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Quote: "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage," by Lao Tzu.

A large portal opened in the Land of Water as men and women, both civilian and shinobi, stared in shock at the coming intrusion. Numerous forces readied themselves for potential combat, wary of the sight until they noticed Naruto and Kushina step out. Following closely behind them were Sasuke, Yuna, Kakashi, and Rin, along with the rest of the caravan that had been traveling by land and sea for the past few days. Large crates were brought through the portal while one of the jonin leading the venture into the Land of Waves stepped forward.

"Uzumaki Naruto, while it's always pleasant to know you're moving worldwide, I believe the Kage Summit is currently presiding in Konoha. As the mediator, should you not be there at this time?" Ao inquired. He'd been one of the jonin assigned to lead the charge into the protection, construction, and maintenance of Kirigakure. Numerous small, wooden houses and tents were lined up in almost every direction. Stations of construction lay in so many uneven areas. Even fire pits were created to heat metal ore mined from the earth, albeit carefully. No one would mine the Earth so severely that nothing would be produced again. Nations had been fighting over declining resources after all.

Naruto acknowledged the jonin with a bit of a chuckle. "It's just a bit of a small break. That's all. Besides, it'll be good for the Kage to organize their thoughts without me around," the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki claimed, making Ao slowly nod.

The jonin surveyed the men and women who walked out of the portal. While the early resources were welcome, they'd not been expecting the caravan for another few weeks. Ao was worried that construction would stagnate at this time.

"I see. Well, we weren't expecting the group for some time, but I'll not overlook the blessing bestowed upon us. We were just about to put up construction for the night and would return to work early in the morning. We don't have much room, but I'm sure we could find space for you," Ao said, signaling a chunin to tend to Kakashi.

The former squad leader of Team Seven greeted the chunin, signing over the mission report with some scrolls fashioned from incredibly cheap paper. It'd be some time before proper paper processing would become a standard. For now, they just had to be careful with what they were given.

"Thanks, but that's not needed. Kaa-chan and I just had some free time. We'll be heading back to Konoha very soon. I decided to just lend Sasuke's group a helping hand," Naruto replied.

Ao glanced toward Kushina. He watched her look at the moon, though it clearly wasn't in admiration or wistful stargazing. It seemed almost suspicious, like hearing a strange noise from an enemy lying in wait. Ao would have liked to inquire, but a feeling told him that this might be business that he couldn't help with.

"I see. I wish you and Kushina-san all the best," Ao said, offering a small bow. He then walked away and directed the caravan into the makeshift town. Other officials ordered the men and women to settle the crates in their assigned designations. Tomorrow, the organization would begin.

Naruto and Kushina watched him go before the two turned back to their friends. "We're not telling them what happened?" Yuna asked.

Kushina shifted her gaze between the masses before she ordered the others to follow her and her son. "Let's talk somewhere else," she said. The others agreed and they moved away from the location in the Land of Water that had served as the base for the people there.

The members of Hinoken and their associates pushed through the luscious, yet dense overgrowth. As expected, the land's natural misty weather left the foliage wet and the ground damp. Yet, the air was the freshest it'd ever been and the leaves had never been so green as this.

Once they were far enough away, Kushina turned to Naruto. "So what's the problem?" she asked. Immediately, all eyes focused on Naruto, waiting for his explanation. Naruto exhaled, finding himself feeling a little more tired than he was before.

"Yeah, Kagura believes that it was an Otsutsuki who attacked Sasuke, Kakashi-sensei, Yuna, and Rin. More than that, she claimed the chakra is similar to her sister's, albeit severely deteriorated," Naruto explained.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "So there are Otsutsuki on the moon?" he asked. If there was one thing the Uchiha wasn't ready for, it was potentially fighting alien humanoids beyond the Earth.

Naruto nodded slowly. "Yeah, it's a little surprising to me too. When I merged with Shin and fought against Jashin, that was one of the places we fought on. Maybe it was because I was too focused on the fight, but I didn't sense anything living while we stayed there. Either that's someone who's always been there, and the fighting disturbed them, or they're a member of Kaguya's clan given they share her chakra. Kagura's inclined for the latter since she claims their chakra is too small to be from a pure Otsutsuki," he said.

Rin humorlessly laughed. "How humbling. Well, if we reason that they've been there since the beginning, why haven't they invaded before? Surely, they would have tried to take the Earth if they had such powerful might. They didn't even try to intervene when Jashin arrived," Rin reasoned until Yuna grunted.

"I doubt that Otsutsuki would have made much of a difference either for us or against us, especially not in the face of the god of Slaughter. Then there was Naruto, imbued with the might of the Shinigami. Two gods fighting it out, I praise their discernment in staying out of the issue. Now that things have calmed down, maybe they're trying to get a read on the situation. What better way than to test the most powerful people here?" she theorized, glancing at Sasuke.

"So why didn't he go after Naruto then?" Kakashi asked.

"You don't prepare for a test by taking the final exam. Sochi, do you think you could head back to the moon again?" she asked.

Naruto hummed. "I could, though I'm not sure how long I could stay up there. Shin warned me before not to rely on merging with him. That was just a really desperate situation. I doubt Shin would agree to it even if I asked. I'd rather not find out what's gonna happen to me if we cease the merger in the vacuum of space. He won't directly intervene if the problem's not that urgent. Plus, I don't think his mother much likes us doing it anyway," he answered.

Kushina bit her lip in irritation. If Naruto couldn't do it, then she doubted that she'd be any different. If the Otsutsuki were planning to come to the Earth, then that complicated things. They'd been hoping for a few years to right themselves and society. No one was ready for such a problem so quickly.

Rin raised a hand. "I have a question for Kagura-san. She claimed that the Otsutsuki had deteriorated chakra. How has it deteriorated?" she asked.

Naruto remained silent for a little while, listening as Kagura offered him her own speculations. Of course, her haughty tone couldn't be taken out of the explanation. Luckily, Naruto had grown a little used to her arrogance, even if she made sure to temper it when he felt it was too much.

"She claims that she senses traces of human energy in the Otsutsuki. Kagura believes that either Kaguya had more children and those children have tried to bring her back, or… they are likely there to prevent her from being unsealed. She also believes that if it is the latter, then there should be ways for humans to get to the Moon. Unfortunately, if there was a place like that then it's been destroyed in that battle with Jashin," Naruto responded.

The others grew discouraged by this news. "So what would be our best course of action now?" Kakashi asked.

Kushina looked at the moon again, only briefly this time. "Well, as much as I hate it, we'll have to work on assuming that Kagura's information is sound. If this is an Otsutsuki-Human hybrid, then we should at least have confidence that they aren't allied with the actual clan. If they were, I highly doubt they would have let the world last as long as it had. We'll warn the Kage and have sentries posted throughout the world. Maybe the Otsutsuki will return. In addition to them, Sochi and I will assign a few spirits to patrol the world. Maybe we'll find something. Until then, we'll have to wait and see. When we do find him, we'll capture him. Sochi and I will know," Kushina answered.

The others weren't very pleased with this lack of proactivity, yet they saw no other means that they could take advantage of. Perhaps when they captured this Otsutsuki, they might learn more.

"So what will we do now?" Yuna asked.

"We continue as usual. You guys did good, making sure that nothing happened. It could have been way worse than we thought," Naruto explained.

The others nodded. Unfortunately, they weren't allowed to go home yet. They still had a mission to undertake in Kirigakure. They were actually lucky that they completed the mission ahead of schedule thanks to Naruto. Perhaps, they might have some time to partake of other concerns while they supervised the construction effort. They bade their goodbyes to Naruto and Kushina as the latter opened another portal for them to go back to Konoha.


Following this incident, six months passed by for the Elemental Nations. After the incident, Naruto spoke of what Sasuke and the others encountered and Kagura's opinions regarding it. As expected, the Kage was understandably concerned. Construction hadn't even begun seriously and they already had to be afraid of encounters from otherworldly agents. Luckily for them, Naruto and Kushina had an extensive talk the previous night about what they'd do. They proposed their plans toward the Kage, and while the Tsuchikage and Raikage were a tad apprehensive, especially in the face of no concrete strategy, they all agreed with Kushina's plan.

For the first month, Kushina was the sole agent on worldly surveillance. Naruto, as the mediator between the Kage, hadn't been able to dedicate his time to the matter fully. In addition, The God of Death ensured that his summoner hadn't slacked off in his training. The blond continued to rise in proficiency with the gold and violet flames. In addition, he continued to train with his summons, hoping to gain back the efficiency he had with them before, especially Pakura. She was still the worst of them all. She knew it, and Naruto knew it.

Nevertheless, The Kage Summit couldn't last forever. At the end of the first month, the Kage dismissed the meeting and each returned to their own nation. With time freed up, Naruto joined his mother in surveillance of the world. Interestingly, it seemed that spirits, at least those on earth, had a very limited range. Naruto would have had them spy on the matters of the moon, yet they somehow weren't able to fly that far. He wondered if that had to do with the Shinigami. He even inquired of the God of Death, yet the god simply offered him an answer that didn't seem like an answer.

"Deal with what you have now before you are overrun by dealing with other things. There are many things you are not yet ready to study," The Shinigami said.

Trust and believe that Naruto didn't like that answer, but he supposed he couldn't mouth off to the Shinigami of all people. He'd nearly done that before, and Shin, in his benevolence, hadn't struck him down where he stood. He still remembered when he faced just a portion of the god's anger. He'd like to not do that again.

