Gaz had accomplished it! She had finally took over the universe, planet by planet. She had started with Earth, it was the easiest being her home planet and all. Russian and the America were the hardest to take over, but they were also the first to fall. It was like the saying- the bigger they are, the harder they fall. All she had to do was become president of the US, then she stared her a small war with Russia, no nuclear weapons were used, but Gaz won easily. Russian officials like her, maybe because of her cruel power or something. So after the small war was won by Gaz, they handed all ruling power over to her. Gaz had rule over the most powerful countries on Earth, some of the smaller countries gave up right away out of fear, but other fought for awhile. Gaz armies had quickly gotten them under control after a year or two. This was all done before she turned eighteen. Her family was kept safe, against their will. Gaz father was easy to handle, he was kind of proud of Gaz and disappointed with her cruelty at the same time. Dib on the other hand was full right against Earth's take over, he even lead the resistance for awhile. Though, he was quickly stopped and locked up. Her family was kept in a padded cell and were fed twice a day, that was more than other prisoners got, comfier too.

After Earth Gaz used Zim's own Irken technology to take over the Irken Empire. He was strongly against it at first, but Gaz used her "womanly power" (and sometimes her fist) to persuade him onto her side. They first made all Sir malfunction, turning the Irkens own robot against them. Then they had found other Irkens like Zim, who didn't care for the Tallest all that much and were happy to help. Gaz then got one of those irkens, an assassin, to kill Tallest Red. After Red's death Purple gave up, but he wanted snacks to still be given to him when he asked. Gaz said he could, and he happily turned the control brains off. So she then ruled over the Empire, which included most of the universe already. She was twenty-one when she took over.

Awhile after the Empire was hers, Gaz had another war on her hands. The planet which were not controlled by the Empire did not know how strong she was and looked down on her for being a female and human. They thought they could crush her easily, sadly they only lasted three months. Gaz had put fear into their heart with one look, and some pretty giant guns too. Each planet that was not part of her Empire signed a piece of paper saying that they all gave up, wouldn't cause trouble, and would follow Gaz's rule. It took her one year to have all them sigh that little piece of paper.

Everyone feared Gaz, for she was the cruelest when disobeyed, but in all she was the best ruler each planet ever had. She was still ruler, but most planets government were the same, they just had to answer to Gaz every now and then. She let them control their own resources, and trade was great now that every planet was connected in some way. No more war because Gaz didn't really like them, and if their look like a war was about to start Gaz found some way to stop it peacefully that was fair to both parties involved. Zim was even still with her, begging for children. Gaz gave him only one, they made it the Irken way, since Irken couldn't impregnate humans. They had a boy, with pale greenish skin that almost like white, he had black hair and purplish red eyes. Everyone adored him, he was the uniquest baby alive and the next in line for the throne. Who couldn't love such a small and innocent child?

So all was fair and peaceful in Gaz's Empire, even if most everyone she knew was against it when it began. He dad was released from the cell before Gaz, he was now a teacher. Teaching younger children of all species about everything. He asked Gaz for reading material while he was locked up, he got books from all over the universe. Dib though wasn't let out till the last planet gave up. He had thought his little sister was gonna blow people up, Gaz was insulted at first, but soon forgave him. He traveled around the universe when he was let out, he was loved how every planet was peaceful and kind. He even dated other species of alien, he was known for being quite the playboy (he got handsome as he grew up). He had many children, since, ya know, he was around a lot (*wink-wink*). Gaz made him settle down, though, and be around all his children. She even made him marry the females who still wanted to be with him. Dib didn't complain though, he always wanted a big family.

So everyone was happy-

The End.

[-]Note from Me[-]

Sorry it ended like this. I wanted to write a long story, but I had writers block. So I just took this, which I had wrote as a rough sketch of the whole story and fixed it up some. Someday (maybe) I'll take this down and put on the whole story on, but for now you'll have this to kind of know what's gonna happen.