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Naruto and Kushina sat before Hiashi, Hizashi, and Hinako, the group coming together as a meeting of one family since the Uzumaki and Hyuuga had sworn to blood ties. The blond just finished telling them of the more pressing matters concerning the Kage Summit yesterday. As the head of the Uzumaki Clan, Naruto felt it was within his responsibility to make sure one of his greatest friends knew about the upcoming future. It was best not to put such a matter like this off for too long.

"Thanks for meeting with me, Hiashi. Especially under the circumstances," Naruto started.

Hiashi held up a hand. "There's no need to be polite, Naruto. I would always have the time to meet with you. I must say that I think you're living the dream you always wanted. Many of Konoha's forces have been traveling as far as Kumo and Kiri. Your name is nearly being spoken of everywhere. You're the savior of the world after all. None of us would be alive were it not for you. Tell me, how does it feel being a mediator for the Five Kage Summits?" The Head of the Hyuuga clan inquired.

Naruto tried to keep his face neutral, but it was just impossible as he offered a cheeky smile, brushing his hands through his hair. "It's boring. Let me tell you, I never knew there'd be so much talking, but I'd much rather this boredom against the wars we used to learn about in the academy," he answered.

Hinako briefly chuckled while Kushina gently shook her head. Of course, she agreed. Though all this running, and teleporting back and forth was tiring, it was still preferable to staining her blade with the blood of others. It felt nice to travel without fear of being attacked. Well, fear for others, not necessarily for her.

Hiashi smiled. "Yes, but these are the things many leaders have had to learn. There is something of a science to the political arena, and I believe you have navigated it well despite your naivete," he claimed.

Naruto grimaced at the half-hearted insult, and it didn't help when Kushina laughed at him. He glared at her, but she didn't care as she held her stomach. Even Hizashi wasn't immune to such amusement. For the next few minutes, Naruto found himself the subject of everyone's laughter much to his embarrassment. How was it that even as the summon of one of the most powerful beings in all of existence, Uzumaki Naruto still barely got any respect?

"Face it, Brat. You and respect don't go well together," Wolf claimed, his comment only making Naruto angrier when Kurama bellowed in laughter too. Oh, Naruto was going to remember this for a long time.

Anyway, once all laughter settled, the room turned serious. "Either way, why I came was because of what was discussed at the Five Kage Summit. While I won't discuss all the topics brought forward during the meetings, there is one that I've got to address, especially since it concerns our families and what we've done. To make a long story short, it's likely that the Uzumaki Clan will no longer be Konoha residents," Naruto said.

Hinako widened her eyes and so did Hizashi. However, Hiashi remained stoic. His eyes drifted to the side momentarily. The three Hyuuga kept their silence while Naruto and Kushina sat patiently, hoping to give their extended family time to come to terms with what was just said. When they woke up in the morning, Naruto and Kushina had a long talk regarding the issue. They hadn't even told their own family yet.

Following her shock, Hinako cleared her throat. "They are worried," she said.

Hiashi nodded. "Yes. It would be the only thing that makes sense. Amusing though it is, Konoha is simply too powerful if Naruto continues to stay in the village. Many would assume that any talks of peace would be done under the strong arm of the village. This has been the first time that talks of peace amongst the nations have had any sort of ground. Even if people wanted to try for war, they simply don't have the tools. It'll be months, if not years before the nations get back to where they were," he answered.

Hizashi then spoke. "Yes, however, there is also another mention. They are aware of Naruto-sama's might. Unlike before, nearly everyone knows that he has a contract with the Shinigami. It stands to reason that just like the nations were scared of Konoha because of him, they would also be worried about starting conflict with each other as long as he's present. Suffice to say, but Naruto-sama's the single thread that can potentially keep the world from falling in on itself again," Hizashi announced.

They all looked up when they saw Naruto sigh. "And yet, I feel like what Akatsuki was trying to do with the bijuu. Just be a weapon to keep the nations from misbehaving, with everyone scared of me. However, I've long since agreed to do what needs to be done. If it keeps my mother, Yura, Yuri, and all of my family safe, then I'll be what the world needs me to be," Naruto said, making sure his attention was on the three Hyuuga and letting them know that the whole clan was included in that sentiment.

"And that is why you came to us," Hiashi said.

Naruto nodded. "Yes. I've come to ask that you and your clan consider moving with us. However, make no mistake, I will respect any decision you make. While my relationship with Konoha has soured a little, I'll never let it impact what I've got with you guys. In fact, I owe all that I have to you, Hiashi. You allowed me the greatest joy I've gotten in a long time. I'd never trade that for anything. My intention also isn't to break up your family. I'm sure some would like to go and others would like to stay. I just want you to know that you have the option to join us if you do," the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki answered.

Hiashi slowly nodded. Yes, this would be a matter that would need to be discussed with the elders of the clan. He would also discuss it privately with his children and their mother. He imagined it would be hard for Hinata to leave her team and friends. Then there was the engagement of Hanabi with Yukimaru.

"...I assume that should we decide to leave with you then…"

"Well, nothing's been confirmed or negotiated with the Kage. If you're worried about being unable to interfere in matters, then the only point is to keep things like that from happening. I'll be honest, I have no idea where this is gonna lead, but we're to keep the world from bringing Jashin back a second time. I think we can all agree on that. I'm not going to let that happen a second time, no matter what the other nations want," Naruto claimed.

Hiashi looked into Naruto's eyes. It seemed so funny that this was now the gaze of a proper young man instead of the hyperactive boy he'd come to know. Of course, Hiashi was rather saddened at the loss of Naruto's dream as the Hokage, but he proved a capable man to rise above the tragedy.

For the next hour or so, Naruto and Kushina spoke with Hiashi, Hinako, and Hizashi. Numerous questions were asked on both sides, and numerous answers were given. Unfortunately, for all the talking, not much headway was made. Instead, Kushina opted that they all return to the matter another day. Hinako agreed and the meeting was amended. Hiashi invited the two to stay for some refreshments, but Naruto had to decline.

"Sorry, I have a date already," he said, grabbing a hold of his mother's hand. Kushina held her head down, the situation threatening to embarrass her until her heart jumped out of her chest.

"So you do. Very well. I wish you the best day, Uzumaki Naruto," Hiashi said.

Naruto and Kushina wished them well and departed from the Hyuuga compound, greeting many young and old Hyuuga members on the way out. Once they were free, Kushina stretched her arms. "You have a date, do you? I don't remember agreeing to such an arrangement dattebane," Kushina replied while Naruto chuckled. Unknown to Kushina, there was a glint in his eyes.

