A pair of auburn eyes peaked from behind a pillar. They watched as the boy with red hair rubbed his arm. The boy buried his face in his hands and began shaking. The dark figure watching him, sunk into the shadows. The figure waked into a room face to face with a pair of bright blue eyes. He was late again. Shit.

Raphael's POV:
I just stared at Leo while he gave his usual lecture on he importance of punctuality. I waited till he was done talking for me to talk. "Look Leo, I need you to get dad and follow me there's something I need to show you. I found two kids in the sewers and something is seriously wrong." His expression softened. He nodded and retreated to my father's room.

I watched as my father emerged from his room. "Raphael, what seems to be the matter my son?" I looked him in the eyes, "Just follow me and I'll show you." I took off in the direction that I found them. I grimaced hoping that were are still there.

When I woke up felt like I had been hit by a bus. I looked down an saw Raven with her head in my lap. The last thing I wanted her to do was to wake up, I could see she was exhausted. I very gently stood up to stretch my limbs when heard a pipe fall behind me.

I immediately drew my kunai*. A voice spoke "we have not come to harm you or your friend." I watched as I giant rat who was followed by two turtles step out from he shadows. My grip tightened. The blue one spoke, "My name is Leonardo, this is my brother Raphael and this is my father. We wanted to know if you wanted to come with us until the foot ninja that are following you got off your back." My face whitened. "So why don't you go and wake up your friend so we can get you out of here." "It's ok I'm awake, come on Oniisan let's go." She grabbed my hand and threw her bag over her shoulder. She obviously trusted them. I guess it would take me some time.

Leonardo's POV:
The boy and he girl that were now following us to the lair were exausted. Especially the boy although he didn't let it show. His sister has been talking to master splinter for a while and occasionally I join in. I found out her name is Rachel and her brothers name is Gaara they left home to get away from their stepfather. It concerns me when I look at Gaara he looked closed off not the correct demeanor for someone our age he looked a lot like Raph. We came up to the lair and opened the gate. "This is our home we have lived here all of our lives. Here come sit I will get Mikey to make you something to eat." Raph spoke,"yes if Leo ever offers to cook for you sont accept. He burns everything even water." Rachel giggled and I smiled as I walked away to find Mikey.

Gaara's POV
After we ate we all gathered in the den. The one named splinter spoke,"now we have told you our story now let us hear yours." I looked at Rachel. "My name is Rachel Saki and this is my half brother Gaara. We were living with my father, his stepfather, our mother died when I was three. We ran Away together because my father used to try to attack Gaara and I, but my Onisan never let him touch me. He always protected me no matter what the cost." She looked at me waiting for me to continue.

"My stepfather trained me in the art of ninjutsu. It didn't take me long to realize that he fought dishonorably. He used to try to get me to spare with him frequently and if I lost he would call me useless and he would throw me into the wall. Karai our stepsister looked up to him and one time threw me into a table, I became deaf in one ear. That was about one year ago. I knew we needed to leave after that. So we did." I don't understand why people give me looks of pity. I know I don't deserve them so I don't know why they try.

"Your past is nothing to be ashamed about young one. We would be honored to have you stay with us for as long as you need to." I could tell that he sincerely meant it.