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Alois's mind drifted away from sleep along with the nightmares that greeted him. He was waking up and he wanted to sleep, but at the same time he wanted to awake from sleep.

He wanted to sleep, he needed to sleep, or he would have to resume running and hiding. But at the same time if he slept he would have to be haunted by his murderous past in his dreams.

He wanted to be awake and conscious so he could escape his nightmares that ate at him as he slept. It was his fault, that demon was the reason for these nightmares. If he had known that his true intentions were to ruin his life he would have never befriended him. In between his hatred filled thoughts that involved the monster that ruined his life Alois heard noise.

He couldn't tell exactly what type of noise it was but he could figure it was two people talking, perhaps arguing. Moving his head to his right Alois felt a strain in his neck from his movement. Bringing up a gazed hand, excluding his fingers to his neck he felt a small bite mark on his neck, right on his jugular vein. Narrowing his eyes Alois felt angry arise inside of him, as well as a bright red coloring to his face.

He better have not bite him while he was unconscious. It was against the rules to even come into a holy place, but then again he never played fair in anything anyways.

Resuming what Alois was initially doing he noticed day light break through a small window in the room he laid in. Alois squeezed his eyes tightly shut, then as best as he could he tried stretching his aching limbs without reopening closed wounds.

Alois froze in his movements when he heard the door to the small room he was laying in open. He had tried to appear as though he was sleeping but the woman who entered saw right through his disguise.

"Time to get up young one, you need to head to the bath house and wash your filthy self." Alois could obvious tell by her voice that she probably has birthed a few children in her life time, by the way she spoke to him. He could also tell that she wasn't from England either. Her accent was too heavy to sound English; perhaps she was Irish or Scottish.

"Come now none of that. Time to wash yer body and I'll change yer bandages afterwards." Alois sighed. Although the idea of a bath was pleasing he didn't want to get up, he rather wished to remain present on the small bed. But the fairly older woman wasn't having it, as she helped Alois stand on his feet and then lead him out of the bedroom.

"Ma'am you said I had to bathe in the bath house outside. Why can't I just use the one in your lovely home?" Alois despised using his manners even when he was leaving a wealthy life, there were several times when a servant or his mother would find his feet propped up on top of a table inappropriately. At this moment though they were needed, Alois was injured and he didn't want to walk outside to just bathe when a perfectly fine bathroom was in the house the middle-aged women and priest owned. The main reason he did not wish to bathe outside was the fact he knew he was out there. Though he was not allowed to attempt to catch him in daylight, he was always watching, sometimes to frighten Alois for his own personal amusement and sometimes to simply watch and let his presence be known.

"If it were up to me young one you would be bathing inside, but my husband is so superstitious he thinks you might drag evil spirits inside by bathing in our bathroom. What he doesn't know is that you slept a whole night in our home, and probably dragged all hell inside!" The women giggled next to him only kidding him, but Alois shivered as he thought he might have caused trouble for the old couple.

Once the warm rays of the sun hit his face, Alois had to wince from the brightness of it all. It was pleasant to feel the sun's warmth shine down on him but it was also displeasing too. The daylight was only a constant reminder that it wouldn't last long, and that darkness soon would fall and that he would have to start running again.

Alois was lead to a small hut like structure when opened revealed a small tub structure that looked straight out of his history text books. But thinking about his history textbooks brought on the memories of his old tutors, who were no longer living.

"The woman who later stated her name was Gillian explained to Alois that the tub was already filled and there was a small stack of towels and soap on a small shelf that hung on one of the hut walls. She also instructed the injured blonde that if he had any problems what so ever that he ring a bell that sat beside the bottom of the tub.

"I could hear the ring a mile away dear child", Gillian added after explaining the purpose of the bell.

"Thank you for everything ma'am." Alois gave his thanks to the partly gray haired woman, though he hated using his manners as stated previously, he meant his words of gratitude to Gillian. The woman and her husband and maybe children (Which Alois doubted any still lived within their parent's home) we're giving him a temporally lodging, when they knew not what the innocent faced blonde could have unintentionally bestowed upon them.

"Child no need to give thanks." Running her hands through her slightly unkempt hair the aging woman smiled at Alois. " Least me and my husband could do; besides we're god fearing folk." With that the Gillian left Alois alone in the bath hut to undress and soon sink into the hot water to relax his aching muscles. Now sitting in the moderately hot water Alois felt how exhausted he truly was. Although he had gotten plenty of sleep the night before, it felt as though all his emotions and physical strains crashed down on him all at once.