"Sochi, what the hell!" Kushina screamed as Naruto quickly swept her off her feet and held her in his arms. The redhead widened her eyes, quickly wrapping her arms around her son's neck. She turned to glare at him, but… every woman knew that when there was a man they loved, there was just a single perfect frame where the man blended with the environment around him. Sometimes, it seemed like nature itself enhanced his looks double, if not triple-fold.

The sun on his face, the present breeze of the wind moving his hair, the small shadow exploding the color of his eyes, the touch of his hands across her body, and the charming smile that left her heart weak, Kushina found herself speechless. She found herself swooning over him, utterly and completely lovestruck by her son. Kushina felt like a giddy academy girl, helpless before her first crush.

"Oh, I think you'll like what I have in mind," Naruto remarked.

Kushina was too far gone to speak. She could only allow herself to be taken as Naruto summoned a portal and took her inside. It only took a moment for them to step out and Kushina found herself in her son's arms, him standing over a large hill. She stared over the wide lands below, lush foliage and glorious mountains littered the landscape. By the boatload, animals, some she'd never seen before, roamed the land. She found her breath taken away by the majesty of nature's course.

"Alright, where have you kidnapped me to?" Kushina inquired.

"You don't recognize it?" Naruto asked.

Kushina looked at him curiously. He glanced at her amusingly before he turned his attention back to the landscape. "It's Uzushio," he said.

Kushina widened her eyes and turned back to the land. She'd not been able to comprehend her home, the home of her clan, to be such a place. While the Uzumaki Clan always made it a point to try and maintain nature as much as they could, she'd never realized just how much of it had been uprooted. She marveled at the Land of Eddies.

"Why did you bring us here?" she asked.

"Because… I wanted you to be the first one who saw our home. I discovered it some time ago, but I never went back because I wanted you there with me. I'm going to bring Yura-chan, Yuri-chan, and all the others here individually. I know I won't become Hokage. Instead, I'll make Uzushio stand higher than it ever has before. With you as my wife, we'll rebuild the Uzumaki Clan," he said.

Kushina blushed, knowing what her brazen son was mentioning. Never did she think she'd ever hear such perverse, yet well-meaning words from him. "Shouldn't you do so with Yuri and Yura? I'm hardly the person you should be doing… that kind of ambition with," Kushina claimed.

Naruto laughed, but he turned to her and brushed his cheek against hers. Kushina sighed, her chest threatening to explode as she shared in the warmth of his closeness. "I will do it with them, but… you were… are my first love. I want to do it with you more than anyone," he said.

Kushina clenched her son's torso. She then pulled him forward and kissed him. His tongue struck hers and her legs trembled in his arms. When he kissed her, pleasure struck her body like a thousand strikes of lightning. Try as she might, she could only submit to his hunger, the hunger of him for her. It was indeed an impure, taboo hunger, but one she sought to grant him fully. Her body longed for him, after so many months, she wished to have him fully, and she nearly gave in, as did he.

He kissed her down to the soft grass, her hands roaming his hair while his chest pressed against hers. His fingers moved through her hair. She pulled him further in, her legs brushing his with eagerness. She loved his strong arms and his focused gaze, one that was solely put upon her for this time.

When they parted, the two panted breathlessly. Their Honshou mixed together wonderfully, blossoming around them before briefly settling. "You know we can't yet, right?" she asked.

"Trust me, I'll make the wait worth it, Kaa-chan. Now, I want to spend the rest of the day with you, far away from the Kage, far away from politics, and far away from anything else. How about it just be you and me?" Naruto asked.

"I'd like nothing more," Kushina said as Naruto picked her up. They then ventured into the woods, opting to explore the restoration of their clan's home. They spent time together, away from everything else for a time. They were allowed to tell stories, share news, and express concerns with each other freely.


"Is there a problem, Yuri?" Konan inquired as she saw the Sanbi Jinchuuriki staring into the sky, a challenging smirk on her face.

"No, nothing. I'm just feeling… a bit of a disturbance. One that I'm gonna have to correct when we get back," Yuri responded turning back to her friend. She looked over and noticed her sister felt the same way. While less provoking, Yura nonetheless sensed a strange feeling as well.

"I assume it has to be with Naruto-san? No offense, but you both would be terrible at infiltration. You wear your expressions on your sleeves," Yugao said, stepping next to them. They'd decided to make camp on their way to Iwa. Hundreds of scrolls filled with materials for those who lived there were with them. Additionally, they were set to receive trade from the other nations.

Yura laughed as she watched a Konoha shinobi set a box on top of another while an Iwa shinobi wrote something in the report. On the way to Iwa, they'd been in charge of guarding a shipment heading that direction. "Yuri more than anyone else. However, I can tell she's desperate to see Nii-sama again. I am as well, but we've all been very busy as of late. Yamato-san's been working hard to craft structures for almost every nation. Not to mention numerous stone cutters are being commissioned. I believe it will be a long time before we have a carefree period. However, I'd sooner take this than what we had before," she said.

"Yeah, that's true. Besides, I can just rack up the credit Naruto-nii's gonna owe me when we go back home," Yuri giggled before she groaned when her cheek was pulled by Yura.

"Excuse you, little sister, but I think I'm owed some time with him this time! Don't be so greedy!" Yura claimed.

"Greedy? You had him for freakin' two months back in that icy domain! It must have been really cold up that mountain! Who knows what the two of you did up there, all by yourselves, seeking warmth. You're the last one who gets to complain!" Yuri argued much to Yura's utter embarrassment.

"W-Warmth?!" the older sister inquired, a blush staining the sides of her cheeks.

Yuri looked at her older sister curiously before her eyes widened. "Wait, are you still a virgin? Yura-nee, what's taking you so long? You're embarrassing me here dattebayen!" Yuri wailed while the blush on Yura's face continued to redden.

"I-I want to be married first! A-And you should have waited too!" Yura fired back while Yuri waved her off.

Konan and Yugao continued the interactions with either interest or amusement. It'd been quite a long time since the two siblings had bothered to fight. It reminded Yugao of Kakashi and Gai sometimes. Thankfully, she'd never grown up with siblings. They sounded like a pain.

"At its core, I firmly believe the Akatsuki wanted to create a world like this. A world of peace where siblings could argue about stuff like this, not worried that an enemy might come upon them and take away all of their hopes and dreams. I simply can't remember a more peaceful month for the world than this," Konan said.