While you'd think this left Naruto and Kushina with a lot of time, it really didn't. Every day, they'd been busy creating portals this way and that, helping accelerate the building process between the nations. Over the months, people finally began to transition from caves, huts, and tents to actual houses in every nation. Of course, most of those houses were overcrowded and some nations had devolved into fighting for the few resources that could be processed. That also had Naruto and Kushina playing mediator. Once or twice, they had to be forceful, unleashing portions of their might upon the populace to make them remember to act like adults and not like children who didn't get what they wanted. Ultimately, the nations still managed peaceful relations, if anyone passed away, then it was simply either from human error, animal attack, or even disease. Not yet, had it come from human conflict.

During those months, not everything was work. Naruto absolutely showered Yuri and Yura with his attention when they returned from their mission. He made sure that the love he gave his mother, he also gave to them. Never would he allow them to think that he treated one less than the other. It was times like this that his creativity was put to the test. With no restaurants or tourist spots, he was forced to think outside the box for dates. Luckily for him, Yura and Yuri were more than willing to accommodate the unfortunate circumstances.

Naruto remembered when he took Yuri camping. He wondered if one of the gods was messing with him because it rained over that week. Yet, he simultaneously wondered if one of them was helping him out as well. Yuri and Naruto found themselves stuck in a cave. Sure, Naruto could have teleported them away, but Yuri opted not to. That led to a few days of Naruto fighting SO DAMN HARD not to fuck Yuri until she was carrying his child. She certainly didn't help, tormenting him at almost every opportunity.

"You know I'm gonna get married eventually, right? Don't think this is gonna last," Naruto said as he felt Yuri wiggle her butt against him while they slept.

"Don't threaten me with a good time, Naruto-nii," Yuri said, smiling.

Of course, the two enjoyed their time together. The intimacy which they shared made Yuri's heart swell. She truly loved Naruto. She loved him more than anyone else. No matter what might happen, she was thoroughly convinced that no other man would reside within her heart as much as him.

After Yuri, Yura was notably much simpler. She enjoyed sitting with Naruto on the couch, reading a book together underneath a blanket with hot water to drink. Naruto wouldn't say he was too enthused about the material, but he made sure to pay attention to her wants and needs. Sometimes, they'd just sit on the lands of Uzushio and watch the sunset or the moon rise. The kisses they shared made Yura's heart flutter.

"I love you, Nii-sama. Now, and forever," Yura claimed.

Naruto smiled, moving his fingers through her red hair. "And I feel the same way, Yura-chan. I love you," he answered, making her heart swoon.

Of course, not all the days were so nice to them. Yura and Yuri told Hinoken and Rin what they heard from Obito. Rin was understandably devastated and Kakashi tried to console her but she'd been left alone for numerous days, only returning to proclaim that she'd go after Obito anyway. If Naruto had been willing to go to many lengths to retrieve his friend, then Rin would do the same for Obito, especially for Obito. Naturally, Kakashi stood behind her in her decision.

That said, that did lead Naruto to warn the Raikage about the potential of Akatsuki problems. The Raikage never replied, but the blond was sure that Kirabi would be properly monitored. As for him and Yuri, Naruto would make sure not to slack on the training of either of them. While he had no idea of the measures Obito assumed to be researching, he wouldn't put it past the man to try something devious.

As the months passed, Naruto and Kushina received no news of anything coming upon the earth, nor of any immediate concerns regarding the Akatsuki. With shinobi working together across nearly every nation, bandit attacks, extortion, bribery, and mismanagement, all circumstances were nigh nonexistent, at least for now. It'd perhaps be more months before Naruto wondered if the people had indeed learned their lesson. After all, tensions were still high.

Following these matters, others were also more peaceful. On the rare occasions that the whole family could come together, Naruto brought them all to the Land of Eddies. He allowed them to survey their homeland, the land of the Uzumaki, yet untouched by the hand of men. Each of them marveled, already feeling something special about the land again. For being remade, the land still seemed perfectly tailored to their every need. The soil beneath their feet resonated with chakra aligned to their own. There was a peaceful serenity that couldn't be denied.

Thus, the Uzumaki Clan began their own plans for the rebuilding of the village. There were numerous trades to make and the circulation of money had only just begun trial stages in the fourth month. Additionally, conservation efforts were planned, executed, and maintained to keep the world as resourceful for all as they wished. In the early portion of the sixth month, the Uzumaki Compound had been teleported into Uzushio with the Hokage's blessing.

What Tsunade wasn't expecting was for the Uchiha to move their compound into the Land of Eddies as well, all but combining with the Uzumaki compound. Tsunade was just sure her grandfather was rolling around in his grave somehow. Mikoto reasoned that the compound was simply too big for just four clan members and the Land of Eddies had more than enough space to accommodate the compound while freeing up more space for construction in Konoha.

Yet, more than a few took this move to mean that the Uzumaki and Uchiha would be splitting off from Konoha and founding their own village. Little did many of them know that this was exactly what they were doing, aside from the whole… village part. Naruto knew that though the Kage had their talks, they would be agreeing to separate the Uzumaki clan from Konoha. He'd already made peace with that and so had his family. For the sake of world peace, the Uzumaki allowed themselves to call no village their home.

Yet, what Naruto wasn't expecting was how many people opted to separate from every nation with them. Many came forward, asking if they might find a place in the Land of Eddies beneath the Uzumaki and the Uchiha banner. Of the many who came, Naruto hadn't anticipated Izumo and Kotetsu. Though, perhaps he could guess as to why Kotetsu might go. He'd not forgotten those little scenes of Guren and Kotetsu walking through parks before the world's end.

Hell, Naruto even spotted Komachi and Izumo speaking on multiple occasions. As much as the blond wanted to tease them about it, he knew that a Uzumaki woman's anger wasn't something to make light of. He wisely kept his mouth shut regarding the ordeal for the sake of his health.

It wasn't just Izumo and Kotetsu, Teuchi and Ayame swiftly followed suit, making plans to rebuild their ramen shop Uzushio as well. Even old man Tazuna and his grandson Inari, and daughter Tsunami were ready to relocate back to the village. Numerous craftsmen, fishermen, and tradesmen were ready to return to the land that had profited them so well, many willing to make their home as part of the Uzumaki territory. There were so many applications that Naruto even made a mission out of it for Yukimaru and Yuri to help him out.

It wasn't just these people as well. Lastly, the Hyuuga Clan made it known throughout Konoha for their blood pact with the Uzumaki. Numerous clans were both marveled and horrified. Never had a blood pact been made since the time of the Warring Clans. Many of them knew what it meant. The Hyuuga considered the ties with the Uzumaki even tighter than any loyalty to any village or nation. The Hyuuga were more than willing to die for the Uzumaki, and the Uzumaki no less so for the Hyuuga. Hiashi made it publicly known Hanabi and Yukimaru were engaged to be married, thus securing the knowledge of Uzumaki and Hyuga relationships.

Many people thought this was a sign of village decline and a steady regression into the age of clan wars. However, Naruto refused these notions, stating that he'd be willing to make sure such a matter never came about. Even he'd remembered the horror stories of the Clan Wars back when the Shodaime was but a child. He had no desire to go back to that. Additionally, he and Hiashi remained true to their word. Any Hyuuga who still wished to call Konoha their home would be more than welcome to stay, an independent agent apart from the clan. Whether they were Main Family or Branch Family didn't matter.

Many Hyuuga chose to stay but the vast majority of the clan was more than willing to wish the village a proper farewell and move into the Land of Eddies with the Uzumaki. Understandably, Tsunade was not pleased with the news and it took numerous talks with Naruto and Hiashi for her to understand that perhaps this move wouldn't be as terrible as rumors claimed. In the end, she allowed it, albeit begrudgingly.

The Fuma clan returned to the Land of Eddies as well, taking a portion of the land offered to them under the Uzumaki Clan. It was a lot of moving and a lot of business talk. Some days Naruto got no sleep at all. Additionally, he still had to help out with getting the rest of the other nations off their feet.

Then, in the seventh month…

"I still can't believe Nii-sama managed to convince the Five Kage to pay for your wedding! Are you sure you're alright with this, Kushina? You only get married once," Yura said as she combed Kushina's hair. Numerous handmaidens from every corner of the Elemental Nations attended to the redhead, touching her face up with makeup and painting her lips with fresh lipstick.

Kushina laughed before one of the elder women ordered her to keep still. "Believe me, Yura. Right now, my chest is close to bursting right now. Just look outside, there's so many people I don't even think the Land of Eddies can hold them all. And, what better venue is there than the perfect world created for all humanity, rewarded by Kami for my son's diligence? Trust me, there's no better moment than this," Kushina said, wearing a wonderful bride's kimono.

The news of her wedding with her son had sparked much controversy around the entire globe. Numerous people were appalled at such actions, vowing never to recognize the union that was about to take place. While many were grateful for what the two had done, none were so willing to set aside their beliefs of right and wrong to condone such debased behavior.

However, many others gathered. Some disagreed with the decision, but most wanted to express their sincerest gratitude to Uzumaki Naruto, the Savior of the World. The most decorated and trained craftsmen constructed tables and chairs. Boats from every corner of the world traveled to Uzushio while famous chefs gathered available food and prepared them to their highest quality. The finest jewelers cut gems that the best miners unearthed and gifted Kushina with their product. For this day, adorned was her body with the Earth's bounty.

