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Quote: "What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined to strengthen each other, to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories." by George Eliot.

"So… who's going in there 'cause I sure as hell ain't it!" Tayuya said, staring at the clan compound with a grimace. Fuka, Guren, Komachi, Risa, and Shi also looked up, each carrying a tray of food and water.

The members of the Uzumaki family had, happily, vacated the premises at the suggestion of Yura and Yuri. As many knew, things were likely to get heated at the compound and no one wanted to be around for the honeymoon. While it was irritating, everyone decided to honor Naruto and Kushina's marriage, believing the matter to take, at most, a day. It was only when Komachi returned, a heavy blush on her face, did they realize that perhaps the celibacy between Naruto and Kushina had gone on for too long.

It was after the second day that someone wondered if they should give them food lest the two of them literally fuck themselves to death. The only problem was, none of them were willing to ascend the hill to the compound and figure out if they could go in there and be safe from any traumatizing stimulations.

"Surely they should be finished by now, right?" Shi inquired.

Guren snorted. "Well, we can't just wait out here to find out. Do we really need to do this? Both of them can cook! I love our family, but there are some things I don't need to see or know," the crystal-wielder exclaimed.

"I… would like to not go," Komachi said meekly. The ex-Anbu still remembered the first time. She remembered being stunned into silence when she heard Kushina's vibrant, lust-filled screams. Her ears never forgot the vigorous slaps of flesh against flesh. If that had been covered in her training, then she didn't remember going over it, and she was kinda happy she didn't.

The members of the Uzumaki clan continued to stand there, looking at each other as if daring someone to make the sacrifice and check on the safety of their patriarch and matriarch. Unfortunately, no one was brave enough. It seemed so funny that none of the Hyuuga, Uchiha, or Hinoken team members were to be found. Such much for a united family front.

"...Are you guys still standing there?" Yuri asked, making the others tremble. They turned their heads and noticed the Sanbi Jinchuuriki standing behind them.

"Well, why don't you go then!" Tayuya said while Yuri raised an eyebrow. She then looked up at the compound and shrugged.

"Alright," she said as she grabbed the tray for Tayuya, grinning when she saw her cousin's stunned face. The others watched as she ascended the hill and approached the compound. Too stunned to say a word, they could only watch the second youngest Uzumaki disappear over the hill.

"Are… we not going to stop her?" Komachi asked.

Unfortunately, no one was able to give her a proper answer.

In the meantime, Yuri approached the compound with her tray of food and water. Honestly, what was wrong with the members of her family? Was she the only one who had sex in this family? Surely, it wasn't that big a deal. After all, she was already planning to go for longer than this for her honeymoon. Yuri was going to make sure she lasted longer than Kushina.

The Sanbi Jinchuuriki hadn't forgotten how Naruto teased her back in that frozen domain. He whispered in her ear the idea of children. She still remembered the fire that exploded within her and she remembered how weak her legs got when he kissed her. How she cursed his celibacy. She wouldn't have cared about getting fucked in the cold if that desire could be fulfilled. She was going to make him rue the day he messed with her. No one messed with Uzumaki Yuri and got away with it.

Once Yuri approached the gardens, she opened the sliding door. Surprisingly, everything seemed so quiet. Yet, her nostrils flared, the intense smell of sex coming through. When she focused her hearing, she chuckled when she still heard the sound of Naruto and Kushina fucking behind their room door.

"Not that I care about how you humans procreate, but is this something normal? How long does this make it?" Sanbi inquired. He'd been sleeping for the past few days given that there was nothing to do. Oh, he enjoyed the peace but knowing that his brother's partner was still engaged in sexual productivity astounded the crab-turtle.

"Two days if Tayuya and the others had it right. Also, I dunno if it's normal or not. Maybe a stronger Uzumaki lifeforce brings a stronger Uzumaki libido. Whatever it is, I'm gonna take full advantage of it!" Yuri explained which made Isobu roll his exposed eye. How did he go from Yagura to this?

"I heard that," Yuri replied, smiling when she heard Isobu gruffly groan. The Sanbi swiftly quieted down while Yuri made her way up the stairs, the thumps and thrusts getting louder and louder. Despite herself, a blush appeared on her face until she knocked on the door.

"Naruto-nii, Kushina-san, I don't wanna interrupt the honeymoon and all, but I think you guys should at least get something to eat. Also, the rest of the family would like you to take a break as well. We're… kinda tired of sleeping outside," Yuri said patiently.

Of the many things Yuri was expecting, the opening of the door wasn't one of them. A heavy blush appeared on her face when she saw Kushina's disheveled face. Her red hair was sprawled over her face. Sweat poured from her naked body in droves which made Yuri's throat go dry. The younger redhead watched the older one's legs tremble, and though she couldn't see Naruto, she could tell his handiwork hadn't ceased as Kushina's body continued to jerk.

"O-Ooooh, s-sorry about that Y-Yuri. T-Thanks for the food! S-Sochi and I will be done in o-o-one h-hou… nnghghghghh… t-t-t-two ho… MNGGNNGHGHGH… f-f-f-fiveeeeeeeee~!" Kushina screamed as Yuri swallowed slowly, stunned when she saw Kushina pulled back into the room, the sound of lips being smacked, both upper and lower.

Yuri bit her lip and her hands trembled.

"We'll be done by the end of the day, Yuri-chan. Thanks!" Naruto said, boldly stepping out of the room in his naked glory. Yuri's voice quickly left her as she marveled at his toned form. His cock was splendid, standing proudly in front of her.

Naruto followed her gaze and chuckled. He grabbed the tray from her and leaned into her ear. "And you won't have to wait long. You're next," he whispered, making her utterly shiver. Before she could even retort, the youngest redhead saw the door close in front of her, a wink from her lover being left with her.

Yuri stood in front of the door bewildered before she blankly stepped away. The harsh thrusts continued and so did the sounds of utter pleasure. She left the compound and descended the stairs. Surprisingly, the rest of her family was still there. She must have worn her heart on her sleeve this time because they could easily tell that something was wrong.

"What happened?" Risa asked, noticing that Yuri returned very much the same as Komachi. However, unlike their cousin, her expression was much more enthusiastic. Hell, some might even say her head was in the clouds.

As if registering the question, Yuri cleared her throat. "Erm, they'll be done by the end of the day," Yuri claimed.

