chakra Fruit.

Naruto glanced to the side, feeling the ground broken and ruined ground tremble beneath his feet. His silver eyes narrowed while divine power saturated the air with such a thickness that not even Jashin's black beasts could survive it. In a harsh black mist, thousands upon thousands of those beasts still living seeped their vile bodies into the body of the Elemental Nations.

The earthquakes continued with increasing intensity. Beneath a bed of molten rock, the ground split open which made Jashin smirk. The frown on Naruto's face deepened when a humanoid hand made of either wood or rock reached out of the sea of lava. It then slammed onto the ground, pulling up the rest of the body that was behind it.

For the first time, worry filled Uchiha Madara's body. He clenched his fists. If he were alive, his knuckles would have bled.

"What is that thing?" Suiren inquired, watching, through Naruto's eyes, a humanoid monstrosity the likes of which she'd never seen before emerge from the ground. It had to be something not produced by Jashin because she sensed enormous chakra, unfathomable chakra spilling out of the earthen titan's body.

Kurama also snarled. He sensed the presence of the Ichibi, Nibi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi, and Nanabi within the statue. Within all of this, Kagura too sensed something as well. She sensed something that almost no one else sensed. She felt the presence of her sister's power, the presence of Kaguya.

"You seem to know what this thing is, Madara. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I think it's time you explained it to us," Tobirama said, glancing over to Madara. The others turned their eyes to him and Madara exhaled slowly.

"That… is the Gedo Mazo. It is the true body of the Juubi, the Ten-Tailed Beast," Madara said, gritting his teeth.

"Ten-Tailed Beast? There's another bijuu apart from the nine?" Gari inquired. He'd known of the bijuu as Iwa had always boasted the might of its two Jinchuuriki, Han and Roshi. He's grown up on the stories of them throughout Iwa, in spite of their negative influence.

"Hmph, you don't know anything. This is what all the bijuu were before the Rikudo Sennin separated them into nine parts. This is the progenitor of the shinobi race, the progenitor of chakra itself. This was what Akatsuki had spent so many years trying to awaken. The Juubi has the power and the potential to turn into the God Tree. Its power is so potent it could keep the entire population of the Elemental Nations alive just by itself. Its power would have led to Project Tsuki no Me, the only path to peace. A world with no losers. A world where every man is in control of his own destiny. A world where there are only winners," Madara claimed.

No one spoke for a long while, not even Naruto. They all looked at Madara with either frowns or scowls. Yet, none was angrier than Kurama. His feral eyes glared down upon the Uchiha Patriarch with unbridled rage. Had there not been a bigger threat at the moment, Kurama would have demanded Naruto make Madara suffer the worst pain he'd ever experienced.

"Then, I guess it's a good thing that can't come to pass since The Kyuubi is no longer made out of chakra. Given that she also remains close to Naruto-sama, Yuri's been feeding off his might. Even the Sanbi might have changed. Guess we're good that your fucking sick fantasy never materialized," Pakura said, frowning as she looked at Madara.

To his credit, the Uchiha hardly cared what she thought. "You speak of matters you don't understand. This is the easiest and most effective method to achieve peace. If you opened your eyes, then you'd all agree," Madara claimed.

"...As expected of you inferior creatures. Even your understanding is muddled. You do not know of the trap that had nearly been laid at your feet."

The others glanced at Kagura. She continued to look forward as the Gedo Mazo roared, towering high over Naruto at such a height that it even stood taller than Kurama himself.

"I think we'll have to think about all this later," Kimimaro replied. Dan and Yahiko agreed.

Naruto watched on as Jashin filled the Gedo Mazo with divine power. The titan roared, opening two more eyes separate from the six already opened. Unlike the others, those two eyes were as black as the void itself. The might of the constellations surrounded its body before Jashin shook his head.

"No. I think I could do much better than that," He said as he raised up his hand. Jashin coated his hand with divine power, forcing the Gedo Mazo to open its mouth. Following this, Naruto's gaze hardened when he found himself staring down the giant forms of the Ichibi, Nibi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi, and Nanabi. Each of them was held in chains by the Gedo Mazo, yet all of them were just as filled with the power of the constellations just like the titan statue was.

Kurama's sharp teeth clashed so hard against each other, one could fear they might break into pieces. The freed Bijuus' eyes became corrupted with the full might of the God of Slaughter. Their eyes became as dead as the void itself. The surfaces of their bodies were ruined and corrupted with the cursed realm of Jashin.