"Well, I already know Nii-sama's going to be blown away once he sees you. So many people came," Yura said.

As much as Kushina wanted to do that, she'd already been chastised by the handmaidens to keep still while they did their work. After all, they were working with very limited materials, and things needed to be done carefully. "How is it?" Kushina asked.

Yura laughed as she continued to comb Kushina's long hair while she looked outside. She saw way too many people celebrating as they placed bowls of fruits, vegetables, and cooked meats on wooden tables. From where she could see them, Yura spotted a few of Naruto's friends conversing with each other. Numerous daimyo, having been reinstated into some form of power, attended as well, their clothes clearly more modeled and constructed to distinguish them from the rest of the guests.

"Well, there's a lot of talking," Yura answered.

Kushina smiled as she was ordered to stand up and be fitted into her robes. "Glad I'm not down there then. It'd leave me a mess," the older redhead claimed before a glare from her makeup maiden silenced her. Somehow, Kushina always imagined that with fewer resources being committed to the population, things like this wouldn't take so long. She was already feeling the tedium of the circumstances leading up to her event. Well, maybe Naruto was faring better than her. He had to be, right?

…No, no he most certainly didn't have to be.

On another side of the island, Sasuke frowned as he watched Naruto pace back and forth. "You're being stupid. You're gonna mess up the kimono if you don't stop moving. It took the designers months to make that," the Uchiha said as he folded his arms.

Naruto growled as he tugged at the clothes. "Yeah? Well, it itches. And you can fuck off 'cause you'll be going through this one day. Besides, I can't help it. What if I fuck it up? Do you know how many times I've fucked something up leading to this point?" Naruto asked.

The blond scowled when he saw Sasuke smirk. "Yes. I do know. I had to have class with you on more than one occasion. I still think you cheated somehow to pass that exam. Then again, cheating would require some exceptional planning which you sure don't have," the Uchiha retorted.

The glare on Naruto's face hardened before he crashed his forehead into Sasuke's. "You think I need Shin's powers to kick your ass, Sasuke? Say one more word and Yuna's not gonna have a husband in the future!" Naruto answered back while the Uchina snorted.

"Hn. Get your forehead off me. This is already bringing up a trauma that I want to be buried," the Uchiha heir returned.

Fortunately, the Uzumaki patriarch was more than aware of what his friend was saying. The two slowly backed away before Sasuke grabbed Naruto's shoulder. "Look dobe, you're stupid, thick-headed, stubborn, hyperactive, don't think things through, loud-mouthed, talentless, a failure in the academy, a lacking learner in manners…"

"...Is this going somewhere, Sasuke?" Naruto asked, his irritation rising higher and higher.

"...Oh. What I'm saying is that you will get through this. You've gotten through a lot, Dobe. You saved the world and you've got the recognition of so many people. Look outside, and see how many people are here to witness your ceremony. Even though who don't agree know that they can only acknowledge what you've done for them. You will get through this because you never run away. Dobe, she is lucky to have you for a husband," Sasuke said.

Naruto hung onto Sasuke's every word, cheered forward by his summons. Kurama, the Kindred, and Mōryō had long since fallen asleep, hardly interested in the affairs of human ceremonies. However, that left the others to placate his nerves, agreeing with Sasuke's assessment, or at least the positive ones anyway.

Finally, Naruto inhaled and exhaled slowly. Yeah, he had this. He was Uzumaki Naruto, he'd been through hundreds of life-and-death situations. He'd literally had his soul burned away in an attempt to defeat a cruel god. Surely he could survive a few hours of a wedding ceremony. By the end of the day, this whole thing would just be a funny, yet unforgettable memory.

"Thanks, Sasuke. I think," Naruto commented while the Uchiha nodded. Sasuke was well aware that he was hardly the comforting type. Well, at least he wasn't the comforting type with people who weren't Yuna or his mother. Oh, speaking of his mother, that was another conversation that he'd yet to have.

The two stilled when a knock on the door came. The door opened and Kakashi came through. "And how is the groom doing? Just so you know, everyone's saying that the ceremony will begin in an hour!" Kakashi said, clearly smiling behind his mask as he watched the nervousness of his former student.

"Kakashi-sensei, you're having too much fun with this," Naruto replied.

"Mah, mah, these things happen. All you have to do is make sure you're not late. Everything else will flow on its own. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be late for your own wedding," Kakashi claimed making Sasuke and Naruto stare at him evenly. If there was anyone who shouldn't talk about someone being late, then it sure as hell shouldn't be Kakashi.

The two suddenly watched as Kakashi was shoved to the side, courtesy of Shi. The former Kumo jonin stepped inside and looked over at his cousin. "Good. You look presentable. Everything seems to be in order. Your hair could be a bit more touched up, but I think we'll just have to make do. Uchiha, make sure he keeps his hands out of his hair. He'll mess it up!" Shi instructed while Naruto groaned.

How was the Uzumaki Patriarch supposed to know that his cousin liked weddings so much? Had he and Kushina known this they would have just gotten Shi to plan their wedding. His meticulous planning was a grand eye-opener to them all. He even said that he wouldn't mind helping the others plan their weddings. Naruto could only assume wedding planning was a 'woman's hobby' since the majority of the women in his clan were quick to take him up on his offer.

Hell, Shi was more than thrilled to plan Yukimaru and Hanabi's which was set to not come for several years. The only way to placate him was to tell him that they had to consult the Hyuuga clan before they made any further arrangements.

"Dammit, Shi! Stop bothering Naruto. You're not gonna calm him down by hounding him!" Risa said, slamming Kakashi into the side of the wall. In the absence of traditional clothes befitting a ceremony, Risa and numerous others were given simple woven robes to wear.

"I'm almost done," Shi said while Risa scowled. She grabbed Shi's arm and dragged him out before she took one last look at Naruto.

"Looking good, Naruto," Risa claimed before she guided Shi out. Naruto and Sasuke watched them go before they turned to see Kakashi slide down on the ground. The two looked at each other and shook their heads. This was going to be a long day no matter what happened.


"How long does it take to get ready for a fucking wedding? We've been sitting here all day," Tayuya snarled as she tapped her finger on her arm while sitting on a wooden bench outside the Shinigami Shrine where Shion stayed. A statue of the God of Death had been constructed and laid there, along with walls lined with the Shinigami's masks.

"Is there anything you're ever happy about?" Karui asked, sitting next to her with a curious expression.

Tayuya snorted. "Of course, there are things that make me happy. Being in a damn dressy robe isn't what I want to be doing with my time," the fiery redhead claimed. Even less did she like sitting so close to the two bastards who killed her. Sure, she'd gotten somewhat over it, but… that tree still hurt dammit, and she wanted to do other things than sit around and wait for her shithead clan head to get married.

"Maybe you need to get married. Maybe it'd mellow you out," Yugao mentioned, smirking when Tayuya glared at her.

"Please. As if there's any guy who could handle me," Tayuya retorted. Yugao rolled her eyes as did Karui and Omoi. Atsui laughed while Samui didn't bother paying more attention to the conversation than necessary.

On the other side of the room, Ino sighed. "Can you guys believe, Naruto, of all people, is going to get married before the rest of us?" she asked incredulously.

"Still don't know how I feel about the whole 'Mom' thing. I dunno if I could go through with that," Chouji replied, making Ino and the others grimace when they saw the Akimichi heir's eyes glued to the celebration food prepared at the table.

"Yes, it is unusual. I'm unsure if I could accept such a thing, but I respect Naruto-san for making his own choices. He's no longer the troublemaker we've all known growing up. If he believes this is his way to achieve happiness, then… I will not judge him. I believe many have brought their concerns before him already," Shino answered, surprisingly not so covered up in his appearance this time.

"Well, I'll admit his mom is kinda hot. He's lucky in a really messed up kinda way. Still, Hinata, why didn't you unite with your clan in coming to the Land of Eddies? My mother told me this is the place where almost everyone wants to be," Kiba said. Truth be told, he didn't see what the big deal was that made Uzushio so special.

"K-Kiba-kun, you shouldn't talk like that about the bride, especially not if Naruto-kun can hear it. I don't think you'll survive if you do. As for your other question, I did journey with my family. Father simply invited me to become the diplomat between the Hyuga in the Land of Eddies and those who stayed in Konoha. I had a long talk with Kurenai-sensei about it," Hinata replied.

Kiba waved off her concern but blinked. "So you'll still be in Konoha?" he asked.

"When I can," she answered. It was hard for her to leave her friends as well, but Hinata truly wished to see where this new life in the Land of Eddies would lead. Truth be told, if Neji had bothered to try and stay in Konoha, then she would have attempted to as well. However, it seemed that he was willing to start anew in the Land of Eddies instead of the Land of Fire. Even Tenten moved with him while Gai and Lee remained in Konoha.

Kiba hummed. He turned his head and watched more guests flood in. While the gifts presented were hardly the quality that many wanted, the nations offered only the best of what they could. The Inuzuka spotted Shikamaru and the Kazekage's sister talking to each other fondly, or at least what could be considered fond for the Nara.

"Even Shikamaru's getting somewhere. First Naruto, then fucking Sasuke, and now Shikamaru. What are the rest of us even doing?" The Inuzuka inquired, a low growl coming from his lips while Akamaru looked on almost sighing to himself.