"The end of the day?!" Shi exclaimed. Guren pinched the bridge of her nose while Fuka laughed, clearly more amused by the idea than anyone else.

"If you have any complaints, you can go up there. As for me, I need to… go somewhere," Yuri said as she pushed past the members of her family and walked down the open road. She really needed to find some alone time right now in the worst way.

The others watched her leave and cleared their throats. "So… what should we do for the day?" Komachi asked.

Suddenly, Risa smiled which made Tayuya grimace. "Fucking dammit…" she huffed before she was dragged away by her mother to undertake more sealing jutsu practice. The others quickly followed after her while Fuka leaned into Guren's ear.

"Do you think Kotetsu-san will do that to you?" she inquired.

Fuka laughed when she dodged a sharp pillar of crystal that erupted beneath her feet. Honestly, some people just couldn't take a joke. Was she the only one who found this whole situation funny?

Thankfully, Naruto indeed kept his word. By the end of the day, the others were allowed to move back into the compound. However, expressions ranged from suspicion and amusement to confusion and disbelief. The reason was that Kushina had the widest after-sex smile on her face. She was positively glowing in the way that Guren, Risa, and Fuka knew that a woman would. They also noticed that she seemed perfectly at home sitting on the couch.

"Think you two lovebirds can keep your paws off each other for a few hours?" Tayuya inquired, raising an eyebrow as if she knew the answer to her own question.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head while Kushina's smile brightened. "How long is a few hours?" she asked.

"Oh for fuck's sake! I hate this family," the former kunoichi of Orochimaru growled as she stomped up the stairs.

Yura blushed while Yuri nudged Naruto with her elbow. "Don't think you'll be able to convince them so easily when it's my turn," she whispered, making Naruto grin. He appreciated the challenge, and Kushina felt she'd have to rein in those two.

Of course, the Uzumaki matriarch knew that they had to pause their passion, at least momentarily. Things were still very tense and the nations had been kind enough to take a brief reprieve to allow them their time together. Unfortunately, Naruto would be scheduled to head into another Kage Summit as the mediator in the Land of Stone. Meanwhile, Kushina would be monitoring the earth, continuing to look for this person who attached Sasuke, Kakashi, Yuna, and Rin. There was also the Akatsuki as well.

"Alright, alright. I think we've all gotten the point across. Go back to your rooms and enjoy your free time. Yukimaru-kun, when you have a moment tomorrow, could you go to the Uchiha clan and tell them I'd like to meet with them? We'll have to work harder to make sure that we make our land a success. Since we don't have income from a village anymore, we'll have to work hard to supply ourselves. We've also been given a monumental task, be careful wherever you go, these are very uncertain times," Kushina said while the others agreed.

"What would you have us do?" Shi asked.

Rather than answer, Kushina turned to Naruto for his decision. All eyes turned to him for instruction and to say that Naruto felt a little self-conscious was an understatement. Nevertheless, he didn't waver in front of the pressure.

"We will continue as we've always done. The nations slowly returning. Tsunade-baachan even mentioned that in five or six years, things will have returned to normal. However, that's not exactly a good thing. Obito's made it clear that the matter with the Akatsuki isn't finished. I don't know what he's got planned but if Madara was willing to create the Fourth Great Shinobi War in an attempt to gain Kurama from me, Isobu from Yuri, and the Hachibi from Old Man Kirabi, then I imagine there'll come up with a plan somehow. For Kakakshi-sensei and Rin's sakes, if you can then capture Obito should encounter him. If not, then know that I won't hold it against you," Naruto answered.

The Uzumaki quickly nodded while Naruto exhaled. "Plus, since we're our own force now, I'll have to come up with a measure for Yukimaru, Hanabi, and many of the other young children that have migrated into the Land of Eddies. That's a workload that I can't drop on Haku as the Whirlpool Daimyo," Naruto replied.

"You can leave that to me. Having worked with Raikage-sama for many years, I had the opportunity to delve into matters like this. At the least, I can lighten the workload while you're undertaking your mediator duties. All I ask is that I be kept abreast of the activities happening in Kumogakure. While I don't regret my time with my family, I was still born in the village. I would like to make sure that it continues to stand," Shi answered.

Naruto and the others agreed. Following that, talks continued until everyone decided to do their own thing. Some practiced their sealing jutsu and others entered the clan courtyard, practicing or teaching the arts of taijutsu, ninjutsu, or genjutsu. The house ran late until things quieted down, Naruto fell asleep with Kushina in his arms, though not before one last night of slow, tender, quiet, love-making. The house grew quiet soon after.


Sasuke wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with Yuna. Ever since their conversation seven months ago, she hadn't brought up what they spoke about on that boat before they were attacked. The Uchiha hadn't brought it up either, and yet that simply didn't stop the strange occurrences that happened regarding his mother. Every situation only made him desire her more. The Uchiha was hopelessly captivated with his mother. It especially didn't help when he saw Naruto's wedding. Even Sasuke had to admit that, despite the usual grandeur of the affair, Kushina seemed so utterly happy with Naruto by her side.

Yet, Sasuke never had more than a pleasant conversation with his mother. Some might call him emotionally-stunted, broody, unkind, aloof, and many other negative adjectives, but a cheater he wasn't. Well, outside of shinobi duties. He had more than enough self-control and discipline to not jeopardize his relationship with Yuna on something that might not even be there. Even then, he was perfectly happy with Yuna. The Uchiha heir always assumed it'd be years before he even thought of rebuilding his clan. Yet, Naruto had given him the love of his life. Of course, they had a few arguments here and there, but Sasuke desired almost none other to stand at his side.

The Uchiha frowned as he found himself sitting in the dining room, a hot cup of water in his hand. He supposed he should count himself lucky that Konoha survived the incident with Jashin. That left him with all of their compound and the niceties that came with it, like cups, chairs, tables, and… beds. This hot water was all they had to drink as of late, aside from the things hastily put together for his best friend's wedding a few days ago.

"What are you doing, sitting here by yourself?"

The young, male Uchiha turned his head and noticed the object of his many frustrations come through the door. His mother smiled, wearing a dress that hardly looked better than bedsheets wrapped around her form. Unable to help himself, the Uchiha's eyes lingered on her for more than what should be necessary, and Mikoto noticed. Yet, she couldn't find it in herself to stop him. She… appreciated the gaze, even if she didn't know it herself.

