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It was 2am when his cellphone began to vibrate on the nightstand next to his bed. A part of him wanted to ignore it and go back to sleep but the obnoxiously loud buzzing seemed to get more demanding with every vibration, more urgent. Dean grumbled in frustration and gently moved Lisa's arm from across his chest so he could answer the call.

"Sammy, this better be good." He grumbled into the phone

"Uhm, hello?" a voice said on the other end of the line, soft and feminine. Not Sammy.

"Hello? Who is this?" He asked pushing himself upright

He heard the girl breathing nervously into the receiver for a few seconds before the line went dead. Dean looked at his caller ID but he didn't recognize the number, the area code looked like it was from Missouri.

"Dean, honey is there something wrong?" Lisa asked groggily

"No, nothing. Go back to bed" He gave her a reassuring pat on the leg and rose from the bed.

"Was that Sam?" She asked

"No, I don't know who it was. Probably a wrong number"

"Oh. It's late baby why don't you come back to bed?"

"Yeah I'll be there in a minute" He smiled from the doorway "I just wanted to get a glass of water. You go to sleep"

"Okay" She sighed sleepily as he left.

Once Dean was downstairs again he pressed redial. It rang once, twice, but it stopped during the third ring, someone answered the call.



"Hello? Who is this?" Dean pressed

"Uhm, my name is Penny" The voice answered, it was very young like a small child

"Okay. Penny, how old are you?"

"Six" The child said meekly

"Well Penny does your mommy know that you're calling strangers in the middle of the night?"

There was a long pause "No" She said in a whisper

"Oh. Well then you probably shouldn't do it then should you?"

Silence. Suddenly an eerie feeling washed over him. Something wasn't right.

"Penny, how did you get this number anyway?"

"It was in my mommy's phone"

"Really? What is your mommy's name?"


"Penny? Are you still there sweetheart?"

"I can't"

"Penny this is very important okay? You called me for a reason and I would like to help you, but you have to tell me what your mommy's name is"

"If I tell you do you promise not to tell on me? I'm not supposed to tell you" Her voice was small and pleading

"Okay I promise"


Cassie. The sound of the name nearly knocked the wind out of him. His Cassie, his first love now who is probably married and now has a daughter, a flood of memories washed over him so completely that it took him a few moments to remember that he had her little girl on the line.

"Oh. Yes, your mommy and I are very good friends Penny" His voice caught in his throat a little as he felt the slight sting of her words 'I'm not supposed to tell you'. Why not? It didn't have to be this way between them. They could have still been friends. "But if she told you not to call me then you really shouldn't. You should be in bed right now, what would she say if she saw you awake at this hour?"

"I had to call" She whined desperately. He couldn't shake the weird feeling he was getting from her. Why did she have to call? He asked to himself before repeating the question out loud.

"Why did you have to call Penny?"

"Because you're my daddy" She sniffled

"Excuse me?" He could feel the blood draining from his face as chills ran up his spine

"You're my daddy" Penny sobbed into the phone

"Penny, Penny listen to me, I think there's been some mistake. I'm not your father." He could hardly breathe

"Oh. I guess I got the number wrong" She said hopelessly

"Probably" He said heaving a sigh of relief "What's your daddy's name?"

"Dean Westchester"

"Dean Winchester?" He asked as goosebumps assaulted his entire body


"I'm Dean Winchester"

"Oh. Then you're my daddy"

"Penny, Penny, Penny" He stammered, the room was spinning around him "Pu-put your mother on the phone"

"I can't. My mommy isn't here." She said whispering again

"Where is she?" Dean demanded, his stomach tied itself into knots

"In heaven"

"In he-" He gaped "Your mother is dead?"


"I need to talk to whoever is taking care of you right now"

"You can't! You promised!" She shrieked

"Penny this is very important. I need to speak to-"

The line went dead. He stood alone in the darkness of his girlfriend's living room staring at his phone with the child's words swimming in the air and into his head. Cassie is dead. Penny is his daughter. No. It can't be true. He ran back up the stairs and grabbed a duffel bag from his bedroom. Lisa flicked on a light.

"Dean?" She asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes

He didn't answer, he couldn't answer. He stuffed a few shirts inside of the bag and dug through his dresser for a few pairs of jeans.

"Dean, do you want to tell me what the hell is going on here?"

"I have to get out of here for a few days. I have some things to take care of in Missouri." He said gruffly as he slipped on a pair of crumpled jeans he had just dropped on the floor.


"Unfinished business" He said as he laced his boots

"Dean, wait, slow down for a second. Talk to me" Lisa pleaded as she slid out of bed

"I can't right now. I'll call." He said from the bedroom doorway moving quickly before she had the chance to reel him back in for a goodbye kiss. He didn't have the time.