On the outside, Fuka laughed as she bumped shoulders with Guren. "So when is it your turn?" she inquired.

"None of your business. How about you catch up before you start poking your nose in my business?" Guren fired back, making Fuka laugh.

"Oh come now, surely you and Kotetsu have discussed such a future. Come on, Guren. You can tell us!" Fuka said. Guren scowled before she glanced at Komachi, the latter clearly just as interested in the story as her other cousin.

"I'm not telling you anything because there's nothing to tell! Now fuck off!" Guren exclaimed, clenching her fists angrily.

"Perhaps we should stop teasing her," Komachi added, the former anbu not enjoying making her cousin upset.

Finally, Fuka relented until they noticed several political figures headed toward them. "Great, and here come to bootlickers," Guren mumbled. Fuka swiftly put on her best smile and greeted them while Komachi blinked.

"Problem?" she asked.

The blue-haired Uzumaki snorted. "Nothing. I know you can't stop politics no matter what you do. The bastards just remind me of Orochimaru. They always offer you what you think you want until you find out the only thing you've gotten is shit. So no, I don't have a high opinion of them. Still, I guess we'll have to put up with them. As the Land of Eddies' daimyo, Haku has gotten used to that political environment. Given Naruto's new title, it's a given that many would want to curry favor with him," Guren claimed.

Komachi slowly nodded. "Then we'll have to make sure that we don't drag him down. Besides, we'll find ourselves in that environment as well since we'll be tasked with making constant journeys to the other nations. Not to mention we have to continue looking for these Otsutsuki that could be hiding amongst the people. I don't think Uzumaki fuinjutsu has been more prized by the Kage than right now," Komachi voiced, making Guren sigh.

"Yes, we'll even have to teach Yukimaru to be cautious. I only hope that I don't ruin his cheerful ways. I gave him more grief than I could hope to atone for. Had not Naruto discovered us, I'm not sure what I would have done. I wondered if I could keep Yukimaru as innocent as always, but he will continue to grow no matter how much I don't want him to. Now, I just have to do my best to prepare him," Guren said.

Komachi touched her cousin's arm. "You won't do it alone. You will have all of us. Yukimaru can be as innocent as he wants on our island while out there he can apply all that he's learned, and hopefully he can learn to become a good husband for Hanabi," Komachi advised.

Guren slowly nodded with a small smile on her face before she noticed other politicians businessmen and delegates approaching them. She rolled her eyes and welcomed them as best she could.

Meanwhile, Amaru approached, gathering the attention of all the people. "Everyone, we'll be starting soon. Please take your seats!" Amaru proclaimed.

Guren and Komachi stilled before they quickly dismissed the guests and ordered people to take their positions. Musicians quickly presented themselves while lines of people took their seats or stood near the side of the open road. Amaru passed by Haku, Sasame, and a few other members of the Fūma clan.

"Did you ever think you'd see the day when you'd be celebrating a mom and son getting married?" Amaru inquired while Haku chuckled, using her robe to cover her mouth as she was trained to do.

"Never. But then again, Naruto-sama is known for accomplishing the impossible, isn't he?" Haku asked.

Amaru smiled as she as she joined the main family inside. "Yeah, he definitely is," Amaru said as she managed to find her seat next to Yura and Yuri. Then, the music began.


It seemed so funny to Naruto. After everything they'd been through, even now his heart hadn't stopped pounding. He looked outside at the beautiful lands of Uzushio. Multitudes stood or sat from the shrine all the way to the shoreline. The music, though pleasant, might as well have been like the drums of war to his ears. Due to his natural abilities as a sensor, he spotted the countless close friends and guests who cared to attend. Sasuke and Kakashi had already rejoined the others, thus leaving him alone.

He inhaled and exhaled. Marriage. Who would have thought that he'd ever get married? Even more, it was a marriage that seemed to defy all known sense, both morally and spiritually. Yet, how could Naruto live up to his title of 'Unpredictable' if he were so easy to figure out?

Of course, the blond was aware of the controversy surrounding today. Many showed up or even protested his marriage, and he held them no resentment. Nevertheless, he cared not for the opinions of others. He simply thought of his mother and a smile came to his face when he thought of her.

Then, it seemed like all his worries faded away. The sun was out, the clouds were clear, and the smell of the perfect air was enough to make him wish for no better a day. "We've really been through a lot, haven't we, Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked, fixing his clothes one more time.

"Yes. And we'll be through more as long as you'll have me."

Quickly recognizing his mother's voice, Naruto slowly turned around and his blue eyes took in the sight of peerless beauty. His mother stood before him in her perfectly designed white kimono. Her lips were colored with red lipstick like it was painted with fresh strawberries. Her face shined against the glow of the sun.

To put it simply. She was perfect. Utterly perfect. For many who knew, when a man looked at a woman in her wedding garment, it was just like discovering that first love all over again. Her eyes sparkled and the blush on her cheeks from his intense gaze made his chest burn with passion.

"Is there… a problem? Y-You're staring dattebane," Kushina said, suddenly finding herself very shy against her son's intense stare. Little had he known that a full minute passed by as he looked her over.

Finally, Naruto seemed to find himself and spoke. "You look so beautiful," he said.

That simple sentence was all it took for Kushina's knees to go weak. One of the most feared kunoichi throughout the entire Elemental Nations found herself weak before the honest compliments brought her way. She opened her mouth and closed it again. Such a sensation she hadn't felt even with Minato. Yes, he knew the way to her heart as well, but Naruto made even her very soul tremble. Her entire being surrendered to him in both love and simplicity.

"You don't look half-bad yourself," Kushina commented, gazing upon her son's handsome face. If anyone told her that she'd be getting married a second time, after dying, and especially with her own son, she'd call them utterly insane. Yet, that was exactly where she stood. She also wished never to be anywhere else.

Kushina's breath hitched in her throat when her son approached her. His steps were careful and paced, the thud of the wood making his coming all the more intense. When he stood before her, Kushina lifted her head and stared at him.

"In light and in darkness, I swear Kaa-chan, I will make you happy. I will make you the happiest woman in all the Elemental Nations," Naruto proclaimed earnestly, not even letting Kushina stare away from him out of shyness. She was forced to bear the full force of his fierce gaze and the words of his promise which carried so much care for her.

"I know. And you never go back on your word, right?" Kushina asked, flashing her eyelashes at him.

He nodded before the two heard the door open behind them. Both noticed Mikoto and Risa standing there. "Kushina, you look so beautiful. Look at that smile, it looks like no one can take it away," her best friend said. Kushina's eyes gleamed, giving a full-blown smile, teeth and all.

"And Sochi got all the village leaders to cover the costs. That's the real wedding present right there dattebane!" Kushina exclaimed while Risa's eyes lingered on Naruto.

"A man fit for his bride. Everyone's waiting. Are you guys ready?" The cousin of Kushina questioned.

Naruto and Kushina looked at each other. Kushina never thought her son would have such a wide, confident, mature, reassuring smile on his face. Never could she have known just how nervous he felt and just how scared he felt.

"Let's go, Kaa-chan," Naruto said, staring forward.

Kushina clasped her son's hand and exhaled one time. "Minato, I promise that you will always have a place in my heart. However, today, I walk in front of others again to be wed to my son. I don't know if you'd approve or not, but… when I am with him, I feel like I can withstand anything, and I know in my deepest heart that he loves me just as much if not more than you do. And, I find myself responding to that love. I love him so much. I love him so much that my chest won't stop beating. I want to give him everything. I… will give him everything. I will always be his," Kushina said to herself.

Naruto grabbed his mother's hand and they stepped through the door, the sun beaming with its warming strength as the music in their ears got louder and louder. With one final step, Kushina and Naruto stepped from one room and entered the shrine's main hall where all their closest friends and family spotted them. Each of them remained seated when their eyes happened upon her.

People found themselves stunned into silence when they looked upon Kushina. Though they sat there, the reality of the matter finally made them acknowledge that Uzumaki Naruto and Uzumaki Kushina were set to be married. The Hyuuga sat with the Uzumaki as one family while others looked on. Naruto spotted Iruka and Konohamaru in the distance, both of them smiling in pride as they watched him.

Kushina turned to her son and he to her. Both grinned, continuing to walk in confidence as people took in the beauty of the bride. There was something to say about natural simplicity. While Kushina's kimono was hardly the most expensive or well-designed, it was a product of the beautiful creation of the world and strewn together by the skilled hands of dedicated seamstresses. Her beauty was a product of the very Earth itself as if she'd been blessed to be the only one to wear the fruits of its great bounty. The flower in her hair only enhanced the beauty of her visage.

The former Kyuubi jinchuuriki rested her hand on her fiancee's arm, him guiding her toward their awaited destiny.

"She looks so beautiful," Yuri whispered making her sister nod.

"Yes, she does," Yura replied softly while Shion stood before them all.

The two sisters spotted their lover's gaze on them momentarily. "Do you think… I'll look that good when it's my turn?" Yuri asked.

Unable to help herself, Yura giggled, covering her mouth quickly. "If you're anything like our mother, then yes. You'll look just as beautiful, Yuri, and I hope I will too," Yura responded.