Alois tried to fight slumber, he really did he tried harder since he was lying in a bath, but his eye lids started dropping and he let the darkness of sleep take him.

The nightmares that were bestowed upon him made him wish he remained awake.

Time: 1870

Location: York, England, Maken Manor

Alois age thirteen.

It had been a special day that had took a turn for the worse, but the word worse did not come close to what had happened on that fateful day when everybody Alois knew was brutally murdered by none other than Claude Faustus.

The day had started out a bit strange. Alois had not seen Claude all morning, when he was usually there in the early morning to greet him. Deciding to brush off Claude's disappearance Alois prepared for the day. Today was the day of the Boule Blanche (White Ball). Though Alois despised the family hosting the event, because he saw them as nothing more than money grubbing 'mangeurs de cog' (as his mother scolded him to use horrible language in another languages, in this case French) his parents had decided he was old enough to attend.

The event took place every year in the month of June and started at an early eight and ended when the last of the guest left. The way the Hillygans hosted their events were unusual, but it still did not stop multiple people from attending and most ending up drunk with alcohol. The only reason Alois wanted so badly to attend was to observe how people humiliated themselves and when later confronted with their actions became red with embarrassment.

Alois dressed quickly though it was only seven thirty he wished to be there early so he could catch a glimpse at a man name 'Bofur Martin', servants in his manor had whispered numerous times of this man who was said to drink wine like water, and later humiliate himself in front all the guest.

Dressing with haste Alois tucked his white button down shirt in to his seemingly boring white pants, and then buttoned his white vest as he put on his same colored jacket over his person completing his outfit. The ball wasn't named "White Ball" for nothing.

Once he was finished Alois fastened his boots and ran out of his room and rushed down the rows of stairs and walked into the dinner hall to be stand in front of his parents who were not yet dressed for the event.

"Are you not coming?" Alois questioned both of his parents as he sat down at the long elegant table. Whether or not his parents attended did not matter to him, but he felt that was the right question a son would ask so he did.

Coughing to clear his throat Alois's father placed down his cup of tea and answered his son with a look of annoyance." Your mother has stated that she will stay home to care for your brother, I am going to be late to the ball because there seems to be an issue with your marriage arrangement."

Ah yes the arranged marriage issue. Several pathetic girls had swooned and practically thrown themselves at Alois, the problem was he did not favor girls as they had favored him. He found them too emotional and annoying at times, and he had no physically attraction to girls. The only attraction he had every held that had anything to do with the opposite sex was what the girl was wearing. He had a strange fascination with women's and young girl's dresses, that he would never voice out loud his fascination.

"What be the issue father dear?" Though Alois questioned he could not find a damn to give about his marriage being in jeopardy, in fact whatever the problem was, Alois thanked who ever had cause it. The longer he could have his freedom and not be held down by the annoying and undignified Matilda Backer the best. Matilda Backer was an annoying git. She was loud when unnecessary and brainless as a brick wall. Alois would rather drink cat piss than have a conversation with that dreadful girl. When it was announced he was to marry her he all but wanted to bash his head in.

"It would seem someone does not agree with your arranged marriage and has made an meeting between your mother and I." Taking sip of tea from his cup snorted to himself. "I only agreed to such meeting because the man didn't seem hostile, hopefully he doesn't stick a knife to my throat when I automatically shoot him down."

"Because to be married is truly the most wonderful thing." Alois stated sharply as he began to weakly poke at his eggs with his silver fork. The obvious sarcasm was greatly heard by his father, as his face turned red from anger.

"Alois you already know why an arranged marriage is necessary. You turned down too many worthy females, and besides."His father gave a short pause to take another sip of his tea, as he eyed his overly quiet spouse. "We do not need another accident like the one you and that young fellow Harry shared." With a push of his chair Alois dismissed himself without another word to his parents. As he left the dinner room he heard harsh whispers that his parents shared between themselves.

Rushing out the front door of the manor decided against a carriage and walked to the Hillygans manor on foot. Besides Alois enojoyed walking it gave him opportunity to clear his mind. In the back of his mind Alois kept wondering where Claude was, surely the man had felt the anger in the blonde by now, it should only take a few moments before he should stand before Alois. Shrugging his shoulders to no one in particular Alois strode off to the White Ball.