Finally, Sasuke, realizing what he was doing, managed to tear his gaze away. "Thinking, or maybe enjoying the brief vacation. We've been busy the last few months," Sasuke said.

Mikoto cleared her throat, realizing that she'd been in something of a daze herself. She took off her shoes and stepped into the house. "Yes. It's been a while since we've been given a time like this. Though, I think we'll be having more fun in the future when you and Yuna decide to get married. Take it from me, it's a fulfilling time," Mikoto said, taking a seat across the table from her son.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted, looking at his cup as if his thoughts were far away.

Mikoto chuckled, until the room fell into something of an awkward silence. She didn't like it. At least, of all people, her son(s) should be the one she was most comfortable with. Yet, every seemingly accidental situation made her chest flutter. It had to be Sasuke because there was the occasional mishap with Itachi and she never felt that way. Hell, Mikoto actually tried a few dates over the months. Surely, it had to be just a repression of male attention that made her act this way.

Yet, it simply wasn't the same. Nothing flowed as naturally as it did with Sasuke. Mikoto even wondered if she should just remain single. There was no way she could follow in Kushina's steps.

"You know, I've tried to get Itachi to get married, but he stubbornly refuses," Mikoto said, tapping her finger on the table.

"I doubt many women would be willing to put up with Nii-san," Sasuke answered. After all, even if Sasuke had forgiven Itachi of the things he'd done, he knew that those matters still plagued his brother's mind. Sometimes, Sasuke would wake up in the middle of the night and find Itachi just sitting on the porch, staring at the moon. Sasuke never spoke with Itachi about it, but he 'd seen him crying on a couple of occasions.

"Perhaps, but companionship is the only true antidote to loneliness," Mikoto wisely stated.

Sasuke looked at her and noticed her giving him a knowing look. The male Uchiha quickly understood that his mother had seen the same things plaguing Itachi as well.

"...Does that include you as well?" Sasuke asked before he could stop himself.

Mikoto widened her eyes, a sudden flush of flattering unease moving through her. She cleared her throat and chuckled, toying with her hair while gazing into her son's eyes. "I-I think that includes everyone most days," she answered rather weakly while Sasuke hummed. If there was one thing he noticed about himself, he liked the way a woman played with her hair.

Even before Yuna and Mikoto, he'd seen more than a few girls back in the academy do it. While he didn't care for pursuing romantic interests, his eyes couldn't deny the attraction and the appeal. He'd say that even Sakura was something nice to look at despite her previous obsession with him. Karin, a little less so.

Once again, the table settled into silence, neither sure what they should be talking about. Well, there was something to talk about, and both knew it. It hung in front of them like a dangling carrot, just waiting there for one or the other to grab hold of it. Yet, neither took the bait. And even so, the silence felt nice as well, giving each other the opportunities to sneak glances when the other wasn't looking.

"Kaa-san, I…"

Whatever Sasuke was going to say quickly paused when there came a knock on the door. The two Uchiha stilled for a moment before another knock on the door came. Sasuke finished his water and stood up. He walked over to the door and opened it, becoming surprised when he saw Yukimaru there.

"Good morning, Sasuke-san! I hope I'm not bothering you," Yukimaru said, a bright and welcoming smile on his face.

Sasuke glanced back at his mother. "No, I suppose you aren't. What are you doing here?" the Uchiha asked, hoping his response didn't sound as cold as he meant it to. Given his rather cold response, Yukimaru was sure he had indeed interrupted something but figured it was best to complete his mission as soon as possible.

"Erm, Naruto-nii and Kushina-san wanted you and Mikoto-san to come to the Uzumaki compound," Yukimaru said.

At the mention of her best friend's name, Mikoto stood up and approached the door. "Is there a problem?" she asked.

"I wasn't told. But I think it has to do with our new roles. Since Kakashi-san and Yugao-san returned to Konoha, I think Naruto-nii wants to take stock of the situation," Yukimaru replied.

Sasuke slowly nodded. Yes, it had now sunk in that the Uzumaki, Uchiha, and Hyuuga were no longer affiliated with any village. Rather, they were an entire entity to themselves. As such, Hinoken was disbanded with Kakashi and Yugao heading back to Konoha, at least for the time being. Neither Naruto nor Kushina forced Kakashi and Yugao to choose where to live. Their hearts rested in Konoha and no one would force them to consider otherwise.

"We'll be there soon then. Thank you, Yukimaru-kun," Mikoto said, smiling.

Receiving her acknowledgment, Yukimaru nodded and waved them goodbye, quickly running away while Sasuke closed the door. He felt his mother touch his shoulder. "Well, we better not keep them waiting," she said as she turned around.

Given that both were dressed already, they didn't need much before they made their way out of the compound. A trail connected the Uchiha, Uzumaki, and Hyuuga compounds, providing each with more than ample space for privacy, but close enough to be sure that a connection amongst the three clans was prevalent.

Sasuke and Mikoto walked amongst the fresh trees and cloudy air. The wind blew gentle breezes upon them until they came into the Uzumaki Compound. Sasuke knocked on the door and Guren answered.

"Hmmm, that was quick. You could have taken at least another hour or so," she said as she opened the door.

"I believe it's best to practice good habits unless we all end up like Kakashi one day," Mikoto replied, laughing as she took off her shoes again and stepped inside with Sasuke.

Guren grunted. "You'd have to try pretty hard to get to that point. Either way, Naruto and Kushina are waiting for you guys in the meeting room. No doubt Yukimaru's spreading the word to Hiashi and Hizashi. I gotta go meet with the contractors and other builders down on the other parts of the island. Fuka and Risa are settling up the defensive sealing array and Tayuya…" Guren paused before she finally rolled her eyes.

"We're busy. Sorry, I gotta go!" Guren said as she slipped by Sasuke and Mikoto. She then walked off in a hurry. The two Uchiha watched her go before returning to the open door.

"It seems our peaceful times are about to come to an end," Mikoto commented.

Sasuke grunted and led her inside. Having been here numerous times, the two already knew where to go. They traversed the various halls of the compound until they came to the meeting room. Mikoto knocked on the door.


Hearing Naruto's voice, Sasuke opened the sliding door. As expected, Naruto and Kushina sat in the room, the latter sitting a few inches behind her husband. When Mikoto and Kushina eyed each other, the former couldn't resist a smile coming across her face. Her best friend was absolutely glowing. One would have to be blind to not see the elation radiating from her visage.

