Chapter 16

Lola POV

Jack had been avoiding me for the past two days, and no matter how hard I tried to talk to him, he won't even give me a second to speak.

And what's worse than Jack avoiding me is that now he is hanging out with my sister Jenny again. There have been rumors that he is dating her again!

I cannot believe that Jack would ever go to Jenny willingly again, especially since we were starting to get to know each other. I thought he knew what a witch Jenny is.

"Can you believe what an ass Jack is being?" I asked Vanessa. "He won't even talk to me and tell me what's wrong." I continued to rant.

After Vanessa ran into the forest two days ago when she saw Nick cheat on her, she had been pretty down. I guess you can say we both have been feeling pretty crummy these past two days, and just when we thought we were going to get a break from shitty things happening to us.

"Mmmm." Vanessa vaguely said as she looked off across the quad, where we are sitting after our classes were done for the day. We definitely deserved some time to just chill.

"Vanessa you really need to forget about that ass Nick. He is not worth your time if he can't see what a great girl you are." I told Vanessa. Now that I start thinking down that path, maybe I should talk my own advice.

If Jack is going to be mad at me for some stupid reason and he won't even talk to me about it, then he is not the great guy I thought he was.

Just then I saw Harry across the quad talking to his best friend Steven Ivashkov. Steven is a tall guy with black hair that he has in a buzz cut and light brown eyes. He is pretty cute in his own way, and he will definitely be a guy who Vanessa can have a bit of fun with.

All the royal boys like to party and are cocky but they are probably just what we need to get us out of the dumps.

At least for a while.

"Okay I got a plan Vanessa, but you have to trust me and let your barriers down so we can stop moping and have fun for once in our lives." I begged Vanessa. She looked at me, with an unsure expression on her face. I guess she saw me looking at the boys across the quad. Huh, she must not have been as out of it as I thought.

"I'm not sure about this; you know what those boys are like Lola. And didn't you say Harry was crazy when he kissed you a few days ago?" Vanessa asked me with a confused look on her face.

"I know, but he is hot and I think we definitely deserve to have a bit of fun. So let's go over there and make it happen." I told Vanessa as I grabbed her arm and dragged her across the quad with me towards Harry and Steven.

Nick POV

It has been two days since Haley had kissed me after she told me that a nice, sweet girl like Vanessa would never want to be in a real relationship with a known player like me. I guess you could say I was trying to forget about her by letting Haley make the moves on me.

I tried to forget about Vanessa, but it has been a real struggle. Every time I saw her in the halls between classes I just wanted to go up to her and ask her why she would not give me a chance to be a great boyfriend. And I had realized that that was what I really wanted, for once I had found a girl I want to date, but she didn't want me.

So that's how I found myself hanging out with Jack in the girls' dorm common room on the main floor with Jenny and Haley.

"Isn't it so great that we are all hanging out together like old times before the crazies came to town?" Jenny said to Jack while hugging his arm. They sat close together on an armchair in the common room across from me and Haley.

"Yeah, it really is. I can't believe that great guys like you two even looked twice at those losers." Haley said as she tries to put her arm around my stomach, but I push her arm away. She gave me a confused look and I just gave her a small smile.

My opinion of Haley has not changed at all but now that Jack is dating Jenny again I kind of have to put up with her.

I look over at Jack and Jenny to see Jenny blabbing away, and as I look at Jacks face he looks…sad. I knew he really liked Lola, a lot. He was even thinking about her before she came here and when she actually showed up at our school, it was fate. Not that I believe in stupid romantic shit like that but with Jack and Lola, I could believe it. I think they were really good together.

I can't believe that Lola would really cheat on Jack with an ass like Harry Voda.

"Well ladies, we should get going now. We have some guy stuff to do." I told the girls vaguely, not really caring if they didn't believe me. Jack looked at me thankfully, then he got up after he pried Jenny's hands off his arm.

"What were you thinking Jack, getting back together with her?" I asked him once we were out of the girls' dorm.

"Come on Nick she is not that bad, Jenny is actually really nice." Jack said, trying to smile genuinely, but I could tell he was struggling.

"Don't worry, dude. Everything will work out somehow." I told him, I put my arm around his shoulders to comfort him in the way we guys do, as we continued to walk around the property of our school.

Jack just gave me a confused look, he thinks he can eventually be happy with Jenny as a girlfriend, well I'm going to do everything in my power to make Lola realize what a great guy Jack is.

Vanessa's POV

Do you want to know where Lola and I are right now? You would not even believe me if I told you. I can't even believe it myself and I'm living it right now.

We are currently sitting on the beds of Harry Voda and Steven Ivashkov in their dorm room, with them right next to us. Lola is with Harry on his bed across from me, and I am on Steven's bed with him right next to me.

I really can't comprehend why I am allowing myself to be in this position, where one of the biggest players in this school is sitting practically on top of me while I'm on his bed.

I know Lola is just doing this to make me forget about Nick and so she can forget about why Jack is avoiding her for no reason and that he is dating her sister again. But I am just not feeling in the mood to fool around with some ass.

But I can't leave Lola here by herself. She is my friend and I am not going to let her fool around with that ass Harry Voda just to get back at Jack.

"Hey, Lola. It is getting pretty late, I think we should get back to our dorm before we get in trouble for being late for curfew." I tried to tell her. But she was too busy making out with Harry.

I was thinking about how to get her attention when I felt hot breath on my neck as Steven placed a wet kiss there.

Eww! He did not just kiss my neck! That was the last straw.

I pushed him away from me as I got up from the bed. "I really think we should get going now, maybe we will see you and Harry around or not, whatever." I said to Steven as I grabbed Lola's arm and ripped her away from Harry. Both of them looked shocked. Harry looked sad to have been interrupted but Lola looked kind of sick; though she tried to cover it up so Harry didn't see.

"We are leaving now Lola." I whispered to her as I practically ran out of their room all the way to our dorm. "That was such a bad idea and you know it Lola." I yelled at her when we were finally in our room.

"Will you relax, it wasn't so bad. Harry was actually nice." Lola said to me as she started getting ready for bed.

"Really? Are you kidding me? He is a horrible guy; Jack is a hundred times better than Harry." I tried to get her to understand just how much better she could do.

"Yeah, well Jack won't talk to me for some reason and he is now dating my witch of a sister, so he is not all that good himself." Lola yelled at me. Then she got in bed, turned her back to me and was really quiet.

I will make her see that she and Jack are going to get through this little bump and be together. They are meant for each other.

And as a last resort, I might just have to push down my feelings of hurt and betrayal and talk to Nick about what's going on with Jack. Maybe he can help me make a plan to get Lola and Jack back together. This has to work; I can't stand seeing my friend so sad when finally for once in her life she was happy and had everything she ever wanted.