Kushina and Naruto appeared before Shion, the Uzumaki priestess. Shion slowly stood up and cleared her throat. She opened her hands and spoke. "Shinigami-sama, the people have gathered, and your shrine has been rebuilt. Shinigami-sama, it was by your hand that this couple has appeared before you and garnered your favor. May you bless their union and may that represent that though none of us are free from death, still yet shall we joyfully rejoice in knowing that such makes life only more beautiful and worth living at every opportunity. May we never disregard this blessing, and may this couple never disregard this union for your name's sake," Shion said, burning pleasant candles and incense before the masks of the Shinigami.

Little did many know that the god of Death found himself surveying the presentation. With eyes narrowed, he wove his hand and his energy smote the candlesticks. Orange fires quickly turned a deep white, making many gasp while others took it as a sign that the Shinigami indeed blessed this union, even if the other gods did not.

Shion rang a bell while Kushina and Naruto respectfully bowed their heads, fully aware that had not the Shinigami shown such interest in the latter, their lives would never have reached this point. For this, Naruto made sure to convey just how much he appreciated The Shinigami for the future which he had bestowed upon them.

Shion faced Naruto and Kushina presenting them both with sake cups, carefully constructed from the mountains of Iwagakure. Shion poured sake in one small cup. "This cup symbolizes your commitment to Shinigami-sama. May you both find strength in his embrace and understanding in his teachings," she said.

Naruto sipped the cup and then Kushina followed. She glanced at Naruto, smiling before Shion presented a larger cup to them. "This cup symbolizes your commitment to each other. Life will be harder and marriage will be harder, but you are not alone. Together, you can, and will, overcome anything. Bound are you both to each other until time itself withers away. Though time withers away, your care and your love will not," Shion stated.

Naruto copies his action, accepting the cup. Kushina quickly followed after him.

Shion then presented a third cup, this one larger than even the second one. "The third cup symbolizes the people. Grow our clan and our clan shall bless you with comfort, strength, loyalty, and honor. When you pass on your techniques to your children, may you teach them and instruct them as you in turn were taught," Shion said.

Naruto immediately blushed as did Kushina. Even Tayuya snorted, quickly covering her mouth when a few glanced in her direction.

"What? That shit was funny," Tayuya hissed softly while Naruto took the third cup. He sipped it and then Shion passed it to Kushina. The redhead sipped it as well until it was done.

Shion slowly bowed her head to them, smiling warmly while all her practiced lesions came to fruition for this one moment. "Now, the couple shall express their vows toward themselves, and toward Shinigami-sama," Shion explained.

Naruto and Kushina stood up and faced each other. "As I said before, in light and in darkness, I will always stand at your side, Kaa-chan. I will make you happy, this I swear. I will never allow Shin to feel he made the wrong choice in giving you back to me. And I swear to love you, protect you, and honor you as you deserve. You reside in my heart until the end of time," Naruto said.

Kushina exhaled slowly. "Sochi, you are the love of my life and the pride of my days. Despite all that I put on you, still you not only forgave me, but you loved me and made me love you in turn. When I was young, Mito-baachan said that to combat evil, the heart must be filled with love. And, my heart has never been filled with more love from you than this one moment. If you will have me, then I will have you, and we will have each other. I love you. I love you so much. I submit to you and I surrender to you as my husband and as our clan Patriarch. Whether the nations are thrown down, whether we lose everything, whether we become something else, know that I will never abandon you. I will love you, cherish you, keep you, and honor you until the end of time. This, I also swear to you, and to the Shinigami," Kushina replied.

Naruto took her hands with his while Shion smiled. "Now would be the time that we exchanged the wedding bands but… given the state of affairs, I don't believe that we have…" Shion stopped suddenly as everyone noticed a white fire surrounding Kushina and Naruto. Some jumped up in fright but they quickly stopped when they saw the couple standing amongst the flames happily. Their eyes widened as the flames seared into their skin, one strand tied the other together, taking the shape of two small rings of flame enough to cover the finger. The two flames slowly disappeared as the crowd settled.

Naruto and Kushina looked at each other and then at their ring fingers. Though there was nothing there, but felt something almost heavy on those fingers, like there was something there that didn't need to be seen by anyone else. Yet, they felt at peace with each other, the white flames of Honshou mixing between them, reinforcing its might with them so close together.

"That is all I shall do for you, Shikyō. Regard your human festivities fondly," The Shinigami said before he faded away, heading back to his own business.

"What the hell was that?" Tayuya asked, which no one seemed to have the answer to. Nevertheless, Kushina and Naruto remained completely serene, staring at each other blissfully.

Finally, the blond turned to Shion. "It's alright, Shion. We can continue. I don't think we'll be needing those rings," Naruto commented. Shion blinked as she looked at Kushina for confirmation. The redhead nodded, allowing the priestess to clear her throat.

"Erm… very well, I believe we will continue onward. Now, that we have come before the Shinigami, now we shall step before the ancestors of our great clan in a resurrected Uzumaki marriage tradition. Everyone, if you feel so included, please follow the bride and groom as they make their way toward to sea," Shion said.

As expected, many looked confused. Even most of the members of the Uzumaki clan seemed unsure of what Shion was talking about.

"Uhhh, what Uzumaki marriage tradition?" Yukimaru whispered to Hanabi. She looked at him curiously.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" she replied.

The young man rubbed the back of his head before Risa spoke. "You'll learn. All of you will learn it; hopefully, you'll be able to do the same when it's your time. Your father and I did it as well," she said, turning her gaze to Tayuya. Her daughter frowned but continued to watch as Naruto and Kushina stepped down from the stairs. Her hand on his arm, the smile on her face was entirely infectious as the two walked out to the rest of the masses.

From civilians to veteran shinobi, many were stunned to silence as Naruto and Kushina walked down the dirt road. No one seemed ready to speak a word of even congratulations, instead choosing to immerse themselves in the couple's serene desires. The main guests followed after them and the guests outside quickly advanced as well.

"What's going on?" someone asked one of the main guests.

"Some sort of Uzumaki marriage tradition," another explained.

Kushina and Naruto made their way toward the Uzushio shoreline, her head on his shoulder. Naruto touched her arm, causing her to look at him. She sighed. "During that night, if there was one regret I had, it was that I wouldn't get to see you perform this tradition with your wife. I never thought I'd be doing it with you," Kushina admitted, sporting a faint blush on her face.

"Funny. I always imagined I'd be doing it with you," Naruto answered, making Kushina's blush deepen.

Once they approached the shoreline, Naruto noticed Tazuna and Inari standing there. The two silently smiled and offered Naruto brief bows. They then stepped away while the multitudes gathered behind them. Amongst the crowd, Shion pushed through and stood before them.

"Since the founding of our clan, the whirlpools have protected us and established our identity. Though this world has been created, the first mark of the restored Uzumaki clan shall leave its mark by the hand of its Patriarch and Matriarch. They will embrace the whirlpools together and, in the midst of them, will etch their names amongst the pools where the sea swirls, for so too shall their union swirl and engulf many in the blessings which they provide," Shion said.

Naruto took Kushina's hand and led her away from the crowd. Once they were safe, the two undressed until nothing was left. "All that damn work on my makeup only to have it ruined by seawater. I think some of my makeup artists are gonna be upset," Kushina said as she stretched, enjoying the sun on her body.

The redhead turned her head and saw her son staring at her, the purest essence of lust plastered across his face. It seemed odd that given that her son had seen her naked plenty of times, his arousal was still so evident of her. It did wonders for her self-confidence. Of course, he wasn't bad to look at either. Kushina absently bit her lip when she looked at the results of his training burned into his body. He looked so strong, s-so powerful. If he wanted, he could subdue her in his strength as a man and just…

"S-Should we get moving? We don't have all day," Kushina said while Naruto managed to tear his gaze away.

"Y-Yeah, let's go," he said as the two walked into the sea until they were entirely submerged.

The two shivered from how cold the water felt. Yet, they stared out into the open ocean, the perfect, clean environment bestowing the bountiful sea life within it. The fish swam away from them while Kushina pointed further out.

Naruto nodded and the two swam out into the ocean. The two would resurface for air every so often before dropping back down. The closer they got to the dangerous whirlpools, the more they noticed a lack of sea animals. The current also strengthened as they drew near, furiously pulling them along.

After nearly half an hour of underwater traveling, the couple finally discovered the treacherous whirlpools. As expected of the Land of Eddies' natural defensive measure. Over three whirlpools spun vigorously in front of them. Naruto had to hold Kushina in his arms lest the both of them enter the full brunt of the whirlpool. For this moment, they prepared to honor the Uzumaki tradition and face the whirlpools with a full chance of death. Naruto even asked the Shinigami that, should he not survive, he would not be resurrected. If many of his clansmen performed this tradition and survived, then they would do the same or share the same fate.

Naruto and Kushina were pulled toward the whirlpools with reckless abandon. Naruto was forced to stick to the ocean floor lest his new wife be torn out of his hands. The need for air was heavy and the ocean seemed to thunder heavily as they held each other.

Kushina pointed to a rock structure. Naruto nodded and they inched toward it, using Kushina's chains as a means to anchor themselves. Kushina grimaced before Naruto kissed her, sharing what air they had between each other. Suffering through the ordeal together, they ventured further into the whirlpool, each one a devastating torrent of natural violence.

The pressure on their lungs was heavy, and their bodies burned on more than one occasion. After a moment, Naruto summoned a tower of shadow clones. They pushed the original and Kushina into the air, giving them much-needed oxygen before being pulled back down. They did this over and over until they were at the very center of the whirlpools.