It wasn't till early evening Alois found himself back at his own residence. Alois started feel uneasy at the ball because he had not seen any traces of his father or any of the servants that resided in his home for that matter.

With the few money Alois stuffed into his trouser pockets before leaving early he convinced the driver to another carriage to take him home. During the whole drive Alois felt as though something terrible had happened. In fact he carried the feeling all day with him. Laughing to himself Alois pushed the feeling aside feeling downright silly for even thinking it. His father's absence could have been due to the meeting he had.

Coming to a sharp stopped brought Alois out of his own musings, letting himself out the carriage Alois paid the driver and waved him away.

When Alois made his way up the steps that led to him home's front door he felt another sense of dread and something else. Something he couldn't quite place. Opening the door with shaking hands Alois stepped inside only to slip on something wet and red.

After rubbing the stars out of his eyes from his fall, Alois examined the liquid he had fell in. It was red, but not any red, blood red and it strangely felt like blood. It wasn't till Alois looked to his right and was greeted with the body of one of the servants. His name was Simon and he wasn't moving, at closer examination Alois had seen his throat was slit and the red liquid he was still sitting in was Simon's blood.

Getting up quickly Alois only fell again as he had fallen over another servant's body. A servant he did not recognize as her face was completely torn from her person. Crawling away from the fallen woman Alois started breathing hard as he tried wiping his bloodied hands on his already ruined attire. When the red of the blood did not leave his pale hands Alois felt the tears start to fall from his cheeks.

Standing on shaking legs Alois ventured on through the large house along the way chocking on his breath as it seemed the gruesomeness only increased with each corpse he stepped over. As he walked upstairs hugging his body, he was headed toward his father's study perhaps someone was still alive in all of this. Either way for some reason Alois always felt safest in his father's study.

What greeted Alois in his father's study had Alois balling on the marble floor. The tears streamed down his face uncontrollably as he stared horror struck. Gone. All of them. Every single person he knew. He was the only thing left now. His father laid on the hard marble his eyes gouged out and a sharp knife run through his chest. His mother laid on top of him with her head cracked with blood coming out and her beautiful face bleeding and broken. Alois crawled over to their bloodied and damaged bodies feeling fear and pain. He stared for a moment longer before he turned and fled the room.

Alois ran, he ran into the family garden and cried a wail of relief when he was met with his brother's body lying on the ground. Alois should have know he should have known that Luca was gone, just like everyone else, but his body carried no blood and he had no injuries, so there was that small amount of hope he felt when he ran over to him, yelling his name.

Alois crouched down to his younger brother's body and cradled him to his chest as he was happy someone he loved dearly was still alive.

"Luca?" Alois received no answer as he peered into his brother's eyes. All Alois saw was darkness not a single hint of life remained in his brother's eyes. Luca's face was emotionless and he was light as a feather.

Now Alois was truly alone .Alois hugged his brother to his chest tightly and let out a long pained scream. His whole family was gone; everyone he knew was gone, slaughtered to death.

Gently laying down his brother's body, Alois stalked deathly back into the manor that once was. Upon reaching his room Alois walked smack into a tall figure and panicked as he fell to hard marble floors.

Fool, that's what you are! Alois screamed at himself, he was naive to think that the killer wasn't still in the house. Who he peered at only brought relief to Alois.

"Claude! Jumping up on his feet Alois hugged Claude's solid form as he felt the older man's long arms wrap around him as he cried his heart out into Claude's chest.

"Are you unharmed Alois?" Alois pulled from Claude's chest and gave a short laugh.

"I only have a few bruises from tripping multiple times." Alois gave a pause, "Claude you have to help me, you have to help me figure out who killed my family, please."



Claude tilted Alois's chin up so he could peer into Claude's amber eyes. "You look ravishing in red Alois." Alois gave himself a minute to register Claude's words into his mind, then swift as ever he struck Claude across the face. This time he set about to hurt Claude. He had struck Claude plenty of times all those times merely being playful, but now he was seething with rage.

"This is not funny Claude! This red you so happen to complement me is blood! Blood of the people I have come to know and love, and you wish to take it as if it is natural for me to carry blood that is not mine on my person!" Claude did not respond as he kept his head in the direction in which Alois slap had turned his head.

"If you do not wish to help me then fine, but do not make matters worse." Walking past Claude into his room Alois began packing belongings.

"What are you doing Alois?"