Naruto looked on against them all. "Kurama, you won't mind if I get a little rough with your siblings, do you?" the blond asked.

"Please. Don't underestimate the tenacity of a bijuu, brat. Even ones like them have their pride. They won't complain," Kurama claimed.

"Alright, guys. If you're willing, stick with me to the end," Naruto said.

"We'll stick with you even if the world turns asunder, Naruto-sama!" the others claimed.

For once, the Patriarch of the Uzumaki Clan allowed a smile to grace his face. Taking his sword, he stabbed it into the ground. Immediately, Mōryō appeared with his numerous dragon-like heads. Standing on top of his head was Lamb and Wolf.

The Summoner of the Shinigami slammed his hands together. "Yosh! Then we'll do it just like we did last time!" Naruto exclaimed as he summoned a shadow clone.

The grin on Jashin's face lengthened when he saw the clone covered in the glowing glory of Kurama's might. The chakra avatar of the Kyuubi stood proudly against the menacing snarls of his siblings. Then the chakra avatar found its full body covered in the blue armor of Madara's Susanoo. Yet, Jashin also noticed that the field of Naruto's holy ground began to spread. Even the Susanoo itself started to form, glowing with the same power of the stars as the enemy bijuu and Gedo Mazo.

The Susanoo armor formed three right hands and three left hands. In each hand came a sword. In the center of its helmet opened the eye of Kagura Otsutsuki. The other summons stayed within the real Naruto's body.

Outside the lands of the Elemental Nations, the stars raced through the sky and lightning coursed over the heavens. The Summoner of the Shinigami stared at the God of Slaughter and pointed his blade toward him. Jashin grinned, urging the young summoner to come.


"I think some crazy stuff's going on over there," Yuri said, her hair white and her cloak surrounding her body. She smiled as she sat in a cave with Kushina miles away from the people residing in Konoha.

"Yeah, Sochi's definitely doing something reckless," Kushina answered, her hair just as white and her robe just as bright as Yuri's.

The two Uzumaki ladies had taken it upon themselves to leave the village behind. Ever since Naruto had left their power had been spiraling out of control. Ordinary people had either fallen blind or fallen unconscious no matter how far away the two tried to stand from people. It was only when even members of their own family and friends started feeling affected did Kushina determine that they were better off elsewhere.

The ice and snow were harsh, yet they were fortunate to find a cave and hold themselves in it. The two watched cracks in the rocky walls form, each piece deepening from every pulse of Honshou. Luckily, neither had to worry about the cold. The Honshou was keeping them warm. Not even the snow that fell got too close to them before melting.

"Do you think he's winning?" Yuri asked.

"We have to trust that he is. Though, I do understand why you're anxious. I am too," Kushina answered.

Yuri blew huffs of cold air from her mouth.

Hours passed. Two days and nights passed. The two stayed together talking about various things. Sometimes their auras would glow brighter than normal. Other times it'd simmer to a wisp that barely protected them from the cold. How the mountain hadn't fallen on top of them from so many cracks was nothing short of a miracle. Hell, Kushina even contemplated finding another cave to settle in.

"Hmmmm, I spy with my little eye… Yura-nee?!"

Kushina snorted. Having grown bored with waiting, the Uzumaki Matriarch and Sanbi Jinchuuriki had been busying themselves with a couple of nonchalant games.

"Yuri, you're not supposed to say what you're…"

Kushina's words were cut off when Yuri broke away from her grip. The younger redhead stood to her feet. "No, I saw Yura-nee!" Yuri exclaimed, running out into the misty white cold. Kushina stood up not sure what to do when she saw Yuri dash out like she'd lost her mind.

Yuri ran out into the cold air, the snow crunching beneath her feet. When she stopped, she realized that she was alone. She looked up, down, left, right, but there wasn't any sign of her older sister.

"Yuri, you can't just run out like that. This cold will kill you if the Honshou runs out. We'll have to stay together for warmth," Kushina admonished once she caught up to the younger of the sisters.

Embarrassed, Yuri rubbed the back of her hair. "But I saw Yura-nee. I would have bet the Uzumaki Clan's entire bank account! I'm not insane dattebayen!" Yuri exclaimed.