"Good morning, Kushina. I'll admit, I had not expected your honeymoon to end so quickly," Mikoto joked. True to form, Naruto blushed while Kushina simply continued to smile.

"Oh, it hasn't ended. We've just… paused it for now. It certainly wouldn't do to keep the entire compound to ourselves for too long. Don't worry, I know my husband will make it up to me," Kushina said, grinning blissfully.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, snorting when he saw his best friend's goofy grin. Was he going to turn into that when it was his turn? He wondered if his mother had worn that expression when she married his father.

"Please don't tell me your private affairs. I know enough about you as it is. What did you call us here for?" Sasuke questioned rather impatiently.

Mikoto scolded her son while Naruto offered his best friend a seat. "And what do you have to do that's got you in such a rush? Knowing you, you were sitting at home thinking about nothing away. You can take a few minutes to socialize," Naruto joked.

Sasuke scowled before he grunted and took a seat. Mikoto sat behind her son. The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki gained something of a smirk on his face before his expression turned serious. "It's about what we're going to do moving forward, Sasuke. I'll be heading to Iwagakure for another Kage Summit. I want to discuss the operations for the rest of the construction. It's a matter that requires the heads of each clan," Naruto answered.

Sasuke glanced at his friend only a moment, his expression softening upon when the matter was presented. He just nodded and opted to wait. Of course, that didn't stop Kushina and Mikoto from trading friendly stories with each other until another knock on the door came.

Once invited in, Naruto, Kushina, Sasuke, and Mikoto noticed Hiashi and Hizashi come through the door. "Yo, Hiashi!" Naruto greeted, offering a friendly wave while the Hyuuga clan head nodded.

"Greetings, Naruto. I admit that when Yukimaru approached our gates, I found myself confused when he said you requested our presence. Surely your… festivities haven't ended so quickly," Hiashi stated, taking a seat with his brother.

If Naruto hadn't known Hiashi for a number of months, he would have sworn that he was being made fun of. It didn't help when he heard his mother snicker behind him. "The Hyuuga clan recently contracted with some fishermen. We'd be more than happy to supply the Uzumaki with a few boxes of oysters. I've heard that they work well with…"

"I don't need oysters! I'm fine!" Naruto readily answered, slamming his hands on the floormat. Hiashi and Hizashi remained stoic for only a moment before smiles came to their faces. Strangely, even Sasuke couldn't remain impartial to the misery caused to Naruto.

"I see. Then I believe we need not discuss the matter further. So, what have you called us for?" Hiashi questioned.

Finding a moment to collect himself, Naruto inhaled and exhaled slowly. "I've already given Sasuke a gist of what we're going to talk about. It's been a few months and the nations have just begun getting back to some semblance of normalcy. It's time for Uzushio to begin structuring itself as well, especially if we're to be taken seriously as a mediator between the nations, and regarding that, it'll also be a means to split what forces we have, especially since the Akatsuki were still considered a threat. Not to mention Danzo is still out there. While his work has been pushed to a halt, it won't take him long to get back into his old habits, if he hasn't already. Sasuke, you and I both know the damage someone like Danzo can put out if we don't take care of him. We're fortunate that the nations are working together for now, but I've got no idea how long that will last. I want to bring him down before he stretches his hand anywhere else. He's a guy who even Orochimaru served under after all," the blond remarked, drawing the stern gazes of everyone.

"I see this will not be a casual discussion," Hizashi claimed.

Naruto leaned back and scratched his cheek. "Trust me, I don't like having the discussion either, but it's not like the nations went through all this work to establish this land as a world mediator if we don't have talks like this. Then there's also the Akatsuki and Obito. No one knows where the bijuu have gone but Kakashi-sensei's old teammate still wants to war against the world despite what we've all experienced. He controlled Kurama to attack Konoha, we'd be stupid to think he wouldn't be able to do it to the other bijuu," he spoke, taking notice of the critical gazes of the others.

"You believe the Akatsuki would seek to capture the bijuu a second time?" Hiashi inquired.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, I do. Even Kurama thinks so. And yet, there's also the person who attacked Sasuke, Kakashi-sensei, Yuna, and Rin. Months have passed and we haven't found anything. Kagura hasn't mentioned anything regarding the moon and we still have no way to get up there. Between all these incidents, I prefer a proactive approach. Before I leave, I'll be taking Yuri, Yura, and Yukimaru with me. Hiashi, I'd like Hanabi to also come with us," Naruto claimed.

The Hyuuga clan leader stared at his friend, his expressions measured and even. "You wish to acclimate them all to a highly political environment," Hiashi stated.

Suffice it to say, Naruto felt a little sheepish at this. Nevertheless, he nodded. "Yeah. For as long as these things happen, I'd like to take everyone at least once or twice. It'll get everyone familiar with a political landscape. Trust me, even after Kaa-chan taught me what she did, I still think politics are stupid and a waste of time, it's something a field of expertise that all leaders must have. And given what we do, we'll be in that environment a lot. It's better to learn it now, with everyone else as new to it as we are," Naruto claimed.

Hiashi and Hizashi looked at each other, neither finding the means to deny what Naruto said. While Hiashi had been training Hanabi to become politically adept, it had always taken something of secondary importance to her career as a kunoichi. Now that they were a separate entity, matters like this would have to be handled carefully.

"I see. You've certainly thought about this. Quite extensively," Mikoto mentioned.

"Well, I represent our clan and this land. I can't be the same brat as always. Besides, I can't drag my wife's name through the mud, can I?" Naruto asked.

"N-Naruto!" Kushina stammered, enjoying the acknowledgment, yet still not so used to the forwardness of his words. Of course, that didn't stop the smile from spreading across her face.

The others watched in amusement before the conversation swiftly turned serious. "While I do agree with your sentiments, Uzumaki Naruto, I believe we must also consider the needs of our land as well. Buildings have only just now been allowed to be reconstructed, we also must head into a proper supply of income. While many of you boast portions of the Shinigami's might, the vast majority have not had such a privilege. It will be some time before we've added proper materials to our arsenal. The production costs of kunai, shuriken, and even proper shinobi attire will take more time," Hiashi responded.

"The same bodes true of our enemies as well. It will take them time to prepare these things as well. Every single project that was either finished or ongoing, has been destroyed upon the Earth's creation. Naruto-sama, would it not be best to allocate our resources to preparing the village?" Hizashi questioned.

