On December 25th, 1885...

A newborn boy was born to a wife and her husband but the baby's left arm was deformed. So as the parents were riding in their carriage on their way home they threw the child into a ditch and left it to die. When the child's parents were far away a single wolf stepped out of the woods and transformed into a beautiful young lady who walk over to the child and pick him up. She had dark blonde hair and sharp wolf-like green eyes with a white dress that hugged her hour-glass figure. The mystery lady walked back into the woods carrying the newborn boy, she walked in till she reached a cave where a female wolf walked out of. The lady walked up to the wolf and put the baby next to her before turning into her true form-a wolf- and said to the she-wolf, "My daughter I know you grieve for your lost pups. That is why I brought you this pup for you to take care of, for he was left by his parents to die. I wish for you to care for this pup, to teach him of our ways for he will be this world's savior. Teach this pup how to hunt, to be as cunning as the foxes, to be as nimble as the rabbits, to be as fast as the cheetahs, to be as loyal as us- wolves, to be as fierce as the dragons, and to be as determined as all the animals of this world. All I wish is that you care for this boy and when it is your time to join me in the stars for you to send him to live with the humans. To humans he will be Red till they give him a real human name but his true name will be Ryuu. Take care my daughter and take good care of the pup-Ryuu as we spirits will call him as well as all the animals of this world. May the hunt be kind to you for I must return to the stars now." The she-wolf speak for the first time," I shall take care of this pup and teach him Mother. And may the hunt in the stars be kind to you Mother." After the Spirit Wolf-Lupa- left the she-wolf looked at the pup that was left in her care; he had reddish-brown hair, silver eyes, and a deformed left arm with a green cross in it. The she-wolf picked up the pup-her new pup- and took him into her den. I will care for this pup and teach him to turn his weakness into his strength for he is my pup and I'll protect him as long as I can, she thought as she settled in her nest with her new pup for the night.

Three years later...

A child of at least three years was running through the trees, his name was Ryuu but to humans he was to tell them his name was Red but he preferred being called Ryuu. Ryuu was hunting a deer-a young buck- to bring back to the den, back to his wolf-mother. As he took down the buck, he could sense he was being watch and as he turned he saw a man wearing a black cloak with bright red hair and a mask covering half of his face staring at him in shock, Ryuu quickly grabbed the buck he had killed and ran as fast as he could(which was pretty fast) far behind him he heard the strange man call out " W-w-wait! What the hell was that? Who the hell are you?" Ryuu ran till he could no longer hear the strange man, what a strange human and what was that gold thing with wings by his head? thought Ryuu.

At the same time as Ryuu was running, the strange man whose name was Marain Cross, an Exorcist looking for his old friend Mana who was supposed to meet him in the woods he was in, had just seen a three year old boy take down a buck by himself and then ran off carrying it after noticing him. After two minutes of yelling at him to stop, Cross had to stop to think about the child but before he could think his friend Mana Walker showed up running. Mana quickly asked Cross why he had being yelling. Cross explained what he had seen to his friend," I saw a child who looked no more than three take a young buck down but he ran off before I could stop him." Mana looked surprised that Cross had seen a child in the woods. Mana told Cross, "Some people say that they see a child-a boy- in the woods around here. But I always thought they were just people trying to get some attention but now that you say you saw him I'm not so sure. Wait, why didn't you chase after him?" Cross looked ashamed when he said the boy was gone before he could even say a word.

Back with Ryuu, he was telling his mother what had happened and asked her about the strange human. All she said was 'Humans are strange'. Later that night, Ryuu and his mother were watching the strange human and his friend for they were looking for Ryuu and it was amusing to watch the two humans looking for the child. "Ryuu it's time for you to show yourself to them but remember do not tell them either of your names or see your face but tell them to leave."

"Yes, mother" Ryuu replied.

Ryuu hide in a tree and then called down to the strange men, "Oi, your scaring all my prey away, Bakas. Leave. NOW!"

Both men jumped at the sudden voice calling down to them, looking around for where the voice come from, Cross called out " Show Yourself."

"Look up." came the bored reply.

Ryuu was laughing inside as both men jumped when he had called down and after he told them to look up and as soon as they saw him hanging upside down from a tree breach-high enough for them not to see his face- fall on their asses and shouted "WHAT THE HELL!" at the same time. After they calmed down again he repeated himself, "So the problem I have at the moment is that you are scaring away my prey and so I need you, Bakas to Leave NOW!" with an under lied threat on the last to words Ryuu swung upward and let go of the branch and grabbed a branch above him, but not before the men-Mana and Cross- freaked out thinking he was going to fall. Ryuu started to laugh because they were too funny not to laugh at out loud at and yelled down to them, "Any way leave and good-bye. Oh, and don't come back. Bye." with that leaped down to the ground but before they could see what he looked like ran into the woods.

One year after that incident...

Ryuu and his mother had moved to a different forest with a village near by about six months back, Ryuu knew the reason for this was because his mother was dying and he would have to go live in the human village when she finally dies and he was afraid that he would be left all alone. So as they were out hunting when Ryuu asked, "What should I do when you die, mother?"