Kushina tried not to laugh before her expression turned serious. She looked out into the frosty haze. While she doubted Yuri would lie, it also seemed unlikely that Yura would be out here of all places. Then again, maybe Kushina wasn't a good judge. She'd been hearing voices all the time. She actually thought she was going insane sometimes.

The two stood out there in the midst of the cold for a short while. Eventually, Kushina led them both back to the cave. "You're sure you saw Yura?" Kushina asked.

"I haven't exactly been in a joking mood as of late. I know I… saw…"

Yuri slowly stopped talking. Luckily for her, she didn't need to explain why because Kushina saw the exact same thing that Yuri did.

In front of the cave that had been their home for the last two days stood a woman unlike any they'd ever seen. Her body was surrounded by golden fire and her hair was like that of a violet garden. She turned her head to them. Her eyes were the most beautiful that either remembered.

"Kushina-san. Yuri-chan," the woman said, smiling. While her appearance might not be what they were expecting, her voice quickly called to their memory of who Yuri had been chasing.

"Yura-nee?" Yuri asked shakingly.

Yura didn't answer. Instead, she frowned and looked into the sky. "Kushina-san, Yuri-chan, it's time for you both to go back to Konoha. We must prepare to help Nii-sama," Yura said.

The air was heavy. Yura's voice seemed like it was filled with power from the very edge of the void itself. Kushina took the time to approach. "What do you mean help Naruto?" she asked.

"The time is coming. Whether they are ready or not, whether we all live or die… will be decided soon. I've already sent Yugao to inform the others. I'll join you soon. Right now, it's taking a lot of my concentration just to contain all this energy inside me, and don't worry about what everyone thinks. They will go. All of them will," Yura said.

Kushina raised an eyebrow. "And how do you know that?" the Uzumaki Matriarch inquired.

In response, Yura smiled. "Because they won't have a choice," Yura answered.

As soon as those words were spoken, Yura vanished in front of the both of them. Neither Kushina nor Yuri, despite their proficiency as sensor types, could feel where the older sister had gone.

"We're going to help Naruto-nii? But if he needs help them…"

Yuri grew worried when she saw Kushina clench her fists. "Then it means he can't win. At least… he can't do it on his own," Kushina answered, biting her lip.


If there was one thing Uchiha Sasuke hated more than anything, it was waiting. There was just something about it that just didn't sit right with him. When he remembered his obsession with Itachi, he knew he'd spent every waking moment of the day devising whatever strategies he could against his brother, even if many of them hadn't come to fruition. Yet, now he was forced to wait, to bear the consequence of good or bad news.

"Naruto, when did you get so far ahead of me?" Sasuke inquired to himself, sitting in a lone training room. His sword lay in front of him while he settled himself with his thoughts.

Two days. That had been how long Sasuke held his breath. He found it hard to sleep sometimes. He'd wake up in cold sweats and he made numerous errors in his sword formations. Nothing seemed to be going right, and for a stickler for perfection like Sasuke who strove for such a high ideal like his brother, that was unacceptable.

Sometimes Sasuke hoped that he'd wake up to the violent cheers of the crowd when Naruto returned triumphant, just as he'd done many other times. Yet, other times, Sasuke worried that Naruto might return battered and broken like other times.

Then there was his mother and Yuna. Sasuke knew not where that matter was headed. He and his mother had stolen glances at each other when they thought the other wasn't looking and for Sasuke that made him feel horrible.

While cheating might be necessary in the lives of shinobi, Sasuke could never be that in his personal life. He'd already resolved himself to tell Yuna about these uncertain thoughts of his. Lies had been told to him regarding his family almost his whole life. He wouldn't make such a mistake with Yuna, especially not if he was planning to spend the rest of his life with her.

Honestly, Sasuke hated and enjoyed this feeling. It was such a…

Suddenly, the Uchiha's senses flared. He immediately grabbed his sword and hopped to his feet. "Come out now. You only get one chance. You better not waste…"

"You still haven't changed, Sasuke. A proper clan leader should learn some temperance."

Of the many ways Sasuke assumed he would meet the person investigating him, a bright pillar of light wasn't one of them. He covered his eyes until the light simmered. When he opened them, he hadn't expected to see Yugao standing there.

…or at least who he assumed was Yugao. There was something different within her. Her purple hair was still noticeable, yet she seemed to be encased in some type of armor that he'd never seen before. Less like a ninja, she looked almost like a knight of sort, cape of light and all.

