Chapter 17

Nick POV

I had been two days since I told Jack that thing will work themselves out and when I decided to make it happen myself too. But I am still nowhere near having a plan on how to get Lola and Jack to talk.

The only option I have thought of is to lock them both in a room and force them to talk out their problems, but that might be too cruel.

I'm now making my way to the quad after my last class when I spot Vanessa on the other side of the quad, and for once she was not with Lola. That's strange, even when they don't have the same class they usually find each other really fast after class.

As if she could feel me staring at her Vanessa looked up at me, I gave her a small smile to hopefully change her views about me a little bit.

I expected her to glare at me and walk away, but to my surprise she held her chin up high and started walking straight for me.

When she finally was standing in front of me I just looked at her, waiting for her to speak. She obviously had something to say since she did not run when she saw me just now.

"Look, I know we are going through...something, but I think we should just put all of that behind us for now and start thinking about the needs of our friends." Vanessa said to me.

"You mean Jack and Lola? You want to get them back together?" I asked I can't believe my luck. Now I won't have to think about this all on my own, and it is always great to have a girl help with relationship stuff.

"Yes, Lola may seem tough but she is a very sensitive girl sometimes and Jack really hurt her when he just stopped talking to her for no reason." Vanessa said with a sad look, thinking about her friend.

"Wait, what? For no reason? Jack saw Lola making out with Harry Voda, of all people, right here in the quad!" I all but yelled at her. How can she not know that it was Jack who was hurt, not the other way around?

"What?" Vanessa looked shocked, then recognition showed on her face. "No you got it all wrong, Lola was in the quad minding her own business when Harry showed up and hit on her like usual. Then he surprised Lola by kissing her and she pushed him off of her and told him off." Vanessa explained.

What? Is that true? Then that means that Jack is being mean to Lola for no reason!

"Oh, we definitely need to get them to talk about this. This is all just a big misunderstanding." I told Vanessa.

"Yes it is, Lola is crazy about Jack and would never cheat on him willingly." Vanessa said with confidence.

"Jack really likes Lola too. So now all we got to do is get them in a room where they can leave so they will be forced to talk it out." I know I thought this was cruel before but it's the only way.

"Yeah, but maybe we should be in the room too so that we make sure that they know that they were deceived." Vanessa pointed out.

"Right, if we just push them in the room and say talk about your problems they might not know what needs to be said." I said.

"Great, how about after dinner you bring Jack to our dorm room and we get all the talking over with." Vanessa suggested.

"Sure." I said. I am reluctant to leave Vanessa, it great that we are going to sort things out for Jack and Lola but what about us? Does she really not like me like Haley said? Or was she just being her witch self and trying to make me go out with her?

"Wait." I said just as Vanessa was about to leave. She turned around looking confused. "I just wanted to know if tomorrow you wanted to have lunch, just the two of us, I think there might be some things we need to talk about." I said.

"Uh...sure, I guess." Vanessa said reluctantly.

I doesn't matter that she is reluctant because at least she is going to hang out with me and we can finally figure things out.

Lola POV

I had gotten out of class an hour ago and I have not seen Vanessa anywhere, we usually meet right away to hang out and get a smack before we go back to our dorm to do homework. Her idea, not mine.

Just then I see my sister hanging all over Jack in the quad. They are with the rest of the royals, Haley, Harry, Steven, Kara and Anna. Of course, there are more royals but those are the only ones I bothered to remember the names of.

Nick is nowhere to be seen and neither is Vanessa. Maybe they are plotting something together. Ha, ha. Like Vanessa would do that.

I look over at Harry, joking around with the other royal jerks. I can't believe I kissed him willingly the second time. I don't know what Anna Ozera sees in him, maybe she is hoping that she will turn him into a decent human being.

I can't watch this anymore, so I head to my dorm room and decided that Vanessa will show up when she wants to.

Jack POV

I am once again listening to Jenny tell a story about god knows what, pretending like I care when all I can think about is that I would rather be hanging out with Lola, Nick, and Vanessa. Instead of with the royals in the quad.

Just as Kara is telling Jenny and Haley about her new skirt, I think it was a skirt, I see long blonde hair in a brad across the quad and I realize that it's Lola heading towards her dorm.

How pathetic does it make me that I noticed her when I'm surrounded by other girls and when we are far from each other?

"Hey, Jenny I'm just going to go to my dorm now. It's been a really long day." I tell her, and once again I pry her hands off my arm so that I can leave.

"Okay, bye honey bear." Jenny yells at me and I cringe at the stupid nickname she gave me and just keep on walking.

Nick POV

Vanessa went to her room and I decided to go to mine and Jack's now, we can't seem to wait until after dinner to get this problem solved.

Just as I was nearing the boy's dorm I spot my cousin Jack going into the building. I guess he could not stand Jenny's presence anymore.

Vanessa and my plan cannot have come soon enough.

"Sup, Jack. I think we should do something before you lock yourself in our room all night." I caught him before he went into the building. Before he could answer I started leading him away from the boy's dorm and towards the girl's dorm.

"Where are we going?" Jack asked after he got over the shock of me dragging him away from the dorm before he could say anything. I am a pushy person, but I have never been this bad. That's because I can't wait until Jack and Lola make up so that my little cousin will stop moping.

Once the girl's building is in sight Jack gets a confused look on his face but I just continue leading him in the building and up to Lola and Vanessa's floor without saying a word.