Naruto exhaled slowly. "Yeah. That's why I was planning to leave Kaa-chan and Hiashi to handle the matters here while I'm gone. I suppose I could leave a few clones behind to help out. I've already had them going across the Land of Eddies, speeding up whatever process I could. I'm just looking for a time to dispel them. The exhaustion is gonna hit me at some point," Naruto mentioned.

"You don't need to do that. I have enough Honshou to make up a difference like that. Focus your energies on the Kage Summit. In the meantime, I'll have Shi and Komachi help me manage the construction here. While we do that, I can monitor what I can of the Elemental Nations for any Otsutsuki," Kushina added in.

Sasuke, who'd been relatively silent, finally spoke. "If that's the case, then it's all the more reason why some of us should head out. We can keep a watchful eye for any Otsutsuki as well. I'll assemble a team and track down the whereabouts of Danzo and the Akatsuki. If they have something to do with the bijuu, it'd be best to have another Sharingan to combat them. I could also enlist the aid of shinobi from the other nations," Sasuke said.

Unfortunately, his thought was interrupted when his mother placed a hand on his shoulder. "Perhaps we should wait for matters to settle before we begin enlisting aid from others. I agree with Sasuke's plan nonetheless," Mikoto expressed.

Naruto bit his lip a little bit before he cleared his throat. "Just make sure you haven't put a lot on your plate. Dealing with just one of those matters is enough. In fact, Hiashi, Hizashi, think you can put together a team that could investigate anything related to Danzo? That'll free Sasuke to pursue the Akatsuki," Naruto suggested.

Hiashi hummed. "It is possible. However, we have yet to discuss a proper schedule of pay for matters such as this. I believe we are not letting our forces risk their lives for nothing," Hizashi commented.

Kushina cleared her throat. "Yes, that is a problem that much of the world still hasn't figured out. Tell you what, I'll have Shi create a ledger of sorts. Those who undertake the assignment will be among the first to be properly paid once a stable circulation of funds has been gathered. I believe that is the best we can do with the situation we've been offered," Naruto's new wife stated.

"I believe that is all we can hope for given the circumstances. So what would be next on the agenda?" Hizashi asked.

Naruto closed his eyes and exhaled slowly. He then opened his eyes, soon enough the others were stunned when they saw long-past warriors from their clans, each of them more seasoned than the last. "Simple, in order to remain the mediator, we're gonna need strength, and we're gonna begin refining each of our clan techniques, building even further on what's passed. Forgotten knowledge, ancient techniques, old learnings, we're gonna make use of all of them!" the blond claimed, a sharp grin on his face.


Obito simply didn't understand it. The once powerful, and feared terrorist organization, Akatsuki, comprised of numerous S-rank shinobi had been reduced to less than half its strength. The only ones left of the Akatsuki were himself, Kisame, Zetsu, and the Regent. The bijuu were gone, scattered to who knows where, two of them had grown even more powerful inside their jinchuuriki hosts, and the Eye of the Moon plan lay in ruins as his and Madara's manipulations were brought before Nagato, courtesy of Uzumaki Naruto. And then, Rin, the object of his fierce love was now alive.

"Uzumaki Naruto. Who would have thought that you would be such a pain later in life? I should have taken the opportunity to kill you when I captured you from Minato-sensei on that night! Now, I am forced to pay for that mistake! Yet, I have no idea of how to proceed," Obito thought to himself.

Suffice it to say, the Akatsuki were currently at their lowest point. Hated by nearly every nation and their goals laid before the Akatsuki, no nation would house them even momentarily. In fact, Obito feared that if anyone spotted them, word would travel quickly. He'd already had to force at least ten people under a genjutsu to forget their existence.

"I must admit. I've never seen you wear such a frustrated expression. We're really at the bottom of the barrel right now, aren't we?" Kisame questioned, glancing at the Regent sitting on a tree, a bird landing on his arm.

"Though the intermission is long, the curtain shall call once all the audience has gathered," The Regent said, scratching the bird's neck while the Zetsu remained silent. However, frustration lay upon their faces as well. With Onoki's granddaughter taking the reins as the new Tsuchikage, it became clear that the Regent's agreement fell through.

"And what is that supposed to mean? You have been leading us to ridiculous locations while you spout off your insane drivel. Why have you brought us here?" Black Zetsu inquired.

With hardly a plan to work through, The Regent suggested that they follow him to someone who'd make an excellent member of the Akatsuki. Yet, they had been walking for months now with hardly an end in sight.

The Regent said nothing, simply continuing to look through the holes in his mask at the bright sun. "It is unusual. Why have we stopped here?" White Zetsu inquired.

As soon as that question was asked, the group of four suddenly picked up on an unfamiliar presence. From the forests that had been their home for the past few days, Obito spotted a figure moving through the trees and the overgrowth. Most of this figure's head was bald, save for the long line of black hair that fell behind his back. If not for such things, Obito might have mistook him for a monk.

Obito's eyes narrowed. Every one of the Akatsuki members could tell there was something off about the man from the look in his eyes, it was a look that many of them weren't content with. That look considered them at best to be insects, void of all feelings of empathy or even humanity in general. Even Kisame lost his grin, tightening his grip on Samehada.

As the man drew closer, his dark eyes glanced at the Zetsu momentarily. He considered them carefully before his eyes turned to The Regent. He hated having to look up, especially at inferior creatures. Yet, there was something about that masked individual that separated him from the other wastes.

Finally, The Regent released the bird from his arm. "So the second act begins," The Regent claimed, shifting his gaze toward the man who suddenly appeared before them.

"This? This is who we waited for? He doesn't seem like much. A guppy on the thin side, I'd say," Kisame said, his confidence not exactly matching up with his statement. As much as it irritated him, his fingers kept twitching and Samehada kept squirming. Yet, he didn't know why.

The man ignored Kisame and turned to The Regent. "You deserve congratulations. You have managed to fall under my gaze. That's not an easy thing to do. Now, what would the Akatsuki have to do with me?" the man asked.

"Heh, a rather presumptuous one, isn't he?" Kisame inquired.

The Regent fell from the tree and landed on the ground. "Is not a play better when more performers are set upon the glorious stage? Surely, you do not intend to hide away after experiencing the changes that have come upon this world," The Regent claimed.