" I am going over to that dreadful Matilda's. Once I explain to her family what has happened they shall welcome me. I will dread this but it is better than living with my grandfather." Slipping the repulsive silver ring on his left ring finger Alois continued to pack, trying to keep everyone's deaths out of his mind.

"You cannot go to Lady Matilda's manor Alois."Claude stepped inside Alois room calm as ever, just like a marble statute.

"And why not Claude I have no other choice." Alois asked while waving his hands angrily at Claude. The man made no move to help in the first place and now he wished to interfere.

"Claude I know Matilda and her family-"

"Are dead dear." Alois gasped and he saw Claude glare at the small silver band on her finger with something between disgust and hate.

"How do you know?" he asked as he felt the weight of another loss settle within him. He looked up and grinned widely looking very satisfied.

"Because I was the one who did it."


"I killed Matilda's family not the servants but her family. I hate to bring pain to you but I have also killed the people in your home."HE had done this? He had killed his entire family? He had thought him imaginary until he was eight and realized he really was real. He a trusted friend was the one who had taken Alois's family from him? Alois's breathing sped up in hurt and betrayal and with a little more than a bit of fear.

Claude caught his thoughts and that angry glint of hate came into his amber eyes. He walked over to Alois shaking form and embraced him while leaning down to whisper in his ear.

"Understand Alois that they had formed a little arranged marriage between something that is mine and that cowardly human who begged me to spare her. I showed myself several times and warned them, did I not? I showed them what could and would happen to them if they tried to take you from me and what did they do? They ignored me." I decided to have a finally meeting with your parents to convince them to call off the wedding we both did not want to take place."Here Alois could practically feel the anger rising in Claude's voice as he continued.

"It didn't work. I had told them that you were mine that you belonged to me and they did not listen. Then when they decided to move the date of the marriage up to your birthday a month from now so that I could not stop it. In return, I had decided I had given those pathetic humans enough chances and mercy and came to remove the problem. I showed mercy to them so many times when it would have been so simple to kill them all. They brought this upon themselves by ignoring my warnings."

Alois stood there unmoving in Claude's arms still trying to take in everything and understand. Finally he managed to find his voice but even then it came out as little more than a whisper, "They were my family...You killed them, Simon, Martha, my own fucking brother who you knew I cared about with all my fucking heart Claude!" Now fuming with anger Alois broke out of Claude's grip only to feel possessive arms wrap around his arms and waist holding him against Claude's chest who gazed down at Alois puffy blue eyes.

" I did not touch a hair on your brother's head Alois."Claude replied sternly.

"You expect me to believe you!? After you just slaughter my whole damn family, and then had to go back for seconds and kill another!?" Alois struggled to get out of Claude's hold. He knew he was no match for Claude's superior strength, but he refused to at least not put up a fight.

"He was already like that when I came across his body. Even if the child was alive I would have not laid hand on him. I am a killer but not a child killer."Claude only increased the pressure he held on Alois as he continued his struggling.

"You say that as though that solves the fact you murdered everyone else!"Alois soon gave up on his struggle as he grew tired.

"Are you done with your annoying struggle?"In return Alois only huffed out a breath of air, he wasn't done, far from it actually, he was just taking a small break as he tired himself out. Sensing Alois's thought Claude sighed and reached up to his face with his right hand to push his glasses back up to his nose, since they had fallen due to Alois's movement. Claude only glared back at Alois as he felt the boy flinch in his hold.

"You think I would hurt you?" Bringing his hand in front of Alois face but frowning when Alois flinched. "You think I would strike you?"

"Why wouldn't you, you have killed my family why not just hurry up and do away with me. Swift and quick would be lovely."Alois could only hiss between his teeth as he glared up at Claude. Claude is going to kill him is he not? Why not do away with him now?

"You are far more naive than I thought Alois Trancy. You honestly think I wish to do you harm? Foolish little thing you are."Claude slid to the lower area of Alois back and kept it there, he lusted after Alois greatly but fulfilling those desires would not help him at the moment. Alois was still but a child, kind of. And though he was far from innocent he wouldn't let his desire to form into something more until he was at age. Alois once again started struggling against Claude but to which Claude ignored.

"Alois I would never physically harm or kill you. Mentally and emotionally yes but never would I lay a hand to you, unless if only meant as punishment."

"And you be a fool if you think I believe you. Do you regret it?"As much as he was angry at Claude he couldn't find it in himself to hate him. And Alois hated himself for not hating Claude, the bastard deserved Alois's hate.