"Ryuu, when I die I want you to move my body out into the woods so that my body can give back to the animals of this world, do not bury my body and then I need you to go into the village we are close to and live there till you ready to start to travel the world and learn new things, my dear little pup but remember the humans can't knew your true name but your human name Red, which the Great Wolf Spirit Lupa gave you as well as your true name."

"I understand mother" Ryuu replied

Two days later Ryuu's mother died, Ryuu was carrying his mother's body out of the den and left it out in the center of the forest and prayed that her spirit reach the stars to join Lupa. As Ryuu, now Red walked toward the village he could feel his mother's spirit next to him guiding him to the village.

When Red, who was known as Ryuu, walked into the village he was hungry but he know he had no money to buy the food that humans ate, so Red as he walked by the store that sold food he stole a couple of apples, a pear, and a loaf of bread and ran at human speed to blend in with the humans as best he could. The store-keeper saw him running with food in his arms and yelled, "You freaking brat, stealing my food. When I catch you I'll fucking kill you!"

One year later...

Red was encircle by a group of people and in the of a fight against two teenage boy- One had short black-hair, dark blue eyes, and had a knife in his right hand, the other one called him 'Jason' and the other one had dark-brown hair, dark blue eyes, two knifes strapped to his waist, and a pipe in both hands, the one called 'Jason' called him 'Jay'- people were cheering for them to fight. Stupid teens you well not harm me, were Red's thoughts as he dodged a strike from the pipe 'Jay' had swung at him. Red jump on to a steel rail that was behind him as 'Jason' said, "We are going to fucking kill you, you stupid brat!" as he charged at Red but missed as Red jumped and landed next to him grabbing his arm and slamming it against his knee, breaking 'Jason's arm saying, "you may have lived in the streets must of your lives but I've been in the streets since birth." as he knock 'Jason' out by hitting him in the temple. 'Jay' got mad at Red for knocking out 'Jason' dropped the pipe and grabbed his knives and started to attack Red. Red quickly knocked out 'Jay' because he let his emotions get out of control.

As Red walked away he was passing a store and since he was hungry from the fight, he went into the store and stole five pears, six apples, four loaves of bread, and seven pieces of meat before running out of the store. Red noticed the weird look he got from a strange man who had been about to enter the store before he exited. When Red got back to his hide-away in an abandoned church he ate the food he stole. After eating, Red went to the room he claimed as his own, walking to the tallies he had marked on the side of a wall near the cross in the center of the main room, where there were four tallies that marked how old he was soon he would be marking his fifth. When he left his hide-away he passed a group looking for helpers to help set up a circus and as he walked up to one of the men asked, "What's going on sir? Why are you looking for help? Can I help?"

"We need help to set up our circus that's in town and if you want you can help us set up." said the man, smiling.

"I'll help you than. It's not like I have anything to do." Red replied, smirking softly.

Two days later...

Red found himself looking at the man you had been watching him as he left the store with the stolen goods. The man smiled at him and said, "Hi my name is Mana Walker. What's your name young man?" I want to say Ryuu but I can't tell humans my true name, Red thought to himself.

"Don't have one but must people call me Stupid Brat or something. But people here call me Red. I'm here to help set things up.", Red said finally.

"How 'bout I call you Allen." Mana said.

Mana had Allen help him set some of the clown props up and even showed Allen some tricks, that Allen learn to do after a couple of days. Before the circus left town Mana asked Allen if he wanted to come as well because Allen had made many friends among the circus so he said yes.

Allen was adopted by Mana when they left the town that Allen had been living in. Mana and some of the people from the circus taught Allen some circus tricks. Allen was welcome by the people of the circus even with his arm the way it was.

One Year Later...

Allen was sitting in front of a grave stone crying because the person he thought of as his father, Mana Walker, had died when he had been hit by a carriage. When he came, he called himself the 'Millennium Earl' and asked me "You want me to revive Mana Walker?" He was so consumed by grief that he had said 'yes',

When he came back he yelled, "Allen! You made me into an AKUMA! I curse you- I curse you, Allen!" as he slashed my left eye scarring it for life. His left arm started to react in a weird way, the cross started to glow and the arm changed shape turning into large white claws that attacked Mana, his father, as he screamed, "GYAAAAAA!"

Allen tried to stop it but it would not stop attacking Mana, so he yelled, "Mana...! NO, Don't do this to Mana...!" but it would not stop so he yelled at Mana, "Run...Run, Dad!" but his only reply was

"Allen...I...Love You...Please Destroy me." as Allen cried his strange left arm destroyed his father, Mana Walker, in front of him. Allen screamed as his arm ripped through Mana, "". Later, a strange man he vaguely remember showed up and said, "There is no freedom for the soul within an akuma. You're trapped within it for all eternity, and you become the Earl's toy. There's no way to help it other than by destroying it." He took Allen as his apprentice so he could become an 'Exorcist' and help the Akuma by destroying them with his left arm. Allen's reddish-brown hair had turned snowy-white and he had an upside down star-that he learned was the symbol of the akuma- connected to a line that goes down the side of his face with a line going across the first line under his left eye, which was crimson red. His teacher travels a lot, part of the job he says, and his name is Marain Cross, a general-class exorcist. At the hour of his sixth birthday, he became Allen Walker, an exorcist.