Cautious, Sasuke spoke. "Who are you?" he asked.

Yugao fought hard not to chuckle, instead opting for a smile. "Who do you think I am, Sasuke?" she asked.

The Uchiha felt a bead of sweat fall down the side of his face. The two shared a gaze of understanding and Sasuke took his hand from the hilt of his sword. "Where have you been? The others have been worried about you," he said.

"I've been here and there. Unfortunately, I'm not here just to chat with you, even if I know you missed me too. Gather Mikoto-san and Kakashi. Yura should have already met with Kushina and Yura already. It's time to go," his teammate said.

Sasuke frowned. "Go where?" he asked.

Yugao's smile lessened. "...To find out if our world deserves a second chance or not."



Some philosophers stated that humanity was so warped, so corrupt, so evil, and so vile that if even if only two men survived out of the entire human race, there would still be war. There would still be violence, and there would still be a world ruined by the stench of the vilest sins of humanity.

Naruto panted as blood spilled from the side of his face. One of his eyes was closed from having been gouged out. His body was raked with injuries even as the literal end of the world seemed to befall the Elemental Nations. Meteorites summoned by Kagura and Madara rained over the world while Kurama and Mōryō battled the other bijuu. He watched the Gedo Mazo roar as it shoulder bashed the six-arms, Susanoo-armor-clad Kurama avatar.

The Nanabi was grabbed with one arm and the Nibi with the other. Both were dragged through the ground and thrown into the air. The Kurama avatar then fired a bijuudama straight into their bodies, all while the Yonbi and Gobi were struck with the swords of the Susanoo.

Meanwhile, Mōryō's heads coiled around the Gedo Mazo. Each head released a torrent of white fire that sprawled through the former lands of Kusagakure.

And yet, despite all of that, Naruto couldn't focus on those battles. Instead, he could only glare at Jashin. The smirk that had been on the god's face had long since fallen away and been replaced with a sneer.

Jashin's glorious armor had been stripped away, piece by piece. He was left topless, only his pants to cover his divine modesty. Yet, make no mistake, ancient seals of the Shinigami were lined across his body, increasing every ounce of damage dealt to not only his physical body but his divine soul as well.

The rest of the carnage continued around them, Lamb and Wolf dancing and weaving through the battle of the titans. Volley after volley was shot from Lamb's bow while Wolf sank his fangs into his targets, reducing their life force considerably.

"I grant you this, Uzumaki Naruto. No mortal has ever entertained, infuriated, and driven me to such a point as this. Had you faced me, I'm sure you would have lived to become a greater existence than any other mortal like you in the history of either your world or those beyond it. However, you've become rather reckless. Your power has slowly been dipping as we've battled. Don't take it harshly. You're a mortal. Such power was never meant to be wielded by your hands. You and the other mortals like you are fit to be like this, on your knees, and prostrating before us gods. We are the ones who give you purpose, and we're the only reason you continue breathing. You may be slaughtered with your head held high, unfortunately knowing that the rest of your world shall fall with you," Jashin said, grinning as he pointed his spear right in Naruto's face.

The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki narrowed his eyes. Scowling, he heard a cataclysmic explosion over the horizon. Those seemed to be happening so much that his ears had almost grown numb to the noise.

While he panted, he also heard the pants of the summons within his blade. Unlike last time, they'd all been with him every step of the way. Each of their forms was marred with numerous burns and violent scars.

Jashin walked over to Naruto, a cruel smirk growing from his mouth. However, that cruel smirk immediately dissipated when the God of Slaughter heard the Gezo Mazo roar into the air, clutching his head like a raving humanoid lunatic. Before the God of Slaughter could even register the scream, a wave of righteous anger filled his body when his legs suddenly staggered. Even one step forward became too much for him.

"What the…" Jashin thought as he was brought to his knees. The ground shattered while he touched his face. Blood seeped out of the pores in his skin. He heard the maddening wails of his demonic beasts over the entirety of the Elemental Nations. Each of them screamed at him in defiance from hundreds of miles away. One by one, even the towers themselves began to crumble.

Then came the violent bellows of the other Bijuu. Jashin could feel it, his influence slowly but surely had been burning away like a piece of paper over a hot fire.

