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I don't know what I'm doing. Why did I cross these two over why...

Sherlock turns to Anakin, and gestures at him pointedly. "Master Kenobi, your former padawan's having an affair outside the Jedi order."

Obi-Wan splutters, spitting out his tea. "...what?"

"Oh you heard me." Sherlock says, rolling his eyes. John sends mental swats, mental messages of Sherlock, not good, not good, stopbut Sherlock ignores him. "Not like you didn't have any when you were younger, anyway." He looks at Obi-Wan pointedly, who glares back at him.

Anakin chokes, and starts coughing. John sighs, and rubs his temples. "Oh Force." Working with the famous Master-Apprentice pair is going to be harder than he thought with Sherlock around.

Sherlock has told him about the whole affair Anakin had with Senator Amidala last week, but John didn't actually think the Jedi-detective would actually tellAnakin and Obi-Wan. Stars, he should have known. This is Sherlock, after all.

John sighs. "Sorry about that. Ignore him."

"I'm right here, Jo-" Sherlock's jaw clicks closed with a certain amount of force that makes it hurt, and he growls at John's unethical use of the Force.

John keeps it shut anyway. "He's bad at this. Probably why they stuck him with me." He exhales audibly. "So, the mission?"

Obi-Wan schools his face into his usual Jedi mask, but one look into his eyes shows that he is disturbed by what Sherlock has said. Anakin glances nervously at Obi-Wan, who glares back at him with the message we're talking about thisclearly written in his eyes, the Force not necessary to read the unspoken words.

"We need to bring the Ambassador's daughter back." Obi-Wan says, gesturing at the information on their datapads.

John releases his mental hold on Sherlock's jaw. Sherlock works it up and down and massages it, glaring at John as he turns his attention back to Obi-Wan. "And you need me to look for her?"

Obi-Wan nods. "Yes."

"Any leads?" John asks, looking at the datapad. Nine-year-old girl, with strawberry blonde curls and pretty blue eyes. Her smile lit up her gray skin. "Oh. There are complications." He murmurs, distress blaring behind his mental shields. He glances at Sherlock, who winces back.

Bonds in the Force aren't uncommon when it comes to Jedi who work together very well, in addition to being friends. But Sherlock hates it. He insists that it's unnecessary and distracting. John disagrees most of the time. If it wasn't for the bond, he'd probably be dead by now. Sherlock's feelings of alarm work pretty much like a loud and blaring warning siren for him.

Anakin nods sadly. "Yes, complications. She's… sick, you see, Master Watson, and that's why we need you, too." He grins slightly. "Not to mention that between you and Master Holmes's records, you've found more than half of the missing people and solved most of the murders that make way onto our missions lists."

John can feel Sherlock's ego inflate beneath his mental walls and John sighs. "Don't feed him. His ego'll grow bigger and he'll turn to the dark side with pride." He scowls at the other man again, shaking his head; he turns back to Anakin and Obi-Wan, who have these huge smiles on their faces. Anakin is giving Obi-Wan that knowing look, and Obi-Wan was trying not to laugh."What?"

"Nothing." Obi-Wan says. "The only lead we can give you is she was last seen here, in Coruscant, with her governess, in the Senate halls."

"Show me." Sherlock's tone leaves no room for argument.

"I'm driving." Anakin says, looking like he's trying not to dash off to the hangar.

Obi-Wan rolls his eyes. "The last time you drove, we almost died."

"Not my fault that swoop wasn't stabilised." Anakin sniffs, and glances at his former master. "Besides, the last time you drove we ended up stuck in traffic and getting there just as the murderer sped away on his speeder."

"We caught him, didn't we?"

"Yes, after I had to save your sorry ass because you were held hostage and couldn't get out of it without dying."

"Anakin, language."

"No, sorry, not my master anymore." Anakin says, smug.

John laughs behind the two, and glances at Sherlock, who seems to be busy perusing his mind palace. He feels the bond hum with energy, and that confirms his suspicions that Sherlock is thinking again. He glances at the Master-(former)Padawan team again, and finally understands why they were smiling earlier.

John sees the similarities, too.

I actually can continue exploring this, since I have a weird AU headcanon in my head. This fic is a test run. If it doesn't kick off, then I'll keep the rest in my private collection. Just so you know. The summary is taken from the possible third story in the series, and the first one chronologically. Also, see my profile for acknowledgments. :D Thank you for reading!