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Chapter 1

The fox returning

It was a dull, rainy day in konoha. A blonde haired man, aged around 18, was walking toward a main gate. The young adult seemed to be about 6 feet 1 inch tall, he were a white t-shirt with a long black coat that scuffed along the floor as he walked. It was visible to see his dirty blue jeans and black shoes through his unfastened coat. He proudly carried his bag on his back. It appeared he carried his live alongside his worldly goods within the heavily packed bag. However it was hard to hide the three distinctive scars that were more than evident on both of his cheeks.

"Well I guess this is good bye konoha there nothing for me here anymore" the young man said disheartened, as he walk out the gate.


Danzo and the others members of the council were having a meeting about Naruto, after they had found out the true identity of Naruto father it been a year since the war. At times even from afar the meeting looked intense and very aggressive at times. The council became harder and more demanding on Naruto, almost punishing him in light of the information they received about Naruto's true identity.

"Well Namikaze-san," said one council member, "we are here to discuss the rebuilding of your clan."

"That has nothing to do with you, it my business and not yours" yelled Naruto as he had anger in his voice, it was evident Naruto couldn't take much more, his face as red as a beetroot and the vanes in his neck was pulsing with every angry beat of his heart.

"But it is our business you belong to konoha". "You are also a citizen and a Shinobi within this community" said the Hokage.

(A/N the 5th hokage died in the war so it a new hokage)

"Now you must take Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, Temari and one more of your picking to marry" said Danzo.

"Ok give me a mouth to think about it" said Naruto with sarcasm.

"Mmmm, ok but you most come to my office at the end of the mouth" said the Hokage with a stern, authoritative look on his face.

"Hai hokage-sama" said Naruto in a cocky way.

Later that night Naruto was sitting on his bed looking at his wall. Where there were some pictures of his friends, which included him. He giggled to himself as he remembered the old days and when they had to wear the same school uniform.

"Souji, Nauto, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Rise-Chan, Teddie, why did I leave, I had a life back there" he said with tear in his eyes and a deepening sadness drowning his tone of voice. Naruto took out a cell phone and call a number, he wasn't really thinking what he was doing he was drowning in his own memories.

"Hello"said a sweet girl voice on the end of the phone.

"Hi, Rise-Chan" Naruto said

"Naruto it you are you ok"reply Rise

"Yeah, just calling to tell you I will be coming back next mouth, tell everyone to meet me at the train station"

"Ok, love you Naruto-kun"

"Love you too, Rise-Can" Naruto replied, with some sorrowful hesitation in his voice.

Naruto ended the call and led there just staring at the photos wishing he could go back in time.

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