This has been an idea I've had for a while now, and now looking back I've noticed that it is very similar to another fan-fiction about a Hellsing couple kind of got a little inspiration from there. So I don't want to be labeled as copying since this story is a YAOI fan-fiction (So don't like don't read) and I've decided to type/write this fan-fiction because I'm seeing a lot of Alois (Jim) is obsessed with Claude and not the other way around stories, so I've have tried to see if I can take a crack at it.(Meaning Pedo- Claude obsessed with Alois) Warning this is a MA(Mature) rated story but I'm positive that half of you viewing are younger than seventeen and the other half don't plainly care so let us begin and… HAPPY READING :)

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He ran. He ran fast as his booted leather feet could carry his slim body. He only left behind a low thudding sound under his feet and faint foot prints on the dirt path he ran on. Small shrubs and small rodents passed by as the boy with blonde locks ran at a frantic pace. He was running, trying to flee from the evil monster that haunted and took over his life for almost two years now. His form was hidden under a long purple coat that had been torn, covered with blood, and covered in dirt and mud from falling to the ground. His shorts were torn and also covered in blood as his vest, and white long sleeve shirt had holes and blood stains. There was a clicking sound that came from his waist. The sound sounded as if someone was dropping a silver spoon over a glass table repeatedly. But the sound was that of sword, that was silver and slender and easy to carry and handle when placed in the boys fragile pale hands. His body was dripping with drops of sweat and his legs begged him to stop, yelling at him to refrain from running. No. He had to, had to keep running or he would catch him. Catch him and, and kill him. His body was on fire, covered in bruises and cuts that were burning from his sweat and from reopening after only healing half way. His mouth was dry, he was dehydrated hungry and in pain. He could pass out at any minute from exhaustion but he had to keep fighting against his tired out body. Tears were streaming down his face as he was in utter pain he had been running for about two long hours falling and stumbling along the way. He heaved a big of air into his burning lungs, he needed to stop he was running for too long and he was starting to slow down, and was now at a fast walking pace. His body had been screaming at him to stop and his mind was close to agreement but he moved on, he needed to get away needed to keep moving in order to stay alive.

Although the moon shined high in the dark cold night, darkness invaded his line of vision as tall trees over shadowed him which caused him to miss a upturned root and fall hard into the dirt path. He moaned as he rolled on his back with his sword clanking loudly against his thigh. Looking down at himself he saw that he now had a very large gash across his left knee. As blood dripped from his wounded knee he used his torn coat to try and stop the bleeding. He bit his lower lip to keep from moaning in agony. Damn it! That monster already had an advantage of being quick in speed and also the ability to see in the dark he now could smell his blood a mile away. Falling on the ground had caused him to lose any valuable time he had gained from running. As he looked up from the dirt hill he had ran down from he saw a slender form with piercing red eyes shining down at him in a hungry gaze. The gaze sent shivers down his spine and more tears to rise to the corner of his eyes. He quickly rose to his feet and began running at a faster pace, with aching muscles and now a deep cut on his knee he ran his hardest away from the monster in black. The young boy moved trees and small branches out his way ignoring the few that whipped past his face, leaving small cuts that burned like wild fire on his face. His body yelled for him to stop and rest but his mind yelled from him to keep going as he knew danger was closely behind.

This man, No this foul beast had been chasing after him for a year and a half now. He had escaped multiple times, sometimes more fortunate then others but he always found him. Where he went he went. No matter what he did and how he did it made no difference, he would keep chasing after him and wouldn't stop till he had him. Why couldn't he just get bored with chasing him and chase some other poor fellow? No he would never stop chasing him; he vowed he would never stop chasing him until he had him in his grasp, caught in his web like a butterfly.

To tease him the beast in black spoke in his mind once again invading his horror filled thoughts. : Alois…Alois. Why do you run from me? You know I will catch you. You should stop and rest and let me capture you, you are mine." Alois shivered as he clutched his head and pumped his legs faster. Alois could sense the amusement in his voice even though his physical features kept the same blank look along with his physical appearance that resembled that of a statue.

He then heard what seemed to be trees crashing down behind him signaling he was close, closer than he was before. Probably the smell of his fresh blood had driven to speed up his pace to catch up to his desired object. It was dark outside and the tears freely falling from his face didn't help the fact he couldn't see.

How did this happen? He had avoided him for almost three weeks; four being the amount he agreed he would stop chasing him. He was able lie to the town's people and convince them he was a female, with short hair and a body that had not entirely grown yet. Because of this of course he had to wear women's clothing and make his voice more high pitch at times to be fully convincing as he found many villagers were wary on him. He was able to find a job as a waitress and a large caring woman who was willing to house him. He had actually grown close to many women he had met at his time in the small village and would miss one name Charlotte. Although she had dark skin which was frowned upon she had been nice and caring towards him and helped him out during his time working as a waitress. She taught him the ropes around the pug and also how to earn more money without having to fulfill sexual acts on both men and women which a lot of other waitresses did at the pug. She was courageous and although she had a problem of not holding her tongue Alois had grown to favor the kind women as she had found out he was male but promised to keep his secret. Although Alois was getting settled into the small town he had hear rumors about a man in jet black traveling through villages headed for the one they lived in. After hearing this the night of his parting Alois gave Charlotte a tight hug and promised one day he would see her again, and with this he left in the middle of the night only stopping when nature and thirst called.

As his body was about to give out, he leaned against a tree and tried to catch his breathe. He looked up and saw a church sitting about thirty five feet away. Yes a church he could get away, he couldn't follow him in there in fact he wouldn't. Looking back he heard twigs and shrubs crush under the approaching man's feet. He was now walking up to Alois, this was never a good sigh this showed that he was close to being caught. Taking off at high speed Alois began yelling and screaming about once he reached the church doors his small fist began to beat violently against the tough wood.

"Help me please!" He chanted over and over again as if a prayer as he banged on the door more loudly bruising his hands. As Alois heard a low deep voice from within the church the pounding on the rough wood door did no cease. As he heard foot steps from within he was relieved he was saved…for now. That relieved feeling was gone as he turned around and saw him standing at the same tree he had been at, exactly thirty five feet from where he was standing at the church doors. He then heard that same amused voice in his head as he watched the figure walk towards him

I finally have you Alois. You are now within my grasp. Clutching his head Alois began to bang and kick the door as the man on the other side was yelling at him to refrain himself from banging on his door. "Get the fuck out of my head!" Breathing heavy Alois clutched his head tighter as heard the mocking voice in his head.

I see your vocabulary has grown quite graphic.

"Shut up!" Banging louder and screaming louder Alois began pulling on the door handle and kicking the door violently.

You shouldn't treat other people's homes so poorly. Tears were streaming down his face now as he watched as he was now fifteen feet away from him. The door was opened suddenly but Alois wrenched it opened and fell to the hard tile ground as the man looked at him questionably. Alois stared at the man demanding he close the door quickly as he could sense the angry rising in the demon. The demon was now ten feet away as he ran towards the slowly closing door, with this sight Alois used his booted foot to close the door as the owner of the church tried to look outside and see what the commotion for the boys yelling was. As the door shut the man locked it only to be startled by the loud banging he heard outside upon it.

The man now bent over trying to talk to Alois who was now loosing his vision as he eyes drooped down before he completely passed out from over exhaustion. Before Alois passed out into complete utter darkness Alois heard a familiar deep voice: You may have won now my little blue butterfly, but I will catch you, as I have said before you are mine.

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