This is just a one-shot to a story I'm working on. It probably will not be started until i'm at least halfway through Kaylee E., but I thought I'd put in a little preview anyway.

Tangled- Tangled-Tangled- Tangled-Tangled- Tangled-Tangled- Tangled-Tangled- Tangled-Tangled-

"We could get in so much trouble for this."A young girl's voice whispered, her voice resounding softly off the walls.

"Shhhh, that's what makes it so fun." A boy's voice responded. The girl giggled. The two scampered down the hall a little further, peeking his head around the corner. For a split second he was iluminated. With blonde hair and green eyes, it was easy for anyone to spot him in the kingdom with a mainly brown haired people, his parents both falling into that category. He never understood why he had blonde hair, but he had tried asking once at dinner, and there had been a stiff, crisp silence until he had hung his head and whispered, "Nevermind." So, he refrained from asking the question anymore. His green eyes, however, he knew came from his mother.

"All clear." He whispered to the girl, who came running down the hall and turned the corner with him. With that, they sprinted for the door. His friend also looked different than most others. The majority of people in the kingdom had pale skin, but her's was dark and rich. On the outside, her hair was black, but her friend knew that whenever the light hit certain points, you could see it was brown- why he took note of that, he had no idea.

They laughed as they ran through the kingdom, both without shoes and the girl in a black wavy skirt and white t-shirt while the boy wore a white shirt with a vest and brown pants, something he had borrowed from his father's closet.

"Slow down!" The boy called after her, holding tight to the object in his hand. She didn't, and indtead sped up.

"No way, if we're going to circle the whole kingdom before we lose the light we have to hurry!" With that, she continued to run, the boy close behind. Finally, when they had crossed the bridge on the other side of the island kingdom capital, they sat on the bank of the lake that separated it from the mainland. The girl rocked back and forth while she sat, looking at him with wide eyes and a huge smile.

"Calm down, Doe-eyes." The boy calmed her, opening the pages of a book. Even though his tone showed annoyance, he smiled at her.

"Come on, Flynn, I just want to hear the end."

"Alright, Alright. Remind me Angel, where did we leave off?" Her answer was immediate.

"Right when Flynnigan was about to take on the theives." Angel spoke proudly. Flynn flipped the pages, looking through the book from which he got his very on name. Flynnigan Licht Fitzherbert, prince of Corona.

"Okay...ah, here it is. Ready, doe-eyes?" He switched back to his nickname for her. She nodded happily, fully intent on listening to the story.

"Flynnigan Rider had been in a lot of difficult situations, but this one definitely took the cake. The theives had surrounded him..."

Tangled- Tangled-Tangled- Tangled-Tangled- Tangled-Tangled- Tangled-Tangled- Tangled-Tangled-

Anyway, so there it is. A small sneak preview of my story. I hope you liked it. Let me know how it sounds. Thank you!