Yugao nodded. "Yes. It was a lot of hard work, but it will be even harder maintaining this peace because there shall always be those who simply want the world to burn, or feel that their needs supersede those of others. How are you feeling?" the purple-haired Hinoken member inquired.

Konan imagined that the woman was questioning how she might be doing following the death of her last friend. "I am not sure," Konan replied honestly. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to say aside from that. She never thought that she'd be the last of her friends to be left alive.

Oh sure, Naruto allowed her to speak with Yahiko sometimes, and that was as good a blessing as she felt didn't deserve, but there was just something about being able to interact whenever one wished. However, perhaps that was a problem for the three of them since they'd allowed the Akatsuki to become so corrupted. Konan wasn't even sure if she should go back to Amegakure, or whatever remained of it, which she imagined wasn't a lot at all. She wasn't sure if she should lead the people in Nagato's absence. She certainly didn't feel like she should, especially given her crimes as well. Perhaps she should track down her old teacher, Jiraiya. Maybe he'd have some insights for her.

Yugao looked at Konan and touched her shoulder. "Simply make sure that the mistakes you made won't happen again. Also, learn to forgive yourself. Besides, it seems you'll have more than enough time to think about another purpose for yourself. Just make sure it's a wiser one this time," Yugao answered.

Konan closed her eyes momentarily, nodding. "Never would I have imagined that a loss to a little Uzumaki would result in such an outcome. And, it simply amazed her that after the first Uzumaki, another one would be involved in the fate of the world only to be heralded as a hero and savior of the Elemental Nations. Honestly, Konan didn't mean to sound disrespectful, but how would the world turn out if such a vast number of Uzumaki survived like other clans?

"So, should we cease their fighting?" Konan inquired.

Yugao shrugged as they continued to watch the two siblings continue to argue. Honestly, she never thought about it, but her teammate had actually acquired something of a taboo harem for himself. Yugao wouldn't say she approved of the relationship, but it seemed she couldn't the three seemed saddened about the matter. Her eyes lingered on Yura, remembering what they'd endured together. Indeed it might seem like a thousand lifetimes that they'd been together.

"Take care of my Mistress, Uzumaki Naruto. I'd rather not see her saddened," Yugao thought before she finally decided to break up the bickering. Unfortunately, the peace wasn't set to last before the group of four frowned when a strange piece of chakra came upon them.

Unwilling to raise an alarm, the four immediately drifted away from the others. They stepped past the trees. Yugao grabbed her sword while Yuri and Yura moved cautiously. Even Konan found herself on edge until the four of them stepped a few ways away.

It was only when they were an appropriate distance away that they stopped. "What do you want?" Yugao inquired.

Out of the trees, the four noticed Kisame and Obito standing on one of the massive tree branches above them. Konan and Yugao immediately moved in front of Yuri while Yura scowled.

Kisame chuckled. "Good to see your battle instincts haven't waned since we've been gone. Just looking at you guppies makes the blood boil again," the missing-nin from Kiri mentioned, his sharp teeth granting him a maniacal smirk.

"And you really think it's a good idea to go against us, especially right now? You heard Naruto. There's no purpose to your mission anymore. Besides, if you attack us, do you really think Naruto's gonna let you go?" Yugao asked.

Truth be told, she really didn't want to scar their new world with battle already. It was nice to not have to worry about such things like potential death. Of course, she was confident in her ability to deal with Kisame. She simply didn't know what she was supposed to do with Obito. No one, aside from Naruto, had been capable of injuring the guy. Of course, she didn't want to kill Obito. It had been known to them all that Rin and Kakashi had been looking for means to bring Obito back. Everyone was more than willing to aid them in the endeavor, none more so than Naruto. After all, it was well-known to many that the blond was big on second chances, as evidenced by Sasuke. Personal feelings aside, they all answered Rin's pleas.

Kisame chuckled. "Hiding behind the Shinigami summoner, are you? Maybe you're not as trained as I thought," Kisame claimed.

Yuri's eyes narrowed. She glanced at the fish-like man before her eyes turned back to Obito. She made sure to keep her gaze focused on his chest. She'd had enough training with Itachi and Sasuke to find her own measures against the Sharingan. Of course, it helped to have Isobu as a willing disruptor, but she'd rather not lax her own skills.

"Instead of us trading insults, how about you get to the reason you're here? Even you guys gotta know it's not good for us to be fighting. Attack us and you'll have nowhere to hide," Yuri claimed.

Kisame immediately glanced at Obito. The man continued to look upon them for a long while. The wind continued to blow through the land. The smell of grass and trees was fresh in the nostrils of all those present.

"Tell Kakashi and Rin to cease searching for me. There is nothing between them and myself. The person they are seeking does not wish to be found. If they endeavor forward, I will kill them. And as for you, Sanbi Jinchuuriki, you, the Hachibi, and the Kyuubi will not be safe from me. Close your eyes to the truth if you wish, but this peaceful period shall not last. This is a reality that shall fail as it always has. No matter how many people Uzumaki Naruto revives, it will not make a difference," Obito said.

Yugao's gaze hardened as did Yura and Yuri's. "Is that really the life you want for yourself? You don't truly believe you have a chance against Nii-sama, do you?" Yura inquired.

Obito remained silent once again. He briefly glanced at Konan, taking note of the glare on her face. He then turned his eyes back to the others, namely Yuri and Yura. "Tell Uzumaki Naruto, the only thing he has changed has been the field of the battle and its methods. In the grand scheme of things. He has finished nothing," Obito said, pulling Kisame into the vortex of his ocular jutsu.

The forest was left clean as Yugao took her hand from the handle of her blade. "That's concerning. It seems he hasn't changed like Kakashi or Rin-san hoped," Yugao mentioned.

"Why is he so stubborn? He can't possibly think it's a good idea to start conflict now," Yura voiced while Konan watched the branch the two Akatsuki members were just on.

"Not many can simply be converted with just words. Either way, we shall have to inform Naruto-san to inform the Kage of this development. This is a peace that Yahiko and Nagato strove for, and I will do all I can to maintain it," Konan said, holding out her hand. She quickly formed a paper bird and threw it into the air.

The others watched it go before Yuri scowled. "What did he mean that the methods have changed though? Maybe we should have captured him. I could have done it!" Yuri claimed.

Yugao shook her head. "Care that you don't gain a hotter head, Yuri. He's a man who has been trained by Uchiha Madara for an unknown number of years. Yes, you're very powerful, especially for what a genin should be, but if you let that pride and power overcome you then you will fall. Remember that you were captured by him before," she mentioned.