Naruto glanced left and right, the water almost making everything blurry from the wretched cycling of the pools. With time, he spotted a rather strange piece of raised rock. Taking his mother's hand, he bade her to follow him. She silently agreed and they swam for the rock.

The closer they got, the sooner they realized that the raised rock was an underwater cave, somehow stable amongst the fierceness of the underwater cyclones. They swam inside and continued until they came up to a wall. As soon as his eyes lay on that wall, Naruto knew that this would be a perfect spot. Amongst the terror, cruelty, viciousness, and unrelenting force of the whirlpools, yet would that some danger protect their bond in this cave, a place where their marriage might grow and be sustained.

Thumbing over to the wall, Naruto channeled chakra into his finger and wrote his name into the rock. Understanding, Kushina did the same and both channeled their chakra into rock, preserving it for numerous years. As more and more Uzumaki made this tradition, the rock would remain strengthened to the very ends of time itself.

Acting quickly, Naruto gathered some rocks and made a small shrine, placing the rocks one on top of the other. He then bit his thumb and wrote a sealing jutsu on the altar. He turned to his mother. His eyes brightened. "So as this seal protects that wall, so too will I protect you, Kaa-chan," he thought.

Their tradition done, the two were free to return home however they wished. Opening a portal, the two stepped inside and appeared back on the beach where they'd left their clothes. Upon sandy shores next to their wedding attire laid a change of clothes and towels.

Before Kushina could even grab one or the other, her son pulled her to him and kissed her. He kissed her deeply, sucking in all the air she'd managed to inhale. Her heart swooned with love and her body trembled with pleasure. Now, he was no longer just her son. He was her husband, her sweet, powerful husband. His tongue was hot, a wonderful contrast to the cold of his body. His lips smacked against hers while her right hand cradled his cheek.

When they parted, Naruto smiled and Kushina panted. "Keep doing that and they'll be wondering if we ever made it back," she said.

"Then, I guess we should get going," Naruto said.

The two dried themselves off and changed their clothes. Walking hand in hand, they journeyed back to the shoreline. When they returned, the newly married couple were presented with the cheers, hollers, and congratulations of thousands. Flower petals blew in the wind while Kushina pushed some of her hair out of the way. She cheekily grinned while Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

Seeing this, Shion slowly acknowledged them both. "May this union never be broken," she proclaimed before everyone. The cheering only grew louder as Naruto, feeling rather brazen, kissed his mother in front of everyone much to her shock. More than a few remained neutral to the concept of such a union, yet the vast majority were willing to celebrate the matter as evidenced by their celebration.

In response to her son, Kushina threw her arms around his neck while he pulled her up by her waist. Individuals looked on until the celebration exploded all over the island.

Until the setting of the sun, the reception for Naruto and Kushina's wedding fueled the entire island. Fire pits were constructed and festive drums were struck. Talented dancers and musicians worked hard, entertaining the masses while friends, allies, and families shared precious water, and fresh juice squeezed and crushed from various fruits.

As should be the case, Naruto and Kushina became the center of attention, never spending more than a minute or two apart from each other. As the hosts, they greeted everyone who was willing to come to them. Of course, some were more troublesome than others. A few political groups came to them, seeking future meetings or business prospects. Both, the married couple were willing to consider at a later time. The smell of grilled fish and seasoned meats were enough to stir even the most determined appetites.

As the earth was still in the midst of its reconstruction, obviously some traditions couldn't be honored yet. The gifts were sparse on both sides. Yet, everyone accepted what they were given to the best of their ability. Teuchi even offered Naruto a coupon for free ramen for half a year. If the blond was being bribed about where to put funds for the construction of the village, then it was definitely working.

It also seemed that in the seven months, photography had… somehow returned. Of course, this was a great benefit as numerous pictures were taken. Naruto held his new bride as close as possible to him while photos flew aplenty. Now, it'd take some time to circulate them, but Kushina quickly made sure that photos would be mailed back to the island. She'd make sure to have every one of them framed.

Each person of the Uzumaki clan also came together for a family photo, surrounding Naruto and Kushina. Naruto even invited Hiashi, Hizashi, and a few other close Hyuga. They all joined in, Yukimaru smiling as he held a grilled piece of meat in his hand, much to the amusement of everyone else.

Naruto even met with Jiraiya and Tsunade, who came together as each other's dates. The Sannin took the time to not only congratulate Naruto but also to express apologies for the prophecy given to him by Gamamaru, the Great Toad Sage. Of course, Naruto bore no ill will to his teacher, even allowing Yahiko and Konan to greet their former teacher together. That left a memorable reunion for all of them.

"Keep this knucklehead in his place, Kushina. A husband has a way of messing with his wife," Tsunade said.

Kushina chuckled as she watched Naruto take pictures with Yuri and Yura, the sisters smiling. "Don't worry, I'll be there to rein him in. I did it with Minato on more than one occasion," she answered.

Immediately, Mei appeared next to them. "And be sure to rehydrate. Your husband is a jinchuuriki and a powerful shinobi. Plus, I remember you said that you both have done even the harsher Uzumaki tradition. I'm sure he's on the verge of breaking right now. The only question is, are you?" the Mizukage inquired, smiling knowingly at Kushina.

"S-Shut up!" Kushina said, pushing her cousin to the side much to Mei's amusement. Tsunade rolled her eyes as the festivities continued.

The party around the Land of Eddies continued very late into the night. Multitudes began the journey back to their own nations. Others, either too tired or too full, decided to spend their time on the island, thankful for the hospitality of generous residents. The island slowly drew to a lull while Naruto sat on his bed, devoid of his wedding clothes.

"So, Naruto-sama, how does it feel being married?" Suiren inquired.

"I believe we can theorize how it feels for him based on his expression. The smile on his face hasn't left since he returned," Kimimaro replied as the others continued to sit around.

Yahiko laughed. "Yeah, he does look a little goofy, doesn't he?"

While the others made jokes, Pakura continued to watch, not sure what she should say. She wanted to offer Naruto congratulations but worried that her words wouldn't have their intended purpose. It was his day and she'd rather not mess it up.

Unbeknownst to her, Kurama had his eye on her, watching the mixture of emotions ranging across her face before he snorted. "Alright, that's enough of your conversation. All of you go about your own business and leave the brat to his duties." Kurama ordered.

"Duties? What du… o-oh…" Dan said, swallowing nervously when he saw Kushina come through the door.

"Oh my…" Suiren thought before hastily severing her connection to Naruto. The others quickly followed her and settled in their own places as well.

Wolf scowled while Lamb tilted her head, the two quickly fading off. Mōryō grimaced and dismissed himself which left only Kurama. The Fox snorted and swiftly fell asleep, not in the mood to partake in voyeurism and human mating.


(Lemon to the end)

Meanwhile, Naruto watched Kushina come through the door, holding a candle lamp. The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki stood up off the bed and walked over to her. "I keep thinking I'll wake up and find this all to be a dream. Kaa-chan, you're now my wife. My beautiful wife," Naruto said, wrapping his arms around her.

Kushina smiled. "Yes, and you're my husband. I hope you're ready to put up with me because there's no backing out now," she answered. Yes, her husband.

To Kushina's surprise, Naruto leaned forward and touched his forehead with hers. "There's no putting up with you, Kushina. I love every part of you. Every single piece is perfect to me and, as your husband, I'll make sure I show you that every day," her son proclaimed.

The redhead wrapped one of her arms around his neck. "Your tongue's gotten real cheeky as of late. However, I love that about you, Naruto. However, before tonight's over I'm gonna make sure your tongue's found another purpose," his mother said, making Naruto widen his eyes as she touched his chest. She then pushed him to the bed.

Naruto fell but quickly leaned up, only to see Kushina leaning over him. "The wedding shouldn't have been this long. Nearly a year and four months, two weeks, three days, four hours, ten minutes, and twenty seconds. That's how long I've waited and I'm sure you waited just as long as I did," Kushina whispered, tracing her finger over his chest.

Naruto stilled when he felt the fiery thrill of his mother's touch. Her finger ran over his body. "Yeah," he said, staring at her while she gazed upon him.

"Now, the waiting is over. I want you, Naruto, my son, my husband, my lover. I want you so badly. And, I don't want you once, twice, or even three times. I want you all night, all day, and whatever you have left…" Kushina said before she leaned into her son's ear.

"...I want you to ravish me," Kushina said, her voice laced with sweet honey.

Before she could even prepare herself, Kushina found her body pinned to the bed. Naruto towered over her while she looked at him. "Do you know how long I've waited? It was longer than that," he said, glaring down at her. His stare made her tremble with great desire, and her breath swiftly became hoarse.

"Don't tell me. Show me, my husband," Kushina challenged.

A single breath expelling through his nostrils, Naruto lowered himself down and kissed Kushina, his mother, his wife. She squirmed in delight, her body trembling like pure lightning rushing from head to toe.

"Mmmmmngh!" Kushina moaned. Her son's lips were hot, dipped in lust and passion. His hard body lay against hers, allowing her own flesh to memorize every muscle in every spot. His strength kept her pinned beneath him, and she felt the power within it. For over a year that power had been kept in check, and now it was being hungrily released upon her.

Kushina reciprocated his passion, desperate for more of her son, her husband. She cupped his cheeks while his fingers moved through her hair. Every strike of their lips fueled the growing sensual thrill. The forbidden ecstasy in their bedroom only escalated with fervor.