I knock on their door and Jack finally realizes where we are.

"No way man. Are you crazy? She cheated on me and you brought me here because?" Jack demands, trying to move away from the door but I grab his arm so that he can escape.

Before I could answer the girls' room door opens to revile Vanessa with a big smile on her face. I then lead Jack into his doom. Ha, Ha.

Lola POV

Someone was at the door and Vanessa's smile got even weirder than it has been since she got to our dorm room after she was who knows where.

Once she opens the door, two people come in and I recognize them right away.

Nick and...JACK!

How the hell can Vanessa do this to me, she knows how much Jack ignoring me hurt.

"Vanessa, what the hell have you done?" I yell at her.

"Calm down Lola. Both me and Nick believe that you and Jack need to talk out your problems." Vanessa said and before I had time to argue, Nick pushed Jack down on my bed beside me.

I didn't look at him. It was too painful to think about him ignoring me. Jack must have felt the same because he was looking away from me too.

"Okay, so Vanessa and I figured out that you too have different ideas about what happened with Harry and Lola, so we brought you here, Jack to talk it out with Lola." Nick said in a calm voice.

Wait? Did he just say me and Harry? What? Does that mean that Jack saw Harry kissing me?

I turned around to Jack to straight up ask him, to get this humiliation over sooner.

"Did you see Harry kiss me in the quad a few days ago?" I asked.

He turned to look at me with hurt in his eyes. I knew his answer before he even opened his mouth.

So I jumped in to explain, now it all makes sense why he was avoiding me. "Jack you have to know that it was not what it looked like. Harry just came up to me in the quad and kissed me without my permission so I pushed him off and yelled a few choice words at him. I would never want Harry to kiss me if I could have you." I explained.

I know I might have said a lot and laid all my feelings out on the line but I don't care anymore, I'm tired of all this guessing.

Jacked looked conflicted. "Really? But Jenny said that you liked Harry." Jack finally confessed.

She said what?

"What? I never liked Harry, Jenny was just trying to get you back by driving a wedge between us." I explained.

"So you don't like Harry that way?" Jack asked me, he looked hopeful yet scared. This is what I like about Jack, you can read his feelings in his eyes and facial expressions, he is an open book, unlike most guys.

"Yeah, I have liked you Jack, and only you, since you picked up Jenny's phone all those weeks ago. I also never liked Jenny because she does not understand my spirit gift, so when I meet you and realized you were a spirit user too, I knew we were perfect for each other. As corny as that sounds, and trust me I am not the corny type of girl, but with you, it feels okay to says those things. I know you won't judge me for them." I laid out all my heart to Jack and now all I can do is hope he will feel the same.

"I feel the same. I only believed that you wanted to kiss Harry because Jenny was with me when I saw you and she convinced me that you didn't like me as such as she did. So I guess I was just confused and hurt, and it is really hard for a guy to admit that his heart is broken. I would gladly dump Jenny for you after what she did to us." Jack explained.

I can't believe my sister would stoop so low as to manipulate Jack.

But that's in the past now, I finally know how Jack feels and I am going to do something about it.

So I leaned close to Jack and pressed my lips to his in a sweet but passionate kiss. I have been waiting a while to be able to do this and be this close to Jack again.

Jack leaned into me and wrapped his arms around me, as we continued to kiss. I feel whole again and I completely forgot about Vanessa and Nick being in the room too. That's how much of an effect Jack has on me.

Vanessa POV

As soon as Lola and Jack started kissing I knew we should leave the room. I was also a bit uncomfortable because even though I am glad my best friend has her man back I still don't have mine.

"Maybe we should have our talk now." Nick said, so we just stepped into the hall out my dorm to give Jack and Lola some privacy.

"Look I just wanted to say that I really like you. I know you probably don't want to get involved with a player like me because you are so sweet and innocent, but I just thought you had a right to know how I felt." Nick started our talk by saying.

Wait, hold on. Did he just say he likes me?

"Wait, you like me?" I ask him. When he nodes his head I am very confused. "If you like me then why did I see you kissing Haley?" I almost yelled at him.

Man, boys can be so confusing.

"I only kissed her because Haley convinced me that you could never want me because of my player reputation." Nick explained to me.

"She did what? Look it seems that Jenny and her follower are trying to wreck Lola's and my life by getting you and Jack to stay away from us." I said.

I can't let him stand here and not know how I feel. Since he already laid all his feelings on the line. "Look the thing is I don't care if you have a player reputation, from what I have seen of your personality, I think you can be a really sweet guy, and that you just haven't found the right girl yet. I hope that you admitting that you like me could mean that I am the right girl. If so then I would be happy to be with you because I really, really like you." There everything is out in the open now, no more secrets and no more guessing.

Nick smiled. "You are right Vanessa, you are the right girl for me, and I don't say this cheesy stuff to girls, so you better feel special." Nick joked.

I was so happy that all this worrying was over that I through my arms around him, and kiss him like my life depended on it, I do not care who saw us. I was in total bliss when he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

I am glad that everything worked out for Lola and myself. Lola was right, we do deserve to be happy for once in our lives. We are out of the crazy place and with guys who understand us because they are just like us.

No one knows what the future has in store for us but hopefully, we will still be with Nick and Jack because with them by our sides I know the future will be a bright one.