The frown on Yuri's face deepened before Konan cleared her throat. "Aside from that, we simply don't have the time to pursue him. Even if we did, there's too much chaos in the world. This peace is very fragile while rebuilding takes place. All it would is one misunderstanding for everyone to descend into madness," Konan answered.

"But surely they would listen to Nii-sama. You hear what everyone's calling him. He's the Savior of the World," Yura mentioned.

"And that title has immense responsibility, not just on him, but on all of us. Whether we know it or not, Naruto's reputation is tied to our actions. How people will perceive him is how many of us will act in situations such as this. We are his eyes and ears. If we mess up, that makes his job harder, besides… do you think the average person is going to care if their new, beautiful, vibrant, abundant land is destroyed simply because a non-aggressive Akatsuki member was there?" Yugao answered next.

Yuri and Yura glanced at each other. They then saw Konan take a step forward. "We must also not forget about the Otsutsuki. It will take years to rebuild. We don't have time to be worrying about worldly conflicts. Unless the situation grows dire, we must temper our irritation. We didn't work this hard simply to lose this world in another war. We just have to bide our time," Konan explained.

Of course, she'd like to go after this Obito as well. It was because of him, albeit with Madara at the helm, who orchestrated events against Nagato. However, even Konan recognized the need for abstinence from vengeance. It wouldn't serve her well at the moment.

"Let's get back to the caravan. While a skirmish with the Akatsuki would be unfortunate, bandits and greedy onlookers are still possible. Even if no weapons are formed, they will still find a way," Yugao suggested.

The others agreed and walked away. Yuri paused midstep. She turned around and stared off into the distance. A deep scowl came upon her face before she walked off.

On the other side of the forest, a figure released a breath. "Interesting. It seems the circumstances are taking an unexpected turn. I even lowered my presence to the best I could and she still sensed me. I must learn more…" the figure said, a grin coming on his face. He quickly moved away, unaware that the floating forms of Shizune and Ebisu had observed him.

The two glanced at each other and nodded. Immediately, they flew back to Yuri, opting to relay the news to her.


"Sasuke, be honest with me. What the hell's going on between you and Mikoto-sama?" Yuna asked curiously at her lover while they lay inside their tent. The wondrous glow of the moon came upon them while they camped in the misty ranges with Kakashi, Rin, and several other allied and foreign shinobi.

The Uchiha opened his eyes, having been moments away from preparing to fall asleep. Even in his dreariness, he accurately heard his lover's question. "What do you mean?" he asked.

The Uchiha heir turned his head and saw the piercing look from his hopeful wife. Having been with her for numerous months, he'd gotten rather used to the telltale signs that she didn't believe him. She stared at him evenly, her lips twitched at their sides, and her fingers tended to tap whatever was underneath her whether that'd be a table, her arm, or even the tent they were lying in.

"Sasuke, don't try to answer my questions with more questions. I've been with you for many months now. I don't know how I've survived, but maybe it's because I'm hopelessly in love with you. Don't ask me how that happened, but it did. And just so you know, Shisui already tried doing that with me, as did our father before him. Maybe it's a 'guy' thing, I don't know, but you know what I'm asking you," Yuna said.

Sasuke remained silent for a moment. He continued to look at his lover before he shifted his gaze upward. "Nothing," he said.

Unfortunately, he shivered when Yuna touched his cheek and made him face her. "Look at me and say that again," she said. Her voice was neither even nor hard. It was soft, hardly an accusation to be found in it. While Yuna would have liked the truth from Sasuke's own lips, she would have had to have been a fool of a ninja to the things happening around the household.

At first, Yuna thought nothing of it. Sasuke and Mikoto hardly spoke to each other, as sort of typical in a family known for its stoicism. However, Yuna caught the two sneaking glances at each other more often than what should be considered normal. As far as Yuna was aware, that was all the evidence she had, but she'd taken seduction classes. She could decipher the brief glimpses between eyes that stemmed from the feelings of the heart. Those gazes, while perhaps not as passionate, were no less the measure of what she'd seen in Naruto and Kushina. It was a chilling thought, one that Yuna was currently deciding how to handle. Should she be angry? Should she be sad? She simply didn't know. While she wished to be all those things, she decided instead to believe in Sasuke. Though a little… emotionally-stunted, with no help thanks to Itachi and Konoha, Yuna doubted Sasuke was the type to cheat. So, she allowed for an explanation. Maybe then she'd allow for something else to spring forth.

Sasuke looked into her eyes again. He felt the warm hand of his lover on his cheek. No woman but her had ever touched him like this. It was a very comforting feeling, one he hadn't felt in a long time. For a long time, thoughts of reviving his clan hadn't so much as entered his mind until he'd slain Itachi. Now that truths came to him, and his mission finished, he remembered that promise to himself. He also knew that he'd like none more than her to do so with.

"Before I say anything, let me say, I haven't done anything that you'd hate me for. I'd sooner go blind than do so," Sasuke said.

While the proclamation was a little extreme, it at least soothed Yuna's worries regarding what she might be thinking. However, she realized that Sasuke was indeed hiding something. That said, she was more than willing to hear him out now that her fears had been alleviated.

"It… started back when we were on that frozen planet…" Sasuke said while Yuna listened.

Throughout the whole story, Yuna kept her face even. Yet, her thoughts were highly disorganized. Had Sasuke not been the one telling her these things, she would have assumed the person was lying. Hell, this sounded like something either out of a stereotypical manga or silly fanfiction. Despite the circumstances, she couldn't help finding herself amused that Sasuke, of all people, could blush in embarrassment like this. She also wasn't sure if she should tell Naruto about this. It'd make for a good story, but she opted not to. This was their relationship, not something others needed to concern themselves with.

When Sasuke was done, he had to roll over for a drink of water, both to quench his throat from the talking and to take a moment to settle himself. When he turned around, he saw Yuna still looking at him.

The silence was a little unnerving, even for him who preferred it since it allowed him to think, but now he would have liked nothing more than to hear her speak. When she did, his chest tightened.

"...well, that's a lot of honesty that was put on me, though I guess I asked for it. I need to think about this," Yuna said as she turned over.

Sasuke wanted to say something, but it seemed strange that he finally remembered one of Kakashi's, at the time, obscure lessons.

"Sasuke, sometimes the best thing a man can say is nothing at all. Emotionless, stoic silence is harmful, but heartfelt, genuine, comforting silence will move a woman's heart with your sincerity."

