No. There's no way Avan could've meant it. Two minutes ago we were fighting.

"Yeah, I guess," I muttered, and chewed at my nails.

Zoey's phone rang and she glanced down at it. "Uh…Maddie's calling," she muttered, referring to her sister. "Hey…What? No! Please tell me you're joking…that's not funny….please Maddie. You're joking right?" Zoey asked.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She ignored me.

"I'll be home soon," Zoey muttered and hung up.

"What's up," Avan asked.

"My Aunt. She got hit by a drunk driver by the Hollywood Hills," Zoey sniffled. "I'm gonna go home and Maddie and I are going to go to the hospital."

"You want me to come?" Avan asked.

Zoey shook her head. "It's probably going to be crowded. I'll call you later tonight," Zoey smiled, and Avan walked her to her car.

"Poor Zoey," Ari squeaked.

"Yeah…" Vic frowned.

"Let's watch some TV to get our minds off it," Leon suggested. We nodded, and cuddled on the couch together. Daniela, Vic, Leon, Ari, and then me in that order. Avan came back in and sat beside me silently. He pulled out his phone and I read over his shoulder. It was Vic asking if he was okay. He replied with a yeah, just upset, and Vic didn't reply after that. Soon enough, Ari fell asleep on my shoulder, and Daniela and Vic were curled up with each other. I looked up at Avan and Leon who seemed to be the only people awake.

I glanced at my phone, which had just vibrated.

From: Leo Da Lion

Hey Lizzie. U bored? There's nuthin on tv & Im wide awake.

I replied.

From: Lizard

I guess. Wasn't paying attention much in the first place.

I glanced down the row of sleeping cast mates and looked at Leon questionably.

From: Leon Da Lion

You, me, Vic's room? I have problems. When Vic fell asleep her knee landed on my…and its been rubbin.

I rolled my eyes.

From: Lizard

Wht bout Avan

I looked beside me to where Avan was watching a commercial with a bored expression.

From: Leo da Lion

What bout him? Zoey…?

I smirked.

From: Lizard

Not what I meant. I dnt want to screw him. I meant he's the only other one awake. He'll know somethins up. Wait till he falls asleep?

From: Leo da Lion

K. Ask him if he's tired.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked. Avan glanced up and nodded. "You look tired."

"I guess. I would go to sleep but I'm waiting for Zoey to call."

Leon could hear Avan so I just nodded.

From: Lizard

Just move Vic's knee and go jack off in the bathroom. It's not happenin 2nite, sry.

I could practically hear Leon's groan and he got up and made his way to the bathroom. I sighed, and beginning to feel sleepy myself, I reached over Avan and set my phone on the side table, and leaned against Ari to go to sleep.


Leon went off to the bathroom, and Liz was breathing quietly and steadily signaling she was asleep. I sighed and reached over to turn the TV off. Still no call from Zoey. Leon came back and gave me a head nod before returning to his spot on the couch and dozing off. I sighed and looked for something to do to pass the time. I played Temple Run on my phone, and texted Zoey asking how things were going. After my phone got boring, I looked around for something else. Ari. Liz and Vic's phones were laying on the table to my right. I grabbed a random one; the background told me it was Vic's. I quickly typed in her passcode and changed her background to a close up, spontaneous, and if I say so myself, quite embarrassing picture of me. I smiled and set it back down, and grabbed another one. Ari's. I decided to play around with her and change her password. I changed it to 'Avan's Awesome' and set hers down.

Liz's. What should I do? There's so much I wanted to do. I decided to switch around her contact names. Ariana's number was now under Vic's name, her mom's name was now my number, and her mom's number was now under 'Ryan (good sex)' 's name. So now if she tries to text this Ryan dude, she'll text her mom and hopefully get in trouble.

Then, I changed her background to a picture of Vic naked (how she got that, I don't know, and don't want to. It was in her photos).

Lastly, I went through her messages. The most recent was a text from a guy named Garrett that she didn't reply to, and received just a moment ago. It read 'Hey, ur the girl I fucked last month or whatever. Wanna hook up again? In the meantime, send me some pics of ur tits' I rolled my eyes, absolutely disgusted.

I scrolled through some more. She was sending and receiving naughty pictures from a good 5 people. Whore. I went through her messages with Leon, or 'Leo da Lion' and 'Lizard.' My eye practically popped out of my head when I saw what they were talking about. If I would've fallen asleep, they would've had sex in Vic's room? And that's why Leon went to the bathroom.