" I do not regret killing those who mean nothing, but I regret causing you pain. I regret the death of your brother even though you believe me to be the one who has ended his life. But Alois do you even care?"

"Of course I care-"

"Not including your brother's death, do you care for the rest of these pitiful mortals?" Alois started to ponder. Did he really care? He felt pain for them for their deaths were nothing but painful but he could not find it in himself to really care that they were gone. Even his parents who had loved him with all their hearts. He cried for them earlier, but what was he really crying for? The fact that they were dead or the fact he was alone?

Alone. That was the pain he felt in his heart not the lost of his parents or mere servants for all he knew put up with him because they were paid to. Did having this way of thinking make him a terrible person? Did not felling any type of remorse for the deceased that lay on cold marble floors make him horrible? Alois did not love Matilda nor had he known her family to feel any sort of pain for them and their deaths. In fact Alois was happy that Matilda was gone, of course he wished she could have disappeared a more unfortunate way but…he didn't even know how he felt anymore.

Releasing Alois Claude internally smirked, he knew Alois better than the blonde knew himself. "Come my dear butterfly and we shall start anew."Stretching out his hand toward Alois, Claude was shocked when it was sharply smacked away.

"I refuse. Though I carry no remorse for the fallen, it does not change the fact you have killed innocent people."

Anger started to make its way into Claude's body. He had lied and told Alois that his kind felt no emotions, but they do Claude was just well at not letting it show on his face. "You have no choice Alois. There is nothing left for you here. I know you will not stoop so low as to go to your grandfather's, for have said multiple times you rather die than be in that man's presence. And I will let anyone have you, not even death." Stretching out his hand towards Alois again he asked again. "Now you can either come with me or you can make this harder on yourself."

"And if I choose to make things harder on myself?"

"It would be most unpleasant." Claude stated as his face grew darker.

"I am not going with you Claude!" Alois now had backed up towards his bed. Claude was stronger than him and they both knew this. Alois was fragile in Claude's hands, one flick of his hands and Claude could easily break Alois leg if he wanted to.

"It seems the butterfly seeks to break out of the spider's web. Excellent."


"For me not for you my dear. You have chosen to make things difficult and with that we shall play a game. This game will be exciting for me, but it shall be some horrible for you, you will practically begging me to catch you."

"We are playing a game of tag and hide and seek?"

"Something similar…Except I am always it, and when I tag you. You are mine for the taking." Alois gasped. Claude was supposed to catch him, like a cat would a mouse?

"This is not fair. You have an advantage you are faster in speed and-

"Then I will not make an attempt to catch you in daylight." Claude began to walk over to Alois. "I will not go into holy grounds, but you only stay in a holy place for only two weeks. After those two weeks I will come and get you from any sanctuary you have imprisoned yourself in. If you can succeed in hiding away from me for a month I will cease trying to catch you but if you fail-

"I am yours." Alois whispered under his breath as Claude now stood fully in front of him. Claude found pleasure in hearing Alois speak those words, but he wished they were spoken in a different situation. Lifting Alois chin yet again to peer into his Claude let his usual amber eyes turn crimson.


With that Alois darted around Claude and out of his bedroom. He made a dash for the horse stables. Apparently out of his anger Claude had slaughtered all but one horse as if he sensed Alois would pick their game. Alois quickly saddled the horse as best as he could with Claude's voice echoing in his mind.

"Leaving so soon Alois? I am hurt by how fast you retreated."

Alois ignored Claude, he was clearly trying to make him nervous. With his horse saddled Alois ran back into the house and grabbed that steel sword that hung above the wall in his father's den. Stepping over his parent's corpse Alois made his way back to his saddled horse.

"I do hope you know, I will catch you; you will not be able to escape me."

Starting the horse off at a fast run leaping over small hedges and other obstacles in their way.

"You are mine, and I do advise you to stay away from other potential suitors mainly men, if you do not wish to jeopardize their safely."

Making his way around his home Alois took one last look and commanded the horse to move quickly, he did not know where he was going, but he knew he had to get far away from that man, while the sun was still out.

"No Alois you need to WAKE UP!"

Alois was pulled from his nightmare only to cough out water that had filled his lungs. Apparently with his sleeping Alois had sunk lower and lower into the bath water.

That voice that had stirred him…He had been reading his dreams as he slept. The one thing he thought he had private to himself was stripped away. Alois let the tears flow freely from his face.

The game they shared was sick, but to win Alois needed to keep playing.


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