Sasuke didn't understand it at the time, but he found it a little ridiculous that someone like Kakashi would be giving him relationship advice. The Uchiha's lips shifted a moment before he turned over and kissed Yuna's cheek. He got a bit of satisfaction when he felt her shiver. He then turned over, preparing to fall asleep.

"Hug me, stupid!" Yuna exclaimed.


Sasuke rolled over and wrapped his arms around his lover while Yuna smiled, enjoying the warmth that Sasuke provided. All the while, she tried to let her thoughts sort themselves. "I can't believe I'm even considering this. I have to be insane…" Yuna thought to herself before she shook her head. Insanity in the morning, peace for tonight.

Unfortunately, next morning came too soon. Thankfully, Sasuke didn't ask her what she might be thinking. Even if he did, she wasn't sure what answer she could give him. The entire escort with the various shinobi toward Kirigakure continued onward. The clean, albeit misty air gave her much time to think and the perfectly clean waters were a refreshing thing for her body.

"Yuna-san, are you alright?" Rin inquired, touching her shoulder.

"I'm fine," Yuna replied rather brusquely. It only took a moment for the female Uchiha to recognize the abrasive tone in her voice. She spared a glance to gauge Rin's reaction. Thankfully, Kakashi's former teammate didn't seem to take the matter to heart. Instead, there was only concern shown upon her visage.

"Sorry," she apologized.

"That's alright. Is it the missions? I can tell we're all exhausted, trying to get back, and even improve, what we've lost. If you need a break, let me know. I'm sure we can get Naruto-sama to get you some time off," Rin suggested.

While that certainly wasn't helping with her stress, that wasn't exactly the problem. That said, Rin had unknowingly given her some sort of direction regarding things like this. Unfortunately, it would have to wait until they returned to Konoha. She hoped that she could talk with Kushina, Yura, or even Yuri.

"No, that's not it. But thank you. You've actually given me something to think about," Yuna said.

Rin blinked. While she was happy to help, she wasn't exactly sure what she did. "Ummm… you're welcome?" Rin asked, making Yuna laugh until the former returned to her friend.

"And what were you two giggling about over there?" Kakashi inquired.

Rin continued to smile, letting her nose breathe the clean air. "Some things are best left to womanly discussion, Kakashi. Besides, it looks like Yuna's feeling better and I hope whatever's concerning her will be finished. As for us…" Rin said, turning solemn.

"...I've yet to hear of any news regarding Obito. He could be anywhere," Rin said.

Despite the mask covering his lips, the frown on Kakashi's face was notably visible by the way his eye moved. Over the month, he'd been busy asking anyone and everyone to keep an eye out for his teammate. Given that Kakashi was also something of a hero, part of the team of the one who saved the world, many were eager to honor his request. Of course, Kakashi was sure to be careful. The problem with asking for favors was when people had impossible favors of their own… or better to say… favors they wanted Naruto to fulfill.

Unfortunately, even with their searching, there hadn't been any news. It was rather chilling to think that Obito might still be out there, endeavoring in his meaningless task.

"Yes, he could. However, we must not grow distressed. Naruto searched for information about Sasuke for nearly two years. Even then, Obito will show himself. Naruto tends to attract trouble. It was you, Obito, and Minato-sensei who taught me the value of having teammates. If I am honored enough to be called one of Naruto's teachers, then I'd better start living what I teach. If I can take any piece of him, then it will be his persistence. We'll bring Obito home somehow," Kakashi said.

Rin looked at her friend and laughed. "You really have grown a lot since I've been gone, Kakashi. I would think an alien replaced you if we were back in our younger days. Though, I question some of your other hobbies," Rin said, taking notice of the Icha-Icha book that Kakashi liked to read with its worn spine and slightly ripped pages.

"I'm a man of culture, Rin. You'd understand if you got yourself a copy," Kakashi said.

Rin rolled her eyes. She often wondered if this was why Kakashi had no lover up to this point. She also couldn't believe she'd had such a shameless crush on him. Then again, she'd had more than enough time to learn that Kakashi had some interactions with Jiraiya. She wouldn't dismiss his hobbies, but she'd not be so willing to participate.

Either way, the group made their way toward the shoreline. As expected, there were numerous fishing boats set up there. Kakashi and Sasuke distinguished themselves amongst the caravan, taking notice of a few familiar faces.

"A ways away from home, aren't you?" Kakashi asked.

The faces turned, one of them smiling. "More than a little I would say. Greetings, Kakashi-san, Sasuke-san!" the pleasant voice of Uzumaki Amaru said. She smiled while she continued to draw a few seals on the boats that were lined there.

Ever since their family had been reunited, Amaru had been stationed near Kirigakure, not only providing medical relief to the craftsmen and shinobi there but also aiding in reinforcing the wooden ships with sealing techniques. Numerous rations were sealed into the ships while defensive measures were placed on them. While humanity strove to maintain peace amongst themselves, it became clear that the animals of the world weren't so understanding. There were many dangers at sea. Thankfully, nothing had come about yet.

"You bastards are late."

The two turned their heads. It seemed almost surreal that the face of Momochi Zabuza would inspire comfort in the group. Of course, a few of the caravan were cautious, having heard tales and horrors of the former Swordsman of the Mist. Before the end of the world, it was rumored that he'd taken up residence in the Land of Eddies as the Head Guard of the Whirlpool Daimyo.

And speaking of the Whirlpool Daimyo…

"D-Daimyo-sama, I'm fine! You don't need to help me," a worker said while Haku laughed.

"Yes, yes, I know. Now hush and let me work. Would you rather me just stand on the sidelines, offering pleasant encouragement? Please think me more capable than that," Haku said, wrapping the bandage around the worker's arm. When she noticed Sasuke, Kakashi, and their entourage, she gave them a wave with a wide smile.

Kakashi laughed, rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry about that, Zabuza. A black cat crossed our path so we had to take an alternate route. Plus, we've had such nice days and peaceful nights, they were all just too easy to take in. You might say it was a bit of a leisure," the jonin said.

Zabuza snarled, revealing his sharp teeth to the traveling civilians and shinobi. "Cut the fucking crap, Kakashi. I should behead you where you stand!" He threatened while Kakashi at least had the nerve to look sheepish.

"Y-Yeah, let's not do any beheading. I've died once and it wasn't a peaceful one like I wished. I'd rather not head back so quickly. Hahaha, get it? Head back?" he answered, smiling.

Zabuza snarled, his shoulders trembling, while Yuna took a step forward. "Are the boats prepared?" she asked.