One of Kushina's hands grabbed her son's hair while the other roamed the rest of his body. Her lower body quivered in delight before Naruto pulled away from her. She looked at him, her mind in a deep haze and her eyes fluttering. Kushina could hardly brace herself when he kissed her again, this time his tongue striking wonderfully against hers.

"Mmmmnnghg! Oh god. Just his lips feel so good. I-I might cum just from kissing," Kushina thought. Too long had she gone without sexual relief, the touch of her son. Some days were more agonizing than others, but now she remembered none of them. She just remembered one touch after the other, one caress after another. It was amazing.

With a smack of their lips, Naruto and Kushina panted. They looked upon each other, their faces disheveled from their actions. "You're so beautiful, Kushina," Naruto said, making the redhead's face turn just as red as her hair.

"Mngh! Y-Yes, Sochi. That feels so good. Keep going," Kushina begged.

Naruto didn't even nod. He simply laid down and claimed her lips for a third time. He would simply never tire of kissing her.

Kushina wrapped her arms around his neck, holding her son as close as possible. Her kisses became just as hungry and just as desperate. Yet, Naruto's hands chose to remain idle no longer. He reached over her robe and undid the sash. Once it came undone, he threw it away and pushed the folds of the robe to the side, revealing the beautiful, naked form of his mother.

Naruto could tell his mother enjoyed his attention toward her because her hand covered his, almost aiding in tracing her flesh. "Nhhnnghg! Nhhgghaaa! N-Naruto! F-Fuck," Kushina panted, her forehead sweating until they parted with another smack of their lips.

"We'll get to that in a minute," Naruto claimed confidently as he turned her head to the side and kissed her neck, all while his other hand continued to sail up her stomach and toward her chest. Kushina bit her lip in pleasure, her voice crying out when her son's tongue made it to one of her breasts. His free hand groped the other, and his tongue worked swiftly.

"Ooooooh… nghghghghg… nahaaaaa… N-Naruto! Nnnghhgg… that feels so good!" Kushina moaned, her nails digging into her son's scalp. Of course, Naruto didn't mind the pain. In fact, he welcomed it as he rolled her tongue over her exposed nipple. The other hand fondled her left breast, kneading it and rolling it like the finest dough in all the Elemental Nations.

Kushina's eyes rolled into her head. Her chest heaved and her brain melted. The pleasure continued to rise within her. A mixture of pain and rapture roared through her core at her son's touch.

Kushina used her other hand to try and stifle a moan, hissing when her son playfully teased her supple teat between his teeth. His lips would pull at her breast, sucking and licking like a wandering man of the desert who happened upon a luscious oasis. In response, her pussy quivered, a steady stream of her honeyed arousal by the touch of her husband flowing down her leg.

And, it wasn't just her arousal that she noticed. With half-lidded eyes, she saw her son's erection pressed out against his boxers. She wasn't sure when he'd gotten so undressed, but she wasn't about to complain. Instead, her eyes honed in on that singular target. Her throat and lips grew dry. Hidden behind those undergarments laid the tool that she hadn't felt for so long. That she couldn't get a good look at it, only its burly shape pressed against her son's underpants only further added to her lust.

"Tell me, Kaa-chan, how does this feel? How does it feel to have your son, your husband's mouth on your nipples? Sucking them, toying with them, groping them after so long?" Naruto teased, glancing at the wanton expression on his mother's face.

"It feels good. It feels so good," Kushina admitted, not ashamed to say how her son made her feel. The release of the sexual energies between them only propelled them forward as Naruto continued for a moment longer. He then stood up, watching his mother huff with a mischievous smile.

Naruto quickly slipped off the bed and grabbed his shorts, the pressure against them making him uncomfortable. It had been hard for him to control himself. All he wanted to do was plunge his cock right to the hilt inside his mother like he'd done before. His body ached for that pleasure which they might feel together. Yet, he desired more to care for his mother, his wife, to ravish her slowly and lead them both down this road until the sun went down the next day.

Kushina's breathing hitched when she noticed her son's cock. It looked so stiff and hard, yet so tender and thrilling. That was going to go back inside her. After so many months, she would be taken by that powerful man's tool once again. Her heart beat quickened while she stared upon it as if mesmerized. In fact, she was so taken with it, Kushina didn't even notice that it was right in front of her courtesy of Naruto.

"Do you want this?" Naruto asked, sliding his cock over his mother's lips. Kushina squirmed, goosebumps running through her body.

"Y-Yes. I want it," she claimed. Oh fuck, she wanted it so badly. Just the smell of it made her drunk with lust. Her well-trained mind turned into a quaking mess of frazzled nerves. But what was she supposed to do? She couldn't help but convey her honesty to her husband.

Kushina had no idea how much those words excited Naruto. Even now, he struggled to keep his legs from trembling out of sheer need. He'd watched his mother's hungry gaze, staring at his cock like a dessert she'd finely been allowed to have, a guilty pleasure after a long fast or diet. She couldn't even look at him and that did wonders for his confidence.

"Then take it, Kaa-chan. Suck my cock," Naruto implored, continuing to slowly, and teasingly, rub his mother's mouth with his shaft. When he withdrew his hips, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki's eyes closed as a fountain of forbidden pleasure exploded within him when his cock slipped into his mother's mouth.

"Mnngnhg… y-yessssh!" Kushina groaned, her hot breath tickling every inch, every corner of his cock that she could get. In one motion, she took him in, swallowing his man's meat to the full. Her nostrils flared, ignited by the smell of a man, her man, her new husband. The muscles in her throat flexed, choking on the impressive thing that pierced through her lips.

"Ngh! D-Damn, it's been too long since I felt this, Kaa-chan. To have your lips around my cock again!" Naruto said through gritted teeth. Kushina eyed him playfully before she closed her eyes and bobbed her head, sucking her son off while rapid, yet controlled movements.

The bedroom came alive with Naruto groans. He felt the way his mother's tongue expertly struck every vein, coiling around his flesh like a snake hoping to wring the life out of its victim. Her hot breath only served to make his shaft slip in and out of her easier. Not even her hands were idle, cradling his balls between her fingers, tickling and teasing them in ways that she just knew he loved.

"Mngh!" Naruto groaned, nearly falling over onto the bed while Kushina continued sucking her lover. She'd even turn her head, giving him a clear view of the shape of the shaft's crown through her cheek. It was a wonder he hadn't cum right then and there, she was like a succubus, wringing out his cum and his life with every suck.

That said, Kushina's assault wasn't to last for too long. She stopped briefly, her mouth vibrating a groan when she felt her son plunge two fingers into her sopping snatch. Her legs shook like the frozen Lands of Iron had overtaken her, her toes curling in delight. She heard her son's heavy, lust-filled pants as he continued to work her over, even rubbing his thumb gently against her clit.

"Mnnghg! Ghgnghg! Hngngnghh!" Kushina groaned, bobbing her head even faster as her pussy naturally clenched her son's fingers. How did he just know every spot that she needed them to be in? They were perfect, playing her body like an expert musician with an instrument. Her juices unashamedly flowed onto the bed while her body squirmed and spasmed.

"N-NGHhggh! NGHGHGHGHGHGHH!" Kushina cried, arching back as Naruto vigorously fucked her with his fingers. Her moans muffled by his cock, she found herself cumming from his delicate workings and shutting her eyes so tight that she saw lights of different shapes and colors. When her body fell back to the bed, Kushina licked the underside of her son's cock.

"W-Wow. That was… u-unbelievable," Kushina thought, sighing when she felt her son slowly move his cock in and out of her mouth. He seemed ready to pull it out, but Kushina placed a hand on his thigh. She bobbed her head a few more time, continuing her blowjob slowly. However, despite her subdued motions, her body was positively on fire. She could tell her son wanted to cum. The way his dick twitched in her mouth let her know that easily. However, she knew her mouth wasn't the place he wanted the first load, and the thought only made her wetter.

Once she was done, Kushina slipped his cock out of her mouth. "That was amazing," she said breathlessly, her hair a mess.

"No, you're amazing," Naruto complimented, his body on the verge of a breakdown. He was so fired up with pleasure that he thought he might cum just from standing where he was. Yet, he still found the self-control to kiss his mother, his wife. She returned his kiss before she slipped back on the bed.

"Enough of the compliments. Get over here and fuck me. Shove that big, strong, powerful cock inside me. G-Give me everything," Kushina said, spreading her legs and giving her son a full view of her snatch.

Naruto swallowed, yet came onto the bed with his mother. Just as she fantasized, he towered over her as he slipped between her legs and lined his cock with her cunt. He stared at her and she stared back. Neither spoke a word before Kushina's face contorted in a cornucopia of ecstasy and rapture when her son slowly split her walls with his shaft.

"H-Hnghghg… mnngghghhwaaa!" Kushina groaned before Naruto kissed her. She threw her arms around his neck as her pussy squeezed his cock, accepting more as every curve and pressure of it electrified her nerves. He was just so big and she just couldn't stop trembling. His kisses were so unfair and her cock seemed to fit her body so well. How she missed this. She wasn't sure how she could have gone for so long without her son back inside her.

And Naruto wasn't any better. Already, precum seeped out of his crown, lining the bumpy, velvety walls until he was fully inside her. His body against hers, his balls resting against her ass, Naruto and Kushina sighed, holding each other.

