A.N.:E/O challenge, part 2! WOW:crush, 100 words on the dot. Dialogue only stories are really freaking hard to write when you have to think about it. :/ In honor of Mother's day I wrote this with Mary and 4 yr old Dean in mind. I hope all who read enjoy. And a happy mother's day to all you mother writers out there, you guys are amazing. :D

Disclaimer: Not mine.

"You have a crush."

"I do not! Girls are gross."

"Honey, don't be embarrassed. It's sweet."

"No way, she's icky and smells like stinky flowers."

"You won't always think that way."

"Yuh huh. Girls have cooties."

"I'm a girl."

"Mom's don't count. Duh."

"Don't roll your eyes, Dean."


"It's okay. What if this baby in my tummy is a girl?"

"It's not."

"How do you know?"

"Doesn't sound like a girl."

"What does it sound like?"

"A boy."

" That means you're going to be a big brother."

"The best big brother ever!"

"Yes sweetheart, I'm sure you will be."