Amaru wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Well, they would be if we had more ink. As you can see, we're sort of struggling for ink brushes, and ink in general. I've been forced to make seals using my own chakra. Unfortunately, it's not really a feasible strategy for anyone not flowing with Uzumaki blood," the dark-skinned redhead said.

"It must be difficult if even you're running out of chakra. How long have you been doing this?" Yuna asked.

"Three days? I'm surprised you're even conscious," Yuna answered.

Amaru laughed and waved off her concerns. "I'm the cousin of the savior of the world. Now's not the time to be lax!" she said.

Sasuke grunted. "The dobe's not the only one who worked hard," he said. The others chuckled, aware that Sasuke still maintained his 'not rivalry' with Naruto.

"So what needs to be done with the other boats?" Kakashi asked.

"To make a long story short, they're all sea-worthy. However, it's advised to make several trips using the ones reinforced with sealing jutsu while we work on the others. However, if you're fine playing with your luck, then you could try those," Amaru suggested.

"I assume that was told to you by the shipwright?" Rin inquired.

Haku nodded. "Indeed. However, many are, understandably concerned about payment. Unfortunately, it'll be months or years before we begin cycling anything resembling currency. Suffice to say, the whole world is functioning off the generosity of others," the Whirlpool Daimyo claimed.

"Which is why we'll have to be careful to make sure that generosity stays controlled and doesn't give way to greed," Sasuke announced.

The others agreed while Kakashi cleared his throat. "Then I think we will have to make do," he instructed, turning back to the other foreign shinobi with them. He began with instructions and arrangements.

The boats with sealing jutsu were loaded down with crates of materials, each of them strapped down with strong branches. Sasuke helped Yuna into one while the sails were raised. They would hope to enter the lands of Kirigakure by week's end. It would help if the wind remained amiable.

"It's a shame you have to leave so quickly," Haku said.

"Agreed. We all deserve a vacation when things settle down," Yuna said.

Amaru waved them off while Zabuza snorted.

Once the boats were loaded, the caravan wasted no time sailing into the open sea. The days drew long, and the nights even longer. Sasuke slept with Yuna in his boat while the gentle hum of the ocean came upon them. Of all the unorthodox places the two Uchiha had ever slept in, a small fishing boat was one of the most unusual. The wood was a pain in the ass and the rocking of the waves made it hard to sleep. The mist was chilly so they had to hold each other tighter.

As the night drew long, Sasuke slowly opened his eyes. A frown came upon his face as his sense of danger started flaring. This wasn't something inconsequential as pirates. He would have known if people as weak as them showed up. No, there was something even more ferocious than them. While nowhere near the power output of Jashin, this strange sensation still had the hairs on his neck standing up.


The Uchiha looked down and saw Yuna looking at him sternly. It became clear to him that she too sensed the feeling as well.

"Yeah," He said, grabbing his sword and leaning up. He grabbed his scarf and threw it around his neck. When he got up, he noticed Kakashi up as well. His former teacher also wasn't alone. There were several shinobi curiously, yet cautiously awake now. Each of them surveyed the surrounding ocean while the civilians continued to sleep, blissfully unaware.

Sasuke stepped out of the bot, using his chakra to cling to the surface of the cool ocean tides. Yuna quickly followed after him as they walked over to Kakashi. "You felt that?" he asked.

Kakashi nodded. "Yes. It hasn't ceased either. We're being watched. Unfortunately, no one seems to know from where," the jonin answered.

Sasuke cursed, subtly shifting his eyes over the ocean and the air. He saw nothing unusual, even as a thick mist began to roll in.

"What a sad time to not have a Uzumaki with us," Yuna joked, getting a chuckle from Kakashi. He stepped out of the boat as well, joining the two Uchiha while Rin found herself on standby lest there come injuries to the group.

"A shame. I guess we'll just have to make do with what we have," Kakashi said, getting ready to lift his headband. However, a hand from Yuna stopped him.

"Save it. Your ocular prowess is diluted compared to mine and Sasuke's. Plus, if there is trouble, then you'd better save as much chakra as possible," Yuna reasoned. Of course, this was hardly a dig at Kakashi's abilities as a ninja. Much as it wounded her pride, he was obviously much more talented than her when it came to the finer shinobi arts. Still, the matter of chakra conservation was paramount for Kakashi, especially since her coils were no longer comprised of chakra.

"Well, don't let me stop you both then," he said. In the meantime, Kakashi addressed the concerns of a couple of shinobi who walked over to them.

Sasuke and Yuna quickly activated the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Immediately, they tensed when they looked at the coming mist. They were even forced to squint when they stared into the mist. No surprise as to why, when it seemed like they were looking at a giant wall of chakra coming toward them. It might as well have been like they were staring at the sun.

Yuna sucked her teeth. "Get ready!" she ordered.

Many jumped at her voice, civilians awakened in worry while shinobi armed themselves. Kakashi moved Rin to another boat before he rejoined Sasuke and Yuna. "Formation 12," he said.

Sasuke nodded as he and Kakashi stood on two sides while Yuna lay in the middle. Other shinobi from other nations enacted their own strategies while the mist came upon them in a hurry.

"Do you sense hostile intent?" Kakashi asked.

"I'm not sure. This chakra's almost different in every way from what I've felt before. It certainly doesn't feel human," Yuna said.

"We should get the others out of here," Sasuke whispered, never taking his eyes off the battlefield.

Kakashi and Yuna agreed but they weren't allowed to enact any plan because the water beneath their feet erupted. The crash of waves turned the serene sea into a tumultuous battlefield immediately.

Sasuke and Yuna landed on another part of the open sea while Kakashi landed on a boat.

"What was that?!" someone asked while Sasuke gritted his teeth. He only managed to unleash a breath before the ocean exploded in anger again. Tendrils of drilling water flew into the air and converged on the Uchiha heir.

Scowling, Sasuke exhaled and swiftly drew his sword. One swing unleashed the full might of Uchiha kenjutsu, slicing the drilling tendrils with ease. Pieces of the water fell back into the ocean, only to sprout back up again. Sasuke jumped away as the tendrils chased after him, nearly missing him as he danced out of the way.

Kakashi and Yuna watched as the latter's lover maneuvered heavily. "Why are they targeting Sasuke?" Yuna inquired.

Unfortunately, her assumption was quickly proven wrong when the tendrils also targeted her. Cursing, she jumped back while her Sharingan began spinning, slowing the movements of the strange jutsu in her perception and allowing her to jump away. She briefly noticed that it wasn't just her or Sasuke.