The man's expression never changed. He looked at Obito and then looked at Zetsu. "Uzumaki Naruto, the man who contracted with a god. I have heard of him. It is impossible not to. However, I do not need your help dealing with someone like him. Power used by an uncultured body is a waste. For having made it this far, I will allow you to leave with your lives," the man said.

"Oh, will you? And what if I don't allow you to leave?" Kisame threatened, turning Samehada toward the unknown man who came to them.

Unexpectedly, the man utterly ignored Kisame. Instead, his gaze continued to settle on The Regent, his gaze still measured. However, that gaze belied the complexity of his thoughts. Looking at The Regent, he saw an enigma, a sense of nothing, a presence of nihilistic understanding. Even more mysterious, there wasn't a shred of chakra to be found in his body. That was something that should have been impossible, except for Uzumaki Naruto and those associated with him.

The Regent ceased Kisame's aggression and approached the mysterious man. "And you covet the main stage, the grand arena where every actor shall move upon their predestined role. Could it not be possible that Otsutsuki Shibai happened upon once such actor and, being full of covetousness, achieved the very precipice of the Otsutsuki Will? Do you not wish to follow? Do you not wish to take the role of Lead Actor for yourself? For even you know, with such a role, you will knock others off their stage, even those like royalty," The Regent claimed.

Immediately, the man's eyes narrowed. "Who are you?" the man asked suspiciously.

The other Akatsuki members eyed the conversation between the two carefully. Zetsu, more than anyone, felt the rising unease moving through them. They didn't like this man, there was just a method to his demeanor that exuded distrust and sickening ambition, all covered up in an expression of indifference.

Behind his mask, The Regent smiled. "What is a name but a mark to be left in the annals of history? Names are best left to those who wish to either be left as a stamp upon this higher plane or… to dictate the stamps of others. What would that make you?" The Regent asked.

The man remained silent for a long period. Thoughts on what to do with the information presented to him prevailed constantly. He then turned his gaze toward Zetsu, Kisame, and then Obito. Finally, he gave his answer.

"...Jigen," the man said, his emotionless eyes suddenly hardening. Meanwhile, The Regent grinned behind his mask, accepting the name with a nod.


Far back in Konoha, Yugao closed a book that she'd been reading. Placing it on her table, she exhaled. Here, in her lonely apartment, she wondered how the rest of her former teammates were doing over in Uzushio. She and Kakashi had returned to Konoha and Yugao was left wondering if she made the right decision. Konoha had always been her home and the others were more than understanding of her wants. For so many years, Yugao never thought about living in another village or under another authority figure.

In fact, Yugao, when she was younger, always thought that shinobi who migrated to other nations were traitors to the village. She always reasoned that they simply never had the heart to serve in Konoha's best interests. Why would they leave if that were the case? However, she came to learn, very early on, that sometimes leaving meant serving the interests of the village as well. Itachi was a prime lesson regarding that.

Now that the others were gone, Yugao found herself haunted by the memories of Hayate. It had been her friends that helped her deal with the loss of her lover. The action certainly helped as well. At least Kakashi had someone to talk to in Rin. She hadn't seen many of her friends given her time away. Yugao often thought about asking Naruto to revive Hayate but something just stopped her from doing so. The idea of losing Hayate again, whether to old age, disease, war, or something else was just too much for her heart to bear. Even then, she wondered if he'd want to come back. Of course, she knew that he might for he loved her, but… wherever he might end up it might be better for him than in a world like this. Besides, maybe Yugao would see him again when it was her turn.

"Maybe I should walk around. Hokage-sama hasn't issued anything for Kakashi or me. Staying in here's a little too depressing," Yugao said as she got up and dressed herself. She then walked outside and entered the village.

As expected, construction of the village was much easier than for the other nations because it had been spared Jashin's wrath. There were still numerous intricacies to work through, yet many anticipated the village returning to normal, and even improving in the coming years.

Yugao walked through much of the village's western quadrant, absently waving to fellow jonin and even chunin. Yet, her heart still longed for her old team. She never thought she'd feel so alien in her own home.

After a while, she found herself sitting on a bench while she watched children play.

"Ryo for your thoughts?"

The former Anbu agent turned her head and blinked when she saw one of her friends, Kurenai, standing there, her belly getting notably bigger. "Kurenai, what are you doing here? Moreover, alone," Yugao said.

Kurenai smiled. "The doctor still told me to get whatever exercise I can. I'm due any day now. Shikamaru fawns over me, getting me whatever I need. While I wish he hadn't picked up Asuma's smoking habit, I don't know where I'd be without him. I'm just blessed I was returned to pregnancy when the world was created. Now, knowing I'm about to have my own daughter, I thought I'd get a glimpse at what I'm in for. I then saw you. You looked like you could use someone to talk to," Kurenai said.

Yugao lightly laughed and sighed. She then turned her attention to the park. "I don't know. It's just something stupid," she claimed.

Now, it was Kurenai's turn to laugh. "Yugao, it's no one's place to belittle someone else's concerns. If you have worries, then you should share them. I can't promise I have the answer, but I'll at least lend an ear. I wasn't doing anything anyway. This gives me the chance to rest my feet," the former teacher of Team Eight responded.

Yugao leaned back on the bench, her critical eye watching the warm glow of motherhood shining on Kurenai's face. "Did you come up with that line when you were teaching your students?" the purple-haired kunoichi asked, a knowing smirk on her face.

The smile on Kurenai's face widened. "I actually learned that in my 'Preparing For Motherhood' sessions with the doctors. Is it working?" The talented genjutsu kunoichi inquired.

Yugao rolled her eyes. "If I say no, will that get me out of this?" she questioned.

Unfortunately, Kurenai shook her head. "I'm afraid not. I believe you're stuck with me and I have been working on my persuasion skills. And I'm currently on leave, so I have nothing to do. I can wait," Kurenai joked.

Yugao inhaled and exhaled slowly. She looked up at the sky and shook her head slightly. "I guess I'm feeling a little… team sick," Yugao mentioned.

Upon these words, Kurenai looked at her friend almost like she knew what her friend was going through. "Right. You were on a team that Hokage-sama sanctioned. A team composed of the village's most talented kenjutsu specialists. If I recall, it was you, Mikoto-san, Kushina-san, Sasuke, Kakashi, and… Naruto," Kurenai said.