I set her phone back on the table and shuddered. It was three in the morning, and Zoey still hadn't called. I sent her a text saying to call me in the morning, and drifted off to sleep.

"Hey Liz!" I shouted. Wait, why was I calling Liz? I felt my body go towards her and she was running at me.

"Hey baby," she smiled, and wrapped her arms around me. Yup…this wasn't real. I felt myself leaning down to kiss her and she smiled sweetly back.

"I love you."

"I love you more."

Suddenly there was lighting, and it was black. I opened my eyes. I couldn't find anything at first, but I looked over and there was a bed. Suddenly Liz appeared on it, completely naked, but she wasn't alone. Zoey and some random guy was with her. The guy was handling both Zoey and Liz.

"Garrett," they were moaning.

"ZOEY! Liz!" I called, but they didn't look towards me. I tried to walk towards them, but an invisible wall stopped me.

"LIZ! Zoey!"

"Mmm…" they moaned, but Liz looked over at me.

"Avan," she purred.


"Avan." She said again. "Avan! Avan! Avan!"

I opened my eyes, delighted to find it was just a dream, and Liz was hovering over me.

"Yeah?" I muttered groggily.

"Jesus. You kicked me like 5 times. Bad dream?" she rolled her eyes. I looked up at her. She was obviously trying to wake me up for a while, given the fact she was practically straddling me and the loose tank top she was wearing had inched itself down so I could see the lace of her bra.

"Yeah." I muttered again. She rolled her eyes and reached over to grab her phone. I smiled to myself when I realized what I had done last night.

"Hey can I see your phone real quick Liz. Mine died and I gotta text Matt the results of last night's game." Leon said.

Liz threw Leon her phone without turning it on, and I practically burst out laughing.

"Uh Liz…" Leon said.


"Why is Vic your screensaver?"

"It's me Vic and Ari, what's the prob?" Liz asked.

"No…it's just Vic."

Vic perked up and looked over Leon's shoulder.

"Liz! I thought you deleted that picture!" Vic shrieked, grabbing Liz's phone.

"What picture!" Liz asked, leaning over a still sleeping Ari to see.

"This one!" Vic shrieked.

"I swear that was not my screensaver last night! It used to be the one of us in the mustaches!" Liz shrieked.

Vic and Liz were both a bright shade of red.

"Why didn't you delete the picture," Vic asked.

"I thought I did," Liz furrowed her eyebrows.

Vic silently deleted the picture and reset Liz's background. She handed Liz's phone back and Liz went through her messages.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom," Liz announced. I noticed on her phone that the message from Garrett about sending him the nude pictures was pulled up on her phone. I watched her leave silently down the hall. When everybody was absorbed in their own thing, I followed Liz down the hallway. I took a left to the bathroom I heard her go in and pressed my ear against the door. I heard the shutter sound of the iPhone camera. I rolled my eyes. Slut. I decided to jiggle the door handle. She left it unlocked. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"What the- Avan!" Liz shrieked, dropping her phone and covering her exposed chest with her arms.

"Whatcha doing?" I asked, closing the door and crossing my arms.

"Get out!"

"Texting Garrett?" I mocked. Her head snapped up. She turned around and pulled her shirt over her head.

"Snoop much?" She scoffed, turning back to me and raising her eyebrow. "You're the one who switched my background."

"Yup." I popped the P.

"I hate you."

"Good. I hate you too."

"No. Like you don't even understand. I hate you. You made Vic mad at me; you went through all of my private messages. What about me bugs you so much? Let me live!" Liz shrieked.

"I hate how you're a slut! I hate sluts! It's sad Liz." I shouted.

Liz walked over to the door behind me and stood in front of it.

"Then this you're gonna hate," she muttered, dialing a number on her phone. "Hey Ryan," she said sweetly.

I smiled but kept a poker face. I changed Ryan (good sex) 's number to her mom's.

"Listen, don't talk. Come meet me at my house tonight. We're going to have hot kinky sex. You're going to fuck me. And bring a friend. I like a good threesome," Liz said, glaring at me. She listened, and then her face went pale. "Mom…uh…it was a dare. Avan dared me to. We had a sleepover…no! Ariana, Vic, Leon and Daniela were there. Bye mum," She muttered.

"Wrong number?" I asked sweetly.

"You did not," She eyed me.

"I did."

"God I hate you."

"You've made that clear."


Liz rolled her eyes, and opened the bathroom door, to find Vic and Leon pressing their ears to the door.

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