Kakashi was also forced to abandon the other shinobi of the group when the tendrils started targeting him as well. Nevertheless, he hardly seemed perturbed as he made use of the chaos to his advantage. With years of swordsmanship under his belt, many marveled at the way he swung his blade, dancing this way and that. Many even marveled at the way Sasuke and Kakashi quickly coordinated.

The tendrils surrounded them, slamming the ocean and raising mansions of tidal waves. Working together, Sasuke activated the Amaterasu while Kakashi surged his sword with lightning. The two swung their blades effortlessly, releasing two large arcs of black fire and lightning. The two arcs clashed together, doubling in size. The lightning stuck to the dark flames, crashing through the massive waves that threatened to overtake the people behind them.

Men and women stared in awe as the sea crashed back into itself, those proficient in earth jutsu using their skills to keep the others safe lest something come upon them as well. Fortunately for them, they had no reason to be concerned. They watched Yuna speed over the surface of the water, she released several shuriken from her pockets and blew hot fire upon them. The flaming shurikens launched toward their targets with unparalleled accuracy. While some might question her decision, Yuna had her own thoughts on the matter, a smirk coming forth while she continued.

Unfortunately, the tendrils were tenacious. She'd even liken them to the mythical hydra that some books spoke about. For every five or six she destroyed, another twenty would take their place. She turned to the shinobi who were left with the civilians, they'd quickly managed to create an earth platform for them all. They were currently miles away from any sort of land that would help them. If those boats were destroyed, who knew how long it would take to complete their mission?

While Yuna ran, dancing away from the numerous tendrils, one even managing to grab her leg, she noticed a figure in the midst of the fog. It was a little hard to manage herself what with her being flung around like a ragdoll but she saw them floating there in the air. It was like a black, humanoid thing that she'd never seen before.

Acting quickly, she threw a kunai at the figure while she turned her eyes back to the tendril that currently had her. Constructing a white cub of Jinton, she deconstructed the mass of water and landed back down. Breathing slightly, she barely had the time to dodge the kunai that went sailing past her. Her eyes widened when the ocean exploded behind her, drawing the attention of Sasuke and Kakashi. The water, like a great tower, flew high into the sky while Yuna touched her cheek. She noticed the sight of her own blood.

When the female Uchiha turned her head, she frowned when she saw the gaping hole the kunai left, being filled with enough seawater until the oceans settled. "I guess the peaceful times are over," Yuna thought while Sasuke landed next to her.

"What happened?" he asked, glaring at the sight of her injury. While he didn't know who'd started this attack, he was going to make sure they suffered for it.

"Ask that thing," Yuna said, pointing into the air. Kakashi and Sasuke followed her finger and spotted the dark figure in the fog, floating there in the air. The Uchiha heir frowned while Kakashi hummed.

"Strange. I can't sense any chakra from them. I also don't sense the oppressive aura of a deity like before. Whoever this is, it could be an entirely new enemy. We should proceed cautiously," Kakashi said.

"Could it be the former Tsuchikage? He was rumored to be able to fly," Yuna reasoned.

"No, the person's too tall. Even then, the dobe managed flight… I think. It seems that's not going to be an exclusive art in the coming years," Sasuke said.

Yuna stood up. "Fortunately, it seems they're only interested in us. Aside from potential collateral damage, they haven't bothered with the others. Why is that?" she asked.

"There could be a number of reasons, but I think we all know a very likely possibility…" Kakashi said.

"Naruto…" Sasuke said.

Sure, it was little more than conjecture, but no one could deny that when weird stuff happened to them all, it was usually due to something related to Naruto. "Then we fight to apprehend. Once we've determined intent, we'll bring them before the Kage…" Kakashi said, cutting the plan short when the three noticed the fog turn a bright color of orange.

Acting quickly, Sasuke picked up Yuna. The three widened their eyes as thousands of fireballs rained down upon them. Yuna held up a handsign and launched a cylindrical blast of Jinton into the air. The blast flew through the fireballs, immediately disintegrating them with a movement of her eyes.

Unfortunately, Sasuke and Kakashi were forced to move. There were simply too many. Kakashi sheathed his sword and drew it back behind him. "Raikiri: Issen: Bunri-chū Daiten (Lightning Blade: One Flash: Splintering The Great Sky)" Kakashi uttered. With great speed, he swung his sword through the air. Numerous shinobi marveled as the fireballs were cut into thousands of pieces. From those pieces, shards of lightning cackled through the dense fog, growing in vast intensity from the flames that Yuna launched into the air prior. The ocean became a lightning plane like the feet of the God of Thunder.

Holding a handsign, Kakashi directed the lightning toward its target. He smirked when he saw Sasuke take the brunt of the lightning's assault. With the Uchiha's affinity for the lightning nature, the current swam around him with all the control he'd learned throughout the years. He then held up a handsign and quickly summoned the upper half of his Susanoo. The lightning circled the dark purple avatar before the avatar summoned its bows. Its large hands pulled back the flaming, dark string.

Kakashi's lightning concentrated itself into Sasuke's bow while the Uchiha summoned the dark flames of the Amaterasu around the arrow, further increasing its destructive might. His lover stood next to him, making her Eternal Mangekyou spin, summoning over fifty separate white orbs of Jinton around the arrow. Lightning struck the seabed, breaking up the once-perfect ground.

The avatar released the bow and the arrow instantly crashed into the figure, blowing the fog away along with a large portion of the ocean. The dark skies were illuminated as shinobi raised up earth guards to protect themselves, even the air itself seemed warped in an array of fire, lightning, and dust.

Kakashi, Yuna, and Sasuke watched the explosion dissipate. "Well, I think we can rule him out as a human," Yuna commented, noticing that the figure standing in the midst of the explosion. They weren't sure if he was unharmed or not but, for the first time, they sensed chakra, powerful chakra, chakra beyond the scope of the humans of this world.

"Oh my god…" a civilian said as the dark skies got even darker. Once black skies with a pleasant moon, now turned into an upper firmament of putrid green flames. The eyes of numerous others matched that of the civilian who looked up. They couldn't even scream in terror, instead watching as an impossibly massive ball of green fire began to descend upon them.

For the shinobi who were with them, they'd grown used to such a sight as this. Though they were a little surprised, they acted quickly, summoning numerous earth and stone bunkers for the multitude. Having faced so many numerous brushes with death, though scared the shinobi managed to maintain their courage.