"Mmmmm, the wait was worth it. Your hard cock's inside me, and I can't stop shaking. I can feel everything," Kushina whispered into his ear before she licked the side of his cheek. She hummed in delight when her action made Naruto's dick jerk inside her.

When Naruto managed to catch his breath, he leaned up and looked at his mother. Kushina was entirely given over to a lustful daze, her eyes half-lidded and her chests heaving. She looked so beautiful, so perfect, so his. "I love you," Naruto said.

Kushina smiled. "Show me," she said.

Oh, trust and believe that Naruto wanted to show her. However, between the anticipation, the wedding, the thrill, and the teasing leading up to all of these events, all it took was one thrust before he came inside his mother, flooding her womb with his sticky cum. Kushina sighed in delight, enjoying the hot flow of semen into her body.

Luckily for them both, Naruto quickly continued and slammed his hips forward again. The edge now off, he clung to his mother and rocked his hips against hers, his shaft pistoning in and out of her. "Ooooooh! Nghhg! HGNH! Oh fuck! Yes! S-Sochi, fuck me harder! Oooooh god!" Kushina moaned, clenching her teerth while her hands roamed her son's broad back.

Naruto grunted, huffing as the flesh of his mother squeezed his cock and coiled around tenderly. Between his com and her juices, he slipped out of her before plunging back in. His mind gave itself over to the pleasure, the tip of his cock meeting the furthest reaches of her insides. His hips burned, yet he cared not for that. He'd waited so long for this and his body knew it. Like a desperate fire unwilling to be quenched, so too were their desires.

Kushina bucked back against her son, wiggling and accepting his measured thrusts. The bed shook and rocked, with the wife of Uzumaki Naruto wrapping her legs around his waist. She kept him close, even biting into his shoulder as each thrust made her eyes roll up in her head.

Yes! This was what Kushina wanted. Every thrust from her son reached just the spot that she needed it to. Every pump made her legs shake and her core tremble. He was her man, and he loved her as his wife. His scent was intoxicating and his passion was undeniable. The intimacy they shared when they kissed made her unsure where one orgasm began and another ended.

Naruto quickly ceased his movements at one time, instead thrusting deep and leaving his cock there. Kushina hissed. "Y-Yesssss," she groaned, massaging his tool with the walls of her pussy leaving her son breathlessly.

Huffing, Naruto ground his hips into hers, weaving his cock left and right inside. Her body contorted with him, the bumps and grooves of her snatch riding him through the hole ordeal from head to toe. Before Naruto could even brace of it, he clenched his eyes closed and fired another stream of hot cum into his mother.

Kushina squirmed, feeling the hot fluid stick to her body. "F-Fuck, that's the second time he's filled me up. Maybe Mei had a point," Kushina thought while Naruto slumped on top of her. Yet, still he continued thrusting, albeit slowly.

"Have you no shame? Cum inside me so recklessly like that not once, but twice?" Kushina asked.

"Should I?" Naruto inquired.

Kushina laughed before she whispered in her son's ear. In response, Naruto slipped out of her and laid on his back, his drenched cock standing proudly in the open air. He watched his mother lean over. "Funny. Though, I think I can be a little reckless too," his mother said as she jerked his cock with her hand a little bit before she leaned up and speared herself on his cock again.

"Nnnngh!" Naruto groaned while Kushina smiled.

"Mmmmmgh! A perfect fit, don't you think?" she asked, squeezing him again for emphasis. She didn't bother giving him the time to reply before she let herself up and slammed back down, working her hips while Naruto grabbed at her tits. He pinched her nipples and leaned up, still allowing his mother to control her movements while her hands rubbed his chest.

The bedroom was soon filled with the smell and sounds of vigorous sex and love-making. The open air was the audience to their union as Kushina came again, enjoying the thrill of her son's cock inside her. "It feels so good to be inside you again. You make me never want to leave," Naruto admitted.

"And leave you won't," Kushina said as she pushed her son back to the bed and continued riding him, grinding her pelvis against his every so often. One of her hands tickled his nutsack while the entirety of his length plunged into her, striking her most sensitive spot over and over.

Why? Why did it feel so good to Kushina to be stuffed with her son? To be left panting and moaning with barely any restraint to be found within her? He seemed so in tune with her needs. When her legs started getting tired, he pulled her forward into his arms and thrust upward, the room reveling in smack after smack of wanton flesh making Kushina scream in ecstasy. She held him closed again, her luscious ass slamming down upon him courtesy of his powerful fingers.

"Oh god! Oh god! NGhghghgn! Hnghgghhh! MNGNghhgngh!" Kushina panted, her nails digging into her son's skin. Yet, he powered on, their sexes crashing into each other. In and out, in and out, pleasure rose like the bubbling of a righteous volcano before Naruto slammed her down and titled his head back. He groaned like a wild beast of the field and poured his cum into her again. Kushina's body shook, spasming from load after load of rich, virile semen, staining every measure of her body. Her womb ached for me, pulling any excess it could receive. She then came too, constricting her son's mighty mast with all the strength she could muster.

Hips locked, the two indulged in each other until their high came crashing down. Slowly, Naruto fell back to the bed and panted while Kushina laid on top of him. She panted as well, sweat seeping down the side of her head.

While they caught their breath, Kushina still felt her son's shaft pumping a few more strands of cum into her, enough that it started to spill out and onto the bed.

"D-Damn, that was awesome. I've needed that for so…"

Whatever Naruto was gonna say was quickly lost when his mother leaned close to his ear. Her voice, like precious honey, spoke.

"M-More. Give me more, my husband. Give me more until you can't," she whispered and then proceeded to nibble his earlobe. Her body continued to shiver, her senses refusing to settle for less. She continued to squeeze his cock within her, rocking her hips to show she wasn't willing for the night to be over yet.

Naruto clenched his fists, his cock already returning to hardness as a predatory grin appeared on his face.

At some point, the sex must have overwhelmed Naruto's mind because when he became aware of himself, he and his mother were no longer on the bed. Instead, she was in his arms, moaning and cradling his head as her legs flopped helplessly in the air. "MMMMnghghgh! F-Fuck! Your cock feels so good inside me," Kushina panted while Naruto kept her pinned against the wall of their bed room. His legs burned, but his hips simply wouldn't stop.

The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki didn't speak, instead feasting himself with his wife's breasts. Between his teeth, he sampled her areola. His lips pulled her nipples making Kushina bit her lower lip and tighten her legs around his waist. Again, her eyes rolled up until she closed them, her vision failing her as sparkling lights overtook them. Her son's splendid staff speared into her, shaping her body to fit his design. He was so powerful, so unrelenting, and yet so lovingly passionate. His arousal just wouldn't go away and she fed off it like a succubus out for a limited delicacy. The results of their coitus continued to spill out between her legs, ruining the floor and scenting the room.

Finally, Naruto placed her on the floor, but Kushina barely had the strength to stand. Her legs were like jelly and her cavern kept quaking like a thousand tiny explosions were going off. To help her, Naruto turned her around and forced her arms to the wall, using one hand to trap her wrists there. Kushina huffed in bliss. His strength, she was becoming a slave to her son's own strength and his will to possess all of her.

"Nhaaaaaa…" Kushina panted, throwing her head back as Naruto slipped his cock between her legs.

"Just think Kaa-chan, before the day is over, you could be pregnant with my child on our wedding day," Naruto whispered before he slowly, cautiously, agonizingly plunged back into her, leaving her to image her son's semen searching out her insides for an egg to impregnate. Just the thought made Kushina shiver.

T-That's what he was trying to do. On their wedding night, he was trying to impregnate her. And his thrusts showed it. Kushina imagined her belly bloated once again, carrying the child of her husband, her son, her lover. Even if she could resist, she wouldn't have. The thought was much too tempting and the pleasure much too stimulating.

Given Naruto's height against Kushina's, every thrust forced her on her toes. When he turned her head and kissed her, she came again, putty in his embrace. She raised a hand a lovingly caressed his cheek, her fingers gliding over his whisker marks while she exercised and worked his cock. She could tell, even in her haze, that he loved it because his cock flexed on more than one occasion. She'd push back into him, her pussy coiling his dick, constricting around it, choking it, massaging it, working every length from tip to base of it. She even stranggled it, urging it to release its delicate, warm, sticky bounty. She'd do this over and over, making him squirm until…

"NNNGNGGH!" Naruto groaned into her hot, wet mouth as he came inside her again, filling her pussy up to the brim.

For Kushina, this night was utter paradise, and… he still had the strength to continue. To give her the more that she so desperately desired. Without even pulling out, he began to thrust again, ignoring the sweat that seeped from every pore in his body.

And, from deep night to early morning, the newlywed husband and wife indulged in each other in every way that they could think of, relieving the months of sexual tension that had accumulated so heavily. So, the night was filled with passion as was the day, their voices heard by many and their celebrated wedding day finally drawing to a close.

KG: It took a long wait, but they, and I, finally got here. Now, Naruto's only gotta do this two more times. No pressure, right? A shame there was no cheesecake at the wedding. Would have made it like 10x better.

KG: ...someone please give me cheesecake.

Wife: Do you ever shut up?

KG: If I did, then I'd have to stop telling you how much I love you.

Wife:...that was the corniest, and sweetest thing you've ever, somehow, said to me. Who are you?

KG: Bye guys!