Yugao quickly noticed that her friend said the latter's name a little… evenly as compared to the others. Of course, it didn't take much thinking to imagine why. "You have a problem with him?" Yugao asked, taking a measured tone. As much as she liked Kushina, Yugao wouldn't allow anyone to speak badly of Naruto, not after everything he'd done and everything they'd experienced.

Kurenai laughed and slowly shook her head. "I think Problem is the wrong word. Many in Konoha wonder if we're headed back to the Warring States period with the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans, two of the most prominent clans in Konoha's history, separating from the village and joining the Uzumaki. It was only further suspected when it was revealed that the Hyuuga enacted a Blood Pact with the Uzumaki, effectively making them one clan. I guess, I never wanted Hinata to be in a position where she'd have to choose between the village and her family. I respect her choice, and I'm glad she chose a proper middle ground, but I just wish she wouldn't have been put in such a position in the first place. And… wait a minute, we're supposed to be talking about you! How did we suddenly talk about me?" Kurenai inquired, faking indignation.

Yugao laughed. "Years of proper Anbu agent sessions on information-gathering. You'd be surprised what I could get out of you if I really tried," she claimed which only made her friend look at her sternly. Finally, the former Anbu agent held up her hands and nodded.

"I miss the others. I wonder if I made the right decision to stay in Konoha. I never thought about living, or serving, anywhere else and I just miss the others. Our coordination training was some of the best times I ever had, and they helped me move on from Hayate. Now that they're gone, I just find myself a little out of sorts," Yugao said.

For herself, Kurenai felt a little out of her depth. She hadn't been expecting something like that even though that was something that almost every team went through, genin more than most. Hell, Hinata, Kiba, and Shino had stayed teammates for much longer than teams ought to stay for. Once they became chunin, shinobi tended to branch out into their respective field careers, gaining new teammates and jobs every so often.

"I see. It is always hard when friends and family migrate to another nation. If you wish to give it time, I believe you will meet new teammates and forge bonds just as strong with them. However, I recommend that you not make the decision hastily. Many shinobi migrate to other nations and even some of ours have gone there. I heard that Kotetsu and Izumo have found a home in the Land of Eddies, so it's not uncommon. Besides, this situation regarding the Uzumaki is still very much unusual for many of us. There has been talk of embassies being set up in the Land of Eddies for each nation, with their representatives living there. If you apply, I'm sure you could be a part of it. Just know that what you're feeling isn't uncommon," Kurenai said.

Yugao sighed again. "I know. But just because we feel something doesn't mean it's right. Like, I still don't really agree with Naruto and Kushina's marriage, but it's their own choice and I respect their decision. You also gave me a good idea, but I'm not really the emissary type. I'm a soldier. I take orders and complete mission objectives. I don't really enjoy all the politics associated with it," Yugao answered.

Kurenai shrugged. "Name someone who does. However, if that doesn't appeal to you, then I suggest you wait a few years. If you still feel this way, then perhaps you have just grown fond of other places. There's nothing wrong with that. You know, I actually thought of moving to Suna once," Kurenai said.

Yugao faulted. "Excuse me?"

The former sensei of Team Eight laughed at the bewildered expression on her friend's face. "Yeah. Asuma wasn't my first romantic interest I'll have you know. A nice guy from Suna visited the village one day and I was ordered to show him around. He was really sweet, charming, and a great listener. He stayed in the village for a few months and I got to know him better. When he was ordered to leave, he asked me to come with him," she said.

Yugao stiffened. "What?! You never told us this!"

Kurenai shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I figured if I talked about it, it might stir up some old feelings and my thoughts would lead me to some things. Either way, as you can see, I didn't go and he left. I often wondered how my life would change if I went. Life's too short for regrets, Yugao. Use your best judgment and do what's right, even if it doesn't make sense to you," Kurenai said.

Yugao remained silent for a moment before she snorted. "Book quotes? Really?" she asked.

"...Blame Asuma. He was bad at shogi, but a master at reciting literature. You would think it looking at him the first time. Though, I believe the message remains clear. If Konoha is where you feel is the right place, then stay. If it's the Land of Eddies, then go. Only time will tell if you've made the right decision. And, that is a Kurenai quote," Kurenai claimed which made Yugao laugh.

"Yeah, I suppose it does," Yugao replied, not exactly feeling better but a certain weight had left her spirit. She continued to talk with Kurenai for a little longer before it was decided that they meet up with the rest of their friends. Anko was supposed to have returned from a mission and Hana should have been in the village somewhere.


Naruto smiled as he waved Hiashi, Hizashi, Sasuke and Mikoto. The meeting's hours drew long and he was more than thrilled to have an end to the day. Now, he'd just be holed up in his office signing off on paperwork. However, before he could step out, slender hands wrapped around his shoulders and chest.

"Where do you think you're going?" Kushina asked, a passionate smirk on her face.

Naruto stilled when he saw the hunger in his mother's eyes. "I thought we were gonna pick that up later," the Summoner of the Shinigami said before he stilled as his mother kissed him. She quickly searched out his tongue and massaged it with her own. Naruto's senses roared to life, his eyes becoming glossed with pleasure.

"It's later now. Besides, no one's in the house, and I want you. I want you to fuck me right here, right now," Kushina whispered huskily into her son's ear. Naruto swallowed nervously and was more than prepared to follow through with his wife's desire until a frown came upon his face. Kushina quickly followed suit, both turning their heads to see the Shinigami glaring down on them.

"Your affairs shall take their hold, Uzumaki Naruto. It has come time to continue your training, training which shall encompass you both. You have yet to master either flame properly. Should you continue amateurishly, it shall not end well with you. Now, come," The Shinigami said, pointing a finger to the mountains far away from the compound. He then slowly disappeared which left Naruto and Kushina alone. The latter couldn't help but pout.

Kushina released her son. "He's got really awkward timing," she claimed. She looked down and smiled, noticing that her son continued to hold her by her waist. She very much liked it.

"Something tells me he decided to do this on purpose. Still, I don't think I'm allowed to turn him down. I'll just have a clone handle the work in the office," Naruto claimed.

Kushina agreed, and the married couple swiftly journeyed in the direction the Shinigami bade them to go.

The journey was rather long, pushing them through dense forests and treacherous streams. Nevertheless, they came upon a cave in the Land of Eddies and entered it. Opening his palm, Naruto summoned a ball of white Honshou, lighting the cave for them both as they continued to head inside.