"We leave the rest to you!" One of the Iwa captains hollered to the two Uchiha and Kakashi. They lot were already aware of their limitations. The best they could do was to keep the peace and ensure that the mission ended with no great casualties. They, just like many others, had listened to the stories of what a certain group from Konoha had done. All they could do was hope that those stories weren't farfetched. Well, if they were, then hopefully whoever had attacked them would receive their own comeuppance someday.

The Iwa shinobi buried their group beneath the earth under the sea while Kakashi and the others continued to watch. The older jonin grabbed Sasuke's left shoulder and Yuna grabbed his right. Both held up their handsigns, concentrating their chakra with Sasuke's.

The male Uchiha slowly exhaled and unleashed the full strength of his Sharingan. The dark purple avatar of the Susanoo quickly surrounded his former teacher and his lover. "Remember our training, Sasuke. Remember, it's not just chakra that's flowing through you now," Yuna advised.

Though Sasuke didn't speak, he listened to her advice. It was true. Not just him, but they all had changed from being in such close proximity to the divine strength of the Shinigami. Though the vast majority of energy still cycling through their bodies was that of chakra, the flickering flames of Honshou peacefully danced within their bodies. The Honshou powered the Susanoo while Yuna and Kakashi continued to feed Sasuke chakra and Honshou in equal measure.

The Susanoo grew bigger and bigger. Even Sasuke's eyes began to bleed, struggling to control the immense power placed upon him, power which he would have thought Orochimaru could only grant him. How strange that instead of Orochimaru, it was Naruto, his friend, who would take him such such a height as this, and perhaps even further.

From the Susanoo's back exploded six wings comprised of the black flames of the Amaterasu. At its sides grew six arms. Three heads rested on its neck. With Yuna as his conduit, the Sasuke summoned two white blades made of Yuna's Jinton. In two other hands, Kakashi's lightning formed swords of their own. And, as for the last two, the air crackled with the inhuman might of the Chidori.

The three looked up at the colossal descending ball of green fire while Sasuke willed the Susanoo to move. "Susanoo: Kukai no Ashura: Nissū no Shūryō (Susanoo: Nine Realms of Ashura: The End of Days)," Sasuke uttered as the Susanoo's swords crashed against the green ball of fire. The ground pulsed with all the fury of the elements. The clouds split in two, the oceans ruptured, and the ground splintered as Sasuke's attack effortlessly blasted through the green ball of fire, dispersing it into nothingness.

The mysterious figure shivered, their body trembling as they sensed the weight of unbridled power set to descend upon them. Immediately, they decided to leave before the attack came upon them. They wouldn't have survived if they had taken such a technique head-on.

"It seems I will have to rethink my methods if I am to work against these nuisances," the figure thought to themselves before they quickly flew beyond the skies of the earth and into the void of space. Yet, the figure gasped as the shockwave from Sasuke's explosion blew through the outer space, crashing its force into them. The figure screamed in pain, their body struck by blistering splinters of Honshou.

Meanwhile, Sasuke and the others noticed how silent the oceans appeared. The Susanoo remained standing for a little longer until the trio noticed just how dark everything became. Clouds began to gather and the ruptured oceans returned to their seemingly peaceful state.

Cautiously, Sasuke dispelled the Susanoo, letting the trio stand on the surface of the open sea. "He's gone," Yuna said.

"Perhaps we scared him off," Kakashi reasoned.

"Or he got out of us what he wanted. We'll have to tell the dobe and the Kage about this," Sasuke mentioned, dispelling the ocular dojutsu from his eyes. Yuna followed suit and so did Kakashi. Aside from the memories of the seconds before, nothing seemed to indicate that a battle had taken place.

"Yuna, send a message to the men and tell them to resurface. It'd be bad if we left them down there for too long. Sasuke and I will look around for any clues of the battle," Kakashi ordered.

Not bothering to respond, Yuna stuffed her hands in her trench coat and walked away. Unfortunately, neither of the men was able to find anything of substance. The jonin from foreign countries rejoined them when they resurfaced.

"What was that?" a woman asked.

Kakashi frowned. "I have no idea, but it seems we won't be having these eras of peace as easily as we'd hoped," the one-eyed jonin claimed.

The jonin accompanying the caravan stepped forward. "Do you believe it could be sabotage from another nation?" one of them asked.

Kakashi, Sasuke, and Yuna immediately noticed the suspicious glances coming over the group. "No. It wouldn't have been someone from our world. Not to paint a dark cloud over us, but the vast majority of shinobi have that type of power. Whoever it was, it was someone beyond our world. We'd better send word to Naruto. As the mediator for the Kage, he's the best option for presenting unbiased information," Yuna reasoned, immediately squashing any attempt at potential distrust or suspicion between the men.

"And what unbiased information am I presenting exactly?"

Stunned by the sudden voice, everyone turned their heads immediately realizing that Naruto and Kushina stood amongst them.

Sasuke frowned momentarily. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

Shifting his gaze from his best friend, Naruto glanced out over the ocean. "Well, it was kinda hard to ignore all that chakra being used. It was also kinda hard to ignore that giant explosion you guys unleashed. Kaa-chan and I saw it all the way from Uzushio," Naruto commented.

Kakashi chuckled, rubbing the back of his head while Yuna cleared her throat. "We're just lucky that whoever attacked us seemed solely focused on the three of us. Things could have ended differently had one of the civilians or even foreign shinobi been targeted," she responded.

"So what did happen?" Kushina asked.

"Your guess is as good as ours. We were resting on the boats when the fog came in. Then somebody attacked us, floating in the air. I think Sasuke's attack was a little more than they anticipated if they beat a hasty retreat like that," Kakashi reasoned, taking notice of the glare on the Uchiha's face.

"Or, it's likely that they sensed you and tried to escape quickly," Sasuke proposed.

Kushina looked them over. Aside from a few scratches, there didn't seem to be any concern or danger. Nevertheless, she noticed the way her son continued to stare at the moon, his gaze getting harder and harder. The others quickly noticed it too before Kushina spoke.

"Are they telling you something?" the redhead inquired, having grown used to her son's mannerisms when he was speaking with either his summons or with Kurama.

Naruto finally shifted his gaze from the moon and toward the others. "Gather your group. Kaa-chan and I will take you guys to the Land of Water. Though, it seems like we won't get as much time as I thought. Kagura tells me she sensed the presence of an Otsutsuki," Naruto stated.

The others quickly tensed. They looked at the moon as well, yet none with more focus… and hatred than the Princess of the Otsutsuki's Main Branch.

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