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Sherlock swears in a language that John doesn't understand. John looks up from the reports from the local police force that Sherlock never reads, and sighs. "What is it now, Sherlock?"

"I can feel your worry for the child radiating over here. Why can't you just shield your side of the bond, John? It distracts me."

John glares, and answers in a rather petulant voice. "Why don't you shield your side of the bond, then?" Pictures of Sherlock falling flashed through his mind, and John immediately shut a lid on it so Sherlock won't see. He breathes, and continues glaring at Sherlock.

Sherlock didn't seem to notice, and he merely scoffs, and rolls his eyes. "How can I observe if I shield everything, John? Besides, even if I do shield, your emotions seep through anyway. Whatever happened to 'there is no emotion, there is peace?'"

"As if you subscribe to the whole of the code, you bloody git."

"Shut up." Sherlock returns to the pictures of the crime scene on his datapad. "Mary looked for you yesterday, contacted you through the holonet." Sherlock looks up at John disapprovingly. "No attachments, remember?"

John scowls. "Stop looking through my Holonet messages!" His eyes softens a little, and a smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. He, however, maintains a passive look to his face, even if amusement flared behind his mental shields. He feeds a little of it into the bond, just so Sherlock will understand. "Besides, like you jeopardizing a mission to save me doesn't demonstrate attachment in any conceivable way..."

Sherlock waved John away. "That doesn't count." He thought for a moment, as if considering it, and pointed the datapad at John. "It was necessary at the time. And if Anakin and Kenobi do it, why can't I?"

"Because you're Sherlock, and not Anakin." John says. He drops what he was trying to read, and looks at Sherlock. "Besides, I won't be Obi-Wan in our relationship. That man gets into trouble far too much because of his former padawan and -" He pauses, eyes widening in sudden realization. John groans. "Oh Force, I am Obi-Wan. With the negotiations and a version of the 'Hero With No Fear' and everything."

"I am not a hero." Sherlock says. "Also, I am not in a romantic relationship with anyone."

"What are you implying?"

"Anakin's involved with Senator Amidala. Obviously."


"Open your eyes, John. He isn't around the temple most of the time - Obi-Wan had you looking all over the Jedi Temple once, if you remember. There is also a scent of Starlight in Her Eyes on his robes whenever he passes by - and I am positive that Anakin does not use women's perfume, especially ones that the Senator uses. And the most telltale sign is the ring on his finger he sometimes forgets to remove that is clearly not just 'something someone gave him as a thank you,' as he always insists to Obi-Wan, as it is a wedding ring and it matches with the Senator's own. I could give you a list of how I was led to the conclusion, if you want."


"Come off it. It's not important, nor is it relevant. This, is relevant." Sherlock stood up, and pointed at the datapad. "Found what we're missing. Let's go."

"Sherlock..." John starts, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He wants to talk more about what Sherlock revealed. People in the Order have affairs every now and again, admittedly, but it was something that went unsaid in the Order.

Knowing Sherlock, it won't stay unsaid much longer.

Sherlock shakes his head impatiently and gestures towards the door. "Let's go!" He announces, going out the door before John could protest more. He sends an annoyed huff through the bond, and follows Sherlock anyway.

For a moment, he sees red all over Sherlock's robes. He shakes his head, decidedly ignoring it.

Stay on the here and now, John. Here and now.

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