James Logan dragged on his cigar, idly imagining how next time he met his no-good brother, he was going to punch him in his damn face. And then run him through with his claws. Not for any reason in particular, just because it would put James in a slightly less crappy mood.

Now there was a thought.

A bell tinkled irritatingly somewhere behind him, signalling the arrival of some more idiots into the bar; this was confirmed when two men leaned casually on to the counter either side him. He studied them both out of the corner of his eye. The way they were making eye contact over his head and grinning made it pretty clear they were tight. Or homosexual.

Or both.

On his left a tall, leanly muscled man with a strong jaw and a leather jacket gave him a cocky smirk. Slightly camp for sure.

On the right, a suit with thick, curling hair fixed him with a piercing, blue eyed gaze. There was a definite vibe coming off him – a vibe of 'trust me, I'm nice.' It pissed James off. He was also fairly confident he could detect a whiff of strawberries.

Was that hair lotion?

Yup, definitely gay.

'Excuse me, I'm Erik Lehnsherr.'

'Charles Xavier.'

'Go fuck yourselves,' James said, and raised his cigar.

This didn't seem to faze the two bogeys in the slightest, and with a nod of acceptance they turned, in synchronisation for god's sake, and swaggered out. Though he really didn't give a shit, James couldn't help but wonder what the hell they'd been after, and he turned around to watch them leave.

Whatever. They were probably cruising.

James downed the rest of his drink and motioned for another.


Charles and Erik paused as they left the bar, letting loose the sniggers they'd been suppressing. Then Charles cleared his throat, and Erik shifted his feet, hands in the pockets of his jacket.

'So, that was an interesting proposition made by our friend back there,' Charles began lightly, 'What exactly do you think he had in mind?'

'Oh, I'm not sure,' Erik's smile was vaguely dangerous, 'I can think of several examples.'

'Did they involve just you?' Charles casually watched a pigeon pecking its way down the opposite pavement.

'Possibly,' said Erik, 'Not all of them.'

'And did they feature anyone in particular?' Charles ran a hand through his hair, 'Me, for example?'

'Like I said,' Erik looked at him, 'They might have done.'

Their faces were suddenly inches apart. Erik's jaw was clenched, and Charles could feel the heat of his breath, coming in shallow pants. Erik could see a vein pounding unnaturally quickly in Charles's throat.

'Well,' said Charles slowly, 'this is a development.'

Erik swallowed. 'You think we should…take his advice?'

'Oh, absolutely.' Charles smiled, and Erik watched his tongue brush against his white, even teeth. 'The question is, your room or mine?'

Erik tangled his fingers in Charles' hair. 'That's obvious, surely. Both.'

'Erik, you stun me with your lateral thinking.' Charles' hand slowly ran up Erik's back beneath his jacket. 'I feel there are parts of you I barely know.'

'Rest assured,' Erik said low in Charles ear, 'That you will soon know them all.'


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