"What?! I'm losing control. That's impossible. I've never lost control in the countless eons that I've walked the celestial plane. How is this…"

Jashin stilled. Lifting up his head, he saw Naruto's pained smile. Even his spear was starting to burn the very flesh of his right arm. Scowling, Jashin tried to muster up the strength to stand. Every cell within his body burned and cracks started to show themselves on his very skin. When he stood, he couldn't even begin to hold back the vomit that was fired from his mouth.

"B-Boy! What have you… done to… me?" Jashin questioned, his voice barely above a whisper.

Naruto clutched his sides. "You know, I never had parents growing up, but even I know a thing or two about children. All children hate it when their toys get taken away, even ones that they've had for as long as you've had yours," Naruto said, blood still trailing down the side of his mouth.

Jashin's power exploded in proportion to his increasing anger, yet he found that he quickly had to rein himself in. The power was immense, greater than anything he'd felt before, and it nearly threatened to tear him to pieces. It took all his concentration to keep the rest of it from spiraling out of control.

"You know, Shin taught me something while I was away. When most people think of death, they think only of living things. However, there is much more to death than just that. There can even be death of… abstract concepts, natures, or… authorities. Even, say, the Authority of the Slaughter. All that power in the hands of someone who d-doesn't have the authority to wield it. Tell me, what do you think is gonna happen to you when you can't bear it a-anymore?" Naruto inquired, swiping the blood from his lips and tracing it over the seal on his right hand.

Though his soul burned, though his face was bloodied, though he felt like he might pass out at any given time, Naruto soldiered onward. "How about I give you a clue? You die under the weight of all of it. Everyone in the Elemental Nations who have died in these months because of you will have their spirits released from your domain. You will have nothing left, j-just like it always should have been!" Naruto said.

Refusing to give a damn mortal the satisfaction of seeing him unsettled, Jashin chuckled. "...I see. I thought those flames looked familiar. To think mother would allow you to harness such immense power. It's no wonder you've improved so quickly. A power that mother only ever gave to Death himself, her most trusted child of us all, the only one who had not fallen away since The Great Schism. To wield the burning flames of the Seat of Judgment, even if a weakened version, is nothing short of astonishing," Jashin said.

Naruto didn't respond. He just stared at Jashin with great disdain. The God of Slaughter took notice, even as his power slowly dwindled away.

"Hahahaha, congratulate yourself, Uzumaki Naruto. I now fully understand the threat you pose not just to me, but to every god that shall become after me. However, you have become reckless with the Seat of Judgement. It judges not just us, but those who wield it as well. Even should you combat me for the rest of the day, your soul will not handle the strain. Even now, your soul is merely a fraction of what it was when we started battling. I still have billions of years of authority still beneath my realm. How could you tackle all of it in a single day? Not even your pets will be enough!" Jashin exclaimed.

Naruto smiled. "So I've got a day to beat your face in until you have one only a mother could love? You know, people have been betting against me my whole life. Some didn't think I'd graduate the Academy. Others didn't think I'd survive the Chunin Exams. Some didn't believe I'd beat Kiba. Others thought Neji would kick my ass. I didn't even think I could beat Gaara. Many thought I'd lose to Bee-ochan. And there are a hundred times that who think I'll lose to you. And you know, I have a habit of proving people wrong!" Naruto said, slamming his hand on the seal.

"Kuchiyose No Jutsu!" Naruto hollered.

The summoning seal on Naruto's arm glowed with a light so bright that even Jashin had to squint his eyes. Those battling from afar turned their heads in shock. Even Kagura gave pause when her eyes finally stared upon a form so heavily revered by her clan.

The form of a true divine being.

When the light faded, Jashin balled his fists. "You would go this far, boy? It is a death sentence!" The god warned, albeit with surprising nervousness when he saw his brother, The Shinigami, floating behind his young summoner. Shin's yellow eyes hummed with power, his sword between his teeth and his robe glowing with seals whose origin not even Jashin could fathom.

"Then let's see which one fades away first, your Authority or my soul!" Naruto said as the Shinigami wordlessly flew into Naruto's body. The stars sang and the celestial bodies hummed as god and mortal joined their spirits together. Bright silver eyes turned yellow as the mask of the Shinigami covered the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki's face. He pointed his sword at the God of Slaughter.

"One day, right? Let's see if you'll start praying by the end of it."

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