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# This takes place while Luis is waiting to be executed. It is very close to the day of execution but he hasn't had any thoughts of marrying Fancy yet. Sheridan did do all those awful things except she didn't completely destroy Fancy's credibility in court or admit she still wanted Luis on the stands. Instead her testimony was inconsequential. Sheridan also has no idea who Fancy's real attacker is. And she never visited Luis in jail. #



Luis turned his neck slightly to look at the guard, "Visitor." The middle aged, overweight man informed with a lecherous grin. "Hot stuff too." He laughed obnoxiously while Luis grimaced and stood from the lower bunk of his cell.

Theresa or Fancy, he'd say.

As the two walked to the visitor area Luis tuned out the perverted guard as best he could, "...with that blonde hair and big blue eyes she looks like an angel, you are one lucky man! Well, at least until tomorrow."

Luis's head snapped to the guard as the description 'like an angel' registered in his mind.


Unwanted anticipation bubbled up in him and he frowned darkly at its appearance but he couldn't stop the quickening of his steps.

He was torn. He was angry at her, furious even, still, he hadn't seen her in the three months he'd been inside this prison. During the first few weeks he would find himself thinking of what he would say to her, how he would coldly ask her how she could treat her niece in such a way. How he had never expected her of all people to transform into such a vindictive, ruthless Crane.

But by the fifth week other thoughts began to infiltrate his rage, such as the small voice at the back of all his anger which slowly grew in volume the more time passed, asking, why hadn't she come? Why hadn't she visited him?

And the closer that looming execution date came the more panicked that voice became. And the question that had appeared a week ago, one he didn't think he'd even care about anymore; suddenly, it was important.

It was more important than any of his other questions.

...What if he didn't get a chance to say goodbye?

Finding the daily task of chaining him more vexing than he usually did, Luis finally turned to the door and looked through the small plastic window there.

No matter how small, no matter how ridiculous and unwelcome it was Luis couldn't ignore the way his heart sank slightly as he saw the brave, smiling face of his girlfriend, Fancy, staring back at him.

"As I said, lucky guy." The guard, Ron, chuckled as he opened the door and led him over to the small table and into a plastic seat opposite the blonde that had visited him almost every day.

"Luis..." Fancy breathed his name as she always did, like a prayer and rose to hug him tightly, sneaking in a quick kiss before they resumed their usual seats. "How are you?" She asked with concern.

Luis barked a laugh. "Fancy, you saw me yesterday." But he knew what she meant, today was his last day. Tomorrow would be the execution.

"God!" She blubbered and Luis smiled reassuringly. "Sorry, sorry."

"It's alright. But let's talk about something else, alright?" He asked.

"Yeah, of course. What do you want to talk about?"

Luis sighed silently. Sometimes, it was like pulling teeth. Putting the small irritation out of his mind he grinned. "Why don't you catch me up on Harmony's gossip, huh? Theresa's intrigues, Miguel's battle, Sam's troubles at the office now that he doesn't have me to straighten everything out."

She laughed. "Alright. Well, as you know Theresa's got Gwen to deal with again seeing as how she's back in town but Ethan doesn't look to be going anywhere anytime soon. Pilar and Eve have been helping with the Christmas decorations at the church and um...oh!" Fancy exclaimed excitedly, quickly leaning forward to take his hand with a wide grin on her face. "I almost forgot to tell you! Guess what?"

Luis smiled back at her obvious enthusiasm. It was the 21st today; last year would be his last Christmas.

"I don't know what?" Luis parried.

"I've been asked to be the one to light the tree this year at the tree lighting ceremony! I've always wanted to and I'm really excited."

Luis's grin faded slowly. "You're kidding?" He gave a small smile of confusion while the tiniest seed of concern appeared in his mind. "I think the only year Sheridan hasn't done it, when she was in town, was when she insisted that Paloma do the honours the year she came back to Harmony." Suddenly, the smile slipped off his face completely as a thought occurred to him for the first time, a cold feeling of loneliness swiftly accompanying it. "Is that it? Has Sheridan left town?" he asked. It would explain why she hadn't come even once to see him and why Fancy was being asked to light the tree which had been the traditional ceremony of Katherine Crane and her daughter. She wouldn't be here tomorrow then.

He'd just assumed that he would see her again. Was he never going to see her again?

The thought seemed to unexpectedly paralyse him.

Fancy frowned, as if insulted by the suggestion. "No. Sheridan hasn't left town, Luis. Is it that hard to imagine that I would be asked to do the honours this year instead of her?"

Luis relaxed before getting angry at his reaction. Honestly, Sheridan's actions had hurt, shocked and appalled him leaving him floating in a sea of confusion asking if he ever really ever knew her at all.

"Of course not, Fancy. I'm just surprised, that's all." And there was that small seed of concern rearing its ugly head again. "It's never happened before, except Paloma, of course. Did Sheridan insist on you lighting the tree this year?" He asked. If she had it was a cheap apology in his opinion, more geared towards public acceptance than Fancy's forgiveness.

"Luis, no, I was approached by my Mother, Doctor Russel and several other ladies who asked if I'd be interested. Of course, I jumped at the chance. I've always wanted to and I've always thought it terribly unfair that Sheridan didn't share each year, so that made me feel even better about doing it." Fancy explained.

It was ridiculous, the tree lighting ceremony while a town event was, in the grand scheme of things, a very small thing. Still, it was strange. Perhaps Sheridan had told the event co-ordinators that she didn't want to do it this year, yes that must be it.

"Well, I'm happy that you're so excited about it honey, really." Just a pity he couldn't be there.

Fancy smiled sadly, obviously thinking the same thing.


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