The deeper the cave got, the hotter it became both realized. What surprised them most of all was a set of stone-cut stairs leading them further into the cave. In hindsight, they should have questioned it, but they found themselves descending regardless. It was only when they reached the very bottom did they start to think that something was wrong.

"Is this sculpted stone? That shouldn't be possible. No one's been authorized to work down here," Kushina thought. Her confusion was because the obvious rocky walls of the cave had steadily turned into constructed stone, almost like some sort of underground temple. Pillars as high as the grandest ceiling melded perfectly with the cave wall. Even the floor gave way to perfectly layered stones, one carefully next to another.

"Fear not where I lead you. It is for your benefit. Come quickly," The voice of the Shinigami said, his deep voice providing an almost comforting, reverberating chill through the cavern halls. Naruto and Kushina bravely stepped forward, marveling at the temple-like walls until they passed beneath a glorious archway.

Passing through it, the two Uzumaki were stunned at the vast magnitude of the room they'd entered. Inside was an extraordinarily vast pool. Inside the pool didn't seem to be water. It was much too white, and it glowed with a magnificence that could make normal eyes go blind. The walls were lined with mysterious vine-like growths, each pulsing with leaves of gold and violet fire.

"This… this isn't possible. It would have taken years to create something like this," Kushina said while Naruto approached the stone walls.

The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki touched them. It seemed so strange. There was power in these walls, a sense of familiarity even. How hadn't he known that something like this was down here?

Almost as if to answer his question, the Shinigami appeared before them. "Do not ponder this matter further than needed. I have carefully measured and laid the foundation of this place while Mother remade the destruction caused by Jashin. Uzumaki Naruto, dip your hand into the pool," The Shinigami said.

Confused, though obedient, Naruto slowly nodded. "Uhhh, okay," he replied. He stepped over to the pool. Kushina watched her son kneel down and do as instructed. His hand touched the white pool and he sunk it into the shallow edge of it.


Kushina's blood ran cold when she saw her son scream in utter agony as he fell back. "Naruto? Naruto? What's wrong?" Kushina asked as she watched her son grab his hand like it'd been crushed underneath a large stone. Meanwhile, the Shinigami continued to watch on impassively.

Acting quickly, Kushina grabbed her son's hand. When she looked at it, she frowned. "What the…" She thought as she saw something that defied all common sense. Her son's hand was pulsing to such a degree that she could see veins underneath the skin. Yet, that wasn't the only strange thing. The veins glowed with a gold light, not unlike the golden flames her son practiced with.

"What's happening to him?" Kushina asked, turning her attention toward the Shinigami.

The God of Death didn't answer her, instead choosing to watch his summoner struggle until the pain subsided. Naruto rolled onto his back and gasped for air while Kushina held his hand. His face was caked in sweat and his breath became restless. After a moment, Naruto slowly opened his eyes, quickly catching his mother's worried expression.

"Wh… What was that?" the blond asked.

"That is what you shall be training in until I have deemed you, and your charges, worthy of greater feats. Tell me, Uzumaki Naruto, do you believe yourself beyond improvement simply because you have felled my brother?" The Shinigami asked.

Naruto slowly leaned up with his mother's help, keeping a hand on his chest to steady him. Nevertheless, the god's deep, inquisitively commanding tone left no second guessing. And, the answer was clearly right in front of him. It was an answer he hadn't pondered given the time allotted him. Between the construction and the safety of the masses, he'd not really had time for self-reflection.

"No. I would have lost if it hadn't been for you, Shin, and the others. Even more than that, Jashin didn't think much of me. If he took things seriously, we wouldn't have survived," Naruto answered.

Though the Shinigami's expression remained neutral, he was pleased that his summoner had discovered the matter for himself. "And why do you believe that is?" The Shinigami inquired.

Naruto looked at the God of Death confused. "Uhhh, 'cause you're gods and I'm… not?" Naruto answered as a question.

The Shinigami nodded. "A rather crude answer, albeit perhaps in line with your mindset. You have grown and you have exceeded every measure by which I have tested you. What I shall train you, train you both in, is that very line which you cannot cross by your own might. What stands before you is a pool meant for the strengthening of the soul. While I have no use for it, many of gods have bathed in it, considering it a leisurely pastime. What you felt was the reinforcing, strengthening, and refining of your soul. In here, all your training will commence, and you shall not leave until you can masterfully thrive out there," The Shinigami said, pointing into the endless depths of the pool beyond where the two Uzumaki could see.

"What's out there?" Kushina asked.

"The pool is specially crafted to your benefit. Had you stepped at its full might, your soul would have been crushed into nothingness, something quite similar to what happened to you when you embraced the violet flames. Had your soul been strengthened before the battle with Jashin it would have granted you greater ease in merging your soul with mine, and you would have endured the violet flames with profound mastery. Take care that every foot further strengthens the might of the pools. Do not enter them haphazardly," The Shinigami explained slowly.

Being the God of Death, he had a firm understanding into the thoughts of mortals. He'd been dealing with them even beyond this universe's history. In essence, he knew the thoughts surrounding his young summoner and his newest wife. No doubt they wondered if such a thing had been available before, why hadn't the Shinigami allowed them to use it to better equip them against Jashin. Nevertheless, he allowed them ask at their leisure.

"If it could do all that, why didn't we use it after Jashin took over the earth?" Kushina asked.

The Shinigami turned to her, and the Red Death shirked beneath his mighty gaze, feeling a chill run down her back. "Uzumaki Naruto was not ready. To enter the pools is to be confronted with the weaknesses of one's own soul, the very essence of one's own being. Had he entered while the matters of his soul were divided, the simple touch he did just now would have been enough to end him. That he has survived has shown the depth of his growth. Know that nearly none upon your world would survive if they encountered this," The Shinigami explained.

Naruto swallowed nervously and so did Kushina. "But… you could just revive him right?" Kushina asked.

Upon her question, the Shinigami remained silent, the tense sound of falling water drops from the cavern ceiling filling the ambiance. After some time, Naruto finally answered.

"So why now?" Naruto asked.

The God of Death turned to his summoner. "To prepare you for the journey ahead which you shall undertake. For the days are long and the time is short. And, whether your world shall remain established shall be determined by you. Should you fail, not just your world but many beyond them shall be felled in the sundering."

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